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NOTE: All wording in italics is Krytonian speech that ONLY Superman and Supergirl understand :) sorry for any confusion


Ever since I arrived on Earth Superman has hidden me on his parents farm in a small town ironically called Smallville which just happened to be in the middle of nowhere. I had grown up on a planet with called Argon which was full of all this amazing technology that even our sister planet, Krypton was jealous of us. But here on Earth it is suffocatingly old-fashioned. They are so less evolved that we were. They don't realise how amazing their planet could be if they just stopped fighting all these pointless wars and battles.

We had an amazing planet and my family were all major scientists along with my Uncle who lived on Krypton. Everything seemed perfect to me but my family seemed panicked by some data that was flowing in from some of the exploration bots. My father and uncle spent many a day figuring it out until they saw the inevitable fate that was to become of Krypton and the shocking results that would occur to Argon as a consequence.

After that I hardly saw my father or my uncle. Me and my mother were worried. When I next saw my father he explained everything. He said that any day now Krypton would explode and the explosion will knock Argon out of orbit which would turn our planet into a frozen wasteland. He also said that he was planning an escape for us and that my uncle was doing the same for his family. They had tried to warn the high councils of both planets but they were a "stubborn bunch" as my father had put it.

Two weeks past and I tried my hardest to help my father out as much as possible... He was trying to save our lives afterall. He worked all day and long into the nights. I hardly saw him but I had a constant feeling of dread. Everyone was on edge. They didn't know what was wrong but something was about to happen and they were scared if not petrified.

The dreaded day came sooner than expected and my father had only just finished the last two biopods. He explained that the pods would freeze all of us and send out a signal for someone to rescue us.

My uncle however was even more behind. As Krypton would be completely destroyed he had to make a space pod. Unfortuantly he only had enough time to make one for Kal-El. And so both my uncle and my aunt would die along with all of Krypton.

We never saw the explosion as my father rushed us deep underground to his safe spot where our biopods where. We did however hear the exposion as the solar flare hit Krypton and the planet scattered. My parents both rushed to put me in the safest pod. The one pod that was 100% safe.

I remember nothing after that. Superman told me that Krypton was completely disintergrated and Argon was knocked so far off its orbit that no life could've adapted to survive. It was pure luck that he found us.

Argon was turned into a meteor and slowly we crossed the galaxy. All of our people either left or were killed. We were still stuck in our suspended animated state.

The meteor one day was set on a collision course with an inhabited planet, called Earth. Little did I know that my baby cousin Kal was on this little insignificant planet and that he was now twice my age... weird.

My cousin Kal had used his super strength to push the meteor in another direction. He then smashed the meteor into smaller less harmful rocks that wouldn't hurt the planet as much. Unfortuantly our underground lab became visible. It caught Superman's attention and he discovered our pods...


I had just smashed up a meteor that was on a collision course with Earth when I noticed the glint of metal. What was that doing in the middle of a meteor. I went over to check it out and that is when I noticed the pods. There they were, five life pods all lined up in a row with amazingly sophisticated technology all around them, keeping them alive.

However not all the pods had survived in fact only one pod was fully working and in that pod held a teenage girl about forteen. Three of the other pods had either been smashed by falling rocks that had brok the glass or had ice spouting from the inside of the container showing a malfunction in the pod.

The last pod was empty however. I had seen an old man and women as well as a middle aged women. I could only presume that this pod was meant for the husband of that woman and the father of the girl. I think that he left it too late to get to his pod as I saw no signs of habitation on the meteor that I think may once have been a planet.

And so I did what comes naturally to me after all these years. I saved the girl. I disconected her pod and lifted it out of the wreckage of the other pods. I then flew to the only person I could trust with someone this valuable.

I went straight to Batman.

I arrived in Gotham in the early hours of the morning, but that didn't worry me as I knew that Batman or Bruce Wayne would be up either patrolling the city or 'working' in the Batcave. I decided to head to the Batcave first to check it out. Lucky I did too as that was exactly were he was.

Batman didn't even look up as I entered the Batcave. He was working with his microscope and so I flew up to the third level to meet him and show him the girl.

"Hello Bruce." I said to his back. He wasn't startled as I knew that he had heard me enter- he always did.

"Clarke, what have you got there?" he asked as soon as he saw me and what I was carrying.

"You know that deadly meteor that was heading for Earth." he nodded, "Well I think that it used to be her home planet. I found five life support pods once I destroyed it. They were underground, but she is the only one who isn't damaged. I though that you could get her to wake and we could help her."

"Well lets see shall we" and I knew that he was all up for saving this poor girl. She was so young and she was just like Bruce. Her whole world has been torn from her. I just hoped that we could help her.


I opened my eyes and blinked.

Where am I? Where are my parents? I whispered in Kryptonian into the cave like place that I was in. I was strapped down on a table but I struggled and my arms easily broke the weak metal.

I heard someone approach and I scooted as far away as I could get which was in fact the corner of the room.

I saw a man walk to the door way and pause he said something in a forein language. And believe me that suprised even me as I knew at least ten common languages in my galaxy. He put his hands up and spoke in a calm tone but I was petrified of him in his weird costume. I had no idea where I was but I was so scared that all I wanted was my mother and father.

Another man had now joined the man at the door. He was friendlier and I felt safe around him. He looked familiar and I had no idea where I had seen him from before. He walked in and sat infront of me he too spoke the forein language but this time I simply asked him one think and I hoped that he could understand me.

Where am I? I asked him.

He stared at me in surprise and said, You know Kryptonian?

Yes I replied relieved that he could understand me. He looked as confused as anyone could get but so would I in his situation. My name in Kaerai (K-air-ra). Who are you? And how do you know this language... I saw Krypton destroyed no one else really knew it other that Kryptonians.

The man replied in a calm tone I am Kryptonian. I was saved my my father when the planet blew up and I was sent in a shuttle across the galaxy to land here on Earth. I grew up here and now I protect the planet. My father was Jor-El and my Kryptonian name is Kal-El.

I stared amazed that my cousin had survived. I had been worried about him he was after all just a baby when all this happened. I wanted to hug him but I had to tell him first.

Kal is it really you? He looks at me in amazement. I had to explain it to him, he needed to know everything. Well lets just say that I am your cousin and I lived on Kryptons sister planet, Argon with my mom and dad, your aunt and uncle. And we all knew that Krypton would be destroyed but there wasn't enough time and I am guessing that my parents both died didn't they?

He reached out and hugged me close as tears streaked down my face. I would cry now and then get on with my life.

So you are my cousin, correct?

Yeah, I used to look after you when your parents were busy. You were a baby... And now you are older than me! I pretend to be annoyed and he laughs.

Hahaha well Kaerai I will have to teach you English. That is the common language here but first lets get you some food and we can talk some more. Oh and the man behind me is Bruce Wayne and he is a hero called Batman. He helps me out when I protect Earth as Superman.

Okay but how do you have superpowers?

A story for another time Kaerai. Come meet him and I will translate

I nod and we walk over to the man who was still leaning on the doorframe. He had taken his cowl down and was talking into a thing in his ear. Kal went up to him and waited for him to stop talking and then he must've explained about me. Batman looked mildly surprised but soon hid it and spoke to Kal.

Kal then told me that he said " You seem to be telling the truth but how do we know." I can tell you anything you want to know about Krypton or Argon or our family or even Kal-El, just try me. Kal translated and looked at me puzzled.

What's the matter Kal? I ask in a partially confused voice.

You know about me? And about our family? It seems we have a lot to catch up on he smiled and I replied with an equally grateful smile.

After that Batman and Kal went and talked for a while and I was left to explore but not touch. Lots of the 'Batcave' was full of technology. It was so oldfashioned that even I had no idea how to opperate it but it looked fascinating. I was wondering around when I heard a lot of noise. I looked up to see a kid about my age run in dressed in a red and yellow costume. He must be another superhero.

The boy raced down the stairs and stood near the Batman person and Kal-El. They all talked in that gibberish language and I couldn't understand them. Kal soon saw my confusion and came and told me That boy is called Tim Drake and is the hero Robin who works with Batman.

Oh that makes sense why he is soo loud. It is his home. I laughed. Tim came up to me and looked confused, I just stood there and smiled at him. He smiled back and then talked more in that gibberish. Pfft I really had to learn that language.

Kal and Batman soon told Tim all about me and when they finished Tim looked at me with a look of pity and understanding. I guess that he had had something similar happen to him making him lose his parents. Kal can you translate for me. Kal-El nodded his head and I said to Tim, Don't feel sorry for me. We were prepared for this to happen. I was given the only properly working pod as the rest were made in a hurry for my family. My father only wanted me to be safe. I waited as Kal told Tim what I said.

As soon as Tim heard he came up to me and gave me a hug. I hugged him back. Kal then translated something Tim had said. "I understand and I think that even someone as brave as you needs a family."

But I do have a family. I have Kal again and that is a good enough for me.

Kal looked at me with a smile and told Tim what I said and all he said to me was. Do you want to be my friend? I hadn't had a friend in a long while and so I nodded and hugged him again. He smiled and we were both happy.

I then asked Kal if he could teach me this gibberish language. He laughed but agreed and we spent many hours that day teaching me English.

~*~~One week later~~*~

Within five days I could speak fluent English and had been staying in Kal's Fortess of Solitude. I had met his family which had raised him when he landed on Earth. They had said that I could stay whenever I liked. They seemed really nice and I was glad that my cousin had been raised by a good family. Kal had also told me that he had an earth name which his parents had called him. He was called Clarke Kent and he thought that I should have an earth name too. My Kryptonian name actually had the same pronouciation as an earth one and so I chose to become Kara Kent.

We had been learning about Earths traditions when something happened. My body started floating. I was scared but Clarke just said, "Kara it is fine just think about going down." I did as he asked and soon I was once again on the floor.

"How is it that we can fly but others can't, Clarke?" I asked.

"Well Kara you know how the sun on Krypton and Argon was red and this sun is yellow?" I nodded, "Well the more yellow sunlight we absorb the greater our power is. However our biggest weakness is Krypton now. The explosion of Krypton created radiation in the debry and that created different types of Kryptonite. Just watch out for the green Kryptonite as that is one of the only things that can kill us here on Earth."

My head took in so much information that I was glad that I was a quick learner. I had told Clarke all about Krypton and Argon as he only had a limited knowlege of Krypton and had never heard of Argon. I was amazed at this but it made sense as Argon was less known and barely habitable back then.

My powers started showing up at an alarming rate. I was learning to control them just as Clarke had had to when he first discovered them. The only difference was that I had Clarke to help me and he had no-one to help him.

I was a natural at flying and soon I had learnt control over all my powers. Clarke had told me that he had used his powers to save people and for good. He said, " I can't tell you to used your powers for good Kara. You have to make that choice. It is whether you use them to help others and benifit the world or to destroy families and hinder the progress of the world. You have to make that effort and stick to it no matter what."

"Clarke I would always want to help. I couldn't help save Argon but I can help save Earth." I smiled up at him. " But don't you think I need a supername and a costume because you have Superman and you red and blue outfit. I need one too."

"I already thought of that. Come with me." I followed Clarke inside a room where I saw that costume. It was a White top with a light blue skirt. The top had the red S on it and a red cape attatched. I loved it and immediately tried it on. It fit me perfectly and was just right.

And so was born, Supergirl!