Chapter 9: Self-Awareness

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Tsukune rose slowly from his bed and grimaced. His body had purged the venom from his blood but he still remembered how painful it had been. Tsukune knew that it would be foolish to try to counterattack the paladins since the Kingdom unlike the Horde had a fortress on the outskirts of the campus. Members of the Horde were not allowed to congregate on campus unless they were in the employ of a teacher, another student, or the chairman himself. The pure bred high breed monsters that led the student council, that had filled the void that Kuyou's demise had left, actively persecuted border beings, witches in particular, hybrid monsters, and the less civilized creatures, any lower member of the Horde and weak magic using demons. Tsukune knew he had to not been seen as an aggressor but a powerful champion of his goal complete coexistence or he would be killed outright. On the bright side, Moka was now considered an elite due to her father being one of the most powerful vampiric elders on the Vampire's Council and her position on the student council.

That by itself would not be bad if not for a new organization, Outcast Ayashi, that was trying to get all of the half breeds and lower monsters to rise up and destroy the pure blooded powerful monsters regardless of whether they abused their power or not. Tsukune found both groups too radical and but the Outcast Ayashi and the council had enough to support that openly opposing either of them would be a waste of time.

With that thought, he pulled himself out of bed and into the shower, pulled his clothes on and woke up Saizo and his new raid party members. They then went to the usual spot to meet up with Tsukune's girls who were with Saizo's harem girls. It was a surprise that they were together but not unpleasant seeing as they were getting along. The school day was looking like it would be the first almost normal day they had been at the school.

The crisp autumn air was was perfect. The yellow, red and orange leaves looked great. Then again it was always the autumnal equinox at Youkai Academy. The time passed regularly but every day and night was exactly the same down to the super powerful full moon. The only time the environment change was if one of the students or staff used their powers to make it change. They made their way to school with relative ease. The school day was forebodingly calm.

It seemed that this was merely a brief ceasefire before an all out battle between the two groups but neither was going to make a move until they had cemented the support of the most influential outside organization that had a presence with in the school. The Outcasts would not attack until they had the backing of the Guild just as the student council would not make the first move without the backing of the Vampire Council. Seeing as Tsukune had the daughters of both a Guild Inner Circle member and a Vampire High Council member and was now an influential member of the Horde, it was only a matter of time before one or both tried to recruit him.

Not surprisingly, after the school day was over, though was approached by the Student Council, a werewolf and his pack approached cautiously. The lycan's pack mentality enabled him and his pack to see quite plainly that Tsukune was an alpha and would not respond well to force. They also knew Tsukune's track record for destruction and would rather not fight him. That said the lycan had brought his whole pack of 40 with him, incase things actually went bad.

The werewolf alpha was surprisingly Gin. He had done an excellent job hiding his prowess and competency while Kuyou was around, sneaky bastard. Gin had a friendly but prideful smile on his face.

"So are you going to side with us?" Gin inquired.

Tsukune looked at him and said, " I am not going to side with either group racism is wrong no matter where you stand from. I am not going to help the Outcasts annihilate the "elite" races nor am I going to help the Council wipe out the "lesser" races. In case you haven't noticed I surrounded myself with both, I respect both, and my lovers are from both. Learn to coexist how can we even think about coexisting with humans or destroying them, when we can't even live with ourselves. I willing to listen when you are ready to talk with the Outcasts here and it is of peace." Then Tsukune and his group just walked away.

Gin's smile never left his face he just watched as Tsukune left before turning to the window and saying, " Remove the eavesdropping impure. The paladins were right, there can only be the Light." Gin's pack moved to attack the three chameleon men who had been spying for the Outcast Ayashi. The three super sized lizard men that had become chameleon men, due to the deaths of a few hundred other lizard men and them being the nearest lizard man nearby, were more than capable of duking it out with a few werewolves but certainly not 40 at the same time. All three were quickly killed at the same time. A howl of pain and absolute rage came from about 200 feet away. A Komodo Dragon woman comes charging into the clearing only to find it empty. aside from the ashes of her brethren's remains. She lets out a loud guttural howl of revenge before transforming back into her human form which is now much bustier.

Gin grins even wider and lustier before every member of his pack smacks him on the back of his head for his forgetfulness. Gin and his pack proceed to carry on like nothing happened.

Tsukune turns back to his group, " Now, you see why we can't support either side? It is a never ending cycle of revenge that just escalates. If we joined one side then it would just be a purging of the school of the other. That isn't fighting for survival that is just slaughter." They all nodded agreeing.

Tsukune was about to leave with his group when the Komodo dragon woman screamed at him, "Why didn't you help them? You are supposed to be a protector!"

Tsukune turned back around and looked her straight in the eyes. "I have never claimed to be a protector. I am survivor. I take what I am given and what I can take. Nothing and no one else can lay to that which I possess. Whether it be soldiers ( gestures to his raiding party), my women (gestures to the girls minus Saizo's gals and Yukari), or the possessions of members of either aforementioned group ( gestures to Saizo's harem and Yukari). I don't take sides in conflicts that don't involve me even among my lovers. I take care of what is mine and I let nature take its course on all other things. But those who dare attack me or what is mine beware! My rage knows no bounds!" he proclaimed as loud as he could so all the eavesdroppers could hear.

The Komodo dragon gal started crying, flared her nostrils releasing noxious fumes, and then shouted, " I will have my revenge on you for your in action!" Then charged forward blinded by her grief.

Tsukune takes pity on her. He sees the potential she has and would prefer that if he kills any lizard men that they don't come back as a stronger version to hunt him down. He defiantly sees the value of her as both a lover and a solution to later conflicts. As she closes the distance Tsukune merely states, "Bloodrage."

As his muscles bulge and he increases in size he catches her fist as she swings it at him. Tsukune would have gone' flying back at the shear force if he was not holding onto her massive fist with both hands with all his might. Tsukune then growled, "Dark Bloodrage" and she stopped pushing him back as Tsukune's aura turns jet black, his skin was now extremely pale in contrast to his aura, his muscles bulged out even more, and his eyes were black and pupilless. Then she swung her second fist Tsukune was knocked into the air. Tsukune was told by Mikogami not to use his hesir form when another equally powerful monster was in their full form. So instead of transforming he merely flipped to dodge a punch and land on top of the fourth before charging up the Komodo dragon woman's arm. "God of beauty and mercy divine, give your power and let it be mine, Baldor help me and make it fine" Pure white energy gathered into Tsukune's hand and coated his left arm. Tsukune ran up to the girl's face and stroked her giant scaly cheek. The white aura left his hand and spread throughout both his and her bodies. They both reverted back to their human disguises and powered down. Tsukune pulled her into his arms and stroked her back. "You are mine, now... you understand." he told her as he comforted her.

She whispered into his ear, "My name is Harumi."

"You will be my spring beauty." he murmured romantically.

That was when Saizo shouted, "Too bad your name means chicken meatball!"

Tsukune shouts back, " Hey! I don't cock block you?"

Saizo retorts, " I don't horn in on a girl I just met in front of all of my women!"

Tsukune looks and sees the jealousy and hot and bothered-ness of his women. He suddenly realizes, Crap this is going to be a long night.

Lemon Alert

Tsukune suddenly transforms and scoops up all his women plus Yukari and runs as fast as he can to his room. Tsukune did what his blood told him to do which was start kissing each of the girls. All of the girls moaned in surprise and pleasure at his actions. Tsukune then extricated his face from their faces to take off their shirts and bras as well as his own shirt. Tsukune sucked on their niples while massaging their left breast with both hands. All of the girls continued to moan with pleasure and started running her hands over his muscled torso caressing him and each other. When Kurumu got her hands to his waist she released his belt buckle and dropped his pants and boxers to the floor. Kurumu then grabbed Tsukune's manhood and stroked it very slowly eliciting a very deep and masculine groan from him. Tsukune then reached under each of the girl's skirts and removed their panties. He let each of them feel him up. He then prodded Harumi's womanhood with his index finger before slowly easing it and out of it. After about ten minutes, Tsukune could not take it slow at all so he did the other girls while he prepared her. Tsukune then placed his massive masculine manhood into Harumi's now drenched womanhood very slowly. Harumi was glad that Tsukune took her first time very slowly and waited for her to adjust to his massive size but, was flustered that he screwed almost all the other girls before her. Harumi maintained her human form, when he started to move within her. After his first ten thrusts Tsukune, much to Harumi's enjoyment started pounding her. After about an hour Tsukune found release within her and she clenched her walls around him. Tsukune shouted, "Mine!" as he climaxed just as he did with all the other girls. Once he was done, Tsukune fellow asleep with his women rather peacefully.

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