Lakithunder's Power Plant

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: Boy, it has been a while since I updated anything. I've been so occupied with other things, but I'm back now. I thought I'd make a huge comeback with this. Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus is right. The bosses from the 2006 game New Super Mario Bros. ARE neglected. I'm sure Seaside Hill could use another business, right?

Lakithunder was putting up a Power Plant in the southern part of Seaside Hill, using the lightning from his dark cloud against a lightning rod to provide power to the plant itself. "That should do it. People from all over are gonna want my precious power, and I'll be ready to strike the Seaside Hill market!"

Then, Mummipokey popped out of the ground while Cheepskipper swam by, both of them seeing the huge building in front of them.

"Well I'll be the oldest artifact in my artifact base!" Mummipokey commented, intrigued by the sight in front of him.

"A power plant? Really? This is how he starts a business here?" Cheepskipper stated, unimpressed. "I wouldn't want to feel the hertz from this! Really!"

"Oh you're just jealous because you're a Water boss and I'm a Ground boss." Mummipokey responded to him.

"And now you're bring Pokemon types into this?" Cheepskipper stated.

Lakithunder noticed the two bosses, waving at them as she did. "Oh hey! Watts up you two?"

"Oh not much. But my artifact base business is going great so far." Mummipokey mentioned.

"Don't make electric jokes with me!" Cheepskipper complained. "Just keep that thing away from my floats and my boats!"

Lakithunder gave Cheepskipper an odd glance, then he turned to Mummipokey. "Geez. He didn't have to blow a fuse."

Mummipokey couldn't help but laugh heartily as Cheepskipper groaned, much to his annoyance.

"Whatever. But I don't see how Seaside Hill residents are going to want anything to do with this! It's not like there's anyone here that needs power!

"Nonsense! My power plant also sells batteries!" Lakithunder mentioned.

"Oh please. I swear, no one is going to want electric power." Cheepskipper mentioned.

"Oh don't be so unfriendly to your friendly competition just because business at your floats and boat is bad." Mummipokey mentioned to him.

Cheepskipper simply scoffed, ignoring what he heard. "I'm serious! Who would want to buy electricity?"

Silver and Toadette both walked by, taking a break from Pizza Hut as they noticed the new power plant in front of them.

"Oh boy! Electricity!" Toadette claimed in a delightful tone.

"I bet they charge cheaper than that electric company in Station Square!" Silver pointed out.

"You bet we do!" Lakithunder claimed.

"We should tell Vector and the others about this. Come Toadette!" Silver mentioned as he headed back to Pizza Hut, with Toadette following along, skipping merrily.

"Who's we? It's just you! Just like that purple guy and that fish who looks like something out of Mummipokey's Artifact Base!"

"Don't go teasing others' business just cuz you got none!" Mummipokey mentioned.

"Never mind. I have a business to float. Good luck with your power plant. You'll seriously need it." Cheepskipper skipped cheeply away.

"Shocking, isn't it?" Lakithunder joked.

"Yes. Don't worry about him. His business is a dud at the moment, so expect him to be cranky right now." Mummipokey mentioned. "Anyway, those artifacts arn't getting any younger! Good luck!" Mummipokey suddenly disappeared into the ground, burrowing his way back to his base.

Lakithunder looked around, waiting for more customers. "I'll give them all watt for!" he claimed.