Title: My Everything

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: The title belongs to 98 Degrees, Spencer Reid and the rest of the CM characters belong to CBS and the Mark Gordon Company, and everyone else belongs to Kresley Cole. I'm just playing in their worlds.

Inspired By: 98 Degrees' My Everything

Story Category: Immortals after Dark/Criminal Minds crossover

Pairing: Spencer Reid/OC and other numerous pairings...

Summary: After being turned into a vampire by Lothaire, Spencer Reid finds his Bride in a petite valkyrie named Gwen. Can he overcome his awkwardness with the ladies to find true love with his eternal wife?

Chapter 1: Spencer

'This vampire is a huge pain in the ass to search for…' Gwen thought as she searched yet another Lore party for her target. 'Perhaps I should have taken Nikolai up on his offer of assistance.'Gwen mused. Kristoff had described Spencer as a skinny male with hazel eyes and brown hair. Really, he should have been easy enough for Gwen to find but since Lothaire had gotten it in his head to turn the man, only Nix knew how many of Lothaire's traits Spencer had adopted – and she wasn't telling.

"I hope not. Lothaire is enough trouble without any potential idiots he sires." Gwen muttered impatiently as she looked around once more after taking a deep breath. Then she spotted him sitting at a table alone staring at the wall. "Spencer Reid?" She queried as she looked at him.

"Who wants to know?" He asked, turning around to look at her. "If you're allied with Lothaire, tell him that he can go to hell." Gwen quirked an eyebrow at him, amused by the message. "If you're with Kristoff, ditto."

"Ditto?" Gwen had not heard that saying in the over 2,000 years she'd been alive but then again, she'd been a bit on the sheltered side by her parents.

"It means the same." He explained, looking up at her.

"Look here, leech, I am with neither asshole. Kristoff is liege to my siblings in law and I have even less respect for the man who sired you at his bloody whim." Gwen sat down and saw him take a tentative breath as if the man had just been blooded. "Oh shit, I did not just…I am going to be the butt of everyone's jokes at the coven when they find out about this!"

"Pardon?" She heard Spencer ask through her panic.

"Didn't Lothaire explain about vampires after he turned you?!" Gwen mumbled impatiently. When Spencer shook his head, Gwen let out an exasperated sigh as she looked at him. At least Kristoff warned everyone who was loyal to him about the walking as living dead part. "Spencer, a vampire walks as if he were the living dead until he finds his Bride. His Bride renders his body fully alive." She explained.

"Why would you be the butt of what did you call it...your coven's jokes if you did that for me?" Spencer asked.

"My coven has a strong dislike of vampires and being one's Bride…" She shook her head. "It's enough to earn you a tongue lashing at the very most from Annika or at the very least, you're the butt of everyone's jokes until they get tired of making them."

He placed his hand on hers. "You're mine and they should respect that. I should go." He started to get up as his eyes held hers. It was if he didn't want to let go of the sight of her.

"Wait, we need to talk. How will I find you?" She asked.

"You won't. I'll find you." With that, he walked out. When she followed him to tell him something else about the blooding, he had disappeared. So with no choice, she headed back to her coven.

"Hey…Did you get to tell Spencer Kristoff's message?" Murdoch asked.

"Not fully. He told me to tell his vampiric majesty to go to hell." Both Murdoch and Nikolai frowned. They didn't like the sound of that. "On the side note, I found out that I was his Bride." That made Sebastian smile when he heard that.

"You're his Bride…How did he react? Did he act like the typical Lorean male?" Daniela asked, glancing at her own vampire.

"Actually, he was very…sweet along with being possessive. Lothaire did him a disservice by not explaining the blooding very well." Gwen explained and then smiled. She could fall in love with Spencer if his attitude remained like that. He wasn't bad looking at all, either.

"Well, we know that Spencer has gotten Lothaire's whole 'I don't care' attitude down to a t." Regin muttered.

"Regin, I think he's not on good terms with Lothaire at the moment." Gwen informed. "I am of the opinion that he'd rather consign Lothaire to seek a noon-day sun if he had a chance." That made a few of her half sisters snicker. "Yet, he turned his back on me." She muttered.

"He's forsaken you?!" Daniela asked. Regin sat up straight. "I don't care if he was turned by Lothaire and Lothaire hasn't explained the blooding process very well to him. There is one thing you don't do if your Bride is a Valkyrie and that is to turn your back on her. Regin, we should…"

"The hell you will, Daniela!" Gwen shouted. Even Murdoch stilled when he heard her outraged voice. "You will not touch a single hair on his head. If he is to learn a lesson, then he will learn it from me…is that understood?" She snapped.

"Loud and clear." Daniela replied. "What are you going to do, Gwen?" Gwen paced the room. She had no idea how she was to keep her male in line.

"I don't know, but I'll think of something...I usually do. Maybe he has a reasonable response as to why he did so?" She shrugged and then headed to her room. This wasn't over between her and her vampire, not by a long shot. If he thought she wasn't going to retaliate for his forsaking her, he'd better think again before she pulled a page out of Myst's book to torture him for half a decade.

'Have I ever been this miserable before Spencer?' She mentally asked herself. The answer was no. Her fated vampire had spurned her and even though he might have had a perfectly good reason for doing so, the fact boiled her anger. 'Spencer Reid, you have no idea how close I am to disregarding the fact that I am your Bride and killing you...' She thought to herself. She was going to make things difficult for her vampire. She smiled at the idea of telling him that he needed her to finally release and then leaving him to stew for a few days. She came out and Regin looked at her.

"Did you find a way to teach that leech a lesson, Gwen?" Regin asked, a perfectly devilish smile on her face. Declan chuckled.

"I pity him." Both Murdoch and Nikolai muttered in unison.

"I agree with Regin and Gwen. This way, he'll learn from his own Bride that screwin' over a Valkyrie is no' a good idea, even if she is his Bride." Declan mused. Gwen shook her head. Having the berserker agree with her wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"Kiss ass." Gwen muttered, which made Regin laugh.

"So what do you have planned?" Regin asked and then grinned. Gwen sighed, not sure if it was a good idea. It had hurt Nikolai to go that long without Myst's attentions. "Stick with it." Regin said, seeing the look on her younger sister's face.

"I'm going to take a leaf out of Myst's book." Both Myst and Nikolai's eyes widened at the comment. "I won't make him wait five years... but I will make him wait."

"Bad idea." Murdoch said with a decidedly annoyed snort. "You might as well kill yourself, Gwen. It's excruciating for the vampire in question to go that long without release. Be reasonable..." Gwen sighed.

"Six months?" She asked Murdoch.

"A month...and I expect him to want to kill you for that length once he finds out that he can't have a sexual release without your touch." Murdoch bargained. Gwen nodded in agreement. She wouldn't have the strength to refuse Spencer for six months; she'd cave long before that.

Meanwhile, Spencer was at his apartment. He'd left Gwen because he'd smelled her blood and was awfully close to biting her. Not only did he want to drink from her, he'd wanted other things...things that he didn't think were possible for him to do as a vampire to her. "Fuck." Spencer muttered as he slammed his fist on the table, forgetting for a brief second that his strength had vastly multiplied. The table shattered and Spencer was reminded of the talk that he had with Lothaire after his transformation. The only thing Lothaire had made clear was that he was never to see his team again now that he was part of the Lorean world.

There was a knock at his door. Sighing, he got up to answer it. "Can I help you?" He asked. A petite raven-haired valkyrie stood on his porch.

"Hello, Spencer Reid. I am Nix, the Ever-Knowing." Spencer sensed that this woman was a few apples short of sanity. "And I am here to help you. Your Bride is pissed." Spencer had gotten that much from the look he saw when she exited the party yesterday.

"I know that much." He pointed out.

"If there is one thing you cannot do to your Valkyrie Bride, Reid, it is to leave her high and dry when she is nearly certain that she loves you." Spencer raised an eyebrow. He didn't know that the blooding made you fall in love with the other.

"If the blooding makes you fall for your Bride, I didn't want this." He snapped.

"Oh...you are so stupid, vampire. Blooding doesn't make you fall for your Bride. It only acts as a marker to indicate who you can have a compatible relationship with. Any falling in love on your part is your trouble." Nix replied with a smirk then looked at his coffee table. "You better make up with my sis..why is your coffee table broken?"

"…I don't know." Spencer replied.

"Poor coffee table." Nix crooned as Spencer's eyes widened with incredulousness at her behavior. "It didn't do anything to hurt you, you know." She walked out, leaving Spencer really confused as to why in the hell he just got a visit from an insane valkyrie. Then instead of focusing on Nix's visit, he began to focus on what he knew of his feelings for Gwen.

He'd fallen for Gwen the moment she'd said his name and he had gotten a good look at her. A man would have to be insane to not love Gwen or at the very least be in lust for her. He uttered another swearword mentally. It seemed his mind was on one track where she was concerned – bedding her as quickly as possible.

'Is this a normal thought pattern for a Lorean?' Spencer thought. He'd never been particularly drawn to women when he was human. He'd been fairly awkward with those of his acquaintance and to find himself tied to Gwen for eternity seemed to be a big cosmic joke. Derek Morgan would laugh if he knew how much Spencer seemed to be overthinking his actions concerning his Bride.

And then he remembered his mother. He hoped Kristoff was treating her right or else there would be hell to pay.

A/N: I want to thank Laura Lestrange-Malfoy for helping me to iron out the kinks with this story. This was originally supposed to be co-written as Immortal Mind with Aprildawn Irene but since she is busy with life...I decided to go ahead and write this. If Immortal Mind ever gets written, any significant discrepancy between this fic and that can blamed on the fact that we hardly get together to write anymore. Read and review...