Meanwhile, the god's were in a rage. " This is Unacceptable!' Raged Papa Ge. " They must be punished,

they must be properly dealt with." Ezulie was thoughtful, but was in a melancholic state. " I would say

they have been.." " Easy for you to say, It was not your dance that was incompleted!" Agwe said. He too,

was in a rage. Truth to be told, Erzulie was the calmest of them all. Asaka, however, didn't even stick

around. She left the room in such a silent state, they feared she's gone to erupt a volcano. Erzulie

sighed. " The actual offenders have perished, Papa Ge, you know that. You'll be going to get them

shortly. As for the remainders, I am sure the villagers will make them go to the shrines and keep vigil, is

that not enough? What more do you guys want?" Papa Ge brought his face close to Erzulie's. She did

not flinch. When he whispered. "Revenge." Erzulie scowled. " Revenge is meaningless, It will do nothing

for us. The correct way to handle this is to be forginving and show them mercy." Papa Ge laughed. " You

mean, Love Them for what they did?" "I never said that.." Erzulie said qiuetely. "Papa Ge glared. "You

didn't have to, I just said it for you.

come from Agwe. They both stared at him. " These arguments are not getting us anywhere. The

villagers are moving the the three children to the shrines. Papa Ge, you have work to do, Asaka needs

to be told, and I have to calm down myself. And Erzulie?" He turned to her. " I think it best you stay out

of this one. It does not concern you." Erzulie sighed. " You all anger much to easily." She got up and left

the room. Agwe looked at Papa Ge. " I'd get going, if i were you. We'll deal with this once we've all

calmed down." He left. Papa Ge smirked. " Sure." But in his head, he already had a plan brewing. And it

would begin with One Small Girl.