Survival of the Fittest: Chapter 1: Arrival

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Tsukune got on the bus from his house. Now Tsukune had his usual confident grin on. He was more a jock than anything else but since he had failed entrance exams so badly that even though his athletic prowess was God-like; he still could not get into any normal school. Luckily his dad was told that he could get a full ride at some private school run by a creepy priest who was looking for the most athletic individuals in Japan. Tsukune decided he had lucked out and could not wait to see who else would be there to test their prowess in athletics against his.

When Tsukune got off the bus, Bus Driver smiled creepily and said," Good luck, boy. You are going to need it so survive here."

Tsukune merely replied smiled and walked on. Then he saw a girl on a bike coming at him. He smiled when he caught the girl as she crashed into him with her bike. Tsukune closed his eyes for a second to hide the pain from her bike crashing into his shins. Then he realized that he was holding the girl bridal style when he heard her breath into his ear. So he did the only thing a hormonal teenage guy would do; he kissed her right then and there. To both his and the pink haired girl's surprise she kissed him right back instinctively. When he finally stopped kissing her, the girl said," Hello. I am Akashiya Moka. You look pretty muscled and must be pretty strong to have stopped my bike and caught me even if I am a vampire in its sealed state."

Tsukune replied," Nice to meet you, Moka. I am Aono Tsukune. You look pretty amazing yourself. Did you say you were a vampire? And a sealed one at that?"

Moka whispered," Yes, I did." Moka then Gestures to her big cross and its rosary on her chest and states," That is my seal."

Tsukune doesn't entirely believe her but, decides to play a long say," Cool. See you in class, Moka."

Tsukune walks away with a massive smile on his face from successfully getting one step closer to having his first real girlfriend. His smile did not even fade, when he got into the classroom to see the kind of man who gives all jocks a bad name sitting in one of the first desks. Though It widened when Moka tackled and kissed him in front of the whole class making the guys and girls jealous of him for having Moka and Moka for having him. But once the teacher started talking his smile disappeared and was replaced with a frown. It turned out that Moka was correct about there being monsters and the realization that this was a school for monsters hit him hard. He came to the only logical conclusion to this and that he too must be a monster since the teacher seemed so adamant about there being no way for a human to get here without being noticed and Moka had told him basically no human could have stopped her on her bike. Tsukune wondered what he was. Then he heard," Cappuuuu!" and felt a small amount of pain then a tremendous amount of pleasure as the blood drained from his neck. He did not feel drained at all be rather exhilarated and and refreshed. Moka looked at him with utter bliss. She whispered," You tasted so good. Better than the human blood transfusion packs that I normally drink by far. Also you were able to produce blood to out match my draining which I am glad for. It not only means that I can't hurt you with my draining but," Moka pauses and smiles with intense pleasure before continuing"I also can taste you and drink from you at all my meals, if you let me, and there will be no negative effects on you."

Tsukune smiled and agreed," I must say that I enjoyed that feel free to do just that."

Moka moans," Tsukune."

Tsukune groans," Moka"



*bell rings*

Tsukune sees the murderous stares from the other boys and decides that he should wait until he knew what he was before he tried to take on all the boys in the class at the same time. So tsukune said," See you tomorrow, Moka." and sprinted out of the room with a horde of jealous teens chasing him back to the guys dorm.

Moka on the other hand was not so lucky. The girls who had been drooling over Tsukune quickly blocked her escape out the door. So she did the only thing that a sealed vampire would logicly do when faced with 14 other girls trying to kill her. She jumped out the window next to her and made a break for it. Only to be saved by a busty blue haired girl who was waiting for her. The busty blue haired girl grabbed Moka and sprouted wings. She then flew Moka to the safety that was the busty blue haired girl's own dorm in the girls dorms. The girl then said to Moka," Hello, Moka. You are welcome for saving you. I am Kurono Kurumu. You may be wondering why I did it so kill the suspense I will tell you right now. I want a piece of that guy, Tsukune, and you have him so I will make a deal with you. You share Tsukune with me and I keep as many of the other girls off your back about being with him as I can."

Moka was flabbergasted (surprised to the point of not having words). For about 10 minutes, she just stood there looking at Kurumu not sure what to say. Then was about to say yes when two big muscled hands ripped through the door and dragged Moka and Kurumu out of Kurumu's dorm. The big orc who had grabbed them said," I am Saizo and it looks like you will be my pleasure for the evening." Then Saizo knocked both girls out and jumped through the wall in Kurumu's dorm to the ground level outside leaving a massive crater and landing with a tremendous boom. Saizo then made his way to the cliffs where he could have his way with the girls without interference.

Tsukune looked out and saw Moka and another girl in a giant green man's arms. Tsukune saw His woman in the arms of another male. He felt his blood begin to boil and saw his skin turn red as his muscles bulged out and grew bigger. He sported a smile that promised the worst forms of torture and a slow painful death. Tsukune lept through the wall off his dorm down to the ground level making even more noise than Saizo with a deeper crater. He sprinted off after Saizo at what felt like his normal speed for him.

Saizo heard the thud and the thunderous footsteps of something large and fast coming at him. His first thoughts were that it was a werewolf but then he remembered that it not a full moon. He decided it was too loud to be a catman so Saizo came to the conclusion that it was a monster that he did not know about. He smiled whatever it was it seemed to be of the same class as him, class A. It was going to be a good fight between two juggernauts. He was looking forward to the coming fight.

Tsukune felt his blood roar to him and tell him that his opponent would be someone he could use as a lackey and a bodyguard to what was his after he beat the monster. He smelled like a monster bound to the class that he was about to surpass. Tsukune's instincts told him that his woman was in danger but if he played his cards right he would have two women and a sworn ally. Tsukune's smile widened to the point that it was close to an ear to ear smile.

Saizo smiled when he saw the tall young man with all his veins showing his muscles and a red aura coming off of him. He recognized this monster from what his father told him of european monsters. Before him stood an Ulfsark. A monster that ended up in Japan thanks to its ties with Germany. it was the most possessive and evolutionary monster. With each win it achieved it became stronger and better at whatever it did drastically. Saizo shouted in his released voice," Well, now. I never thought to ever see an Ulfsark in its blood rage state. Let alone fight one. I am going to enjoy this. As a fellow class A monster i will initiate the Challenge of Possession since I have forcefully taken what was yours. If I you serve me as a bodyguard and I get the girls as my lovers. If you win you get the girls as your lovers and I will serve as your bodyguard."

Tsukune replies with a voice equally as deep but still very much his voice," I accept on one condition that the girl would not be harmed in this fight."

Saizo nods, ties the girls to a nearby tree with some of his hair, and says," Agreed."

Saizo and Tsukune immediately rush each other full force neither holding back their destructive power. Saizo punches Tsukune's fist as Tsukune tries to make his fist meet Saizo's face. A loud cracking noise is heard and both combatants look at their broken hands. Saizo howls in pain and lashes out with his left arm ( his good arm) and Tsukune lashes out with his right arm ( his good arm) and when their fists collide is shocked to see that only his fist breaks this time. Tsukune then give Saizo a powerful uppercut to his gut and then beats Saizo down. Then Tsukune's hand slowly begins to heal and picks up Saizo's hands and begins to heal them as well. Tsukune declares," I am victorious. Now swear your oath and untie My Women!"

Saizo unties the girls who had regained consciousness during the fight and watched the two fight over them. Both Saizo and Tsukune revert to their human disguises. Tsukune then finished healing Saizo's hands and Saizo kneels before Tsukune and says," I, Saizo, an Orc, as my honor to my brother class A monster demands, swear undying loyalty to my liege, Aono Tsukune, and to protect him and all he holds dear until either the day I die or the day he releases me from his service."

Tsukune smiles and thinks, I killed two birds with one stone. and then says," I accept now rise vassal and bodyguard. So who is my pretty lady next to you my beautiful Moka."

Kurumu says,"Kurono Kurumu." at the same time Moka asks," Your?"

Tsukune states," I won the battle which means both of you are mine."

Then, Tsukune kisses Moka. She gives in to the kiss and quickly lets his toungue invade her mouth. He tongue battles with his and he eventually wins further deepening the kiss as he explores her mouth with his tongue. Meanwhile, Kurumu tries to get Tsukune to grope both Moka's and her own breast so she takes both his hands into hers. Then she accidentally makes Tsukune take Moka's cross off her rosary breaking the seal and her vampire aura leaps out making Kurumu and Saizo quake in fear and unable to move. However, Tsukune continues to kiss her. Inner Moka is shocked that he does not seem to be affected by the youkai aura she had. Inner Moka then pushes Tsukune away and says softly," Even though that felt good, Know your place!" and kicks him

Tsukune went through about 10 trees, had his entire rib cage broken, groaned, and watched as his ribs slowly went back into their correct positions.

Tsukune replied," Remember, Moka who your endless supplier of blood is, who saved your sealed self from bearing an Orc's children, no offense Saizo but, vampires consider you guys a lesser race, they don't see the destructive potential that all Orcs have when they are given a true reason to fight."

Saizo had been standing there wishing he was Tsukune up until that point and said," No offense taken, my liege."

Tsukune smiled and said," Good."

Moka responded," Nothing save another vampire can be my mate. and survive my father's trials."

End of Chapter 1

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