"Star Gate and the Sith's nightmare"

By Victory859

Warning: Star Wars and Stargate Crossover

Note: AU to Stargate sg1 The M1 Abrams is small enough to fit through the Stargate the Stargate having a 15ft-22ft diameter Depending on where you look, I will be using the 21 Ft Diameter given here Under the Milky way gate section: wiki/Stargate. SG teams are assigned an M1 Abrams for Anti-fighter and fire support roles.

This is a Crossover, Well Depending on how you look at it, E.T. Appears in 1982 and NASA Captures it's escape Vectors Before it Jumps into Hyperspace, E.T.'s species Com e from the same Universe as Star Wars, Spielberg and Lucas had an agreement when E.T. was filmed, Have a Cameo Appearance of Yoda in E.T. and Lucas would have a Cameo Appearance of E.T. in his next Star Wars Movie the Species is known as Grebleips Species (note Spielberg spelled backwards) this gives us fan fiction writers the Ability to Bring Stargate or really any Earth Based Science Fiction series into the Star wars Universe, I am taking Advantage of that. I am combining the two Ideas I had into this story.

Summary: E.T. Appears in 1982 and NASA Captures it's escape Vectors Before it Jumps into Hyperspace, The Asgard then come to investigate when the Stargate activates Repeatedly in 1995 Believing an Alien Species to be Manipulating Earth's Progress, Contacting the SGC they find out that Earth is acting Independently, to try and save others from the Goa'uld, Sam Finds the Nasa Recording of E.T's ship leaving and ask the Asgard to assist in tracking them, they happen upon a space battle over a planet covered entirely in Buildings, this is their Story.

"Supreme Commander Thor, the council has been monitoring the Earthlings, we have detected their Stargate Activating multiple times a week, With the Alien Visitation they had 15 Earth Solar Cycles ago, we have voted to send you to investigate, The Nation that they Call the United States of America is responsible for this, they are using their air force to conduct Interstellar surveys, find out if this is due to the past Alien Presence , if you can find any more information on the Ship Do so, Contact with the Stargate Operators is allowed, They have seen Asgard before, thanks to the Advances Survey team Ship Crash."

"It will be done Chief Archon, Loki has been spotted near that sector of Space, I will also Apprehend him if Possible" Thor Agrees as a white pulse of light beams him aboard the Bilskirnir his flagship, The ship Veers away from its orbit and a hyperspace window opens the ship accelerates in to and disappears into Hyperspace.


SGC Cheyenne Mountain Complex

"Sir, we have been going over the Archives for all Alien activity and discovered two Events that Stick out, Roswell and the 1982 Incident." Samantha (Sam) Carter Informs.

"The 1982 Incident? Please Explain Captain I am not familiar with that File." General Hammond orders sitting at the Head of the Conference table in the briefing room of the SGC

"Well sir in 1982 a ship visited Earth Twice both times landing somewhere in The United States, Nasa captured the Second time the ship left earth and the position of Earth in Relation to the Stars and Planets, in other words we have an general direction that they came from once we run the Calculations to compensate for Galactic Rotation and Stellar Drift."

"Get started on it I will have missions planned to the Gates along those calculated coordinates, If they are capable of Interplanetary travel then they could be the answer we are looking for in relation to the Goa'uld, even if they are not militant then we can at least try to Get a Trade for their technology" Hammond orders looking around, "until then We will continue as planed until…"

"Sir", Sargent Harriman runs in "We just recieved word from Nasa, Fifty one Unknown objects moving towards Earth along the same Vector, one far ahead of the Others"

"I will alert the President, Lock down the Base, Have all SG Teams Recalled for Reconnaissance mission's for a beta sight." Hammond Orders

"SG1, I want you ready immediately for First contact if these Beings are reasonably friendly"

SG1 looks at him and Walter

"Any Images that can be made out?"

"One it looks like a Giant fan Narrow at the Front and broad at the Rear, It is currently moving away from Proxima Centauri it will arrive in two days"

"Have all Civilian Personal Ready to Evacuate; All Data Possible is to be taken with them in case of a Hostile Race attacking"

"General, the list was never completed"

"Do your best sergeant, that's all that can be expected."

The Group Disperses, Men are moving all around as Red lights flash, and voice comes over the Intercom "Status is not at Defcon One"

Earth Two Days Later

"Ship has entered orbit over the South Pole, it is Transmitting a signal" he plays it as it is rerouted from McMurdo It sounds like butchered Latin

"It's a variant of Latin or maybe Latin is a variant of it but it is similar "Returning as Called" Is the Basic Translation that I can make out" Dr. Jackson States

"Returning, so it has been here before, but, when and why?" Jack Asks

"Imagery coming up from the Hubble" A Airmen yells

"That ship is older than any I have seen, it has battle-damaged, it has similar markings to the Ring Transporters that the Goa'uld use." Teal'c says

"Wait the Rings were built by the same race that built the star gates" Sam States

"Yes they were taken by the Goa'uld and studied now they are the primary users of that technology."

"Then that is a Builder's Starship?" Daniel asks "Of Course the Road Builders that taught the Romans how to build roads, they did not necessarily mean just roads, they interacted with the Ancient Cultures before the Goa'uld this is amazing, Send a Communication back and see if we get a response"

"Already done sir, the only difference is that the Message is repeating itself"

"An Automated system, is it in range of the Shuttles?"

"Yes sir working on getting Clearance to send up an SG Team to Scout the Vessel"

"Sir the President is lording SG-1-5 to go If there are no life forms onboard the Vessel is to be Claimed under our Directive."

"Transportation will be ready in ten, Pack your bags, Teal'c will accompany you"

"Yes Sir" They say in unison as they walk away to Carry out their orders


Quickly Modified for Passengers space Shuttle

"Launch in Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Ignition, Ands Lift off." A voice says over loud speakers, The Stargate Teams and the Nasa Personal look on as they are forced back into their seats; the astronauts given Clearance of the SGC look over as they exit the atmosphere

"So how does it compare, to your ships"

"Intense and very uncomfortable, It was Different." Teal'c answers

"Well now that we may have ships that may change just studying that vessel for a short time will Advance our understanding of Space Travel, Look there they even have glass domes and large Windows"

"There" Sam says pointing "A Docking Port Compatible with ours, it is under the Nose of the Vessel, Meaning that they had not built the rings yet when this ship launched."

"Yes two minutes until we are in Docking Position, Matching Course and Vectors." The Pilot Stats as the large ship looms over the Shuttle Atlantis

There is a metallic latching sound shortly after, the shuttle docks and an air seal is made

"Picking up Breathable Atmosphere, Temperature Moderate, and Viable life support confirmed"

They Open the airlock and come face to face with an Ancient looking Metal Door the dial spins and the door opens with the push of a button.

They walk along the Ship taking in the damage and age of the vessel.

"Looks like it has seen better days" Jack says

"Yes But from the Samples this ship uses a Steel Type metal Interior and Naquadah external shell, with force shields we can patch the ship using steel or other metals" Sam says looking further in they see a large hull ahead as they walk forward they gasp.

"That Stargate must be achiest, I haven't seen anything like it" Sam says

"Nor have I"

"It must have been the First Series that they used, we have a later version, and I wonder if it can dial earth from here?" Sam asks

"The writing is like nothing I have ever seen, the DHD is computerized like ours, Sam could we copy it for the SGC?" Daniel asks

"Possibly, But we have to translate it first"

"Well, Sam I do understand this, the ship is its own point of origin, you should be able to dial any gate in range of the ship, and I would guess that it has some type of override." Daniel says

"Let's try it then"

They start dialing Earth's address using the Destiny as a point of Origin, the Stargate spins emitting a cloud of gas as the whole thing spins it locks on and the traditional puddle forms Sam activates her radio

"SGC this is SG1 and SG3 here on the Vessel, the Gate here seems to have special features to allow close dialing's being it has its own point of origin." She pauses "Can the Dialing computer reverse the Address?"

"The Computer is working on it, when we determine if it can trace it and extrapolate an address we will have you cut the connection, if after ten minutes we do not reestablish a connection dial again for further orders." Hammond orders

"Yes sir, Sir if you could have my and Daniels Equipment ready to transfer so we can analyze the ships systems and Daniel can work on trying to translate the writings"

"Understood Captain, Stand By, Cut connection" the gate cuts off after a minute the gate starts to spin and a connection establishes

"SG1 the address worked sending through additional personal and the requested equipment, we have CO2 scrubbers being sent as well for safety"

"Thank you General, Awaiting transport we will contact you as soon as we discover anything of interest" Jack says as Scientist and Airmen walk through the gate lugging crates of equipment, books, and computers.

"God speed SG teams"

The worm whole cuts and the airmen set up the CO2 scrubbers while Daniel and Sam work on translating the language and studding the computer Respectively, Red lights flash over the computers

"That is close to Air that could mean anything" Daniel says

"But with the Lights and the Flashing over the Computer systems, I would guess that the Environmental Systems are Failing, It is a Miracle that they worked this long" Sam says

"Yes I got it, Daniel says "This is what Latin Descended from, there are minor differences but I can make most of it out, Air Loss imminent Material Replacement Required"

"Well Good thing we have people who can plan ahead" Jack Quips

"Lime could be used until we discover what best would work with the Ancient CO2 Scrubbers", Sam and a Scientist speculate

"Well I can understand the most basic words of their language but I need to find more references, If We uses a Latin translation we may misunderstand something."

"Another warning comes up and Daniel translates "Unidentified ship approaching"

A Hammer like Ship immerges from a Blue Vortex and come to a stop in front of the Ship

"Unidentified Ancient Vessel, please Identify this is the Vessel Bilskirnir of the Asgard Race"

"Most of this is said in the Latin Variation"

"That is the spoken language, do you want me to respond"

"If you can Request aid if they are Friendly" Jack says looking at the smaller but obviously more advance vessel.

"Beaming over Welcome home destiny" Daniel reads out as a white flash appears, once everyone can see again Sam Exclaims "A Roswell Gray!"

"Greetings I am Thor Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet"

"Thor as in Norse Mythology?" Daniel asks

"The very same, Generations Ago once the Goa'uld controlled Earth we transplanted the Norse People to Planets that we controlled to try and save the Second Evolution of your kind"

"So you're not just named Thor you are the Thor?"

"Yes, My People have been interested in your kind for many millennia, You evolved naturally on Earth and are similar to the Ancients our honored allies, some of my kind believe you have the potential to Replace them, in the Galaxy"

"So your allies to the Ancient Road Builders, that means that you know them and their language?"

"Yes, However I cannot help you it is against our laws"

"What exactly is the law/"

"We cannot give advance technology to any civilization"

"You are not giving it to us we found it orbiting our planet, your aid can stop any disastrous accidents saving many lives" Daniel States Arguing

"I will ask the High Council for their opinion, I may be able to use that argument as a loop hole" Thor disappears in the white light again three minutes later he returns

"I am allowed only to give you the Data on the language and help with technology of only this ships level, This vessel is similar to ours that we used 30,000 years ago most of our technology from that time is compatible, I will send the ships computers the data and translation protocols to translate to our Language, English" He pauses "I am Required to ask, 15 Solar Cycles ago an Alien vessel Landed on Earth Do you have any data on that vessel, its inhabitants, and it's leaving vectors?"

"Yes I can have the data sent up from the SGC"

"I can retrieve it if you know the location?"

"…I cannot do that until you talk to the general" Sam answers

"Understood, I will make contact with him, Your assistance was appreciated, The data will be uploaded shortly" The white light flashes again and he is gone not a minute later the computer displays changed to English, and ship Schematics appeared of a very Different Ship the teams look on in awe, Daniel notices something

"Number of surviving seed ships- 50 of 150, Recalled to Earth, this is ten million Years Ago" Daniel reads as Sam looks through Technical data

"The Scrubbers need a Calcium Lime Composite Material, that material alone would work for decades using only one scrubber, This will Increase our own CO2 Scrubbers efficiency by a hundred fold, Holy Hana, This ship is powered by Solar Plasma, That should not be possible," She pauses "The Asgard Variant uses a Neutron Generator, We can Build one and plug it into the ships power systems that will increase the Distance between Recharges," Jack suddenly yells

"Yes finally" the SG Teams gather around and look at what he is seeing, Plasma Gun Emplacements"

"Sir that alone makes the Stargate Program Worth While; with the advance in technology that we can incorporate from this ship and the Asgard data we can run the SGC for years without additional funding

A white light beams Thor back in to the chamber

"The General has agreed to release the information in exchange for repairing this ship"

"Can you looking at the schematics you sent this ship is very different, it is powered by solar plasma, and can your people fix that"

He Says a Few Things is his own Language then looks up "This is an Unexpected Development, we can fix the hull of the ship but the power systems are a different topic, We will have to examine them, Can you transfer a Schematic to my ship?"

"That is possible, how long do you believe it will take to repair the hull?

"With the schematics and our Beam Replicators an Earth Week at least, a Month at most, the power systems may take longer, I will see about compensating you for that data, we never even tried it out of Fear of Imploding the Stars, I may be able to Update the Weapon Systems, possibly even Rudimentary Beaming Equipment" He flashes away and Sam gets back to work, after discovering the Probes and sending a few to the SGC they work on exploring the ship and familiarizing themselves with the bridge.

One Month Later

"That is all that the Council will Allow, We will be keeping in Contact with you, we have other matters to attend to However and apologize for leaving so soon." Thor states

"Don't Sweat it Thor old Buddy, You have been a great help, I am glad we could Assist you even A Minute Bit"

"Thor nods and flashes away" Jack turns to the others on the Bridge "Ready to intercept the Seed Ships all nine hundred Personal are accounted for?

"Yes sir, SGC sends Best Wishes"

"Destiny Launch, Operation Retrieval is a go" Jack Commands

The vessel veers away and heads towards the nearest seed ship, they are planning to intercept them and reroute them to Abydos, where they will orbit the planet until it is determined if they are capable of landing for repairs, the Destiny will be acting as the forward Scout vessel for Earth and Flagship, In route they pick up reading from a planet exploding endangering its neighbor Habitable Planet, they Divert.

"Unknown Planet if anyone reads please respond"

"Unknown Vessel, We acknowledge you, we request aide in Evacuating to a nearby Colony"

"This is the Earth Vessel Destiny We will grant you aid, Dial the Gate Address Being Sent to you and it will bring you aboard this vessel, from there you can direct us to your new home" Jack States as the Address is being sent

"Received" is all that is transmitted back as the gate on board starts to spin and activates, Many People walk through and look around the acknowledged leaders are lead to the bridge

"We are grateful for the aid, what can we do to repay you?"

"We are happy to help, if you feel the need to repay that all we ask is aide in advancing this Vessel, it is the sole vanguard of Earth at the Moment until we retrieve the seed ships"

"How many Ships dose you people possess"

"With this vessel we will have fifty one shortly, our ancestors built them and sent them out exploring, we recently rediscovered them and have begun Repair and Modifications, Can all your people access the gate or will we have to beam some out?"

"Beam, you have viable Beaming Technology?"

"Yes one of our allies traded it for the power technology similar to these ships power systems"

"There are five other major cities that we neither could nor evacuate besides the Capitol and Major Centers how many can you save?

"On this vessel three hundred thousand, Give us the Coordinates to scan and the ship will handle the rest" Sam States

The leaders give the Coordinates and white flashes appear all over the ship as the leaders of the Tollan People Speak over the Speakers informing them of what happened.

Three Hours Latter in Route to the Tollan Colony

"So this ship was built by the Gate Builders?"

"Yes however it is far older than the Milky way gates that we or many others have come across, the Asgard the ancient allies of the gate builders have been a huge help in bring this ship back up to par, Currently we are readying to recharge you can come to the bridge to observe or go to one of the many lounges

They head to the Bridge and Look as the Local Star looms closer and closer

"What are you doing? They glance ahead. No ship can Withstand entry into a star and survive"

"That is the Power system of this ship, the Stars Themselves, We have not retrofitted the neutron Reactors to her yet so we must recharge or we will be trapped, this ship has the most advanced shielding ever seen by the Asgard and the one Goa'uld Vessel that attacked us barley drained the shields at all, Childs play really." Sam Answers them as they look on in disbelief as the ship lowers into the plasma of the star the two men Omac and Narim look up and speak, In Exchange for our lives and that of our people we will give you our weapon disabling technology, however we wish to trade for your interstellar drive , power and Shielding systems, we will have to ask for permission for asking formally though, We have Ion Cannons, So far the only race to develop them, we may be able to trade those and phasing technology in exchange, We have interstellar ships however none are this fast or have such superior shielding, the power system needs no explanation"

"If your people are agreeable we can work something out, it is our mission as well as our nations to explore and make allies, trading for exotic technologies and resources where possible, to aid in the fight against the Goa'uld." Jack Answers smirking, we destroyed Ra without this technology but it will become easier the better and more advanced technology that we can Retrieve"

The ship Immerges from the Star and Enters FTL an hour later dropping out over Tollana the Colony of the Tollan People, The deal Gets Worked out and an Alliance is born, The Asgard Return to Earth to Inform them of the System Lords Declaring war on the Tau'ri People, The Seed ships are retrieved and updated with all the technology given to the Tau'ri, the Ion Trail of the Alien Vessel that Visited Earth is Traced to a Nearby Galaxy, one unexplored by any one, Asgard, or Ancient, plans are made to use Destiny and the Bilskirnir will be used to Make Contact with the Civilization of that Galaxy, The Ships set off with the Bilskirnir Towing Destiny and four Seed ships towards the Galaxy.