They could scarcely have been more out of place, two boys in mid-twentieth century Japanese high school uniforms, one carrying a sonic pen, the other wearing a holo-shroud emitter around his wrist, walking through the streets of 21st century London. There was no way The Doctor didn't recognize the alien technology, in fact, they were probably coming close to Torchwood's radar. But he seemed to be ignoring them, and that annoyed Mikaboshi. The Doctor was a master at annoying people. It was clear they'd have to make the first move.

"Sargon," Mikaboshi turned to the youth wearing the holo-shroud, "I guess he wants us to come to him."

"Actually, I've been watching you, watching me." The Doctor was suddenly there, beside them, "Watching you, Watching me. That was a song, wasn't it?" He smiled.

The boy with the sonic pen regarded the Time Lord with a sense of frustration, "Why is everything a game with you?"

"Because life is dull without a little fun every now and again."

He turned to the second boy, threw an arm over his shoulder, "Now, Sargon, wasn't it? I was under the impression the Jagaroth went extinct. Not that I'm not terribly pleased to meet you, but. . . "

Sargon's holographic eyes widened, "How did you know I was a Jagaroth?"

"Jagaroth leave a faint trail through time. When I said I was watching you watching me, I was being literal, I've been following you while you've been following me. The question is. . ." He turned toward Mikaboshi, "Who are you, and how did you get your hands on Time Lord technology?"

It was Mikaboshi's turn to smile, "You really don't know who I am, do you?"

"Should I?"

"I suppose not."

The Doctor whipped out his sonic screwdriver and quickly ran it over the boy, a look of confusion briefly flickered across his slender features. "The TARDIS' readings were right," he said, shocked, "Hybrid genetic material. . ." Was this why he didn't sense him, didn't recognize him?

"What's your name?" he demanded.

"I'm called Mikaboshi, for now, at least."

"Japanese god of evil and stars, interesting choice. Now who are you, really?"

"Perhaps we should continue this conversation aboard my vessel."

The ship was disguised as the base of a magnificent, full-length statue of a gorgon (The mythical kind, not true Gorgons). It was a TARDIS, but it was not a TARDIS, like everything about this Mikaboshi, it didn't fit right. A dimensionally transcendental space-time craft with TARDIS elements blended with technology utterly unknown to The Doctor. It was decorated in a bizarre but comfortable mixture of Jagaroth, early Egyptian, Japanese, late Gorgon and... Something.

"Not bad, I've seen better. Now, who are you?"

"Patience, Doctor."

Sargon quickly shed his human guise, revealing his true form, a green, thickly veined humanoid with one rather beautiful, clear green eye and two breathing flaps adorning an otherwise featureless face. The Jagaroth were certainly memorable, if nothing else. Sparks of humor and curiosity flickered in that single green eye, and The Doctor sensed that this Jagaroth was a gentle, open being. Nothing like the last Jagaroth he had encountered. His companion, however, seemed stern and cold.

He knew this boy, but from where?

As they were walking through the ship, he noticed something unusual hanging on the wall. He'd never seen it before, but he was certain he knew where it had come from. It was a framed scroll depicting several members of the ancient Egyptian Pantheon. The furthest god on the right was depicted as a man with a green, one-eyed head.


As The Doctor examined the scroll, Mikaboshi came up behind him, "I saved that scroll from the fire that ravaged Scaroth's château. You know the story, Doctor, you were there."

In 1979 C.E., Scaroth, apparently the last of the Jagaroth, had gathered hundreds of millions of pounds worth of art and antiquities. He was selling them off to finance a time machine so that he could go back in time and prevent the destruction of his vessel, carrying the last, (known), Jagaroth survivors. It was more than simple survivor's guilt, Scaroth had been splintered into twelve fragments at twelve points in human history, driving him mad. The Doctor, Romana and a detective named Duggan had stopped him, not to destroy the Jagaroth, but to save the human race, whose evolution began due in part to the radiation from the explosion. When he returned to 1979, Scaroth had been killed by a frightened thug, his time bubble was destroyed and a fire ravaged the building. The Doctor himself had later come back to save many of the priceless treasures from the flames. Somehow he wasn't surprised that other time travelers had done the same.

"I also took the micromeson scanner. . ."

"Funny, you don't look like the type for gaudy bracelets."

"He'd used it to kill his unfortunate wife. I. . . I took it from her wrist." He blushed slightly at the admission of stealing from a corpse, "I didn't want it to be found by UNIT or Torchwood and used as a weapon."

The Doctor felt a twist in his stomach, he'd found the Countess Scarlioni's body lying in the study as he salvaged what items he could. He hadn't known how she ad died, but he'd known why. He'd told her what her husband, Count Carlos Scarlioni, really was, and she'd confronted him over it. He'd caused her death. She might have been a thief and an accomplice murderess, but she was still a human being, a precious life. Yet another life lost because of his actions. He wondered if Scaroth had ever had any true feelings for her. He must have, or he'd never have married her. Yet he'd discarded her like an unwanted toy.

How many of Scaroth's crimes had been madness, and how much merely deliberate evil? He would never know.

The trio entered a large dining hall and sat in smooth, black chairs at a table of strangely carved obsidian. The Doctor didn't like being so utterly in the dark about a situation. Surrounded by technology even he'd never seen, with a boy who couldn't exist.

For once, The Doctor cut straight to the point, "You're half-Gallifreyan, aren't you?"

The Doctor was excited at the prospect that he was not alone, that other children of Gallifrey had survived. That he was not, in fact, the last of his species. That he wasn't alone in the universe.

"Yes, and no. I was loomed to a Great House on Gallifrey, but I died and was re-made into something more."

"You're being enigmatic, I can't stand that, being enigmatic." The Doctor fidgeted with a mixture of nervous tension and impatience, this was no time for games.

"Perhaps my original name will help," Mikaboshi sighed, "I was once Paracelsus of the House Rassilon." The name 'Rassilon' was spoken in a tone of utter contempt.

Now it was the Doctor's turn to be shocked. He remembered Paracelsus, the boy had been one of his students at the Academy, during his first incarnation. A bright young Gallifreyan who had despised his infamous ancestor, and, indeed, most of Time Lord society. In the light of The Last Great Time War, perhaps he had been right all along. He was something of an anarchist, albeit a peaceful one. He had often argued with students and teachers alike that Rassilon had committed unwarranted genocide against various ancient species, particularly the Great Vampires. His tragic death had come about due to a cruel joke, a girl playing upon his emotions and then humiliating him. The already fragile youth had snapped, and ended his life in such a way that it would be remembered throughout Time Lord history.

"That's not possible. Paracelsus is dead, he flung himself into The Untempered Schism, nothing could survive the forces at the Heart of Time and Space."

"I told you I'd died." Mikaboshi continued, casually, "And you're wrong, there are beings capable of surviving in that place. One of them found my. . . remains and took pity on me. She rebuilt me using Her own genetic material."


"My mother. Shub-Niggurath."

Shub-Niggurath, one of The Great Old Ones, unfathomably ancient beings who had survived the death of their own universe to emerge into the present. Though The Doctor had encountered Great Old Ones before, he had never met Shub-Niggurath. He was, however, well-acquainted with Her child, the Nestene Consciousness.

So that was why he didn't recognize the additional genetic material, it belonged to a being from a race that had evolved in a universe utterly alien to his own. The technology, too, was doubtless based on the principles of the previous universe.

"It's ironic that, in trying to end my own life, I should survive the destruction of my entire race."

The Doctor was stunned. Then, a terrible thought occurred to him. "You want revenge." He stated softly, he couldn't blame the boy. After all, he had wiped out his entire species.

Mikaboshi shook his head, "Revenge? The Time Lords were a callous, vicious warlike race, the universe won't miss them."

That phrase... It sounded familiar. He remembered now, in his fourth regeneration he had said that about the. . .

He looked at the young Jagaroth. His green, heavily veined head betrayed no emotion, the two breathing flaps kept normal pace. . . He didn't know. Of course. He could see the deep emotion in Mikaboshi's eyes. He wouldn't tell him, he didn't want to cause him pain. But there was anger in Mikaboshi's eyes. He wanted revenge, alright, but not for the destruction of Gallifrey, he wanted revenge for an insult, a racial slur The Doctor had long since forgotten. How could he possibly know that he'd insulted the Jagaroth in 1979? The Doctor hadn't even remembered it until Mikaboshi had mentioned it.

How closely had he been watched? And why?

"She gave me this vessel," he continued, "Scavenged from a ruined TARDIS and Her own technology. I have used it to save other species from destruction. Shortly before Jagaron was consumed by the fires of war, I rescued as many civilians as I could. I brought them to a new world to start again. They're pacifists now, they learned their lesson. Unfortunately, the Time Lords did not."

Now he was trying to shame him, to prove that he had been wrong about the Jagaroth.

"The Jagaroth must be very important to you." The Doctor looked into Mikaboshi's eyes.

"As humans are to you." Came the reply.

He turned toward Sargon, "What are your people like now, Sargon? What do they do?"

"We have trade agreements with a few other races, the Zygons, the Hoix, we mainly trade food and technology. I'm not surprised you didn't know we're still around, we don't have much to do with the politics of other races..."

"That's good, the universe has more than enough politicians."

Sargon laughed and Mikaboshi smiled thinly.

Sadness played across that bright green eye, "I remember what we were before. The old ways were... Terrible. I don't even know what the war was about. I'm not sure anyone did. I only know I hid from the bombs wherever I could and ate whatever I could find. I barely remember him saving me," The Jagaroth said, softly, "I was so sick, the radiation and hunger... I was almost dead. I remember being tired, and a two-eyed stranger picking me up. The next thing I remember is waking up in a bed, with that two-eyed stranger standing at my bedside." The youth gave the equivalent of a smile, " He nursed me back to health, and let me stay, when he found out I didn't have a family."

The rage dimmed in Mikaboshi's eyes, vanished, replaced by a soft affection, "Without you to keep me company, I'd have gone mad long ago."

The Doctor understood the need for companionship, the bonds that were formed. He would have gone mad himself several times without the support of a faithful companion.

The Doctor sighed, "You know, you were right all along, Paracelsus. You saw the truth, even tried to warn us, while the rest of us were willfully blind."

Mikaboshi paled, "W-What?"

"Rassilon was a megalomaniac, willing to sacrifice all of Creation to save his own life. His war with the Great Vampires was one of genocide, not necessity. And what he did to poor Koshei was unforgivable." Koshei. The Master. Driven mad from childhood by the sound of war drums thrumming in his head, a sound implanted by Rassilon as a link to try and escape the Last Great Time War. The Master had slaughtered billions in his insanity, and all that blood ultimately rested on Rasslion's head. "And the Time Lords. . . " He shook his head, "They willingly followed him. They weren't the same people, the war changed them. Or maybe, it merely brought out the their true selves."

Mikaboshi shook his head, stunned, "I don't know what to say. I only wish I had been wrong."

"So do I."

"So, tell me," the Doctor said, trying to lighten the mood, "These races you helped save, was one of them The Great Vampires?"

Mikaboshi adopted an exaggerated look of shock, "Why, Doctor, the Law of Rassilon states that any Time Lord who encounters a Great Vampire should kill it at once."

"True, but you're not a Time Lord."

"True enough... And they wouldn't be nearly as dangerous when they're around our size, not that I'd know."

"And I suppose you don't have a machine capable of making, say, a giant vampire into a not-so-giant vampire." He smiled, "Rassilon is dead, you know. I saw him die. And I'm no more fond of genocide than you are"

"Can such evil ever truly die?" he shrugged, "It was child's play sneaking them out right under that pompous idiot's nose. The hard part was convincing them to trust me."

"And how did you avoid becoming a meal?"

"My hybrid blood is apparently inedible. And, of course, this was before I met Sargon, I'd never take him into the middle of a war."

"Good for you, pity you couldn't make them into vegetarians."

They all laughed a bit over that. The anger had faded from Mikaboshi's eyes.

After a few hours of small talk, Sargon was getting sleepy and The Doctor decided it was time to go. As the Doctor stepped across the dimensional threshold, he turned to face Mikaboshi/Paracelsus. Green eyes met black.

"This is always hard for me to say..." he began to fidget, "But in this case, well...You're right, and I'm sorry for what for what I said."

"Thank you, Doctor." Mikaboshi sighed, "I really didn't mean what I said about our people, I just wanted to upset you. I'm sorry for that."

The Doctor paused, "Tell me, please, are there others? Did others from Gallifrey survive? Or am I alone?"

"Do you honestly believe that an entire race of beings who travel through all of space, time and other dimensions could be wiped out in one attack at one point in history?"

"So there are others?" Hope sprang into his two hearts.

"I'm afraid you'll have to find that out for yourself. I can't tell you anything more."

"You're being enigmatic, you know I hate that!"

"Sorry, Doctor, but as River Song always says, no 'spoilers'." Mikaboshi smiled, then closed the door.

"You know River?" he muttered. . . "Wait a minute, how did you know what I said in 1979!" The Doctor shouted

"Don't worry, I wasn't watching you, Doctor, I was watching Scaroth!"

The statue vanished into the night.

To Be Continued. . .


Yes, Mikaboshi can be very petty. Why 'Mikaboshi'? Because, while he's not evil or even cruel, he enjoys breaking the rules and causing 'harmless' chaos. According to Wikipedia, Mikaboshi is the god of Evil and the Stars, particularly the Polar Star. If he's not considered evil in Japan, I apologize.

The Fourth Doctor actually did make the 'universe won't miss them' remark about the Jagaroth in their one and only appearance, the classic Doctor Who episode City of Death. I always thought that was a terrible thing for him to say. I felt sorry for Scaroth, his body and mind torn into twelve pieces that were scattered throughout time, all of them incomplete, and trying to save his race from extinction, living with the guilt of being the sole survivor of his species... That would drive anyone mad.

Since Scaroth, (and Jagaroth culture), had such a huge impact on human history, some Jagaroth names slipped in, Sargon was a Jagaroth name long before it was Akkadian or Assyrian. One of his splinters may in fact have been one of those rulers, probably the Akkadian King Sargon the Great, who ruled a vast Mesopotamian empire between about 2334 to 2279 B.C.E. Sargon is Akkadian for 'The king is legitimate' or 'The true king' according to Wikipedia.

The Jagaroth leaving a faint trail through time was a story cheat by the writer of City of Death to allow The Doctor to find Scaroth after he'd traveled back about four hundred million years.

B.C.E. = Before Christian Era

C.E. = Christian Era

Mikaboshi/Paracelsus is not a Time Lord. He is/was a Gallifreyan, the difference being Time Lords are a social class, not a species. Gallifreyans become Time Lords through academy training (Which Paracelsus never finished) and family influence. Arguably he is neither, as most of his genetic make-up was supplied by Shub-Niggurath, he is, at best, a hybrid creature. He is even less of a Gallifreyan than River Song. Rassilon's House was never stated, but I assume they'd name themselves after their glorious ancestor. Rassilon was a member of The Prydonian Chapter House, which was more a political group. Paracelsus had no political affiliation.

Did other Gallifreyans survive? I don't see how they could not have, but that's up to the writers, not me.

The Great Old Ones are prominent in some of the Doctor Who novels, so far, to my knowledge, Shub-Niggurath has never been encountered by The Doctor, but she was mentioned as the mother of the Nestene Consciousness. Yes, Mikaboshi does loyally serve her when she calls upon him to do so.

The Great Vampires were giant vampires, some so large they could feed off of entire worlds, Rassilon hated them so much he fought The First Great Time War to exterminate them. A Great Vampire (their King, in fact) appears in The 4th Doctor serial 'State of Decay'.

Gorgons appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 'Eye of The Gorgon', where they are revealed as blue ethereal creatures, not humanoids with serpents for hair. Medusa, in her traditional form, appeared in The 2nd Doctor serial 'The Mind Robber'. Scaroth actually had Medusa's head engraved on each of the two massive doors to his château.

Doctor Who, Jagaroth, etc... Copyright BBC