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Chapter Eight:

Two highly irate Malfoys and one concerned potion's Professor, and recently appointed Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts, converged at the house Draco had moved into after he had left the family manor.

"You've seen the paper then?" Lucius asked his old friend unnecessarily.

"Me and everyone else on the planet with wizarding blood in their veins." Snape sneered. He had rushed over from Hogwarts immediately after seeing the morning paper. The fact that he had even been to breakfast in the Great Hall was because McGonagall had forced him to get of his quarters, so that he would get into the practice of socializing again before the students came back for the upcoming year.

When he had seen the paper he had nearly choked on his strawberry jam slathered scone. The worst off all was when his co-workers simultaneously had turned their slack-jawed and wide eyed heads in his direction to have confirmation. They hadn't expected him to be every bit as surprised and astounded as they were at the news. Their questioning gazes had followed him all the way out of the Great Hall as he rushed away.

He most certainly had not expected to arrive at his godson's home and find the elder Malfoy's in the same situation he had found himself in.

"Do you know if any of it is true?" Severus inquired Narcissi.

Pursing her lips tightly together, she answered coldly. "We'll know once we speak to Draco."

A loud pop alerted the group that the house –elf had arrived.

"Master Malfoy says that yous will finds him at the floosy address 'Rathlea'." The squeaky voiced creature said before popping away again, her orders complete.

The trio momentarily stared at the spot the elf had disappeared from before they each pinched a handful of floo powder from the vase atop of the fireplace's mantle. Three times the fire roared a blazing green before the house was empty once more, as they had found it.

They arrived in a spacious and airy living room. Dark bamboo floors spread from wall to wall ending at wide, white, French doors that opened up to a large balcony that over looked a mountainous terrain and towering trees. The furniture was made up of soft lines and light tan in color, while the cushions were a pale green. It was the same green that framed the French doors in the form of nearly transparent drapes, which could be pulled across the view to cover it up completely.

Various glass nick-knacks separated books on a shelf beside the fireplace, and there was a widescreen muggle television mounted on its mantle. Narcissa found herself admiring the little touches and simplistic elegance that just screamed from every nook and cranny of the décor. Whoever had designed the room had obviously known what they had been doing and had a talent for exemplifying understated elegance.

Narcissa imperiously took a seat, her husband following beside her, while Severus took a chair next to their loveseat.

She snapped her finger and with a loud pop the house-elf of the residence appeared and bowed lowly her nose nearly touching the ground. "Yes Madame, what can Trix be doing for yous?"

"Send Draco in here." Lucius commanded, glancing disdainfully at the elf.

"Mr. Draco be heading this way already, Sirs and Madame." Trix didn't seem to like the tone the Malfoy patriarch was speaking to her in. She only tolerated disrespect from her Master George, and that had only happened in the time since he had been carrying his child. Nonetheless, the disrespect directed towards her did not prevent her from showing proper courtesy. "Will yous be needing anything else?"

They had barely replied in the negative before she popped away, eager to be away from them.

It wasn't much time before footsteps could be heard coming towards them.

"Those are too light to be Draco's."Severus commented. The sound of another set of footsteps could soon after be heard following the first.

A small child with turquoise hair rushed into the room giggling all the way. It stood in front of Severus ignoring their startled expressions and it laughed in a cute high pitched baby's laugh, turned Severus's hair bright yellow then proceeded to turn around and run out the way it came still laughing.

What on earth was going on?

Draco entered the living room and nearly burst out laughing at the state of his godfather's appearance. It was a good thing Severus wasn't blond, that light of a color looked just plain wrong on the normally dark professor.

A stifled chuckle that erupted uncontrollably from his mouth alerted his family to his presence and three questioning gazes soon converged on him.

As per normal his mother broached the subject he knew they had come for once he sat down in front of them.

"Is anything in this morning's article true?" she asked surprisingly direct. She was impatient to know whether she needed to rip out Skeeter's hand's tendons, or shop for her grandchild that would be coming.

Draco didn't even bother asking 'Which article?' it would just aggravate them further and he hadn't seen them this much on edge since the Dark Lord was sequestering Malfoy Manor. "Yes – "

But before he could elaborate his father cut in. "Draco Lucius Malfoy, how dare you –"the elder Malfoy growled out darkly.

"Let me finish." He cut his father off sharply, growing irritated.

"Draco, do not talk to your father in such a manner." Narcissa admonished.

"Go on and explain yourself already." Severus demanded. He just wanted to hear what was going on, curse Draco for whatever stupidity the boy had done, then return to his potions.

"Thanks Sev." Draco said, relieved that his godfather had come too. "Anyway it's true that I went to Amorette's and I did buy some things there, but it wasn't for any child of mine." Here Narcissa didn't know whether her sigh was of relief or disappointment.

"So, whose child is it? And what connection do you have with them to go shopping for it?" Narcissa asked.

Draco's face lit up with a smile, "I've already been promised to be named godfather to the child, and since my friend is ill because of the pregnancy they asked me to design the nursery." That his face fell as he mentioned his friend's illness did not escape the other men in the room but Narcissa didn't notice it.

"Congratulations, My Dragon, so you were shopping for supplies?" Narcissa said happily.

"Yes, I was Mother."

"What illness? Or are they sick from the pregnancy?" Severus asked, a bit concerned about Draco's expression. The fact that he had failed to name who his friend was hadn't escaped him.

Draco hesitated before speaking, his expression dark, "Let's just say I might come into custody of the baby soon, if worst comes to worst."

"The mother is that ill?" Lucius said shocked. It wasn't common for magic to be unable prevent or at least cure most illnesses.

"He fell from the top of a staircase and the internal damage was severe. The Healer's even suggested an abortion." Draco replied gravely. Narcissa gasped while Severus was taken aback. "He?" he asked numbly.

Draco's mouth fell open into a rather unbecoming 'O' shape. "Merlin's…" he muttered quietly under his breath. Then said "You know the history behind those purebloods centuries ago that were on a limited supply of females and made do – by other ways- correct?"

They were familiar with that history because in depth family tree study was customary for older, more traditional pureblood families, - and even though Severus was half-blooded his mother had made sure he had known his family tree- so they knew, just like Draco had known. Neither the Blacks, Malfoys, nor the Princes had had to resort to male pregnancies because even then they had been highly sought after families to marry into, so much so that they had had families that did have daughters line up for their sons.

"Your friend is descended from those then." Lucius stated rather unnecessarily. "Is he pureblooded?"

"Yes, Sir." Draco couldn't wait to see the expression his father would make when he learned that the Weasleys, of all people, had once been as anti-muggle as they were.

"I assume your friend is the one bearing the child?" Draco nodded. "Is the father pureblooded as well?"

Draco paused, his lips pressing together in thought. "No. Not that I'm aware of. Unless he was a squib, but as far as I know he was a muggle."

"Was?" Narcissa inquired.

Draco cringed, silently grateful that George had given him permission to tell them everything on the condition it wouldn't get back to his family. He had snorted at the idea. Imagine, his parents purposely talking to the Weasleys for a purpose other than insulting them. It was entirely absurd.

"It was a one night stand." Draco ignored his mother's scandalized look. "Since he was also from an older pureblood family I thought he knew whether or not he was descended from that group, so I didn't warn him to take any precautionary spells." Draco scowled, "I actually should have expected he didn't know, considering who his family is."

"Blood traitors?" Lucius guessed, wondering why his son was friends with anyone like that.

"Some of the worst to be exact. I find George to be the only tolerable one of the entire brood. His brother wasn't horrible as the rest until he married that piece of rubbish he did."

"George?" pondered Severus out loud, the only George he knew was- oh no. "Not George Weasley." He said aghast, Draco nodded smirking, "How on earth did you become friends with George Weasley?"

"During Hogwarts we discovered we had … similar interests and became tentative friends over it. After the war we started to hang out more often. And you see where it got us." He said shrugging, "Godfather and possible guardian to his kid."

"Indeed." Lucius said dryly.

Severus Snape silently pitied the kid. He wasn't sure which would be the worst; if the child was influenced by Draco or George Weasley. One would teach the child to be so arrogant it couldn't see anything without looking down its nose, and the other would teach it how to blow everything up.

"Well, where is the rest of the herd?" Narcissa asked, her nose turned up, looking around expecting one of the red-heads to pop up from under something.

"Haven't you read the Prophet lately?" Draco asked surprised.

"Yes, they are speculating his…"Severus trailed off. "They don't seriously not know where he is?" the look on Draco's face told them all the truth. "Do they even know he's expecting?"


"Why ever not? It's considered good fortune for a family when a male is able to have children." Then she said disdainfully, "Though as muggle loving as his family is I suppose they are of the muggle and muggleborn way that male pregnancy is disgusting and wrong."

It was true it was the muggle beliefs that made the wizarding world find homosexuality wrong. Contrary to the pureblood population, who most would believe would be against any union that did not produce heirs.

In actuality they were perfectly okay with it, but only because of the older pureblood families that had circulated many (now illegal) blood adoption rituals throughout the pureblood communities.

"It's not the pregnancy he doesn't want found out."

"Then what?"

"George doesn't want his brother – his twin – to know he's of that persuasion." Said Draco.

Narcissa absentmindedly, yet with unquestionable elegance, tapped her forefinger to her chin. "Draco, darling, didn't one of the elder… Weasleys just come out not that long ago?"Draco nodded. "The problem is-?"

Draco's lips spread into what one could consider a malicious smirk, "Let's just say George inherited that pureblooded – incestuous streak along with his other capabilities."

Lucius smirked along with his son, clearly appreciating the irony. Narcissa simply smiled with a pondering expression. And Severus – Severus looked faintly appalled at the mental image of those twin terrors of Hogwarts and himself for six and a half years –together.


"So, may I ask who designed this house?" Narcissa asked sometime later as they were still in the living room. Only now they had a tray of cookies and steaming cups of tea delivered courtesy of Trix, who seemed to like the visitors more once realizing they were close to her Master's friend. She was quite a peculiar little elf.

"I don't know who built it exactly," Draco replied, "Muggles is all I know for certain, but George and I picked out the furniture and arrangements."

"Really," she said neither a question or really a statement. "I must commend your taste. Despite the muggle influences it turned out quite nicely."

"Thank you. Would you like to see the rest of the house? I'm sure George won't mind." he had already asked in advance anyway. Just in case.

Rathlea had ten bedrooms all with on suite baths attached, a large, updated kitchen, two guest bathrooms that were unattached, the living room, a ball room, large and small dining rooms, and a large garden.

Rathlea was situated on twenty acres of land that was mostly woodlands, with one large pond out from the house. The woods didn't start all that close to the house, which allowed for the only clearing on the property besides the pond. Closer to the house was a large rose garden that was structured like a maze that led a twisting cobblestone path to a canopy that sheltered a seating area. The structure was laced with wisteria creeping all over and surrounded by bright orange tiger lilies.

It was a very impressive sight to behold the Malfoys admitted, though they were adamant that it was still insignificant compared to the ancient nobility of Malfoy Manor. All in all it wasn't half bad.

The second to last place Draco showed them was the nursery he had been designing which was now complete.

Narcissa had immediately gravitated towards the wardrobe and began examining the space which was already full to excess with soft baby clothing. She promptly informed her son that she approved of what was there, but was adamant about needing more event if they did have stain repelling charms along with charms that made the robes grow along with the wearer. Personally he thought a hundred pieces was more than enough and that his mother was off her rocker but he wisely decided to keep his mouth shut.

Lucius had automatically liked the green that was the focus of the color scheme, while Severus examined the spells that had been placed along the room in various locations. When he discovered the vials of potions that were spelled to glow in their glass containers all three had thought the idea very clever. It gave a small child something pretty to look view, but if they were ever injured or sick the potions would be just an arm's length away from the parent.

Draco had just led them out of the baby's room and was standing with his hand on George's door knob; when George's scream filled the air. He snatched the door open to find Harry trying, and subsequently failing, to calm George down from the tizzy the red head had worked himself into.

George's screeched words were incomprehensible and meaningless, tears streamed down his face as he bucked and jerked away from Harry's fluttering hands. In an attempt to try to get George to hold still to prevent any more damage to the baby Harry and Draco pinned his arms and legs to the bed.

Soon Severus appeared from the nursery with a glowing vial of calming drought and between the five of them the somehow managed to get some of the liquid down George's throat. The red head's words became even more garbled and his movements became slight jerks until he became silent and as still as an un-charmed broomstick.

The five slowly left the room after leaving instructions to Trix to alert them the moment George began to awaken.

Harry was the only one to collapse into his seat, but not the only one to sit down in relief, the others merely did it more gracefully. Draco sat beside him as had become the norm and gently took hold of his hand and began to rub small circles into Harry's pale skin. The action did not escape the others and what Draco and George had in common became clear to them all. Lucius and Narcissa smirked thinking of how the public would react to a former dark affiliated family's heir getting married to the light's savior of the Wizarding world. If they weren't together at the moment they would be soon enough if Narcissa Malfoy had anything to do with it, though she had a feeling that she wouldn't have to lift a finger.

Severus on the other hand was nearly turning a pale blue in the face trying to stop from laughing. James Potter's son with another bloke – Potter was probably rolling in his grave right now. The elder Potter hadn't exactly been against gays but he hadn't really liked them either, to him it represented pureblooded idealism to the extreme which, despite being pureblooded himself, he believed to be dark centered.

"It appears the mood swings and hormones have finally set in." Draco said with a sigh.

Harry grimaced, glancing at the blond, "Not that I'm complaining, but you think it would've begun earlier."

"Let's hope that episode was a first, last, and only occurrence." Draco said shuttering. George's screaming had reminded him far too much of the torture cessions he had been forced to sit through when the Dark Lord was in power. Needless to say it wasn't a pleasant memory for him.

They all agreed with that statement.