Marshall Lee's Point-Of-View:

Sigh. This sucks. Ha-ha, pun not intended. I'm stuck in music class with a bunch of dweebs who probably don't know anything about music. In a school called Adventure High. How lame. Not bragging or anything but I have a terrible reputation. For pranks and other stuff like that. That's probably why I'm at this school for "special kids".
My class consists of seven other students. Huh, everyone but that raven-haired girl in the back has already picked out someone to talk to and sit with. Good for them.
"Hello! My name is and I will be your music teacher. You can call me Ms. I if you'd like," She paused to survey the class, "Hmm. Do any of you know how to play an instrument other than your voice?"

I raised my hand and take a look around the class. The only other hand in the air was the raven-haired girl.
" Oh...I thought we'd have more people who did. Well, just hold on for a second so I can take the attendance." She paused for a moment and looked at her computer screen. " Okay, so, Marceline?"
"Yes." The raven-haired girl purred.
"Marshall Lee?"
"'Sup." I said.
"Present!" The pink-haired girl said, her cheery tone bugging me.
This time it is the pink-haired boy. The oh-so-hot blond is Fionna and the boy next to her is Finn. Flame is the girl with fire-red hair and Scorch is the boy. How fitting.
"Okay! Well today is all about getting to know each other. So, after I'm done talking you will find a partner. You will share your age, name, and two interesting facts about yourself. Then get new partners. You have to meet with everyone in the class once. Okay, GO!"
Within Seconds Marceline and I are the only ones left without a partner.
"So. Looks like we're partners." Marceline said with clear fake enthusiasm.
"What, you got a problem with that?"
"Nah, just thought I could pull off a mock voice of Bonnebelle over there. Guess I can't. Well, I'm Marceline. Lets just say I'm 18. I play the ax- bass and... I am pretty good at trolling people and scaring them." She said.
"Well Marceline Looks like we have something in common. My name's Marshall Lee, lets just say that I'm 18 too. I play the the ax-guitar and I'm pretty boss at trolling." I said, smirking and raising my voice an octave to imitate Bonnebelle and sending Marceline into a roar of laughter. Pretty soon I joined in and we were holding our stomachs.
"Good thing... I... don't need to breath...I think... I'd be dead by now... Dead by... laughter." she manage in between laughs.
"Wait... *GASP* YOU...JUST REVEALED A POWER!" I whisper-screamed.
"Ha, I don't...know why I... said that... Of coarse... I need to breath." She said. We stared at each other for a second and burst into another roar of laughter.
"Uhm, e-excuse me?" a voice interrupted.
"WHAT? Can't you see we're busy?" Marceline snapped.
" I need a new partner and so does my old partner. You two are the only ones left so, if your all done sharing..." the female said.
I looked up and realized that it was Fionna.