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It just started out as a regular summer day. North had just wanted to water the poinsettias that were sitting outside of his workshop. He just wanted a peaceful day with no one bothering him.

He was getting none of that.

They were all sitting in the globe room during one of their regular get-togethers. Jack had his arms on top of his staff and was fighting with Bunny. The rest were all on the couch in front of a fireplace. As soon as North announced he was going to water the flowers Jack cut in.

"Can I help?"

"Won't you just freeze the water though once you get near it?" The rest nodded.

"I could just leave my staff. Nothing happens besides my body heat stays the same cold temperature. I can't freeze the water if I do that!"

"If you say so"

North found out how bad of a mistake he had made. The young winter spirit had died and always will be a child. How could this go well?

Well one thing was for sure. It didn't.

Jack was playing around in the water. He was jumping in and out of it. He was stopping North from getting even a drop of water to the Christmas plant.

"Jack what are you doing?"

"I am bouncing in and out of the water and making shapes with the hose. Isn't it obvious?"

"Well yea but why?"

"Because- I don't know why…"

"Well can you stop for long enough for me to water the poinsettias?"

"But then you'll put away the hose!"



"Thank you"

The only things North had got from this were that he should never try to let Jack water things again and how much Jack was still like a child. He wondered how he survived without him for so long. And more so of how Jack had survived for those three hundred years alone.

But those were all behind him. Right now they were both fine and one thing was for sure.

Jack will NEVER be alone again.

A/N: Just a little fluff I wrote about when North decides to water the flowers.