Everyone thought that haruhi fujioka was just a commoner as well as a member of the host club, but haruhi is not a commoner in fact she is the princess of Japan, her mother and father are the king and queen of Japan, but when the queen was killed 12 years ago in a palace raid, the king decided that while the princess was still young that they would live as commoners until the people responsible were caught or when it was safe for them to return to the palace only the kings royal bodyguards and noble subjects know that he and the princess are living as commoners. The nobles are yoshio ooteri, Rachael hitachin and Yuzuru souh. Samuel Haniazuka and Akira morinazuka are the kings and princesses royal bodyguards and have told there bodyguards to watch over the princess at all time and protect her from harm

Will haruhi be able to keep her identity of who she really is

Disclamier: I don't own ouran high school host club the belong to the makers P.S which host should I pair haruhi with