Batgirl's POV

I had not expected anyone to sneak up behind me as I was talking to Supergirl. I was facing the camera and talking to her over the communicator. She seemed to be extremely worried about something and it was starting to concern me, a lot at that.

"Do you have anything to report Supergirl?" I asked the girl whilst still looking at the camera. I was currently in the back alley by a jewellery store that had been stolen from and burnt down just last week. Batman had arrived in time to stop the thieves but not the fire. Fortunately the owner had received some money from Bruce Wayne for the damages.

"No, nothing as of yet but I am still looking; anything to report on your end?" She replied back almost instantly but her voice trailed off at the end almost as if she wasn't sure of herself.

"Nothing is out here..." I start but I heard a rustling noise behind me and it drew my attention off of Supergirl who I was talking to and I turned around, scanning the alley and surrounding area. I was on edge and I could feel worry sinking in. I started to breathe deeply to calm myself down. Panic would not help here.

"Batgirl, I have a question..." Supergirl said drawing my attention back to her. "...hasn't Robin been extremely quiet on the communicator channel?" She finished and I could imagine her biting her lip and a look of worry on her face.

It was true though. Robin had been extremely quiet and that was not like him at all. It was rare that we could get him to shut up or not to make jokes, so this was worrying to say the least.

"Oh no..." The words slipped out of my mouth as I imagined what could be happening to him and who may have captured him. I looked at the cameras once again.

Then Supergirl said something that set the panic off once again.

"Batgirl, which criminal wears green?" She said hesitantly. I knew something was going on.

"Riddler and his henchmen, Echo and Query do, but why do you want to know?" I was afraid of the answer but I waited for her reply.

"Robin was last seen near Central Park and I also just saw a green flash like someone running from cover to cover. I think Riddler has Robin." If Riddler had Robin then he had something extremely bad planned. I was about to say something to Supergirl about getting to Gotham as soon as possible.

Unfortunately she beat me to the bad news.

"Batgirl they are heading for you!" Supergirl warned me, "You have to get out of there!" Her voice was near hysterical and she was panicking. To be honest so was I.

However, her warning was too late. I was on edge from her comment and should've been prepared for what could be around me. I knew that Riddler, Echo or Query are coming after me but I had no escape properly planned. The worst thing that I could've done was to let my guard down when Supergirl gave me the warning. It was enough time that someone could sneak up behind me.

As I turned around I saw Echo standing behind me with her fist raised. My eyes widened as her fist came closer and closer to me. I knew I was captured then and that Riddler was trying to draw out Batman. But this time the King of Puzzles and Riddles was out-smarted and he didn't know that Batman wasn't in town. Echo's fist hit me on my head with no time for me to defend myself. I fell down and unconscious.

The last thing I heard before the darkness overcame me was Echo. She spoke into a communicator and said, "We have her. I'll get her to Central Park now..." And with that I fell into the dark that surrounded me and blacked out, fully unconscious. I could only hope that Robin in the same place and still in one piece.

I awoke with a major headache as expected from a hit that hard to the head. I was tied up with lots of rope and hand cuffs were on my wrists as well as rope tying my hands together. It was an impossible escape. Even if I could get the rope off of my wrists then I would have to be able to undo all the knots in the rope which all looked and felt extremely tight. Batman had taught us to escape even the most difficult of knots but these were the hardest I had ever encountered, and that was saying something.

After struggling for a while I gave up. Batman wouldn't be pleased with me for giving up after only a few minutes but I was going to need my strength soon and it was better to conserve it. The room I was in looked like a basement of a house. Obviously I was in a base for the villains and they were probably in the floors and rooms above me. I could hear heavy footsteps of a person or maybe persons above me. It made me sad as Robin would've made a joke at those people needing to skip a few meals. I wonder what was happening with Robin and seriously Batman would kill us all if another Robin got killed.

Robin could hold his own against whatever was thrown at him and hopefully we would be reunited soon. I needed to know that he was alright. Riddler would be working with Joker now and that made them even more dangerous. Riddler was clever but lacked brawns and muscle whereas Joker had too much brawn and muscle and not enough brains in his plans. Together they were twice as hard to take down. Batman could barely take Joker or Riddler down by himself but together we were going to need a lot of luck, or even a lot of super-luck.

Supergirl was our only hope and I know that she would be able to pull it off, even if she is new to the superhero business. Her heart was in the right place and although she was still naive to Earth's customs and ways, she could still act on her instinct and that would be enough for now. Well until she rescued me and Robin.

My attention was drawn back to the room I was in when a creaking noise sounded from behind me. Three sets of footsteps sounded from behind me and I couldn't turn around in my bonds to see who they were, although I had a pretty good idea who they could be. The light from the door was cut off and the light disappeared when the door was shut with a loud bang. The light in the room was turned on and the bare light bulb above me flickered giving off an extremely pale light which barely lit up the room.

The three people who had entered the room advanced towards me and plans and ideas formed in my head. I knew that the people who entered were Riddler, Harley and unfortunately Joker. I had to be careful that Joker and Harley didn't beat me up too much. I would need to be in a good condition to fight them later. They walked towards me and they walked so that I could see them all. They were all in their usual costumes and face paint.

"Well, well, well. Look who we caught." Joker laughed after bragging. His high voice sounded like he was on drugs or mentally insane which he was.

"Well we have the bait now so all we have to do is set up the TV broadcast so that Batman will know that we have you. He won't be able to save everyone this time." Riddler smirked at me. He was seriously too proud of his plan. I had already noted a few things that could go wrong with his plan and all the stuff he didn't know, even though he claimed to know everything.

"Well Riddler, I have a few things to tell you and as you already know everything this will be no surprise to you." I started and a small smirk was trying to get onto my face. I knew that this would annoy him and that was exactly what I wanted to happen. When Riddler got angry, then he stopped thinking as clearly. "Okay so one, Batman isn't even in Gotham at the moment so you can't try to capture Batman when he isn't here. Two, you don't know who our backup is this time as you have never met before. Finally, you forgot one major fact in your plan..."

I was dying to laugh inside as I saw the look on Riddler's face. He looked like he was ready to kill me and his face had turned an angry red whilst he was glaring at me. I let the smirk play on my face and that pushed him over the limit. Inside I was having a victory dance but that wouldn't last long. Riddler looked at Joker and a silent message past between them and Joker smiled showing his yellowing teeth.

The next thing I noticed was black spots as I was punched in the face. Obviously I fell over and as there was no way of getting up I had to stay down. Uncomfortable was an understatement as my arms which were pinned behind me were being crushed by the ropes and now my body. After only a few seconds in this position I could no longer feel them as they had turned numb all the way to the shoulder.

"It matters not," Riddler yelled in anger at me whilst I just stared at the ceiling, "if no one saves the people then even more people will die including you and Boy Blunder in the other room."

"But you forget our backup. Her power equals that of Superman. Do you think you can match that?" I spat out in pain as I felt a stab of pain through my shoulder. I noticed Harley was being unusually quiet but unfortunately I couldn't see her. I assumed that Joker had done something again.

"We will see." Riddler said finally and I saw him walk out and Joker followed him as I saw his clown shoes walk past me. Joker however had the last laugh by kicking me directly in the ribcage and I grunted in pain. Harley stayed in the room and I was confused. I heard the door open and slam shut again. Joker 's insane laugh rang out as clear as a bell through the door and a bang was heard too. Oh well, one henchman down, only like a million left to go. I swear it's like they appear out of thin air.

"Harley?" I questioningly asked the figure left in the room with me. I hear her shuffle over to me. I saw her properly as she leaned over me. She had her makeup on but I could see something else. It was unnoticeable to anyone at a distance but if you looked closely you could see the black marks on her face as well purple and yellow of bruises. Her usually happy and hyper personality seemed to be non-existent at the moment and I was genially worried for her.

Harley paused. She was standing next to me with her hands in front of her; biting her bottom lip, looking down at her hands whilst she fiddled with her fingers. I deduced that she was nervous about something. The only problem was what she was nervous about. She had obviously made a decision because her face changed from one of indecision to one of determination. With a smile on her face she approached me and I tensed as I waited for the slap or kick that was to hit me. I waited for the pain to start.

But none came.

Instead, Harley reached down and grabbed the front of the ropes tied around me and she helped me to sit up. My eyes widened and I looked at Harley whilst she looked at me. Her insane smile had been replaced with a completely sane and almost guilty smile. Was I finally going to see a sane Harley Quinn? Batman had thought her long gone but was she really completely insane?

"Umm... Batgirl?" Harley hesitantly said to me in her high pitched voice. She had whispered so that no one would suspect anything.

"Yes Harley. What do you want? And why are you being nice to me?" I whispered back. This was going to be interesting.

"You have a problem and I really hope what you said to Riddler is true because this back-up person is going to have a lot of trouble sorting this mess up." Harley said looking me straight in the eyes. It was at that moment that I knew she was telling the truth. She was scared and you could see it in her eyes. If Joker found out that she was helping me... I don't want to be Harley when he finds out.

"I will trust you Harley but this stays between us and only us. So what about a temporary truce." I knew that if I gave her a truce she would accept and tell me everything. The only thing she wanted was to be with Joker.

"It's a deal! So Mista J and Riddler have two bombs being planted in the city, like right now. They were gonna to set a challenge up to Batman to either save the people in the buildings or to save Robin. Ya know like before..." Harley said urgently and my mouth dropped open. We were in over our heads here. I hope Supergirl could handle this. "You need to save everyone. The bomb is going to be placed in a populated area."

"Don't worry Harley. We will save them all. So, when will this truce end?" I enquired.

"When y'all save and we're back in Arkham." Harley replied honestly like she knew she would never escape. She was nice when she was sane and I pity her for being on the receiving end of Joker's anger.

"Okay. You need to go. We don't need Riddler or Joker getting suspicious." I said and she nodded. Instantly she stood up making to leave the room and go after Joker and Riddler. She started to walk to the door and with a final glance at me she skipped out of the room and upstairs.

And once again I was left alone with my thoughts.

Hours past in what seemed like minutes and I drifted in, and out of sleep. Voices of the henchmen talking drifted in through the door of my cell. I was listening out for any information that could help Supergirl but I kept getting distracted by the pain in my arms from the ropes that seemed to be getting tighter and tighter every second. I had lost feeling in my fingers hours ago and I knew that very soon I would lose the feeling in my arms.

Time flew gain and I was awoken by a slam from the door to my jail cell. I heard Joker's cackle and Harley's high pitched giggle. Trouble was coming my way and fast. I hid my emotions from my face and behind a mask of boredom. I hoped that Robin was okay.

"One little Bat, tied up in a cell..." Joker started singing whilst he walked teasingly around me. I couldn't see Harley but after a second or two she appeared in the left most corner of my eye. I saw that she had redone her makeup and had her massive hammer with her. I was worried now only because Harley only got out her hammer when a massive fight was about to go down.

"Hurry up Harls. We need to get this little bat all ready for her big performance!" Joker told Harley. He was stood facing me and Harley was just behind him. He had his maniacal smile firmly on his face like he was the happiest psychopath clown on the face of this planet. Harley was staring at me with a forced smile on her face. She was obviously about to hit me and was worried about what that would mean for our deal.

Joker then walked past me and back the way he came and I took the opportunity to nod at Harley. She approached me with her hammer raised and then it hit me. I slipped once again into the dark and I heard Joker's laugh and him yell at his henchmen to take me to a studio?

Before I could figure out what he meant by that though, I passed out unconscious.

Once again I woke from unconsciousness to find myself in a dark and unfamiliar room. I must've been moved when I was knocked out because this room was larger than the last. As I looked around some more, I noticed a camera on a stand a short way away facing toward me and blood splattered on the floor to my left almost as if someone had been dragged from my position and beaten up in that spot. It made me uncomfortable to see it but whose blood was it?

The possibilities of whose blood it was ranged from a henchman who was beaten up by someone or a prisoner... That was when it hit me.

A camera means that Riddler, Joker and Harley had made their ultimatum to Batman by broadcasting it on the TV's in Gotham. They must've used Robin as a way of making sure Batman went to save his injured partner. Then there were the two bombs. Robin must be at one bomb so that they could try to kill another Robin the same way as before. Jason had been killed by being beaten close to death and then a bomb exploding.

They were going to blow up Robin!

I couldn't believe it. It was the perfect ultimatum. Who do you save? The tower full of innocent people or a person you care for. Either way you would have guilt on your conscious. You let yourself down by not being able to protect everyone. Was this how Batman felt when he was trying to save Jason?

I had to trust Supergirl to save everyone. She was inexperienced but I knew she could do this. There was no-one else I would trust more and that is saying something as I have only just met her yesterday.

It was all down to her now. Don't worry Kara, I believe in both you and Robin. You can get there in time and Robin will be okay. You can save them all. You are ready.