The Monster stood over his prey, having ripped open her chest and stomach in just one swipe. Her machete lay about a foot away from her, covered in her own blood. He roared in victory, silently enough that his next prey wouldn't hear it. He moved closer, positioned himself to take a large bite out of her leg, and opened his mouth and leaned forward.

"Yawwwwnnn" a female voice said. The monster immediately stopped and shot up. The voice had come from the campsite: the female has awakened. If the monster did not act quickly, they would surely be on the move again soon. In a rapid-fire mind battle that only lasted a few seconds, the monster decided that he should kill the other two then come back for this one.

He knew it would still be there; after all, what creature in this forest would dare steal a killing from him? With that thought, he bounded off towards the campsite, silent and black as night. If he had stayed a few more seconds, he would have noticed blood was no longer flowing from her body, and her wounds were closing up.


Jake stirred slightly in his sleep, and mumbled something about five more minutes. "JAKE!" Anna yelled. Jake's eyes shot open, and he looked at the scene in front of him. Anna was standing about 6 feet away, with Jake on her right and a monster right in front of her.

The creature was best described as a black panther, but it was easily 8 feet tall standing on its hind legs, and it weighed about 350 pounds of pure muscle. Also, it had opposable thumbs on its hands, like a human. About half a foot into the tail, the panther tail turned into a massive scorpion tail, which was clearly prehensile. The monster also had two small horns on the top of its head, most likely made for a little extra damage when it rams something.

"Oh, so you're awake are you?" Anna asked as she ducked and the monster flew over her. "TRANSFORM, NOW!" she yelled as she turned to face the monster again, but the creature was too fast. It smacked her to the side and she went flying into a tree, smashing into it then collapsing on the ground unconscious. "ANNA!" Jake yelled.

He stood up, and his hands glowed and extended. In seconds his hands were replaced with sword blades. He disappeared, then reappeared right in front of the monster, and swung at him. The monster quickly dodged, and took a swipe at his feet. He jumped into the air and landed on its back. The monster roared in anger and ran at a tree, and smashed his back into it. Jake jumped off his back at the last second and drove his right sword into the tree, hanging on about fifteen feet in the air. The monster roared and jumped up the tree.

Jake's eyes widened as the monster reached him in one jump and smacked him off the tree. He flew forty feet and smashed into the large tree that was part of the square they were in. A very small trickle of blood dripped down his face from his head. The creature hit the ground and began walking calmly to Jake. He stood up and walked at the same pace towards him.

Four feet away from each other, they stopped and stared at each other, like they were having a battle of the minds in the middle of a battle of brawn. Over a minute passed and neither of them made a move. Then, suddenly, Jake yelled loudly and swung his sword at the monsters face. A cut appeared on the creatures left cheek, and a drop of blood fell from it.

The monster glared angrily at him and growled a warning. Jake swung again with his right, but then the monster grabbed his arm and turned and swung him back into the tree that he had recently hung from. Jake smashed into the tree and fell to the ground, and when he tried to get up he gasped and fell onto his knees, clutching his right shoulder, which had been dislocated when the monster threw him.

The monster walked toward him, and stood over him, still choosing to be on all fours. The monster almost seemed to… smile… then he raised his hand up, presenting his claws and ready for the killing blow.

"HEY!" a familiar female voice yelled. Both Jake and the monster looked over at the voice. Xól was standing at the open edge of the square, about twenty feet from them. Her shirt was torn up and most of it hung in tatters and her stomach was showing yet she seemed to be perfectly fine. The monsters eyes seemed to widen in shock, and he actually spoke. "I….killed you….."It spoke in a deep, rumbling voice.

Xól smiled, and pulled off her moon necklace and dropped it on the ground. "Really?" she said, still smiling viciously. "Well, nobody told me" her head snapped back, and she let out a loud wolf howl that echoed through the forest. Her head snapped back and she looked at them, but her eyes were pure black. Then, her entire body started cracking; the sounds of bones snapping and reforming filled the small area. Then, her body started growing. She grew from 5'0 to 5'9 in just a few seconds.

Jake's eyes widened as he saw her soul. It was expanding, and the animalistic side grew and grew, taking up around half her soul now. Xól's Body suddenly started growing thick dark brown hair, and within seconds she was covered in it. Her face stretched into one similar to a wolf's, and her teeth sharpened. Her nails grew and turned into vicious-looking claws. Her muscles rippled and expanded ridiculously. Then, as soon as it had begun, it was over, and standing in place of Xól was a female werewolf.

"You see…" She said, in the exact same voice. "I'm immortal."