Chapter 3

Angelus was more tired than normal, between the memories coming back to him and trying to see if he could get his abilities to work he was draining himself quicker than what he normally would do. He hasn't even started on breakfast yet. He knew Will had noticed and Angelus was glad he had chosen not to say anything. Even though he didn't have any memories of the 'other man' he could still feel the love that Will held for Angelus. The way that Will looked at him set his heart on fire and made his blood to boil; Will was in love with Angelus but not the way that the 'other man' thought he was. Will didn't love Angelus like a brother but rather a lover; Angelus hadn't said anything he wasn't sure what he could say.

A more selfish part of him hadn't said anything because he didn't want to lose Will; he didn't want to lose what he had with the other man. It was so very selfish of him, but he couldn't find it in himself to care. He wanted to be selfish this once he had given up so much for everyone else it was his turn now.

"So…how was work?" Angelus only asked because he had noticed something odd with Will when he came home.

"Fine," Will replied unconvincingly. Angelus gave Will a pointed look trying to prompt him to say a little more. "Everything's fine, Angel," Will insisted.

"Right. That explains our new family member, and your late night return," Angelus said a little amused while looking at Winston who gazed back as if sensing he had been summoned. Winston happily walked over to Angelus and placed his warm head onto his legs. Angelus scratched his head. He had no real problem to the unexpected addition, but Will looked pensive after he had finished introducing Winston to the others. Just as Will was about to try and protest Angelus got up gently dislodging Winston and pressed his lips to Will's brow. "I understand." Will smiled back appreciatively.

"Angel, I um…I might be coming home late for a few days." Will hated doing this to Angel especially since he was giving him such an accepting look.

"So I'll just make sure to put the food in the fridge?" Angelus asked smiling. The concern must've showed his face because Angelus continued, "Don't worry too much, Will. I'll be fine; besides I've got Winston and the others." Angelus handed Will a paper bag.

"Thank you."

Angelus sighed a bit after Will had left. Something was bothering Will, but he wasn't going to push him. After all, Angelus himself didn't talk about certain things with Will. Will needed his space and he was willing to wait.

Will sometimes wondered if his relationship with Angel was detrimental to him; wondered if he was bringing him down. He shook the thought from his head. Of course Jack had to ruin his relatively good mood by ambushing him in the men's room. Honestly for being the head of the Behavioral Analysis Unit why did he have to spell out everything?

Will wanted nothing more than to glare at Jack for putting him in this situation.

The flight to Minnesota passed by. Will barely got out of the plane before being dragged by Jack to the next murder scene of The Shrike. Except it wasn't The Shrike. Everything was wrong; there was no love for the victim, no care. Everything about this...presentation showed that whoever killed this one thought that she was a pig and had no reason to live any longer lest she infect the world with her presence.

Time passed; it all happened too quickly. Blood on his glasses and staining his hands. His heart was beating too fast; the adrenalin had not died off yet. Will looked at the body next to him and he was glad that he was back in his own room, in his own house. That it was just a nightmare, but then again it really did happen, and there was nothing that could be done about it. But they had stopped someone from killing people, so he had done some good. So why did it feel like he had just opened up a can of worms that shouldn't be opened?

Angel rolled over and his arms began moving around the bed, Will felt guilty for putting the other man through this, through the nightmares and the sweating but he couldn't help it. One time he wouldn't have felt guilty for everything that was happening but now that Angel had lost his memories and was a stranger to him he felt like years of friendship had been lost, but he knew that was not true. Every so often he would see glimpses of the old Angel of the man who had stole his heart and protected him when he had nightmares, sleepy green eyes opened and Angel blinked several times.

"Will? What are you doing up?"

Angel sat up and looked at Will who was shaking slightly and it was not from the cold, even though Will wished that it was from the cold and not because of the nightmare that he had just had. Warm arms wrapped around him and Will found himself relaxing into the embrace of the other man.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Will shook his head, he wasn't going to burden Angle with this. Not when he knew that the other man had nightmares as well, it wouldn't be fair to him and Will didn't want to do it either instead he just enjoyed the warmth that Angel was providing.

"When you're ready know that I am here; I will always be here if you need me."

Emotions threatened to choke him as Will allowed himself to be pulled back into the bed and into Angel's embrace. He could feel Angel's heart beat and knew that so long as the other man was there then nothing would be able to get him. Will didn't know when his eyelids felt heavy or when he had fallen back asleep all he knew was that Angel was there and he was looking out for him.

Oh Will. I wish I could do more for you. Angelus thought sadly looking at Will's sleeping form before closing his eyes and falling back to sleep.

There will be more that will be added, but for now I've written myself into a wall. When there is more, this chapter will be replaced with the added content. Hopefully my idea vault will be full before another year long wait. :'( Sorry about that people.