Title: My Everything

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: The title belongs to 98 Degrees, Spencer Reid and the rest of the CM characters belong to CBS and the Mark Gordon Company, Immortals After Dark belongs to Kresley Cole and I own Gwen, Gabby and Daniel. No money is being made off the intellectual properties that don't belong to me.

Inspired by 98 Degrees' My Everything

Story Category: Immortals After Dark/Criminal Minds Crossover

Pairing: Spencer Reid/OC and other numerous pairings

Summary: After being turned into a vampire by Lothaire, Spencer Reid finds his Bride in a petite valkyrie named Gwen. Can he overcome his awkwardness with the women to find true love with his eternal wife?

Chapter 13

"You did what?!" Mirceo, Stelian, Viktor and Trehan all exclaimed around Lothaire. Only Kosmina did not attend because she was spending time with Elizabeth. Lothaire thought it time to reveal his "heir" to his family. The males did not seem pleased at the fact that he had turned a human to be his heir if Elizabeth did not have children.

"I successfully turned a federal agent into one of us. It was necessary. You will treat him the same fashion you treat me, is that understood?" Lothaire glared at each of his male relatives. If Spencer had to rule after him, he would make damned sure that they would not eat the younger vampire alive. After all, Lothaire had no word from Spencer as to whether or not he and Gwen had made up.

Lothaire was sure that none of his "nephews" wanted to tangle with Spencer's Valkyrie Bride if Spencer had found a way to make up with his Bride. At best, Gwendolyn Reid would make Elizabeth Daciano seem like Ms. Nice Girl and it made Lothaire shudder to think of what life would be like for him if both women were to join forces with one another.

Elizabeth had already made it clear to Lothaire that she adored her 'step-son' and any further attempt by Lothaire to alienate the dear 'boy' would meet with her immediate displeasure.

"Nix." He raised an eyebrow at the Valkyrie soothsayer. The last time she had been in Dacia, she had nearly destroyed his kingdom with her sorrowful lightning. "Isn't it enough that my 'son' stands with his valkyrie Bride instead of his sire?"

"I told you that would happen if you changed him, Lothaire. He warned you that if your allies' intentions did not coincide with his Bride's, he would not stand with you." Nix softly declared, taking in the wide eyes of Lothaire's court as she did so. "However, I did not come to scold you. Your 'son' asked me to politely invite you and Elizabeth to dinner." Lothaire snorted. One of the first things he had taught Spencer after turning him was that adult vampires did not need to eat or drink human food to survive.

"Come, Nix…you and I both know that your kind doesn't partake in food and drink." Lothaire snapped. "Your sister would not need to eat or drink either." It was known in the Lore that the Valkyries needed neither food nor drink, instead ingesting the energy around them.

"Just for that, I'm not going to tell you why he wants you there, Enemy of Old." Nix replied before she left Lothaire to his conversation with his cousins.

"Do you think Lothaire and Elizabeth will come?" Gwen asked, smoothing her maternity shirt as she watched Spencer cook. Spencer shrugged. Lothaire was an enigma, someone who baffled even him. Spencer, as a profiler, could not even read the Enemy of Old's facial features even though he knew that born vampires could not lie. Turned vampires like Spencer could lie to other Loreans' faces but the natural born could not.

"How am I supposed to know what my sire will and will not do, Gwen?" He asked. "You know him better than I do by far." Gwen, as all Valkyrie were prone to, thought that Lothaire was crazy. She laid a hand on her belly nervously as she focused on a report Cara had given her to study. "You think I'm wrong to reveal we've made up." Spencer said, turning around to look at her.

"No, I think you're a bit too hasty in revealing my pregnancy to Lothaire. You were so worried that Lothaire would think Daniel better heir material before you found out he was part Lykae, remember?" Spencer sighed, turned off the stove, and sat down at the island counter in the seat next to her.

"Lothaire assures me that he won't use one of our children as his heir because Alend made him swear by the Lore not to." Spencer revealed with a slight smirk on his face. "I believe Alend's words were, to quote, "You will not use Spencer or her children to hurt Gwen, Enemy of Old." I swear that Lothaire jumped a mile." Gwen snorted. The amusement of Lothaire jumping a mile at Alend's threat was funny.

"I love you." She murmured as she felt a kick.

"Love you too, Gwen." He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and returned to cooking. "How is Mariketa?" Spencer asked, knowing that Gwen was, like her coven, close to the head of the witches.

"She asked what I was thinking when I decided I wanted kids." Spencer turned to raise an eyebrow at his wife.

"Actually, I thought you Valkyrie had to long for children?" He asked. Gwen laughed. Really, they did not share that fact with outsiders. She had only shared that fact with Spencer when he had asked why she had wanted to have his children before she started indulging in her need to create life.

"We do but I did tell you we don't share that fact of our biology with outsiders. We all thought Emma would not want children so we never shared that with her either but if I had one inkling that she wanted a child of her own, I would have told her. So would Annika." Gwen answered. "The reason why Mari asked was because she wanted to know when would be a good time to have children with Bowen."

"I bet you told her that you loved me so much that you wanted to make me happy." Gwen groaned at her boyfriend's response.

"Quit being a smart-ass, Spencer. What I told her was that she would know when the time was right. It was the right time for the twins." She said as he plated her hamburger and set it in front of her. Her cell rang. "Hello?" Gwen paused, and then answered, "Hi, Elizabeth. Nix did not tell him. Why doesn't that surprise me…?"

"What?" Spencer asked.

"Nix didn't tell him the reason you wanted him over for dinner." Spencer snorted. Likely, his sire had pissed off his Bride's older sister as he was prone to doing. "Spencer wanted it to be a surprise, Elizabeth. When can we expect you? You're outside our apartment door?" She opened the door and Elizabeth smiled, hanging up her phone. Lothaire looked distinctly uncomfortable as he stood next to his wife.

"Hey, long time no see." Elizabeth murmured as she and Lothaire entered their apartment. "There's something different about you."

"Want to take a wild guess?" Gwen said as she sat down.

"I thought that you Valkyrie didn't eat…" Elizabeth started, and then she noticed the change in Gwen's abdomen. "That's great! I thought that Myst was the only one going for a family."

"A few months after I blooded Spencer, that's when I started wanting children." Gwen explained. "How's life with Mr. Brilliantly evil?" Elizabeth burst into laughter at Lothaire's nickname.

"Careful now, Gwen. Your sisters might think you like my Leo." Gwen rolled her eyes. That was highly unlikely because Lothaire had screwed over quite a few Valkyries in his quest for power.

"Still think I'm paranoid over them joining forces, Spencer?" Elizabeth and Gwen overheard and they shared a co-conspiring look.

"I think you're paranoid but Alend doesn't." Lothaire narrowed his eyes. It had been a while since he and Lothaire had just talked. Alend had heard of Lothaire when he was alive but had never been Lothaire's friend. "Alend-" His sire looked livid.

"I am aware of who the son of the bitch is." Lothaire snapped, startling Spencer with his tone. "I disapproved of him being with your Valkyrie because I knew how brutal he could be. He made both the Blademan and Overlord seem like friendly dogs."

"Aw, Lothaire…I didn't know you cared." Gwen mocked.

"My point is Spencer is a much better match for you than that…sorry excuse for a piece of shit." Gwen glanced at Spencer, hoping that Alend could rein in his temper but noticed that the genius' eyes were not the normal hazel. His eyes were wholly black, signifying Alend's possession of Spencer's body

"Despite being overly brutal, Lothaire, I loved Gwen." Alend's tone was deadly. "Still love her as a matter of fact. And watch your language and tone around her children if you please." Lothaire laughed.

"Looks like I didn't have to scare the shit out of my cousins! If Spencer ends up having to rule Dacia, you could keep my cousins in line with a single glance." Lothaire declared, a smirk appearing on his ruggedly handsome features.

"They would eat Spencer alive without you there to assist him and you damn well know it." Alend commented. "Not that I'm trying to insult my host but he is naïve in the ways of this world." Lothaire nodded in agreement. Alend would be the understated punch that Spencer would need if he were gone. "Spencer is displeased that I took over without warning, so I am going to let him have control again."

"You're still a piece of crap, Alend." Lothaire told the younger vampire.

"And you're pure evil, Lothaire." Alend replied before Spencer's eyes returned to normal. "Damn. I get why he had to defend himself but did he have to do it without as much as a word?" Spencer muttered.

"Alend has always been like that, Spencer." Gwen replied.

"So why did you summon me, Reid?"

"My children can never know their grandmother and grandfather for obvious reasons. Since you're my sire and you've done more for me than William Reid has…I was wondering if you and Elizabeth would mind filling those roles." Lothaire was shocked, his forehead creasing with tension.

A/N: Sorry it has been so long since I have updated but I think it is time the Dacians met Spencer. Spencer exhibits the wisdom that Lothaire's house is known for so that's why he's Lothaire's heir.