I think I must have been sleep deprived and free associating, as it transpires I have written a high school au. In all likelihood this will never, ever happen again.


To be fair, all the other make out spots were probably taken, and presumably Dean and Anna hadn't remembered that this particular space behind the basketball courts tended to be inhabited by the head cases.

Castiel was amused at first, though the noise was rather off-putting. His mood shifted dramatically, however, when the kiss started getting rather hands on, and Dean tripped over his lunch.

'Oh, do continue,' said Cas mildly. 'I'm perfectly content to watch you two do your best impressions of sea gulls regurgitating food for their chicks.' He made a face. 'I'll just sit here while you trample all over my sandwiches.'

The slightly inappropriate smacking noise continued, and Anna gave a small, excited hitch of in-taked breath which Cas really hadn't wanted to hear.

'You're standing in my sandwich,' he repeated more loudly.

Dean fell apart from Anna awkwardly, and Cas could see the traces of thoughts skitter over his face. 1) Unngh. 2) Anna is hot unnghgh. 3) Who is that weird ass kid and why does he always pop up out of nowhere? 4) Why is that weird ass kid's voice so damn gravely, and who is he anyway?

'Don't exert yourselves,' Cas shrugged, 'there's no need to apologise for walking over my lunch.'

Anna shifted her rumpled shirt back into position, and shot Castiel an exasperated look. He raised his eyebrows. 'What?'

She shook out her brilliant red hair. 'Whatever. I promised I'd go and help Rachel study now anyway.' She leaned forward and pecked Dean on the cheek, with another glance at Castiel. 'See you after school, Dean.'

Dean grunted, but didn't watch her go.

'The sandwich is peanut butter and chocolate chips,' continued Castiel, taking a bite out of his apple, 'and you're entirely welcome to it since I'm sure it now tastes of boot.' He turned his recently perfected disconcerting gaze (or 'freaky creeper stare' as Gabriel called it) onto Dean, who squirmed satisfactorily. 'Also, that's my cousin. So gross.'

Dean muttered something uncomplimentary and scraped his sole against the gravel, ridding it of a blob of mushed sandwich.

'Sorry, didn't quite catch the nuances of your grovelling,' said Cas. He gave an exaggerated sigh and rolled his eyes, 'but since I'm benevolent, you're forgiven.' He held out a packet. 'Cheese string?'

Dean looked at him, frowning. Cas shook the packet pointedly.

Dean took five.


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