Chapter 8: Moka's Revenge and Introductions to Monster Politics

Tsukune awoke dangling naked outside the guys dorm. He was mildly irritated at the girls childishness, since he could summon his own clothes. He did all right. Tsukune was furious with the girls behavior towards Moka. He could not have those who are his be damaged in anyway especially by someone else that was his. Tsukune went and found Moka and healed her but while he was healing her he accidentally removed her cross from her chest. Tsukune did not even bother trying to stop her. Although he could have done so he was way too tired from the activities of the night before and fighting Issa to do anything. "Don't hurt them too much" was all Tsukune said. The morning was filled with screams of pain until 6 minutes before the late bell. Tsukune spent most of the morning healing Keito, Kurumu, and Yukari since Mizore had done nothing to the vampire she made it through the ordeal unscathed. Tsukune said nothing but he was fuming that Moka had done way worse physical harm to the other girls than the other girls had done to her. Tsukune then passed out. To everyone's surprise the Norse dragon of the Underworld merely came out of its chibi form and started taking notes for Tsukune.

Saizo woke Tsukune up after school. Because the reinforcements had arrived. The rest of Tsukune's raid team from the Horde had arrived. 3 monstrels that were borderline mountain giants just like Saizo showed up. Their names were Garzon, who was slightly taller than Saizo and his weapon from the Horde was a mace that enhanced his senses and reaction time allowing him to fight much faster opponents, Aarshlût, who was about 5 inches shorter than Saizo but a heck of a lot faster and his swords were two short swords of ice that could launch out icicles at enemies and freeze them on contact, and finally Sharn, a female seemed to like Saizo and had some sort of history with him she was the same height as him and was a lesser muscle build but was actually attractive looking in her true form causing her to be considered a goddess among the men of the Horde and her weapon from the Horde was a battle axe with four blades on it that doubled as a shaman staff and boosted her magical skills.

Sadly, the movement of units of the Horde had not gone unnoticed. The gods, The Kingdom, the Collective, the Elders, and the Guild had taken notice. The Guild had done nothing but record the movement it since the witch Yukari was the only witch at the school and she was under the protection of not only the leader of the Horde units but a man strong enough to knock Shuzen Issa out. The gods were, besides Loki and his supporters, completely outraged that an Ulfsark walked the earth once more and thought that he would be like his predecessors and go on a berserk rampage pillaging the surrounding lands. The Kingdom was on high alert and was training angels and paladins to combat Tsukune should he become a threat. The collective of hidden villages, including those of the succubus and snow women, were content to watch and wait for Tsukune to make the next move before they did anything. The Elders of the vampire, werewolf, and dragon clans were wary Of Tsukune since Tsukune had enlisted the aid of one of the oldest and most powerful dragons, effortlessly defeated a full grown werewolf, and knocked out one of the most powerful vampire elders. Of course since Tsukune had almost no knowledge of monster politics so, Níðhöggr had to explain them to him.

The Norse dragon of the Underworld also enlightened Tsukune in the history and future that is currently predicted for his father. Loki is the bastard condemned son of Odin and Freya's sister and wife to the Frost giant king. He was reclaimed by his frost giant side and his uncle the king of the frost giants took him in. Odin then decided to "rescue" Loki and killed the leaders of the frost giants right before his eyes and that was what started Loki's hatred of the other gods and his love of all other beings. But when he was introduced to his half-brother Thor, who took him to Midgard. Midgard is where the mortals live and it is the middle of the dimensions. All creatures can live there but Loki found the only group to ever truly be his equal in his beliefs on revenge, trickery, deception, destruction, and loyalty to those who stand beside you. He decided that humanity and the monsters that were willing to work with humans would be his followers and those he would protect. His fate ironically is to die at Thor's hand. This is because Thor values his ties to the other gods over humanity and on Ragnarok, Thor will lead the assault upon Midgard and Loki will lead the defense.

Níðhöggr, or in English. Malice Striker, then explained to Tsukune what had made him and Ulfsark and what made him different as a hesir. Ulfsark, or wolf pelt, are the lower warriors of the Norse army unofficially claimed by Loki, Balder, Thor, or any other Norse god but typically these three. They were given the strength and rage of a berserker to survive and get stronger. After proving his worth to his patron god, he gains the title of hesir,or hero, and is given greater strength to fight and is visited by his patron. The man does not necessarily have to be a demigod like Tsukune is, however, it speeds up the process if it is. Norse demigods that are know are only still referred to as an Ulfsark even if they are higher that that rank if they are Loki's children. To constantly remind them that they are the children of a leader of the Norse pantheon but, they still are hated and looked down on by those who are considered "better" gods.

Once the dragon of the Underworld finished his explanations, Tsukune and the rest of his entourage understood the basics of the monster political system, Loki's position, and Tsukune's true form and why Tsukune could channel his rage into pure malice. Tsukune and his retinue would have headed to their dorms when seven guys from gym class walked over.

The young men had matching brown eyes and crew cuts. The only difference between the seven were their hair colors, which were blue, red, brown, blond, black, yellow, and green. The one with black hair stepped forward and said, "What how could you send women to the Horde? Do you know what they do to them? How can you be considered a hero when you have done that? In the name of the Kingdom, we will stop you if you continue this behavior." The man said Horde as if it were the most foul and curse he had ever uttered and Saizo and the other monstrels were understandably angry with him.

Tsukune merely shrugged and said, They tried to kill me and those who are mine. They got fate that was neither merciful nor overly brutal to them. The Horde merely uses them for reproductive purposes and keeps them well fed and cared for. I could have killed them like I did the men around them or I could have let them go. I did what I felt was a worthy punishment to them and a worthy reward to my faithful bodyguard and vassal Saizo. Disagree with my methods but never doubt that I share the same overall goal as your group to protect humanity. But those who are mine take priority and I will not tolerate threats to my people. So get off your high horse before I knock you off. That is MY warning."

Tsukune was about to leave when he heard the sound of metal being brought out of metal and Saizo laugh and say," You pushed these guys' over inflated egos they are going to attack us now."

The seven men all grew armor from their skin that was the same color as their hair. The man with black armor coated himself in darkness and launched a dark pulse at Tsukune who smiled and said, " We are more alike than you think" as he took the hit and redirected it at the guy in white armor who merely blocked it with blinding light forgetting that it was an area attack and hit the the dark paladin knocking him out. Tsukune then took advantage of the momentary blindness of the other paladins and knocked the ice, earth, and fire paladins. Leaving only the light, poison, and lightning ones standing. Tsukune was in his dark bloodrage and was ready to fight. The Poison paladin made his hand glow green and shouted, "Wyrm venom!" Tsukune charged the man and Took the hit straight to the chest Tsukune immediately collapsed to the ground but not without sending the poor poison paladin through several trees knocking him out. Tsukune crawled resisting the paralysis of the poison as his chest opened and reopened and he bled profusely. If Tsukune had not dealt with acidic venom before even if the lizardman venom was much weaker he would have died right then and there. Tsukune struggled to block the attacks of the remaining two paladins. Just as the paladin of light was about to smite him with lightning as the lighting paladin was charging a lightning bolt, Saizo stepped over his liege halberd out and roared as the lightning struck him. Tsukune still could do nothing really other than crawl out of the way as Saizo fought the two still conscious paladins. Saizo was worse for wear from the double electrical attacks one raw destruction and the other holy. Saizo stood strong though despite the horrible burns on his chest the lightning had caused. Saizo charged forward and thrusted his halberd at the light paladin and then swung it as hard and fast as he could at the lightning paladin. The light paladin blocked with his sword and swung at Saizo's back, just to be hit by a fireball from Sharn's staff. The lightning paladin took Saizo's hit and then grabbed Saizo's chest. Both shouted their signature moves, "Complete circuit!" and "Fissure Stomp!"Saizo fell to the ground fried but still very much alive and in lightning paladin groaned Saizo's attack had shattered his armor and his ribs. Both lay on the ground not bothering to try to continue fighting. The light paladin made his way over to Tsukune and prepared to kill him. No one moved they just watched as the paladin moved his blade down to stab Tsukune's heart. Then, Aarshlût, who was the first to get over the shock, leapt forward almost as fast as werewolf on a true full moon. Aarshlût tackled the paladin not even bothering to draw his swords. This knocked the paladin's sword out of his hands. Aarshlût then proceeded to beat on his armored paladin could do nothing but receive the onslaught of blows and be beaten senseless. Sharn stopped Aarshlût from killing the paladin but, spat on the paladin. Tsukune's entourage left the defeated paladins in the dirt and carried its hesir and his vassal to their respective rooms to heal. Neither were in fit condition for any fun that night so their girls merely comforted them.

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