Inner Workings of My Mind

Chapter 15

Bulma grinned in triumph as she examined the clear vial of liquid, grasped with her finely manicured fingers. The computer screen showed the words 'experiment simulation success' in bright green, proclaiming her genius.

The blue-haired scientist rushed from her lab in search of her husband in a whirlwind of excitement, white lab coat fluttering around her. The sapphire-eyed woman entered the kitchen and gave it a searching glance, locating Gohan in the corner, dressed in his purple gi and devouring a bowl of unidentifiable food.

The hybrid tore his attention from his meal as the eager scientist entered the room and approached him.

"Gohan, do you know where Vegeta is?" she asked. She waved the vial in front of the teenager's face, grinning. "I finished it!" the heiress exclaimed.

Gohan smiled in response. "How safe is it?" he questioned.

"As safe as it can be, without it actually being tested on someone. The simulation confirmed that it will work and that it is safe. There will, of course, be side effects, but that is to be expected," she replied, not in the least deterred by the hybrid's questioning. "Now, where is he?" she demanded.

Gohan titled his head in concentration and said, "I sense Vegeta's ki coming from your room upstairs. I think he just finished showering."

"Thanks, Gohan!" the genius shouted as she exited the kitchen. The blue-haired woman ascended the nearest staircase and rapidly walked down the hall.

She entered the master bedroom without knocking to see her Prince exiting the bathroom wrapped in only a white towel. Bulma barely paused to examine her husband's exposed, torso before skipping before him and waving the clear vial in front of him.

"I did it!" the Capsule Corporation genius crowed in excitement and triumph.

Vegeta looked at the glass vial with dark eyes, watching its movements as his mate waved it through the air, as if it was the greatest thing in the world.

The Prince frowned before asking, "What exactly is it? If you want to subject me to one of your experiments, then leave me alone, woman! You can test your concoctions on Kakarot's eldest brat if you need a lab rat."

Not deterred by her husband's tone, Bulma leaned closer to him, eyes gleaming. Her hand stilled and she glanced at the glass tube with an air of accomplishment and smugness, before returning her attention to her mate. "You won't want to pass this particular concoction up, Vegeta."

"You still haven't told me what it is."

"It's a way for you to grow your tail back," the blue-eyed woman said smugly.

Vegeta's eyes widened slightly and his gaze fixed on the vial with an obvious hunger. "Impossible," the Saiyan Prince breathed. "An adult Saiyan cannot grow a tail."

Bulma smiled, white teeth gleaming like pearls under the flourescent lighting in the room. "You very well know I'm a genius, Vegeta. Nothing is impossible for me. It was difficult, but I manage to synthesize a hormone that will allow you to regrow your tail."

"Explain," Vegeta demanded with a growl, fixing his intent gaze upon his mate.

"With pleasure, Vegeta. I took a sample of the hormone circulating throughout Gohan's body as a result of the puberty he is going through. Because you are an adult, you are incapable of producing the hormone. I created an artificial hormone that mimics that hormone and when injected into the gland at the base of your spine, it will circulate throughout your body and simulate the process of puberty.

"Luckily, you won't have to go through the whole process, since a Saiyan regrowing their tail is the first stage. You will, however, experience symptoms from the hormones, but I am sure that is a small price to pay."

Vegeta's eyes flashed as he moved forward and claimed Bulma's lips in a devouring kiss. Bulma's let out a muffled exclamation of surprise before she carefully tucked the vial of Saiyan hormones into her lab coat pocket. The blue-haired woman enthusiastically wrapped her arms around her husband's neck as she leaned into the kiss.

The Prince of Saiyans broke away from his mate and asked, "How long?"

"Hmmm?" the genius asked, blue eyes hazy with lust.

"How long will it take for my tail to come back?"

With a shake of her head, the dazed heiress cleared her mind enough to answer the question. "Two or three months, as long as you take a dosage 4 times a week," the woman replied.

Deciding her explanation was detailed enough, and determining her pleased husband had no more questions, Bulma leaned towards Vegeta to continue the kiss. The Saiyan Prince happily complied.

Gohan watched as Vegeta rapidly powered up. The Saiyan Prince was currently a Super Saiyan, however his ki level was still rapidly increasing. Despite reaching Ascended Super Saiyan, Vegeta still had difficulty in reaching the level quickly and efficiently.

Lightning sparked through the air as Vegeta continued to increase his power output and the electrified energy rippled across his skin like dancing lights. Will a yell, Vegeta breached the next level and his hair spiked up even further and blue and yellow ki crackled along his skin.

Gohan powered up directly to his Ascended form from base, and grinned feraly as a smirking Prince launched towards him.

Two glowing, yellow blurs flashed across the sky as the two Saiyans fought each other. Ki blasts scattered across the deserted land that surrounded them as they attempted to hit their target.

The two continued fighting even as Piccolo arrived and began watching the fight from a distance with sharp eyes. They ignored the presence of the Namekian as they continued trading blows

Vegeta growled as he dodged the orbs of glowing ki being thrown at him in increasingly rapid intervals. The Prince felt a surge of frustration as he continued to dodge and wondered what the damn half-breed brat was playing at. The angered full-blood roared as he gathered a large amount of energy in his hands, and turned to face the teenager before him.

"I wouldn't do that, Vegeta," Gohan taunted as he raised his hands from his side and gathered two more handfuls of bright blue ki. A looked of intense concentration crossed his face as he carefully watched the Prince of Saiyans.

"Stop throwing those damn balls of ki at me, brat! Fight me!" the man roared as he continued to gather ki in his hands.

Gohan grinned and his dark eyes flashed with amusements as he said, "You should know better, Vegeta. I wouldn't throw around my ki and waste it like that. Why don't you take a look around you?"

Piccolo smirked as he watched the exchange between the two Saiyans. The Namekian's amusement grew as the now startled Prince observed his surroundings and realized that the air surrounding him was filled with floating orbs of powerful ki.

"Damn, brat," Vegeta growled. The Prince then smirked as he said," This won't slow me down, kid." Vegeta continued to pour his ki into his preparing attack.

Gohan's golden tail whipped through the air behind him in excitement and his blood soared with the joy of a promise of a good fight. The hybrid focused on the ors of ki scattered around them and prepared to launch them at the cocky Prince.

"I learned this technique from Piccolo, Vegeta," the adolescent said," and I wouldn't underestimate it."

Piccolo watched in anticipation as his student prepared to use his newly learned technique.

Gohan stopped midway through the movement of gathering his ki and lifting his arms as he sensed something approaching from a distance. Vegeta and Piccolo both stiffened as they too sensed the approaching powers.

All three whipped around to face south and watched as two lights streaked across the sky, heading for Earth.

Gohan's eyes widened as he recognized the space pods that fell through the atmosphere and towards the planet.

Vegeta cursed as he too recognized the pods. "I thought I fucking killed all of those Planet Trade Organization bastards!"