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Chichi and Bulma sat in the shade under the tree in the park, watching Goku and Vegeta argue about how to grill the hamburgers.

"I'm telling you Vegeta, they're done." Goku insisted, his plate ready at hand.

Vegeta flipped the burgers on the grill, ignoring the paper plate Goku held out. "Idiot. Look at them! They're still pink!"

"I thought you liked pink," Goku said simply, his tongue slightly poking out. He wished Bulma was the one cooking instead of Vegeta. With Bulma as the cook, he'd have a better chance at sneaking food off the grill, with Vegeta that wasn't possible. He had the spatula burns on his hands to prove it.

Vegeta muttered incoherent insults, wondering why he'd ever agreed to a day out with Chichi and Goku.

"You're burning them!" Goku shouted, trying to push Vegeta out of the way to 'save' the hamburgers."Here let me cook them!"

Bulma glanced at Chichi, she was just as surprised as she was. 'Me' and 'cook' were words neither thought Goku would ever speak in the same sentence- - and mean it!

"Gah! I'm the cook here! See!" Vegeta motioned to the 'kiss the cook' apron he wore." Now get back to that picnic table and slice up the tomatoes!"

Goku stuck his lower lip out in a pout.

Chichi grasped Bulma by the shoulders, and shook her." Tell me how you did it! Tell me!"

"Woman!" Vegeta shouted from the grill." Are the hamburgers supposed to be black?"

Bulma smiled." No!"

Vegeta cursed.

"I'm still eating them! Don't throw them away!" Goku piped up from the table.

"Gah, can't you do anything right Kakarot? I said slice the tomatoes not dice them!"

Chichi sighed. Bulma laughed." I guess we better take over if we plan on eating soon." The two women stood up and slowly started crossing the green field.

"How did you get Vegeta to cook in the first place?" Chichi asked, bewildered." He did it without complaint."

Bulma smirked." Men aren't smarter than the common canine, Chichi. All I did was say a command, and rewarded him when he did what I said. And before I knew it, I had him trained." Bulma laughed, amazed by her amazing genius.

"Wow. That's brilliant!" Chichi gasped, wondering why she didn't think of something like that sooner." And what do you mean by rewarding him?"

Bulma blushed." Oh, I gave Vegeta a lot of compliments to boost his ego and. . .did other stuff.. ."

"Other stuff? Like wh- -" Chichi's eyes widened, understanding finally clicking in." Ohhhhh. Other stuff. I get it."

The two women became quiet as they neared their husbands. Bulma kissed Vegeta on the cheek and told him she'd take over while Chichi stood watching her husband dice tomatoes with pride.

" I'll give you your reward later,"Bulma purred in Vegeta's ear, tenderly removing the apron. Vegeta smirked, happy he'd done a good enough job to deserve a reward and was happier to finally be out of that humiliating apron.

Chichi gently took the knife out from Goku's hands." I'll finish up here Goku. You and Vegeta should go pick up some drinks while we cook." She bent down to whisper in his ear." And when we get home, I'll cook you an entire feast, sweetheart."

Goku smiled."Okay Chichi. If that's what you want. . ." Goku exchanged a glance with Vegeta.

"What would you like for us to get?" Vegeta asked, snatching the car keys from Goku's pocket.

"Lemonade would be nice." Bulma said. Chichi nodded.

"I'm driving." Vegeta said.

"But you don't have a driver's license." Goku whined.

"And you do?" Goku nodded happily. Vegeta shook his head. "Something is wrong with this planet."

Goku glanced back. " Okay Vegeta, we can stop pretending we hate each other. We're too far away for them to hear us."

"I wasn't pretending," Vegeta clarified, unlocking his side of the car. He didn't care if Goku had a driver's license. He was driving, and if Goku wanted to challenge him on that, then by all means. . .

"Your advice worked!" Goku tried opening his side of the car, but the door was locked. Reluctantly, Vegeta reached over and unlocked it for him. Goku climbed in and smiled." Chichi said she'd reward me with a feast later. And I messed up slicing the tomatoes!"

Vegeta smirked, slamming his foot against the accelerator. People jumped for safety as the car backed out of the parking lot.

" Hmph. Women are easy to please Kakarot." Vegeta didn't look as he darted into busy traffic, claiming the center turning lane as his own personal lane to drive in. Without any cars in his way ( because it's illegal Vegeta!) he could drive as fast as he wanted. Which was as fast as the little car could go.

Goku rowed down his window, enjoying the strong breeze pouring into the car." So if I do what I'm told, and mess up, it doesn't matter?"

Vegeta smirked." That's the beauty of it Kakarot. You HAVE to mess up, otherwise the woman wins. In fact, we're going to mess up again soon."

"What do you mean?" Goku asked.

"We're not getting lemonade."

They were both silent for a minute, until Goku spoke." We're getting pink lemonade?"

"No. Something stronger than that Kakarot."

Goku raised one of his eyebrows." I don't like sour lemonade."

"WE'RE GETTING ADULT LEMONADE!" Vegeta shouted, ramming a car driving next to him just to release his anger." You know! Lemonade with alcohol in it!"

"Ohhhhhhhh." Goku said slowly, his mouth forming a big O shape.

Vegeta massaged the left side of his forehead." You still don't get it. Do you?"


"Kakarot. . . turn on the music."

Goku smiled, turning the volume knob as loud as it could go. A woman's voice boomed from the car as she sung: Making my way downtown, walking fast,faces pass, and I'm home bound- -

Vegeta glanced at Goku unable to believe he was singing to this song. Then shrugged, eh, nobody can hear us, and started to sing a long with him.

. . . And I still need you, and I still miss you, and now I wonder...

If I could fall Into the sky- -

- Vegeta wins, the end!-

Song not mine. First heard it off movie White Chicks. Song: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton