Chapta 5

On Earth


"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Get off." I groaned into my cat's fur. He was laying on my face. Yet again.
"It's time for me to get up right?" I asked him through his fur. He meowed, got up, and pawed my baby blue blood stained blanket. And, no, it's not real blood. That's just the way the fabric design is.
I groaned again, tossed my blanket aside, swung my legs over the side of my bed, and put my feet into my furry black cat slippers.
Running a hand through my messy purple hair, I fumbled into my bathroom. Squinting as I turned on my florescent lights, I turned on my shower. I took off my Kandi and my baby blue PJ's also "stained" with red blood. Flicking off my lights, I hopped in the shower, letting the darkness surround me.
My alarm went off about forty minutes later, disturbing my thoughts. Ugh. Time to get out. I finished washing my hair and turned off the water. I wrapped a towel around my bod and padded back into my blood splattered room. And yes, basically everything is blood splattered. I just love the theme.
I walked into my walk-in closet to find something to wear. A couple of minutes later I had decided on two outfits. The first was my Adventure Time Land of Aaa shirt, green skinnies, and my black flats. The second was my gory zombie short, ripped dark blue super skinnies, and black flats. I opted for the second outfit.
I checked the time on my Marceline clock. It read 6:07 am, I groaned. I have thirty-three minutes to finish getting ready. Then I have to catch the bus. I put on my clothes, save for the shoes, and look into my full length body mirror.
I examined myself from the top of my purple hair that ends at my butt, down my light tan skin, bright green and cat like eyes, petite nose, and full cherry colored lips. All the way down to my gold tipped toes.
Deeming my outfit suitable, I walked back into my bathroom, flicked on my lights, and waited a second before my lights lit up my black tiles and walls. I grabbed my green make-up bag from under the sink. I sat on the rim of my sink and started on my make-up. Purple stick eyeliner, purple liquid liner, purple eyeshadow, mascara and maybe some more eyeliner. The purple made my eyes pop even more. I fish around by bag and let out a triumphant cry when I found my cherry flavored lip gloss.
I flicked off my bathroom light, grabbed my brush, and sat on my bed. Brushing out my hair, I checked the time again. I cursed when I saw that I had five minutes to get to my bus stop.
Jumping off my bed I slipped my feet into my flats and grabbed my black IPod and green headphones and left.
I walked quickly down my street, music blaring in my ears as the cold wind nips at my nose. I got down to my stop half a second before my bus arrived.I got on, walked to my seat, layed my head on the window, and drifted into my half-asleep mode.