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Crazy Little Ship of Fools

A collection of Omake and Cut Scenes

OMAKE by slickrcbd

"Was there anything else then?" Harry asked. He made a mental note to buy a pensive so that he could more closely observe the look of shocked horror on Hermione's face, he was fairly sure it topped the time someone had suggested that Draco acted like he did because he was attracted to Hermione and jealous of the time that Harry spent with her.

Draco was furious. How dare they imply that he was attracted to that filthy mudblood? A woman to boot. To think that he would stoop to associate with such things. Now Harry... Powerful, handsome Harry, defeater of the Dark Lord. So noble, so tragic, so attractive. If only he hadn't screwed up so badly first year. Darn that mudblood for monopolizing all his Harry's time. How he longed for his Harry...

Sorry, I suck at writing slash as I don't find men attractive and can't get into the right mindset; but I thought this would be funny if Draco was horrified because the accusation was closer to the truth than people thought. The only thing being that he was interested in Harry and jellous of Hermione instead of
the other way around.

Omake by Me

Harry stretched his arm out and pointed his wand towards the Dragon with a look of intense concentration on his face.

The crowd watched in awe as great pillars of stone rose from the ground and cut the mighty beast off from her nest.

Without dropping his arm, Harry cautiously approached the nest and took possession of the egg then slowly backed away. When he deemed it safe, Harry dropped his arm and allowed the pillars to disappear.

Alternate version by Dana Short

The crowd watched in awe as great pillars of stone rose from the ground at angles all around the dragon, forming a stone cage and cutting the mighty beast off from her nest.

Without dropping his arm, Harry cautiously approached the nest and took possession of the egg then slowly backed away. When he deemed it safe, Harry dropped his arm and allowed the pillars to disappear, and freeing the screaming dragon to rush back to protect her remaining eggs.

Omake by Silas Dunsmore

"Sounds good to me." Daphne put two thumbs up. "Let's get those clothes off him."

"What a wonderful idea," Hermione's voice said dryly. "Luckily, I learned a spell from one of the books you loaned me today that will let us do it without violating Harry's privacy." Hermione frowned "After that, I think the three of us need to have a little talk about how important it is to follow the plan. Don't you agree?"


"Not at all. Not for a long time to come. Or not come, as the case may be. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Omake extension again by migele

Harry frowned, this was unfair, Susan and Hannah should be able to be together without any repercussions. Fleur, Gabrielle and the other Veela shouldn't be treated as objects. He needed to speak to Hermione about this.

"Mr Potter?"

"Yes?" He turned to see a Goblin.

"Gringotts has heard rumors about a new land in the near future." The Goblin stated, it looked fierce and a bit older then the other goblins he had seen. "Would it be possible to participate?"

Harry decided that he really needed more information. "Sure, just help make a stable economy and advise on the taxes prices and all that stuff." Goblins were pro's at money after all. Now where was Hermione when you needed her?

"Contrary to Ministry tax edicts it should be based on assets, income and wealth instead on blood and paying the minister off."

"Not Ministry?"

"No they pay the minister he issues a tax revision for them."

Harry frowned, "Orphanages and such could go tax free?"

"As could certain other official, non profit or welfare organizations." The goblin agreed.

"Know a trustworthy goblin for the department of finance? And I need a list of other species that are having troubles." Harry decided to much politics made his head hurt, he didn'T even have a country yet already everyone was flocking to him.

"Yes I do King Harry. By your leave."

"Yes see you."

It was only when he found Hermione in the libary that he realized another thing


Omake to Omake by migele by migele

Finding out the King bit was easy, he was the ruler of the Island. Since Goblins had Kings he was the King, with the Wizards it would be King or Minister.

"King Harry?"

"Not yet anyway." Harry responded before turning. This time it was several Goblins.

"After a conference we would like to negotiate our position in your Kingdom."

'Politics again' Harry sighed mentally. "What are your requests?"

"We wish for Law Enforcement and Architecture." The lead Goblin responded in a no nonsense voice.

Harry nodded "You can have the majority but everyone is allowed to join, I don't want anyone left out." Harry frowned "Who would you recommend for finance then?"


The King-to-be-soon-but-not-quite-yet blinked. "Oh yes, they guard it and like it, but they are not allowed to eat anyone late with payments." 'Hey I'm getting good at this.'

"As you wish King Harry." They nodded and handed a rather large scroll over. "Here is the request from the dragons. To cement our alliance we wish to provide your Fortress."

"Show the plans to Hermione later, I'll look it over with her."

"By your leave."

"May our enemies scream and our dwellings last for ever."

King-to-be-soon-but-not-quite-yet looked at his bed in dismay. Fairies, pixies, two nymphs and what seemed to be a dryad were sprawled all over his bed. "You too?." He didn'T even have an island yet and already had enough inhabitants lined up for a good beginning.

The sound of bells came from the fairies he guessed, "Yes you can come, all will be treated fairly, and if you have something you want to do feel free. Unless it's on someone elses property and they want to do it themselves." Harry told them. "Now move over I'm tired."

Explaining his new entourage at breakfast was difficult, at least Hermione was happy since one of the fairies spoke english and seemed to be just as much into books as the human girl herself.

Omake by rijl_kent

Another area of lava cooled, hissing and popping where it met the sea. Harry lowered his arms, took a deep breath, and raised them again. The area of lava by the ocean shattered. When it settled, there was a beautiful black-sand beach.

"There it is," said Harry with satisfaction. "Our new country's first topless beach."

"It's wonderful, Harry," said Hermione. "Wait! Topless!?"

"My country, my rules, right, Hermione?"

"Harry Potter, you can't make all the beaches topless."

"Well, ok... But this one is."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Fine. As long as you make some that are normal."

"Of course, Hermione," Harry said with a smile. "When I get around to it," he added under his breath.

Omake by dogbertcarroll

Harry sighed and started interviewing all the applicants to join... whatever they named his new country, they were still arguing on the name. Harrytopia still sounded good to him tho.

"We'd like to join you," one of the goblins growled out, looking more than a little embarrassed.

"Did you want to be bankers?" Harry offered, not having seen goblins in any other line of work.

"We could do that here, we want to be... ballet dancers!"

"Political Asylum," Neville explained again.

"Political Asylum?" Harry questioned.

"Yeah, I want to escape Snape and my Grandmum and Dumbledore's been looking at me strangely ever since it came out that you were doing this, so I need Political Asylum."

Harry considered that, and then finally nodded. He had to take Neville's word - first off, he liked the guy, and second off, there was Veritaserum in the complimentary glass of water, which Neville had drank.

"OK, mate. Welcome to Harrytopia!"

"Ginny? I thought this application was for a free elf," Harry said, confused.

"It is. I joined the legions of free elves," she explained. "It's true we get to clean whatever we want, right?"

"Yes, that's part of the charter."

"Good," Ginny beamed at him imagining the bits of him she'd be cleaning as soon they settled in on the island.

Hermione looked at the long line of applicants and shook her head, at this rate Voldemort would have an easy time conquering England, as apparently ninety percent of the magic world was moving in with Harry.

Sirius clutched the paper to his chest, he could clearly see Wormtail sitting on Ron's shoulder, but what really got his attention was the article about Harry starting his own country!

Omake by frstwnd

"You might want to look at the points he has given away," said Minerva, who started to look slightly green as she read down her own copy of the list.

"Vincent Crabbe: Ten points to Slytherin for identifying a mudblood," said Albus as he read down the list. "Draco Malfoy: Five points to Slytherin for sabotaging Longbottoms potion. Draco Malfoy: 20 points to Slytherin for having the loosest… Is there something you need to tell us Severus?"

Omake by Michael Bennett

Minerva: "In spite of the fact most of them never knew such lessons existed and the rest including Granger couldn't locate the class room of "You-know-where-hidden-in-Slytherin-Common-Rooms". Poor girl even went so far as to try to brew Polyjuice to sneak in and find it. Lets not even start on the fact your Potion's Class bulletin board is inside the Slytherin Common Room, and that they only know of its existence. Not to mention all the library books on the topics were checked out by you and are currently hidden in the Slytherin dorms for the last ten years? Oh, I should warn you that Madam Pince now knows that all those books are overdue by ten years and is looking for your head and other assorted body parts."

Omake by meteoricshipyards

"You want our society to grow and prosper, don't you?" Luna, spokeswoman for the group asked.

"Of course," Hermione answered.

"Then Harry, as leader, should perform some rituals to help ensure it."

"What kind of rituals?"

"Blood rituals."

"But blood rituals are Dark magic! Harry would never go along with that!"

Luna rolled her eyes as some of the other witches twittered. "No _all_ blood rituals are dark. And this one certainly isn't."

"So what is this ritual?"

"It involves at least two people and sacrificing a virgin..."

"Harry would never!" Hermione screamed.

Luna took a deep breath of the long suffering. "If I may continue?"

"No virgins are getting sacrificed."

"Good. Can I get back to the ritual now that we're agreed on the non-relevant interruption?"


"As I was saying, to promote fertility, Harry should be involved in the sacrifice of some virginities."


Omake by Swordchucks

"It's isolated," Hermione explained, "nothing but a big patch of empty water."

That is just asking for it.

Flash forward:

"Nothing but a big patch of empty water, Hermione?" Harry asked as the snake-lizard-thing poked him in the back with its spear tip, forcing him to go closer to the rim of the volcano.

"I didn't know!" she screeched. "It wasn't in any of the books on the area!"

"So, no mention of great bloody snake things that want to sacrifice people to their evil gods. None at all?""

Err... or something like that.

Omake: I really wanted to use this scene, but the Caer Azkaban group was right, it wouldn't fit. Sigh.

Harry and Hermione ignored the glares as they walked into the Common Room. They'd expected it after turning down nearly five hundred house points between them and loosing many times that over the past week. Harry walked to the center of the room and allowed his gaze to sweep over the assembled students.

"May I have everyone's attention please," Harry's voice boomed across the Gryffindor Common Room, "I have something I'd like to say to all of you."

Most of the students directed hostile glares his way.

"As you all know, I'm being forced to compete in the Triwizard tournament." A cold smile formed on Harry's face. "And you're all being prats about it."

"Get to the point," one of the students yelled.

"Alright," Harry agreed. "This business with the tournament-"

"Not to mention what happened in second year," Hermione interjected.

"Yes, thank you, Hermione." Harry nodded to his friend. "It's shown me a few things about you lot, not the least of which is that I don't want anything to do with most of you. You're short sighted, arrogant, and above all rude."

"That's it, you just brought us here so you could insult us?"

"No," Harry said, "I brought you here to explain to you why I won't be coming to Hogwarts next year."

Looks of shock appeared on every face.

"What . . . w . . . why?"

"You're a bunch of arseholes who didn't even have the decency to pretend we're unified in front of the other houses, something even Slytherin would have done - and you have the gall to ask me why I can't be bothered any more?"

Looks of incomprehension met Harry's pronouncement.

"May I?" Hermione whispered into Harry's ear.

"Go ahead," Harry agreed.

"It's blatantly apparent that Hufflepuff practically has a monopoly on loyalty in this god-forsaken place!" Hermione savagely put in her penny's worth. "That much should have been apparent as early as our first year. Unfortunately, our good nature along with our love of magic blinded us to the realities of Gryffindor House."

What followed would go down in history as the worst ass chewing in Gryffindor history, topping even the one suffered by a young Minerva McGonagall for 'moral turpitude' back in '42.

Omake by SirBino

"A seven? Susan, why did you only give me a seven?"

"Well, it was very impressive flying Harry, and you did get the egg, but your spellwork was strictly fourth year in ability, and if you want a top score you're going to have be advanced than that."

"I disagreed with her, Harry. I thought your performance was worthy of a nine. It really was great flying and unlike your competitors, you didn't feel the need to try and impress the judges with an elaborate plan or overly showy spells."

"So, why would you only have given me a nine?"

"Well, considering your entire plan depended on the summoning charm, I'm somewhat disappointed that you didn't try the obvious and attempt to summon the egg, before calling your broom."

Omake Time by migele:

Bed had been a bliss. While he was still tired and Hermione would probably ban him from using magic, he felt much better.

At least until he opened his eyes.

Fairies, Pixies and ... he had no idea what the little girls with bat wings, tails and little horns were but they looked cute.

"I know what this is about."

About half of the population on and above his bed started to glow brighter. The bat winged ones seemed ti giggle, wink and blow kisses at him.

"If any of you have special requirement please tell Hermione." A dozen streaks of light zipped out of the room. "Wake me if someone needs me."

The last thing he saw before falling asleep was several of the bat winged girl land on him an a few cuddle against his head.

His dream were very interesting, and he was sure that some of the contortions were impossible, he also wasn't sure how he would be able to look at 'his' girls again, especially since some of them had offered similar things to what happaned in his dreams.

ON: Part od the European Succubus is decended from a creature that seduces in dreams. And they feed of energy, lust amongst other things depending on which legend you read. Why did I size them down? because it's amusing.

Omake Time by migeleelrubio

since you are recruting humans I'm once again recruiting nonhumans. as always free to be used and changed

by migele


"Yes Harry?"

"Are you seeing what I am seeing?"

"Several women with blue hair and blue grey eyes?"

"Yes, I was afraid Hermione slipped something weird into my drink."


"Sorry Hermione."

"It was not weird. Just a nutrition potion."


"Daphnes recipy."

"Tastes good."

"Thank you Harry."

"Always Daphne"

The leading blue haired woman gave Harry a stare from cold blue grey eyes.

"Tracy here has a sign up sheet, don't forget to anything you might need for your lifestyle." He pointed at the girl who was busy looking for a sufficient amount of their new sheets.

"You would take us in just like that?" came a soft voice.

"Why not? Dragons, goblins, house elves, various fey and veela already signed up. Anyway what are you?"

"Yuki-onna, Snow Girls and Snow Women." a melodic voice answered.

"So you need a mountain or something so you can have a cold place? Hermione?"

"This makes it easier actually, planning to make it all flat wasn't easy. You see the natural way is ..."

"Let's just say I trust you and stay with that Hermione."

"Thank you Harry."

"Always Hermione."

Omake by migele:

His dreams had never been any better, and he really started to appreciate Hermione's hugs, and Susan's, and Hana's. He wasn't sure about Tracey and Daphne, their roaming hands were a bit more then he was used to. Make that more then he was willing to contemplate, the little bat winged girls certanly made him contemplate how things could progress from there.

A walk in the forest had caused him to meet a delegation from Aragog, who wanted a forest without centaurs, the walk back caused him to meet the centaurs, who wanted a forest without spiders and other predators.

The herd of unicorns somehow hadn't fazed him a bit, even if finding out that they wanted grassy plains had been a lot of trial and error.

At least finally he could return to Hogwarts and get some sleep.

"I just jinxed myself" he decided. A quick look around found him several black clad people, was the one girl clad in tight leather? He certainly learned to enjoy looking at cute girls.

"So what can I do for a few vampires, and all biting is to be voluntary!" He opened negotiations, after three negotiations today he was allowed to be a bit snippy.

The youngest, who looked about his age, sighed. The oldest male nodded "Straight to the point, I offer my daughter for your harem." Harry twitched at that word "and we get a castle with a nice cemetery. We can take night defense of the island and several of our servants want to run nightclubs."

Running his hand through his hair (something that gathered the girls attention he nodded. "Alright, we will take it up with Hermione, welcome."

Hermione stared, Pandora Tepesch stared back. "So a castle on cliff overlooking the harbor?"

The pale black haired beauty nodded. "It would give father something to Lord over, while he will be happy to get rid of the state politics, something to do would keep him occupied."

Omake by jeff maillard

Snape's reaction when 3/4 of his house 'betrays' him

Three weeks before the third task:

The Slytherin common room

"Alright I know we all are doing this for different reasons, but are we all in agreement we join potters school?"

Every one shook there head yes.

"Ok, then alls we need is to ask him and..."

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE" Snape's voice bellowed from the entrance to the common room.

Everyone was silent.


The one that had been talking stepped in front of him and handed him a note.

Snape began to read:

To Whom It May Concern;

We the under sinned do here by notify said parties of our request of transfer to (school Potter in sert the name of the school).

By the time Snap got half way throw the names his hands were shaking and his face had turned in to one of pure rage, and instead of pail white his face was a reddish purple.

"How dare you think you can do this, I will not allow you to transfer to HARRY POTTERS BLOODY SCHOOL..."

As he was yelling the door to the common room opened and Harry walked in.

"Someone call for me?"

All eyes turned to him. The spokes person said; "yes we did."

Snape stepped in front of him and shoved him back so hard that he hit another student and they fell on to the couch.




"Yes, humm my, my Professor you've been getting out in the sun haven't you?"


"Yes, yes me Potter you Snape now that we got that strait, is there a reason for you eloquence of the English languish, or are we going to just stand here and say each others name hmmm."

A few of the students snickered but stopped when Snape glared at them.

"I will not allow this."

"Ok, lets just say that I just came in and have no ideal what you are talking about which I don't, so what are you talking about hmmm?"

As he thrust the paper in front of Harry he said; "this... this is what I'm talking about I will not allow it."

Harry grabbed the paper and began to read it, he looked up from it and back down then he asked "are those who singed this here?"

a resounding "YES" was the reply.

"well then I just have one question." he paused, and turned to Snape while pulling his wand and casting a shield that know one seemed to see and said; "And how pray tell are you going to stop it hmmm?"

Snape got a grin on his face and pointed his wand at Harry and sent a blugener at his head.

Every one gasped when Harry just stood there. The spell hit the shield with a gong and shot strait up in to the ceiling and cracked it.

While this was going on Harry raised his wand and used a spell he found in a book in the far back corner of the restricted section of the library, "stupiphy maxmus" A thick beam of blood red light came from his wand with such force when it hit Snape it throw him three feet throw the oke door he was standing in front of and another five feet past that.

Harry looked around, "Well then Blaze if you would find Professor Dumbledore and tell him what happed here and if he needs me I'll be getting my now students settled in to there new rooms."

"Oh, Dobby"

"Harry Potter Sirs is calling Dobby?"

"Yes Dobby could you go get some rooms ready for my new transfer students?"

"Of coerce Harry Potter Sir"

Harry herd some snickers and looked around "what?"

Blaze spoke up "Only you would have a house elf at your beck and call Potter."

Harry blushed then said "shell we?"

And with that they all left.


Anthony Goldstein decided to join the discussion. "I've been instructed to find out one thing. My father wants to know what your foreign policy will be and how it will affect Israel, he also told me to be subtle."

"Well," said Harry "in short, the island is positioned so that it blocks some hot-water current in the Atlantic ocean, diverting it northwards, which means the south-east Atlantic would become much colder, while the north get warmer in time, causing the glaciers at the north pole to melt in an accelerated rate, and create a new, icy-cold counter-stream moving southwards, so Africa will be screwed twice over and probably freeze over. It will start with the sub-Saharan west but will eventually spread northwards and eastwards. so, assuming Israel does not drown under the sea when the glacier begin to melt, half of its enemies, at least those in north-Africa, will be living under a thick sheath of ice. On the other hand, tey might wish to depart the doomed continent, and, you know, in all the previous human migrations out of the Black Continent, the rout passed directly through what is now Israel, 'm sure you're familiar with the archeological and paleontological findings in the your country..." Harry finally finished. He looked at Anthony and "Does that answer your question?" he asked helpfully. He couldn't understand why Anthony was hyperventilating.

OMAKE by Red Jacobson

Hogsmeade Weekend, before the Yule Ball

Harry was heading into the Great Hall to join the other members of his school (or Harem, depending on your point of view) for breakfast when he paused, and, checking that nobody was in earshot, said quietly,


The hyperactive elf appeared immediately, bouncing happily and wearing, Harry saw, a Father Christmas hat on one of his ears. Deciding he really didn't want to know, he crouched down so he was at eye level and said, "Dobby, can you do me a favor and pack a basket with some cooked food and fresh fruit for me? I'll call you when I need it, I'm going to be seeing a friend who hasn't had a good meal in a while, and I know you would do an excellent job!"

Dobby nodded enthusiastically, "Dobby can do that for the Great Harry Potter Sirs! Dobby will be making the bestest meals for Harry Potter Sirs friend!" The elf started muttering to himself, planning a menu it sounded like, but Harry wasn't sure what difference it meant if Dobby chose a Red or a White wine with the mean. Before the elf popped away, Harry said, "And, Dobby, please don't tell anybody else, it's a secret, okay?" Dobby quickly agreed, and 'popped' away.

After they had finished eating, Harry turned to Hermione and said, "I've got Dobby making up a basket for Snuffles, so we can make him aware of the new 'doghouse' we are making him."

Hermione nodded, "I'm sure he'll like it better than the one he's staying in now. We should do that first, don't you think?"

He nodded, and then, seeing that Susan and Hannah were watching him curiously, he spoke, so the others could hear him, "We'll explain after we get back, but Hermione and I have an errand to run while we are out. You could say we are going to talk to another potential immigrant." The girls nodded, and turned back to their conversation.

Harry nudged Hermione as he spotted a familiar black dog watching them from an alleyway. Hermione nodded, and Harry turned to Susan and said, "We'll meet up with you later, if not at the carriages going back, then at Dinner. I'm not sure how much time we'll be spending on our errand."

Susan nodded, "I'll let the others know, but we'll be waiting for the explanation you promised us when you get back."

"And you'll get it, but, if you would excuse us?" Harry and Hermione turned away from the friends and walked at a steady pace up the street. As soon as they were out of sight of the group, they ducked into an alley, and waited for the dog to catch up.

About twenty minutes later, the three of them were seated inside the Shrieking Shack, and Snuffles had changed back into Sirius, pulling Harry into a hug, and Hermione as well, when Harry said, "We've got a lot to tell you Padfoot, but it can wait until you've eaten. Dobby!"

At Sirius's curious look, Harry just grinned, and said, "You'll see."

Sirius blinked in surprise when the strangest elf he had ever seen arrived, carrying a picnic basket almost twice as big as he was.

Dobby set the basket down and started looking around shaking his head. "No, no! This will not do for Great Harry Potter Sirs friend!"

And before they could even blink, Dobby disappeared only to reappear almost instantly with a table and three chairs. Setting the basket on the table, he started pulling out dozens of covered dishes, the steam still pouring off of them, and the wonderful smells making all of their mouths water. The table was groaning under the weight of the food before Dobby finished. Harry reached down and hugged the startled elf, saying, "Dobby, you did a wonderful job! Thank you so much!"

Dobby turned even greener, if that were possible, and he looked as though he were embarrassed by the praise. Turning away, he looked around at the walls and flooring and shook his head. "This will take a lot of work, Dobby better get busy!"

The others watched as the walls seemed to repair themselves, and the floor of the shack smoothed out. Shaking his head at Dobby's enthusiastic cleaning and repairing, Harry turned to Hermione and Sirius, and said, "He went through a lot of work to make this for us, be a shame to let it go to waste."

Pulling out a chair for Hermione, he waited until she was seated and seated himself, gesturing to Sirius to sit as well. "Go ahead, Paddy, I know you're probably starving, so, tuck in!"

For the next hour, the only sounds to be heard were people eating, and, occasionally, banging from one of the other rooms in the shack as Dobby worked his magic.

Eventually, Sirius was full, and pushing back his chair from the table, let loose with a satisfied belch, before looking slightly embarrassed. Before he said anything, Hermione opened her mouth to say something and suddenly blushed as a resounding belch came out. Harry, who had been drinking the wine, and having no tolerance for it, started giggling, before saying, "Moved, and seconded! All in favor?" and let loose with a window rattling belch as well. This set the others to laughing as well, and, when they got themselves under control, Harry said,

"When I said I had a lot to tell you Paddy, I wasn't kidding. To start with, have you heard the expression, 'If you don't like it, go form your own country?'" At Sirius' nod, Harry continued, "Well, that's exactly what I'm doing! We've already started on making the island habitable for humans, and, after the Tournament is over, we are going to be moving there, and, since it will be our own country and we make the laws, I was hoping you would come with us, you can be free again, and not have to worry about the Ministry or Dementors or anything like that!"

It took another 45 minutes before they finished explaining what they had done, and how Hermione had found the charms to expand the island to whatever size they wanted, and of course, how they had made Snape's head practically explode in the Great Hall.

Sirius just sat there, stunned, before he started laughing. Harry and Hermione looked worried until he said, "Damn it Pup! I thought we were pranksters, but you have surpassed anything we ever did! Of course I'm with you, I promised your parents I would watch out for you, and it will be a lot easier if I'm not on the run constantly."

Harry nodded, relieved that Sirius wasn't going to try and stop them. "What we should probably do is take you to the island, so I can make sure that the others know the truth about you and Wormtail. It wouldn't do if somebody took a shot at you because they didn't know the whole story.

Hermione said, "You know, speaking of the whole story, once Sirius gets settled, the Quibbler would probably love to get an exclusive interview with him, telling his side of the story. Maybe we can stir up enough of a fuss to get him cleared in Britain as well."

"Something to think about, anyway, but it would be best to wait until after we are all there and recognized by the ICW as a nation of our own. We don't want Fudge to try and interfere before we are ready for him."

Hermione just looked at him, surprised, "When did you start thinking ahead like that? You've always been the charge in first, ask questions later type. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but it's a change, you have to admit."

Harry just smiled, and looked his best friend in the eyes and said, "Well, it used to be just the two of you following me in my charge, and I knew that you were capable of getting yourself out of whatever situation we found ourselves in. But now, with all the others depending on me as well, I can't afford to be rushing into things anymore."

Hermione blinked, not expecting that answer, and not really wanting to think about the way the butterflies in her stomach started dancing 'Swan Lake' when she looked into his eyes, just nodded and said, "That makes sense, and I'm glad you have that much confidence in me."

With the heavy part of the conversation out of the way, they turned to lighter topics, like the fact that Harry was escorting close to a dozen girls to the Yule Ball. Naturally, Sirius had to tease him about that, and they spend the next couple of hours just laughing and joking amongst themselves.

They were only interrupted once when Dobby came out to show them what he had been doing in the other rooms. They were extremely impressed by the bedroom that Dobby had made warm and comfortable and decorated in Gryffindor colors. There was an en-suite bathroom, and a wardrobe that Dobby promised to fill up with clean clothing the next day. When Sirius tried to protest that this was too much, Dobby shook his head seriously, "You's is the Great Harry Potter Sirs Dogfather, and it makes him happy to have you close by, but you's needs a nice place to stay, so Dobby makes you's a nice place to stay!"

That ended the discussion as far as Dobby was concerned, and he gathered up the leftovers, and, put them in a cooler chest for later, and said that he would bring breakfast in the morning before popping back to the Castle.

Omake by bannerfirefly

Between Hermione's meticulously researched spells and carefully crafted theoretical models, and Luna's continual state of creative inspiration, there was no reason to expect a failure in principle. Tracy and Hannah had been excellent teachers - Harry was confident that he understood the basics of the project. The best part was that once the fundamental spells were cast, their new home should need little in the way of maintenance. The new habitat would expand naturally, vastly outpacing their own population growth.

They would be safe, finally, from the muggles's science.

They were lined up behind him, waiting on brooms and magic carpets: families and
friends staying close to each other. This first wave of the exodus numbered tens of thousands. Every colonist had brought literally hundreds of tons of supplies, carefully packed and protected against any conceivable problem. The second wave of sapient magicals, mostly children, was awaiting confirmation of success before making the leap to follow them. Many more waves were planned. Outside of the deep-penetration moles left behind specifically to find and hide future muggleborn children, in a decade there would be no magical beings, animals, plants, insects, or items left on Earth.

They had found no hints at all that any magical person had ever even considered building a refuge on this scale. Perhaps only someone raised in the late 20th-century muggle world could conceive of it. After all, only in the last few decades had the concept of space travel really become part of a child's everyday life.

To Harry and Hermione, leaving earth entirely was simply the logical next step. There was no way the traditional methods of hiding the Wizarding world were going to work much longer. Muggle governments and statisticians alike were already starting to notice the numbers of children who simply dropped out of sight.

Harry took a deep breath, and centered himself. The first spell was actually the most difficult and complex step. Quietly, he started the chant - mostly a request for guidance, in fact. He felt the spell catch, weaving itself through the strands of the universe, then locking solidly on the other side.

Using occlumency training combined with deep meditation, Harry calmly stepped out of his body and through the portal. There was no reason to delay: Harry thought, as clearly as he could, the next equations. The sudden explosion of *possibility* was an unexpected delight. With joy, and love, Harry thought, "Let there be light."

And there was light -

Omake by meteoricshipyards

There was only one thing to say to this situation, and that was, "Bloody hell!"

Voldemort smiled at Harry and answered, "Tut, tut! Such language should be punished!"

Harry waved his wand and collapsed. Voldemort, in the middle of casting a Pain curse almost paused, but there was no light from a spell, so he ignored Potter's action. The curse hit the boy on the ground, but all he managed was a low groan. Voldemort looked at his wand in confusion, then turned to Pettigrew. Casting the spell on the rat animagus caused the man to scream in pain. Satisfied that his magic was working fine, Voldemort turned back to Harry.

He was just about to cast another spell when the ground burst under him. Thrown in the air by the force of the explosion, he desperately held his wand so he wouldn't lose it when he came down.

Unfortunately, he never came down. Close on the heels of the exploded rock came a column of lava. Voldemort was burned to dust before he knew it.

The violent spewing liquid rock, while in a generally upward direction, did go in a lot of other directions, too. In fact, not a single Death Eater survived the first two seconds of the eruption.

Harry, shook his head and slowly got up. The spell that causes the volcanoes to form also protects the user, so rocks (some as large as Hogwarts) and lava were just bouncing off or flowing around him. He sighed, and started walking away. Noticing the Triwizard cup lying next to a river of molten rock, he absently picked it up, instantly finding himself back at Hogwarts.

He was quickly surrounded by anxious officials. Harry roughly thrust the cup into Bagman's hands.

"Here! Take the stupid thing! I am so feckin' out of here!"

Two thirds of the students of Hogwarts quickly heard reports of what he said, and raced for their prepared portkeys. Some (mostly 'Puffs) were so ready they already had their trunks with them, shrunk.

It was a very empty Great Hall that Dumbledore found the next morning. By lunch he realized it wasn't just students sleeping in. A search of the castle revealed his worst fears.

Harry Potter was missing, and so were a lot of other students, in every house and various years.

How could he tell Harry how to raise his own island if the boy was missing?