Power Rangers Legacy:

By Mathieu Leader

Chapter One Reunited by an arrival

A red motorbike rode along the dusty interstate motorway the rider was dressed in a red shirt with blue denim jeans riding towards a town called Morganville and he parked his motorbike outside a glass skyscraper.

The rider got off the bike and went inside up the escalator to a circular room with computer terminals. There came wheeling in a wheelchair was an older man with short white hair brown eyes with neatly trimmed moustache, he wore a black suit with the insignia of a white dove on.

The man spoke curtly "You must be Dr. Oliver the expert on unusual activity, the organisation requested. We need your help?"

"I'm more than happy to accept your request, firstly I need to know who I'm addressing and why you need my help?" the handsome man with wire-framed glasses replied kindly

"I'm Commander Derek Norwood of Isis, the International Secret Investigation Squad an agency of the UN Security Council that has been recently setup for the express purpose of dealing with unusual threats. Be it from space or from other planes of existence."

"I have dealt with that kind of threat in the past, likewise from a cruel crone from outer space to a mad mogul with an unhealthy obsession with palaeontology. Moreover what is the threat which poses such an immediate threat to Earth?" asked Dr. Oliver curiously

"The threat in question is the Dark Hegemony they are not from Earth, or even this dimension! They are an empire that wishes to claim the Earth as their own, as their own planet was annihilated by a reckless commander called Zordon..." Norwood explained coldly

"WHAT!" Dr. Oliver exclaimed his face paling at the mention of his former mentor's name

"Are you alright Tommy?" said a pleasant sounding voice which came from a blue holographic face of his former friend and ally Bill Cranston who had aged a day since they last had contact with each other almost a decade ago. Whereas his hair had already begun to grey and his face was lined from the many battles they had but fortunately Bill had somehow prevented himself from aging.

"Bill why and what are you doing here?" asked Tommy nervously to the hologram projected on the black screen on the white wall

"ISIS was my idea I came aboard Terra Venture sometime ago. I modified it allowing a second version called Excelsior. From which I'm based from to come within this time period unfortunately the Dark Hegemony also took a base to this time period it was over several years ago I as Phantom Ranger during which I learnt a terrible secret about our mentor and Lord Zedd..." Billy spoke sadly

"What is Zordon's secret?" Tommy asked scared

"Zedd before beginning his reign of terror, was a respected major called Major Achilles who taught the young Zordon. Who was the complete opposite of what he was to become reckless, ill tempered, and arrogant he slaughtered eighteen dimensions. Giving him the titled of the Dark Prince likewise Achilles the noble general did all that he could to help Zordon from ascending to be Monarch of All Evil." Billy explained kindly

This is why Zordon feeling desperate consulted Astronema preventing her from making the same mistake he did aeons ago. Achilles the Great knowing the dark path that Zordon was going through underwent an ancient ritual known as the Rite of Janus, which purged Zordon of his maliciousness and yet purged Achilles of his kind honourable soul. But at the price of Achilles being consumed by Zordon's bloodlust eventually he became Zedd and Zordon was reborn with Achilles spirit due to Achilles final kind act." Sobbed Billy wiping a tear from his eye

"So now I know the origin of my mentor what am I to do?" pleaded Tommy

Commander Norwood wheeled over in his wheelchair and handed Dr. Oliver a glowing golden ring

"I think I know where this is going?" Tommy sighed placing the ring on his ring in a spiral of gold light Tommy was draped in a chunky black armour with silver silts going down it he had a silver circular helmet with a transparent visor.

Commander Norwood pressed a button on his chair and the hologram of Billy disappeared

"You Dr. Oliver now have become the new Phantom Ranger. To which your former mentor Zordon, and friend Billy, wore in battle now you must locate the four other rings of chi power located in the cities of Angel Grove, Reefside, and San Angeles, before the Hegemony destroys them. Together as the Legacy shall prevent Earths future from dying..." Norwood commanded in a stern voice

The gold mystical quantum energy emitted by the ring sped off into the deep darkness of space and a large silver ziggurat floating in space known as the Omicron the base of the Hegemony had received the details of the energy.

The Omicron

"Warrant Officer Ira... The signal has been transmitted we can proceed with the attack now we know the locations of the other rings Angel Grove, Reefside, and San Angeles," squeaked a small floating silver orb

"Excellent Ira is pleased with your work ethic Communications Orb; I will send the Paramecium soldiers to retrieve those dammed rings for once and for all. The disciples of the Devil Zordon will perish.." said a cold stern voice.

A male golden carp like creature dressed in beige khakis and a red beret stepped into view silver webs adorning his golden gilled face came with a silver pistol in his brown holster he reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver tube which squirted a thick silver gel onto the floor from the gel came a platoon of five soldiers all piscine humanoid and coloured silver with a gold helix symbol on their faces from their torsos where their thin curved tentacles had glowing blue eyes.

"What are our orders?" their shrill squawking voices

"Ira wants you Paramecium, to retrieve the rings for my Master so we can claim this earth," cackled Warrant Officer Ira in a gargled voice

The black military uniformed officers disappeared in a white shard of light.

The silver communications orb zoomed up to Warrant Officer Ira "Ira my graceful superior the Colonel wants a status report," shuddered the orb.

The wiry bronze coloured eyebrows of Warrant Officer Ira slid. As a frightened mood overcame him as him the communications orb the Paramecium platoons that staffed this ship where frightened of the Colonel with the expectation of his second in command Lieutenant Baskerville.

Warrant Officer Ira marched nervously through the bright white corridor seeing Paramecium soldiers scurrying cleaning the ship with an elongated hose.

Ira waded through the misty corridor till he reached a glass mirrored octagonal chamber where seated in a black circular seat was a hunched elderly man with wispy white hair with milky white eyes. He was smoking a brass hookah which vivid purple vapours swirled around.

The elderly man with a silver skullcap emblazoned with a gold helix symbol turned around "Ira good to see you what news of Earth?" he spoke in a quiet gentle voice

"Colonel Sir, the rings have been located the new Phantom Ranger is also identified as an earthling known as Thomas Oliver," Warrant Officer Ira explained nervously

"I too have news for you Ira, my assistant Baskerville has been teleported back to Val to retrieve combatants to fight in the upcoming war. As well as this a new officer is arriving anytime to assist us in our conquest and to replace you if you die of your ailment."

From the large swirling red wormhole that sat in the centre of the room. From it came a broad shouldered bipedal black furred wolf with shiny cyan eyes his metallic fangs glistening with spit.

The werewolf who also wore same green militaristic uniform with four grey diagonal stripes as Warrant Officer Ira spoke in a harsh guttural voice "I have returned alas with not the combatants but with the other officer who has joined our ship..."

Then Lieutenant Baskerville untied a medium sized brown sack which he carried on his back and unzipped it revealing a small female doll-like toddler. On closer inspection Ira noticed she looked like she was made with paper Mache: Atop her head was brunette curls who had yellow eyes dressed in a purple dress with silver moons.

She was clutching a small orange plush mouse then she looked around the spaceship.

The toddler officer then slowly walked to sit beside the colonel seat and introduced herself "Commander Diana Mezi reporting for duty papa colonel," she said in a silky voice

The Colonel replied kindly "Welcome aboard my child you are probably going to have a great time as the conquest for the Solar System is set to begin."

"But Colonel Sir I hate to interject but the rest of this systems are lifeless?" questioned Lieutenant Baskerville

Then the colonel got up off his seat and was angry. The sudden change in emotion was changing him into his stronger form. His anger was now showing the bright black vein markings on his face his milky eyes now bulging and a vivid red with ghostly purple vapours forming the images of groaning spectral figures.

"I was given express consent by the Interplanetary Illness to lead this mission do not question my authority again Baskerville!" angrily shouted the colonel.

The colonel's body was completely transformed from that of an old man to a black hooded skeleton now clasped in his bony hand was a bronze scythe.

He swung the scythe at Lieutenant Baskerville which a mighty white plume of smoke ushered from it with a harsh howl it had transformed the matured wolf into a helpless Scottie dog pup.

"You're my bitch Baskerville remember that..." commanded the colonel ominously

"Papa Colonel Can I play with the puppy?" Commander Mezi spoke in a sickly sweet voice as the pup whimpered into an elegant wooden doghouse in the corner of the ship.

"Sure you can sweetie," croaked the skeletal colonel

Commander Mezi's red painted lips formed a wicked grin.

"You are hereby dismissed Warrant Officer," said Mezi in a hoarse whisper

Warrant Officer Ira left visibly shaken by the incident goose-stepping back to his private quarters.

To be continued:

Next time on Power Rangers Legacy

With the Dark Hegemony's plans well underway. With their Paramecium soldiers scouting the city of Reefside to claim the ranger ring, however when Oliver arrives in the city he gets some alarming news multimillionaire industrialist Anton Mercer has been murdered!

Story notes

The Organisation ISIS is based on International Science Special Investigation Squad from J.A.K.Q. Blitzkrieg Squad (Super Sentai): The idea of Billy Cranston the Blue Ranger from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers of being the Phantom Ranger originates from a draft pitch of a continuation of Power Rangers: The Interplanetary Illness mentioned in this chapter as the leader of the Dark Hegemony is actually the leader of the antagonists of the latest series of Super Sentai Kyoryuger: as well the Paramecium platoons the Hegemony's foot soldiers are based on the Zorima the foot soldiers of Kyoryuger:

In my first two drafts I originally had an older Billy Cranston in an alternate timeline, working as a scientific advisor for the US Government working for either Vice-President Alfred Joseph. Later known as in a later draft as Secretary of State Joseph Alfred. Who both die in the process becoming a conduit for Zordon eventually becoming the new Zordon: The Dark Hegemony where not always invaders from another dimension but rather a continuation of the Grand Alliance of Evil or a cult dedicated to the revival of Dark Spectre led by the cruel Grandmaster Vile a reincarnation of Rita's father Master Vile.