"Can I interest you girls in a shocking deal on some power today?" Lakithunder asked, conversing with the Loud sisters from the Loud House.

"Frankly I don't see the point of purchasing electrical energy from a power distributor if said power distributor has not a way of allowing its clients to harness said power." Lisa Loud explained.

"We take care of that. You're a very bright little girl aren't you?" Lakithunder asked, all the Loud girls save for Luan Loud groaning at the pun.

"Bright! I get it!" Luan giggled. "Cause you're so smart!"

Lisa simply ignored Luan. "Well, coincidentally enough, we all do need extra power on account of we all tend to use way more than our fair share."

"You know, I don't think anyone's ever liked my puns before." Lakitunder stated.

Luan held up her hand, which had a joy buzzer attached. "Well, not everyone has a sparkling sense of humor like me!" Luan joked as she then giggled. "I'm Luan Loud, Watts up?" Luan giggled again.

"I'm selling so much power now that it hertz! That's watts up!"

"Well don't blow a fuse!" Luan joked and jiggled.

"I just needed that one spark in my life needed to get this type of business of the ground, that's all.

"Yeah to charge up your consumer base." Luan giggled.

All the other Loud girls groaned at the ongoing electric puns, which Luan and Lakithunder continued to make.