Hey guys, this is the ImpossiblyAwesomeWriter here with my fourth fanfiction story. This is a prequel to my upcoming story 'House of Mouse and Rabbit', which is about a new and rebooted House of Mouse. In this story, after decades of fading away, Mickey fights to become known again, and survive the ever disappearing world of Disney. Rated K+ for dark/depressing themes and cartoon violence.

Mickey woke up and stretched. Yawning, he jumped out of bed, eager to start the new day. Well, he wasn't really all that eager. And he hadn't been for a while.

Hidden underneath the cheery atmosphere of his Disney cartoon land was a dark and dismal truth. They were fading. Disney was dying, ever so slowly. Over the years, many characters had been forgotten, and the remaining ones turned into icons. Soon it would be no more.

This knowledge plagued everyone's sub consciousness, although they rarely thought about it. Things seemed so happy in the cartoon world it was sometimes hard to remember.

But every once in a while, character's stopped being seen. Their houses disappeared from the block, and all signs or remnants of them just faded away. People probably would've cared more, but, the strangest thing was, they had trouble remembering those who had gone. Thinking back upon the past, at some point, they couldn't even remember who they'd forgotten at all. That is, if there had been anybody to be forgotten, as they couldn't remember that either. It was all a very confusing business.

However, day-to-day life went on as always, if a little bit drearier than before. Mickey liked to head down to the gentleman's club and play cards or pool with his friends Goofy and Horace. Or at least he used to. No one had seen Horace in a while. And Goofy wasn't exactly very good at cards, or pool, or most things, making winning against him only too easy and even a little bit boring. But it was something to do, and something was better than nothing.

Reaching the small club, he swung open the double doors, and tossed his coat and cap on the rack. Goofy was already there, holding a cue stick up to his eye and examining it carefully. When Mickey walked in, he jumped in surprise and jammed it into his eyeball.

"Ow! Gawrsh, that hurt! Mickey, you shoulda let me know you were coming!"

"Sorry Goof," apologized the mouse. "Didn't realize I would startle you. Up for a game of billiards?"

"I dunno," replied Goofy. "I've been feeling distracted lately, like there's something else I've been meanin' to do. Ya know what I mean?"

"Not really," said Mickey. "What do you mean?"

"I dunno!" said Goofy again. "What should I mean?"

Mickey chuckled. "I'd say that's for you to figure out. Now, how about some billiards?" They started a game, with Mickey winning easily, knocking every ball in perfectly. Goofy was playing even worse than usual.

"Hey Mickey," he said when they'd finished up a second round. "How 'bout, well, how 'bout goin' on an adventure? Like we used to, in the old days?"

"What kind of adventure?" asked Mickey. It'd been a while since he'd done anything exciting, so the very idea of it made him reluctant to try. "Gosh, it's been a long while."

"I know!" exclaimed Goofy. "Things are getting boring around here! Let's go somewhere, someplace we haven't been in awhile!"

"Like where?" questioned the mouse.

This made the cartoon dog think for a while. "How 'bout that city? That city where you used to host that show. Boy, those were good times!"

Mickey looked confused for a minute, and then realization dawned. "That show? You mean the House of Mouse!"

"Yeah! That! Assuming the building's still standin', we could head there!"

"Goof, we'd have to take the journey on foot, and it's pretty lengthy. A bit dangerous in some parts too. Minnie and I used to have a private helicopter, and an apartment there in the city, and there was the limo serviceā€¦." He trailed off. "Wow, things have really died down. Alright, we'll go. Just to check it out. What say we meet here on Saturday, bright and early in the morning?"

"Saturday?" exclaimed Goofy. "Saturday?! I can't wait that long. A'yuck. Heck, I'm gonna go now. You can take yer time and pack yer bags all ya want, but I'm headin' out now! Catch up to me, will ya?"

Mickey nodded, and with that, Goofy was gone, off in what was most likely the wrong direction. Mickey gulped and then headed back to his house. He had no idea how he would break the news to Minnie. She probably wouldn't take it very well.

But that didn't matter right now. He was ready, ready for his first adventure in more than a decade, and his first real adventure in a long, long time. The mouse started whistling as he walked down the sidewalk. This could turn out pretty good.

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