Author note: haruhi is in the chairman office with the other hosts parents for an important meeting to discuss her 16th birthday ball that will be taking place on Saturday

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Takashi/mori- 1

Kyoya- 1

Mitzukuni/ huni- 0

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In the clubroom no customers there is a club meeting

"what have you two done with haruhi you devil twin" said tamaki

"we haven't done anything to her tono about half an hour ago, haruhi asked our teacher if she could work in the library and the teacher said yes" said the twins

"oh I see" said tamaki

"tama chan I just saw everyone's parents apart from haru Chan's father go into your fathers office" said huni

"my father probably called them for meeting about something any way did all of you get your invitations for the ball that is on Saturday" said tamaki

" yes we did tamaki" said all of them

" it is too bad that haruhi won't be able to come since it is only for noble families only" said the twins

"yes it is a shame and according to the invite there are going to be 2 special guests coming and apparently from what I have found out there is going to be a lot of security watching the venue too" said kyoya

"you don't suppose that these guests could be the king and princess of japan kyoya" said tamaki

"they could well be tamaki" said kyoya

To the chairman's office

" princess haruhi are you feeling ok" said yoshio

" I'm not feeling well yoshio, I have been like this since before the end of school that is why half an hour before the end of the lesson I asked the teacher if I could go to the library but I didn't go there I went to my special room to lay down instead" said haruhi

" princess I suggest that you don't come to school tomorrow and rest for the ball that is on Saturday" said Yuzuru

" ok Yuzuru I will stay home tomorrow" said haruhi

"princess all the preparations for the ball are complete" said rachael

"yoshio I hate to ask this, but could you pay the rest of my debt of to the host club anonymously and only us in this room will know that it is paid off" said haruhi

" of course princess, haruhi what if tamaki drags the others to your house tomorrow when you are supposed to be resting, would you like to come to one of our houses instead that way you will be able to rest in piece and quiet" said yoshio

" I was actually just considering that yoshio, akira since your family and Samuel's are my bodyguards would it be ok if I stayed at yours and you may tell takashi and mitzukuni them both of you who I really am" said haruhi

"of course princess, we will call your father now to tell him where you are" said akira

"thank you akira" said haruhi

"haruhi tomorrow I will be coming by to akira's to discuss the dress that you will be wearing for the ball on Saturday" said rachael

"thanks rachael, but I worried about tomorrow what if tamaki and the others go to my house after school and I am not there could one of you tell them that I am visiting a relative" said haruhi

" I will tell them princess, the twins will probably tell tamaki that you haven't been in school all day and then they will come to my office to see if I know where you are since kyoya won't know and I will tell them that you are visiting a relative" said Yuzuru

"yeah the twins will probably tell tamaki tomorrow that I wasn't in school all day, I'm ready to go now akira, samuel" said haruhi

Akira, samuel and haruhi leave and then they go to the limo

In the clubroom

" guys come here" said tamaki

" what is it tamaki" said the others

" is it me or is that haruhi leaving with your father huni and mori senpai" said tamaki

" tamaki it may look like haruhi but it is not her and besides haruhi has short hair not long hair" said kyoya

" yeah your right where is haruhi anyway" said tamaki

"she texted me saying that she wasn't feeling well and so she went home and she doesn't want to be disturbed by anyone we will see her tomorrow anyway when she comes to school " said kyoya

"yeah your right we will see her tomorrow well lets go home" said tamaki