Location: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico [Deep Jungle]

A machete blade cuts through a net of vines, severing them and allowing passage. The unforgiving Mexican sun bearing down on the team of archeologists as they make their way to the recently discovered cavern in the heart of the rainforest. The screech of a howler monkey rips through the air, followed by several more screeches, then silence. The teams lead scientist is Dr. Yohan Tigulus, a pioneer in the field of subterranean detection in caverns and caves. There are five others, quite brilliant archeologists on the team as well as their guide, local explorer, hiker, wilderness expert Xóchitl Chávez, who has agreed to help them find their way through the jungle.

Xóchitl lifted up her machete, and cut through another net of vines. She stepped out into a small clearing, almost completely unremarkable except for the sloping depression in the ground. A tent was already set up around the clearing, and four people and a helicopter, which was used to bring them there, were the only things other than the depression in the clearing. The clearing was about 15 meters in diameter, almost a completely perfect circle. The rest of the archeological team stepped out and walked toward the tent, ready to sit in the shade and get a drink after the 8-mile walk through hot humid Mexican rainforest.

The team stepped into the depression, which looked like almost nothing, except for the large marks on the above rock which seemed to be knife cuts. Dr. Yohan went in first with a flashlight, and then followed by Xóchitl, and then the rest of the team. They were suddenly standing in a massive pitch-black cavern, about five stories underground. They all turned on their flashlights and started down the sloping path in front of them. They had gone about ten feet before they all heard a crack and looked down. The floor was covered in ancient Mayan clay pots and spears, what they had heard was Yohan stepping on one of the clay pots and breaking it. One of them scooped up one of the spears and a few of the clay pot fragments and headed back to store them. The rest of the team proceeded forward, and they managed to avoid most of the litter on the ground for about thirty feet, when one of them gasped. They all looked at him, and then looked at where he was staring.

About thirty feet in front of them was a large Mayan pyramid, guarded by two stone warrior statues, their blank and cold eyes staring into the darkness. The pyramid was about four stories tall, quite a large structure to be underground. Their Mayan expert, Dr. Vanessa Rodriguez, walked quickly up to the stone door and shined her flashlight on it. "Whosoever dares to venture in here" she translated and read aloud to the rest of the group. "May do so either be a fool seeking death, or a war-monger seeking global destruction" "Well that doesn't sound very pleasant" their youngest member, straight from M.I.T, a young man named Julian Campbell.

"Shhh!" Yohan said to him. He nodded to Vanessa to continue. "For what lies within this stone tomb, is what must surely be the end of all mankind forever more." She read. "Wait…there is some more at the bottom!" she said excitedly. She crouched down and read it "Please, whoever you are, leave now! All the others have been killed, and only I can seal the door. I beg of you, do not unleash this upon the world, for it is a demon created by man" she read. "It must be some rare and vicious animal, or possible a horrible virus, and this pyramid isn't exactly air tight, and since the world hasn't ended yet I think it's safe to assume that whatever killed these natives is long dead with them" Yohan said. Xóchitl cursed under her breath in Spanish, but the others were too excited about their amazing archeological find to hear her. She had heard stories of the "world ender" coming to earth, but not expecting for the mighty native warriors to fight back, and was imprisoned deep within the ground where it lies to this day.

But before she could warn them not to go in, Yohan pushed the door open and walked in. they all followed but Xóchitl stood rooted to the ground, paralyzed by fear. It was only after they had all gone in that she mustered the courage to go in after them. She took a deep breath and walked in. She hit them almost immediately, for they were five feet in and frozen in awe of the inside of the pyramid. It had obviously been built for someone majestic and powerful, for large, smooth orbs made of obsidian and jems lined the walls of the tomb. Torches on the walls had long since burned out, but there was a fresh one near them which Yohan grabbed, pulled out his lighter, and lit. He handed the torch to Xóchitl, who had come in with no flashlight. She took it and held it up to the walls, examining the detail put into the architecture. The others had moved on, having seen these details numerous times before, but she noticed a figure etched into the wall, and she swept off the dust to get a better look at it.

Her eyes widened as she realized what the figure was. She dropped the torch and ran after the others. Before the torch went out, one could clearly see the etching of a goddess-like woman wearing a pointed hat and robes.