First off I've changed my pen name, I used to be xxPINKxx .This came to me last night after I heard the news of CSI NY being cancelled :( in later chapters I want to include Mini Messer number 2, but I can't think of a name for him, so any ideas would be more than helpful :) Oh, I haven't had anyone read over this story so if there are any mistakes I do apologise, Enjoy!

Lindsay opened the front door to her new house and heard laughing coming from inside the living room, she closed the door quietly as not to disturb whatever was going on inside and then slipped her coat off and hung it up, then toed her shoes off and placed them on the shoe rack next to Lucy's pink converse.

She walked over and opened the living room door and was surprised by what she saw, all the furniture had been shifted around there was sheets hung over the newly shifted furniture and boxes that they had just used to unpack were spread around the room. Lucy's head then appeared out of one of the boxes she had one of her crowns on her head "What's going on here?" Lindsay smiled walking over to her four year old daughter and kneeling down beside the box.

"Me and Daddy made a castle" Lucy told her excitedly. She stood up to revel that she was in her Snow White dress. "I'm the princess and Daddy is the king"

Lindsay heard a bang from the kitchen "Is that Daddy In there?" She asked Lucy.

Lucy nodded "He's fighting the dragon Mummy, don't go in there, it might eat you!"

Lindsay laughed and stood up "I'll be careful Luce I promise" she walked over towards the kitchen door and she felt Lucy grab her hand as she did so "Coming to look after your Mummy?" she asked looking down at Lucy. Who nodded and grinned up at her. Lindsay opened the kitchen door to find more boxes stacked up and Danny dressed in another crown and one of his jumpers wrapped around his shoulders as a cloak hitting the boxes with a long cardboard tube.

"I think its dead Luce!" he smiled, then looked up and noticed Lindsay stood there laughing at him with Lucy peeking at the 'dragon' from behind Lindsay's legs.

"You being our daughters knight in shining armour?" Lindsay giggled as she picked Lucy up and then walked over to Danny who lent down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"Of course I am" he said proudly. "We don't like big scary fire breathing dragon do we Princess Lucy?"

"No, he was really scary but he gone now thanks to my Daddy" she leant over in Lindsay's arms and kissed Danny's cheek "Thank you"

"Anytime Princess" he smiled taking her out of Lindsay's arms. "You know what Luce, if you're a princess and I'm a king, then I think there is something missing, what could that be?"

Lucy thought for a moment and then her eyes lit up "a queen Daddy, you need a queen!" she said excitedly. Then she came to another conclusion "Mummy, you can be the queen, will you do it Mummy? Please?" she looked at Lindsay with her big blue eyes the same as Danny's which Lindsay couldn't say no to.

"Of course I will baby" Lindsay smiled

"Yay!" Lucy wiggled out of Danny's arms and grabbed Lindsay's hand and started to pull her "Come on Mummy we gots to go find you a queen outfit, and I'll find you a crown to wear too" she led Lindsay upstairs and into her new pink bedroom. "Right Mummy, you sit on my bed why I look for a crown" Lindsay smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm and did as she was told. She watched as Lucy dug around in her clothes closet and then appeared with a silver crown with pink diamonds in. "Perfect" Lucy smiled and then went over and placed the crown on Lindsay's head. "Can I put some pretties on you?" Lindsay knew that Lucy was referring to make up.

"I'm sure we can find a little bit in my room that you can put on me" Lindsay smiled adjusting the crown on her head and then stood up and led Lucy to her and Danny's room.

"You're gonna be the prettiest queen in the whole land" Lucy said as she climbed up on her parents' bed. Lindsay went over to her dressing table and started to find out bits of make-up that Lucy could use on her. She finally found a lipstick, some blusher and a few eye shadows that she was prepared to let the four year old use.

"Here you go" she put the collection of make-up on the bed next to Lucy and then brought over the stool from the dressing table and placed it at the end of the bed and sat on it she then pushed her hair behind her ears "Right I'm ready for you to make me pretty"

"You are already pretty Mummy, I just going to make you prettier" Lucy said as she undid the lipstick. Lindsay had to hold back the tears from Lucy's comment; she could come out with such sweet things at times.

Carefully Lucy ran the lipstick across Lindsay's lips, she stuck her tongue out a little bit between her own lips in concentration. Once the lipstick was applied Lucy took out the blusher and ran the big brush over Lindsay's cheeks then she got the eye shadow and ran the brush through the green powder "Close your eyes Mummy" Lindsay shut her eyes and Lucy then carefully spread the thick green powder over Lindsay's eye lids. "Oooh Mummy you look so bewtiful!" Lucy smiled admiring her work. Lindsay got up and went to look in the mirror, she was a little taken back by her bright red cheeks and lips and her thick dark green eye lids.

She turned and looked at Lucy "Wow baby, you've done a great job" Lucy smiled at her proudly, then got off the bed and walked over to Lindsay's closet.

"We need to find you a dress now" she pulled the closet open and started to look for a dress, she yanked at one and it fell to the floor "This one"

Lindsay picked the fallen dress up and looked at it, it was the dress she had worn when she first came to New York and had gone to the opera. She remembered how she had been called to a crime scene down on the subway tracks and how Danny had greeted her "Well hello Miss Monroe" she smiled at the memory, and then remembered how low cut the dress was. "I don't think this one fits me anymore Luce" she lied as she hung the dress back up.

"Well you should get rid of it then; you always get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit me no more"

"I know Luce, I should really but it's kind of a special dress" Lindsay found a pretty green dress in her cupboard. At least it goes with the eye shadow, she thought to herself. "What about this one Lucy?" she held up the dress that was knee length, floaty and had three quarter length sleeves.

Lucy looked the dress up and down "I like it and I thinks Daddy will like it too" she giggled.

Lindsay got undressed and then slipped the dress on, adjusted the crown on her head and then her and Lucy made their way down stairs. Danny noticed them and made a little fanfare noise as they came down to which both girls giggled at. "Doesn't Mummy look pretty?" Lucy asked as she made her way over to Danny. Danny looked at her wife with her face thick with make-up, looking more like a clown than a queen, but Danny thought she still looked beautiful. He loved the fact that she had let Lucy apply her make-up and got all dressed up just to play a make believe game with her.

"Mummy looks beautiful Lucy; you've done a good job on that make-up. Both my girls are the most beautiful girls in the whole wide world" he told her.

"And my Daddy is the most handsomest Daddy in the whole wide world" Lucy hugged his leg as she returned the compliment.

"Right then my girls, shall we storm this castle?" he asked

"Daddy it's our castle, we can't 'storm' it" Lucy giggled as she made her way over to their sheet and box castle.

All three of them climbed into the little castle that Danny and Lucy had made earlier. They played in there all afternoon, drinking tea from Lucy's tea set and King Daddy had to go and fight another fire breathing dragon and then he had to kiss his queen who had been put into a sleep for a hundred years.

Later that evening Danny and Lindsay had decided that the three of them could sleep in the castle for one night and then they could tidy it all up in the morning. So the sleeping bags had been dragged out the cupboard and Danny had spent a good half hour blowing up air mattresses with the pump. But finally they were all settled in their castle with Lucy in her princess pyjamas. "This has been the bestest day" Lucy smiled sleepily.

"I'm glad you had fun princess" Danny lent over and gave her a kiss and Lindsay then did the same. Lucy then snuggled down into her sleeping bag and cuddled her stuffed rabbit and soon dozed off.

"Your such a brilliant Dad Danny" Lindsay told him as she snuggled up to him in there double sleeping bag. "Where did you get the idea from to do all of this?"

"We were watching Snow White and Luce said she wished she could live in a castle, so I told her how Louie and I used to build dens with the furniture when we were kids. She then wanted me to build her a castle"

"And you made her day by doing so" she placed a soft kiss on his chest.

"I did, didn't I" he said proudly kissing the top of Lindsay's head and then hugged her close and soon they both drifted off to sleep.