Yep, Vegeta knew that loud mouthed woman was nuts the moment he met her. Saying she knew Kakarot since he was a boy and practically raising him was his first clue, only a crazy woman could brag about something like that!

The fact that she's puckering her lips, waving a senzu bean in his face and mumbling incoherent gibberish is what sealed the deal.

What the hell is wrong with this woman?

Vegeta, with his mouth agape, slowly lowered the carton of milk he'd been drinking from. Okay so he should've grabbed a glass first like the woman is always nagging at him to do, but is that really a good enough reason for this woman's cheese to fall of her cracker?

Considering this planet's bizarre customs and traditions, he guessed that there needn't be a good enough answer, craziness was a disease infecting every pitiful human being on the planet!

For the tiniest second, Vegeta considered yelling for the blond-haired woman, the one that loved to feed him and who birthed the crazy blue woman in the first place.

He didn't though, it was a fleeting thought brought on from the exposure of being around a crazy person.

He was the Prince of all Saiyans! He didn't fear anyone, especially the loud mouthed Bulma! Calling for help? Ha! Only Kakarot would do something so cowardly, and weak. Plus, he didn't know the blonde woman's name and calling her 'Woman' just wouldn't do, for she liked to feed him.

Food was just something he couldn't live without.

Vegeta glared at Bulma as he swiped the senzu bean from her fingers, sniffing it to make sure it wasn't poisoned before popping it into his mouth.

Ah, this is just what I needed!

Vegeta raised his fists and powered up, admiring his bulging muscles.

"Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?" Bulma cooed.

Vegeta's aura returned to normal, and his mouth widened, meaning to yell at the woman for lightly slapping him on the head in a strange manner, but the words wouldn't come out. . . he was speechless!

Bulma winked and lightly caressed his cheek." That's right, you're my good boy, Vegeta. If you stay a good boy, I might reward you with a better treat!"

Is. . .is she mocking me?

Infuriated, Vegeta slapped Bulma's hand away.

How dare she treat a Saiyan warrior like. . .like. . .like some type of child! No one would've dared to pull a stunt like this back on his home planet, or even after it blew up, not even Frieza would treat a warrior in this humiliating way!

Vegeta clenched his fists and glared into Bulma's wide, stupid, blue eyes. He could blow her head up, mutilate an arm or strangle her until she passedsout! He could do it! He was the most ruthless Saiyan that ever lived, what would it matter if the world had one less blue haired, nagging, crazy ass woman?

The fire of his male ego went out at the thought of harming Bulma, not because he was going soft like Kakarot or anything like that. He needed Bulma for one reason. . . to fix the gravity room whenever he broke it, which he knew was going to break the moment he got back to it.

"I could've." Vegeta mumbled, narrowing his eyes as he walked away to sulk in the gravity room.

Bulma smiled knowingly at Vegeta's back.

"I love messing with him," Bulma said to herself, grabbing a clipboard from the white countertop. She uncapped her pen and checked off the first test exercise on her list.

* I'm debating making the story 1 or 2 chapters longer. Guess we'll find out this weekend, wont we?