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This chapter is relatively short, but it's the last chapter in the 'quest' part of the story, and now the dramatic, mystery, awesome, House of Mouse parts can begin next chapter.

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Mickey's heart leapt into his throat as his feet left the ground and his balance failed him. He turned back to look at the horror on the faces of Goofy and Clarabelle as he fell, and he was sure his countenance mirrored theirs. Looking down, he saw the ground hundreds of feet below, where all the various tortures and evils were taking place.

Being down there would be awful, but not nearly as awful as falling to his death. The narrow dirt wall that separated the two sides was right next to him. It was on top of this wall that the path lay. The mouse jammed his elbow into the dirt, skinning it as he scraped past and bounced off it, spiraling down towards his death.

He turned himself as best he could and scraped his fingers along the wall as he fell. Since he had been falling so fast, it hurt unbearably much. Mickey knew it was his only chance to survive, however, so he jammed his fingers into the dirt. Eventually he stopped outright falling, but he was still sliding downhill at a breakneck pace.

He caught a glimpse of a root out of his peripheral vision and shot his gloved hand out, barely grabbing on in time. His feet swung away from the edge and he grabbed the root with his other hand. The mouse's weight started pulling it out of the dirt, and Mickey was worried it would come all the way out, leaving him to fall. Thankfully, it stopped pulling out and he hung there, breathing heavily.

Looking down, he got a closer look at the horrors below. There was a masked man beheading people with an axe, a rack which stretched all the poor souls until their bones broke, a bottomless pit with a sloped outer rim designed to trap people in, a giant fire-breathing dragon wandering around eating people an burning others to a crisp, and more. Much, much more. All of it was terrifying and awful.

Less than a few hundred feet away was a massive sloped hill, at the top of which snaked the path, heading towards the city where the House of Mouse had been. It wouldn't be hard to climb. All the pitiful people down in the torturous field seemed unable to leave, but Mickey wasn't one of them. In fact, maybe all the tortures would leave him alone.

The mouse let go of the root with one hand, and found a foothold a few feet below him. From there he dropped onto a little ledge and started descending the steep dirt cliff. When he got within twenty feet of the ground, he realized his theory of the tortures not affecting him had been wrong, as the man with the axe looked up at him and strolled over to him almost leisurely. Mickey gasped in shock and lost his grip, landing on the ground with a painful bump.

The axeman wore a yellow mask with ripped green clothing. His axe was covered in bloodstains. He gripped it tightly in both hands, swinging it over his head directly at Mickey. The mouse ducked out of the way in the nick of time, and the axe grazed one of his overly large ears. Before he could get by, however, the axeman picked him up and dragged him over to a stretching rack. Mickey struggled in vain as his hands and feet were bound to either end, and the axeman cracked his knuckles, preparing to turn the crank.

Just as Mickey started to feel the terrible pain in his limbs, the green dragon wandered up behind the axeman and shot fire. The man's body shielded Mickey from the flame as it in turn was burned to death, leaving just a corpse and a bloody ax.

The dragon looked down at Mickey, and the world's most famous mouse closed his eyes, trembling. The massive creature shot out two small bursts of flame, enough to melt the ropes around his ankles and wrists, but not enough to singe him at all. Mickey stood up, and finally recognized who he was seeing. It was Elliot the Dragon. His purple hair had been shaved, he'd grown much leaner, and he walking on four legs, but it was still definitely him.

"W-what are you doing here?" asked Mickey, still rather afraid.

"No time to talk now, Mick," said the dragon. "But trust me, there's good reason for all the terrible things I've done here. You're my chance to get out. If we don't hurry up, though, neither of us will leave here alive." He gestured behind him, where all the wicked torturers and beasts of the night had stopped to stare. A few of them were already grabbing weapons and lumbering towards the duo. "Quick, climb on my back," hissed the dragon.

Mickey did as he was told, and Elliot took off long before anyone or anything could reach them. They hadn't been expecting ammunition, however. Slingshots, guns, bows and arrows, and rocks were all fired at them as they soared away. The dragon's wings shielded Mickey and spared him from any harm, but Elliot himself took quite a beating. At one point a giant fired a boulder at his left wing, which almost took him out of the sky. He managed to stay aloft and eventually landed at the end of the path, where Clarabelle and Goofy were staring in awe. Pluto cocked his head and panted.

Mickey hopped off the massive creature's back. "Let's get to the city. This adventure's almost over."

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