Summary: Salazar finally gives those lecture sessions he promised McGonagall.

AN: Here you go, first of 3 planned outtakes. This is set several months in the future after Vivat Regina. Hermione and Salazar have settled into their married lives.

Warning: Some sexual intimacy, nothing too graphically descriptive.

~ooO The Guest Speaker Ooo~

"I'm not happy about this Hermione."

Hermione Slytherin resisted the urge to roll her eyes at her fuming husband. Instead she placed one hand on his bicep and stood on tiptoe to brush a kiss against his jaw line. A light kiss that quickly turned very intimate. She had learnt a few tricks to manage Slytherins – distract them from the object of their ire.

When the kiss finally ended he gave her a cool look. "I'm still not happy about this."

Oh well. She'd tried. Onto Plan B.

"Zar, you promised Minerva. You can't break your promise simply because you're annoyed."

He gave her an incredulous 'Oh-really?' look.

She put her hand up. "I know how you feel! Professor Snape said it often enough. You're probably going to be talking way over the heads of almost all the audience. But then again you might make perfect sense to one," she stressed. "That's why you're going Zar. You're going to find that one witch or wizard and we're going to arrange for some kind of scholarship study program. Or an Apprenticeship."

Salazar huffed and made a face but, as she knew he would, he gave in. "Oh all right."

As a reward she kissed him again and looped her arms around his neck, pressing herself against his front. "And if Minerva gives you an Exceeds Expectations I just might have a surprise for you when you get back," she teased.

He grinned rather boyishly and kissed her hard. "I'll aim for Outstanding," he told her before grabbing his satchel and stepping towards the fireplace. He scooped a handful of Floo powder from the bowl on the mantel and tossed it in the flames before calling out, "Hogwarts Headmaster's Office," and stepping in.

Hermione waited until the green flames changed back to normal orange before focusing her attention on her calendar. She had a full morning and needed to eat before her first meeting.


Filius Flitwick resisted the urge to bounce on tippy-toes. It would be too undignified. Fortunately he had Minerva to distract him. She was pacing around her office, occasionally pausing to look at the fireplace, waiting for the Floo connection to activate.

"Calm down Minerva. Lord Slytherin is not so ill-mannered he wouldn't give adequate notice, in case he can't come and give the lectures as promised."

Minerva glared at her colleague then fell into her chair rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"I know. He let us know a few days ahead of time last time, so we could inform everyone the lecture was cancelled."

"And since he hasn't this time, and he's due to arrive any moment now, he won't."

"I hope so," Minerva confided. "There's so much interest and requests for tickets. When he cancelled and I informed the ticket holders it nearly caused a riot." Then she smirked. "I included a warning disclaimer this time around."

"There is a lot of student interest as well," Filius commented. "Not just Slytherins and Ravenclaws. Rumours is students without tickets are bribing those who do to take them."

Minerva snorted. "It's the Triwizard Tournament Yule Ball all over."

"Only this time the wizard of interest is quite happily married."

And they smirked at each other.

The flames in the fireplace burned green and high, drawing their attention. A split second later a broad-shouldered wizard dressed in slate grey robes stepped out of the fireplace. Dark blue eyes swept over the room quickly as he stepped towards the other occupants.

"I know. I'm almost late."

Minerva McGonagall nodded. "The Great Hall has been set up with benches. The dais at the front has writing boards that are linked to others set around the room. Anyone speaking on the dais will be heard throughout the Great Hall. If you wish to demonstrate something let Filius know. He'll use a visual projection charm."

Salazar Slytherin nodded and strode out of the Headmistress's Office. He did not need help finding his way to the Great Hall. There were several younger students -even older ones- sneaking peeks as he made his way. He did not take it personally, nor was he interested in dissuading them. There would always be gossip.

He was pleasantly surprised by what awaited him in the Great Hall; a ready to listen and learn audience. Of course there were a few rumour-mongerers sprinkled here and there but on the whole the Headmistress had managed to limit the audience to those genuinely interested in learning.

He ignored the whispers as he stepped on the dais and carefully placed his satchel on the single table. Efficiently he removed several tomes and stacked them into two forearm-tall piles. Then he opened the folder with his notes. A wandless spell transferred the first block of material to the writing board behind him. Then he looked over the audience and waited. They were bright enough to get the hint and fall silent. Satisfied he moved to stand centre front and speak.

"Headmistress McGonagall has asked me to share my knowledge about forgotten magicks and to be honest I didn't want to because a lot of what I'm going to touch on require grounding in theories I'm not sure you even know exists. But my wife was most persuasive so here I am.

"I don't expect you to understand even a quarter of what I'm going to talk about. You may not even know of anything I refer to. But I do expect you to listen, make notes, and keep your questions to the question and answer period at the end. If at the end of Q and A you still have questions I'm certain your teachers will be happy to arrange a few advanced study sessions to help increase your understanding of the basic underlying theories. I will also be providing some references that will only be available for in-library use; not to be taken out. These books," he patted the two piles on the desk, "Are the only copies in existence. I will duplicate selected pages out of them and create five sets for the Hogwarts Library, two for the Ministry Archives. The books themselves are part of my private library and I will not be sharing them with everyone who asks because they require grounding in disciplines magical society seems to have forgotten.

"Now I'm going to start off with something most of you have never heard of, crafting Runic arrays to duplicate common charms. There are advantages and disadvantages to using Runes instead of your wand…"


At the end of the first morning lecture Salazar was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic reception and intriguing lines of thought, mostly from the Halfbloods and Muggleborns using non-magical science to theorize. He had a half-dozen names he planned on starting a correspondence with; perhaps even organize something like an Advanced Magick study camp. They were teenagers and looking for idols and role models.

"Many students in my House been avidly following your research papers in the Ars publications," Filius told him.

"They are Ravenclaws," Pomona said smiling in her usual genial manner.

"Well this time they were enthusiastic enough to get into fisticuffs over differences of opinion," Filius said laughing. "I think you are going to get a few owls from my braver Ravens."

Salazar shrugged. "That is one reason why I agreed to this. To get their brains working, thinking, wondering."

"Are you going to follow the same format for your remaining lectures?" Pomona asked.

"Yes. Just remember I won't be available today evening after dinner and tomorrow after lunch. I will be in the Founders Wing. And no, I'm not going to play tour guide."

There were disappointed looks but the Founder remained quite resolute in his decision. He focused on eating the meal set before him while organizing his thoughts on the next lecture he would be giving in the afternoon: the Ethics of Magic.

Magic was a wonderful gift and like everything it had two edges. A wise wizard acknowledged that reality and worked with it. It was time these ignorant modern wizards learned why.


Salazar ended up leaving Hogwarts after Sunday dinner. Minerva was very good at using Hermione as an excuse to change his mind about leaving around tea time, to instead stay and run an informal Q and A session. But he was more than happy he did, because when he got home his wife kept her promise by surprising him in a very intriguing outfit made of veils and entertaining him with what she called belly dancing. He had not been able to resist her after that arousing display and tore the flimsy outfit off before taking her on the Persian rug in front of the fireplace. Many times.

After a quick meal of cold cuts and cheese, they indulged in another round in the bedroom before settling down, lying beside each other, and sharing what happened since they last talked like this.

"It was not so bad."

Hermione turned on her side to see her husband's face. "Oh really?"

He shrugged one shoulder. "Oh, there were many googly eyed fangirls but Filius and Minerva were very good about keeping them out and the Q&A period focused on the lecture material." He smirked. "Of course there were plenty of Seventh Year Ravenclaw witches who were very interested, with lots of questions."

Hermione snorted. "They can ask all the questions they want as long as they don't try to sneak into your pants," she told him placing one hand over his breastbone. "You're mine."

He blinked twice and nodded slowly. "Yours." And then he mimicked her action, resting his much larger hand between her breasts. "And you are mine."

Hermione shifted until she was straddling his waist. "Yours," she said agreeably. She could feel his cock hardening against her arse. Tempting. "Do you want to teach?" she asked carefully. She knew she didn't want to hear one answer.

"No," he answered after some thought. "Definitely not full-time. Maybe a class for older, invite-only students. Once every week?" He was surprised to feel the tension in her fade as she softened and relaxed.

"You could you know," she murmured. "Muggle university professors do something call online teaching. They are available for students through correspondence or instant messaging. Lectures are recorded and available on the internet. Students submit essays and write exams online or by post."

"That sounds interesting," he admitted. "But I'll have to think about it. I wish to study myself and setting up such a class will take a lot of work, at least the first time."

"Just think about it," Hermione murmured before rising on her knees and shifting back.

She gasped softly as he slid into her opening, stretching her impossibly wide. She shifted minutely sinking even lower onto him until her bottom was flush against his pelvis.

When she began moving he completely forgot about her reaction to his answer and focused completely on the pleasure and sensations.


When he woke up it was too early to actually get out of bed but he was too restless to fall asleep. So he lay there and reviewed his memories to organize his thoughts.

Hermione was awake – he could tell by her breathing – but she did not say anything so he pretended not to know. Sometimes they just wanted quiet time to think about their day. The nights were for sharing and discussion, the mornings were for quiet contemplation.

And then he remembered.

"You were relieved when I said I didn't want to teach."

The sheets rustled as she shifted closer. "What?"

"Last night. You were tense when you asked me if I wanted to teach. You relaxed when I said no. Why?"

She was quiet before she finally responded. "Hogwarts professors live in. I don't want to be separated from you."

He looked at her directly. "We spend a lot of our time apart due to our duties and commitments. And you aren't so selfish to always want me to be close by."

She bit her lower lip and lowered her lashes for an instant before meeting his eyes. "Not usually no," she admitted.

"Why then?"

The silence stretched thin between them.

"I'm pregnant," she said in a rush. "I don't want to be separate from you. I want to be able to go to you whenever I want to."

Dark blue eyes widened in shock. "You're pregnant?" he asked.


Then he smiled. "I'm going to become a father." He pressed his hand against her belly and focused his power and expelled it. He felt the small fluctuation as it met an unfamiliar resistance. His son or daughter.

He kissed her hard. "Does anyone know?"

She laughed. "Just the Healer and she's oathbound to be silent. And Luna because Luna seems to know everything."

"Do you have any preference about making a formal announcement?"

She thought hard. "Later is better," she finally said. "Just to be safe."

"So it will be our little secret," he murmured against her lips.


And he was surprised to realise he was perfectly happy with that.

He was going to become a father and he vowed to be a better one this time around. And he knew if he ever messed up Hermione would be there to help him set things right.


The End.

AN: I have 2 more outtakes tentatively outlined but no clue when they'll be written. Got many other WIPs on the go.