Power Rangers Legacy

By Mathieu Leader

Chapter 3 Arise Neo-Machine Commander

The pyramid Omicron the base of the Neo-Machine Empire had left Morganville and jettisoned itself on the Moon.

Adjutant Officer Tesla stood in his bronze armour his mouthpiece shone a blue light as he spoke "Norwood is your old name I rechristen you with the blessing of the Messiah Matrix as Disciple Ai,"

Norwood stood up he was suited in silver armour he looked in the mirror he had no face but a thin oval screen which showed an image of himself as he was in his teens with short wiry black hair grey eyes and a goatee.

His suit was styled with two thin triangular blue wings at the base of his crab shaped exoskeleton and had thick claws for hands.

"Tesla, I'm indebted to you for your craftsmanship crafting me a body that is ageless and superior that the fleshy form that the teaching of evolution provided me with that succumbed to me being a cripple in the twilight of my life." Disciple Ai spoke with pride

"No need to thank me this is the work of Messiah a miracle of engineering indeed." Tesla responded crisply

Suddenly cannon emerged from Ai's chest which shot a red beam of light which reflected an image of a scarlet skull which spoke in a harsh voice "All of this is my doing I the everlasting Messiah once the coins all in our procession mechanical life shall evolve and overtake the flesh you and I are intertwined as one artificial intelligence the Paramecium shall deal with the lone ranger in Reefside but as for Angel Grove we need an obstacle."

"We need a monster of experience something the solo spy won't overcome..." muttered the Messiah in distaste

"My god might I offer some help within my years of gathering contacts within the underworld I have a mercenary will a grudge against this petulant pest known as Oliver meet Darkonda!"

A bright orange creature with black spines appeared from the red vortex he had yellow eyes and a serrated body with grey stripes on he wore a brown hooded cloak.

"My Messiah I have been converted to your noble cause, an industrial revolution shall take precedent the slow progress of the novelty known as evolution. I'd just wandered the galaxy throughout the years as a bounty hunter claiming moderate bounties allowing me to have a moderate standard of living. But having a chance of settling an old score would make the pain of loss of respect easier to deal with."


Dr. Thomas Oliver arrived in his former residency of Reefside where he stood outside a church where a grey hearse was pulled up and a sad lonely young man with a short spiky black fringe stood by the gate.

"Hi Tommy it's been a while, my dad has been murdered..." sobbed the young man

"Trent I'm sorry I did not know?" replied Tommy shocked

Tommy sat at the funeral service quiet and reserved perturbed by the lack of his former apprentices Kira Ford, Ethan James and Connor McKnight.

When the funeral was finished Oliver rushed over to Trent who had got into the car and drove off but suddenly a blue beam of light shot down a hologram of Billy now stood in the road.

The hologram walked up to Tommy "I'm very afraid Tommy the Dark Hegemony are not the threat here rather the Neo-Machine Empire we've been betrayed by Commander Norwood," Billy spoke scared

"The Machine Empire died I fought against General Venjix on the moon?" Tommy replied perplexed

"Yes however this is not the Machine Empire you thought but the true royal cyber bloodline, led by Adjutant Officer Tesla the disowned prince of the Empire. Who fought for the throne against Mondo who was then not a king but rather a frustrated insurgent who plotted to take the throne and succeeded?" Billy spoke calmly

Suddenly a dozen fish shaped foot-soldiers appeared in a gold light with a helix symbol on there foreheads they clumped together forming a giant version of the foot-solider it spat thick orange globs of fire at buildings incarnating them.

Tommy quickly touched the ring and he too was giant size encased in a black samurai armour holding a silver scimitar he had literally become a Zord the swung the scimitar at the large intelligible beast it spilt into miniature versions again fleeing and then glowed golden and then imploded forming a scarlet wormhole from it came a thin bronze Spartan looking soldier with blue eyes and his metallic body was adorned with helix symbol like those on the foot-soldiers.

Tommy had instantly downsized seeing his new opponent for the first time he assumed was Adjutant Officer Tesla.

"Ah if I'm not mistaken you must be Tesla I'm honoured to be in the presence of a regal commander." Mocked Tommy in a sarcastic manner

Tesla shot out two coils of electricity stunning Tommy momentarily and then he felt his own body drift away when he awoke somehow he was on the other side now in transparent silver armour he placed his hand onto the form of Tesla who stood frozen.

He was now integrated with Tesla's circuitry he was literally the inside man and suddenly within the machine came a glowing green orb of light within the orb was the face of an old oriental man.

"Hello Thomas Oliver it seems everything is falling into place you have accessed the preset range of your latest form that of the Phantom Ranger." The orb spoke in a gentle soothing voice

"Who are you?" asked Tommy coolly

"I'm Yu the Wanderer I was the Phantom Ranger before your friend Bill and after Zordon I built your mentor Ninjor as well as this I assisted the Samurai Rangers in defeating demonic forces from the Sanzu River unlike Bill and to some extent myself you are able to take control of your opponents fully merging with the systems allowing you to be indistinguishable from the real thing." Yu explained in a cheerful manner

"Why am I able to do this?" Tommy questioned Yu in absolute shock to which Yu gave a sly grin

"Zordon placed his utmost trust in you as he saw a lot of himself in you meaning that somewhere in your ancestry you and Zordon share a common ancestor a long time ago a figure in your Native American myths named the White Brother descended from the sky he was a teacher of the Mi Clan feeling the darkness that was overtaking your world. The Mi clan is the household to which Zordon and you belong too. He obviously procreated leading to your creation. Yu explained

"I see." Tommy said softly

The orb disappeared as quickly as it came and suddenly Tommy robotic body was enveloped in a white light he reappeared within the confines of a laboratory whereby he was greeted by a muscular silver cyborg whose face appeared to be that of a much younger Commander Norwood.

"Has the Ranger threat been eliminated?" questioned the cyborg in an emotionless tone

"Yes he has sir. However there is something that I need to bring to your attention?" Tommy responded in a sinister synthesised tone

"What is needed of Disciple Ai's undivided attention Tesla?" beckoned the cyborg sounding suspicious

"Well my truth sensors have accurately measured a positive for deception for the freelance mercenary Darkonda..." Tommy spoke grimly

"Ah I thought as much you have my act of providence to dispose of him by any means at your disposal." Replied Disciple Ai in an icy cold tone which resonated with anger,


Trent sat alone weeping in his bedroom for the loss of his only parental figure having not known his true parents as a brown hooded figure materialised in his room.

"Who are you?" Trent replied scared

"I'm an angel I see you're very much saddened by the loss of your father?" said the hooded figure in a soft feminine voice

"Yes I' am but death is a natural part of life so it's impossible to resurrect someone only Jesus could do that with Lazarus!" Trent chuckled intermittently between sobs

"But I can I'm an agent of the Lord and he works in mysterious ways." The apparition replied solemnly

"You're just a test of faith you're nothing more than an apparition brought on by my grief addled mind..." retorted Trent bitterly

"Am I?" replied the cloaked phantom in mock surprise the apparition, and then it pointed his oddly orange glowing finger at the window. From the outside materialised the silver chauffeur driven car that Trents adoptive father Anton always drove.

Then from the car came his father Anton seemingly unscathed from the assassination attempt he came up the steps into his room seeing a tear stained Trent pale in shock and rendered speechless.

Anton had seen the hooded apparition "Thank for granting me and my sons wish to be reunited again,"

The apparition was then engulfed in a brilliant gaseous flame.

"What was that entity?" Trent gasped in a mixture of awe and horror

"The entity is not important only his miracle for I have cheated deaths cold embrace." Anton spoke happily

"Dad what are you going to do next?" stammered Trent

"To win the election..." laughed Anton delighted at literally being reborn

To be continued

That's right the Judas of the PPR universe is back having been returned from the dead thanks to the wishes imbued into his body by Dark Spectre and now Tommy has infiltrated the Neo-Machine Empire from within only to destroy it and Darkonda.

But moreover now that Anton Mercer has returned via Darkonda's magic is it truly a blessing or a curse at work?