So, here is another Moments. I've done a lot of thinking and I'm pretty sure this is going to be the last one. I may occasionally do another chapter and Joshua does appear in a couple of my other stories but for now this is it for Moments.

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25th July

"Me, Mama, that Osh's" Josh grinned as he tried to reach for his cup from the counter.

"I know it is, sweetie, I'm just making Lucy her drink and then you can both have them, okay?" Lindsay replied as she put some water into Lucy's cup.

"Tay" Joshua said as he began to walk off into the sitting room "Me go see Woosy"

"Okay, I'll bring these in" Lindsay picked up the two cups of blackcurrent juice and carried them into the sitting room, where Lucy was spread out on the couch with Cocoa laid at her feet and Joshua was now sat on his little chair, both watching the TV. "What are we watching?" Lindsay asked as she passed Lucy her drink.

"Some art programme" Lucy shrugged "It's kind of boring"

"Well why don't you put something else on or go and play?" Lindsay suggested.

"When's Daddy home?" Lucy wondered.

"Soon, go and play and then when he gets home we can all take Cocoa to the park, okay?"

"Okay" Lucy smiled as she got up off the couch "Coming to play, Joshy?"

"Me dink this" Joshua told his big sister as he held up his cup.

"Okay, we'll drink are drinks and then go play, okay?"

Joshua nodded and began to drink.

"Not so fast, Josh" Lindsay reminded him. "You'll get a tummy ache"

"Tay Mama"

Soon the two children had finished there drinks and had headed upstairs to play with Cocoa following behind. Lindsay stood up and took in the state of the living room, toys were scattered around, two couch cushions were on the floor and the carpet needed a good hoover. Looking at the clock, Lindsay realised she had about 45 minutes till Danny was due home and as both the children were playing up stairs she decided to give the sitting room a quick tidy. Picking up some of Lucy's dolls and Joshua's cars she put them in the toy box before picking up the couch cushions and then going to fetch the hoover from the cupboard.

She was just about to plug the hoover in when her phone began to ring. Pulling it from her pocket, she smiled when she saw her husband's name flashing up on the screen "Hey Babe"

"Hey, I've just got off early and was gonna pop to the shop, so was just wondering if there is anything that you needed?"

"Erm... no I don't think so... although the kids have been as good as gold this morning, so you could always get them a little treat if you wanted to?"

"I was gonna get them something anyway"

Lindsay smiled into the phone "I should have guessed"

"I just can't help it, they're just to cute"

"Yeah, they really are. They're also being rather quiet upstairs"

"I'm sure they're just playing nicely"

"Yeah, hopefully" Lindsay smiled.

"Right, I better get to the shop and then I'll be home"

"Okay, I'll see you soon, I love you"

"I love you too, babe"

Lindsay smiled as she hung up the phone and placed it back in her pocket. She sometimes couldn't believe how lucky she was to have a husband like she did. Before plugging the hoover in, she went over to the bottom of the stairs and listened for her children, she could hear Joshua giggling and knew that they were playing nicely. Plugging the hoover in, she hoovered round the living room and their small hallway before unplugging the hoover and putting it away.

Deciding to leave the children to play, Lindsay went into the kitchen and put the coffee machine on, ready for when Danny got home and then began preparing lunch for the four of them. She'd decided to make sandwiches, even though she knew she'd be making four different types. Danny would have cheese, Joshua would have ham and Lucy would have ham and cheese, while Lindsay would normally have some sort of jam.

Danny would normally tell her to just do one sort for everyone but Lindsay didn't mind doing different ones, it kept everyone happy and it resulted in a lot less food waste. After making the sandwiches, Lindsay put them in to sandwich bags. The weather was so nice outside, it seemed silly to sit and eat lunch indoors when they were going to head to the park straight after. Now though she had to find the picnic basket and mat, which she was sure hadn't been used since Joshua's first birthday.

Hunting around the kitchen, she looked in the cupboards for the two items but couldn't seem to find it. She decided to get the picnic ready first and then hopefully when Danny got home he would know where the picnic basket was and she would then be able to transfer all the food from the counter into the basket. Grabbing 3 packets of crisps she placed them on the side before going to the fridge and finding a yoghurt each for the children. Going over to the fruit bowl, she grabbed two apples and two bananas and placed them on the side before grabbing two flasks out of the cupboard

for the children's drinks.

"I'm home" Danny called as he came into the kitchen and placed the shopping bags on to the table "What are you up to?"

"I thought we could go to the park and have a picnic" Lindsay smiled as she grabbed two spoons and placed them with the rest of the food "Do you know where the picnic basket and mat is?"

"I thought you leant it to Lucas"

"I did?"

"Yeah, before we went to New Orleans"

"Oh, I'll text him and see if we can go round and collect it on are way to the park"

"That sounds like a plan" Danny smiled as he came over to give his wife a kiss "I've missed you"

"I've missed you too" Lindsay smiled.

"I've missed are babies too, where are they?"

"I'm here!" Lucy exclaimed as she came into the kitchen. "I thought I heard you, Daddy, so I came to guesstigate"

"And you did some good investigating, didn't you, cos you found me" Danny smiled as he picked Lucy up and rested her on his hip. "How's my Lucy-girl today?"

"I'm good" Lucy grinned.

"And where's my Joshua?" Danny wondered.

"Upstairs, I'll show you!"

"Okay" Danny smiled as he placed Lucy back on the floor.

"You come too, Mum" Lucy said as she grabbed both her parent's hand and dragged them both towards the stairs.

Lucy led them both upstairs and walked past both her room and Joshua's "Where are we going, Lucy?" Danny asked.

"Too find Joshua" Lucy said as she pushed open her parents door. "And here he is"

Danny and Lindsay looked down to find Joshua asleep their bed. He was on his stomach with Cocoa laid next to him, with her paw laid protectively over Joshua's back. "Oh look at the two of them" Lindsay cooed.

"She really does love him, doesn't she" Danny smiled.

"Shh Daddy, we don't want to wake them" Lucy said putting her finger to her lips.

"No, no we don't, let's go downstairs and wait for them to wake up" Danny said as he gently guided Lucy out of the room.

Lindsay pulled her phone from her pocket and snapped a picture of Joshua before also leaving the room and pulling the door too. Going back downstairs she went into the kitchen to put all the picnic stuff into the fridge, knowing it could wait until Joshua woke up.