Challenge 5-8-13

A Harry Potter and Hannibal Crossover!


1. It has to be non-magical.

2. Prefer if Harry was one of the main characters or at least playing a predominate role in the story.

3. Try to limit the amount of OCs you add. (Unless another cannon character absolutely cannot play the role or if you are adding a filler but please make that clear.)

4. Since this is a non-magical story, made up backgrounds are fine. (But please not something completely outrageous like Ron suddenly being a druggie, unless you have a plausible story to back it up.)

5. Ages can go anywhere.

6. Obviously, please include Hannibal and Will in the story.

7. If you choose of the HP characters to be adults pick any jobs that you think fits their character best.

8. Personally, I'd rather you'd follow the awesome story line of Hannibal, but you're not obligated to do so.

9. For pairings I personally prefer 'slashes', but I feel like that's too limiting. So you can choose, and you don't have to stay cannon with these.

10. And if you want Harry to be an interdimensional person and alone that's fine too, but absolutely no magic. You can however replace it with something else. Example: Harry being psychic or have similar empathy 'powers' to Will, etc. It has to be something that can be 'proven' or exists in reality. (There has to have been reported proof.)

Sorry if these seem too restricting for you. This is my first time posting, well anything really. So just please bear with me and don't immediately hate me. I, myself, will attempt to try out the challenge as well, but it will take some time.


p.s. to Jadriel92: Yes, I do plan on making this particular story into a slash. However, as of now I am having some major problems on thinking up of a way to introduce Harry to the Hannibal characters and have not come up with a solid solution yet. I am working on the first chapter so it's slowly moving along. (I have procrastination problems so it might take a bit longer than usual.)