I hope you are all enjoying these 'moments' I am really enjoying writing them. It's nice to be able to write Lucy with her parents as in my other story I can't do that at the moment :) anyway enjoy chapter 3 :)

Danny arrived home at just gone midnight, he was tired after just pulling a 13 hour shift but he was pleased that he and Flack found out who murdered the old lady and left her body in the bush at the park. He hung up his bag and coat, and kicked his shoes off. He made his way straight into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of milk. He lent against the sideboard as he drank it. He was so tired, but he knew he couldn't go to bed yet; he needed to watch some TV and wind down before he had any chance of sleeping.

He finished his milk, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then rinsed the glass out in the sink and left it on the side so it could go in the dishwasher in the morning. He walked into the living room and sat down on the couch and switched the TV on. He flicked threw the channels, there was never anything good on at this time of night, but he found a late night film on one of the channels, It was one that Hawkes had been talking to him about, it was half way through but he decided he may as well sit and watch it. He put his legs up on the couch and laid down to watch, that's when he heard a cough. He just assumed it was one of his girls who were in bed, so he carried on watching the film. A few minutes later he heard the cough again but this time "Daddy"' followed it.

He sat up on the couch and turned around; he saw Lucy sat on the top step in her pink and blue stripped footless onesie, with her hair in two messy plaits and her stuffed rabbit under her arm. "Baby what are you doing awake?" he looked at his watch "Its quarter to one, you should be asleep"

"Daddy I don't feel so good" Lucy replied

Danny got up and walked up the stairs, he picked Lucy up and carried her back to the couch where he sat her on his lap, switching the TV off he asked "why? What's wrong?"

"My tummy is sore, so is my head and I keeps coughing" she snuggled up to Danny resting her head on his chest and letting out another cough.

"Oh my poor baby girl" he lent down and planted a kiss on the top of her head and then felt her forehead with his hand "Your burning up, let's go take your temperature and give you some medicine"

"Okays Daddy" she wrapped her arm around his neck and kept her rabbit under her other arm as Danny picked her up again and carried her to the kitchen where he sat her on the sideboard while he went over to the medicine cupboard.

"Doctor Daddy will get you better in no time" he said trying to make her laugh as he pulled out the calpol and thermometer from the cupboard.

Lucy gave him a small smile then coughed again."Yous a cop Daddy, not a doctor" he put the thermometer in her ear.

"I'm a special Doctor, I only have one patient and her name is Lucy Messer" the thermometer beeped and he checked it. "You have a fever baby" he said kissing her cheek. Lucy pouted as he opened the medicine and poured some out on the spoon "Don't give me that face Luce, Its strawberry flavour, you'll like it I promise"

"No Daddy, medicine is yucky" she turned her head away from the spoon.

"Luce please, it'll make you better and as soon as you take this we can go back up stairs and I'll read you a story"

Lucy looked at him "You promise?"

"I promise" she opened her mouth as he said this and he put the spoon in. She swallowed it pulling a face as she did so and then coughed some more.

"Good girl Lucy" he rinsed of the spoon and put it back in the medicine box and then put everything back in the cupboard. He then went back over to Lucy and picked her up and carried her back upstairs turning off all the downstairs lights as he did so. Once they entered her bedroom he turned on her pink flower light, that Lindsay must have turned off when she went to bed. They didn't like to leave it on all night.

"Let's get you out of this onesie" he placed her down on the floor and undid the poppers on the front of her pyjamas. She took it off while he went over to her chest of drawers and pulled out some pink shorts and t-shirt pyjamas and carried them back over to her. "Put these ones on, they will keep you cooler; hopefully get rid of that horrible fever"

She looked at him, "Can you do it?" she asked coughing again, Danny knew that her asking for help meant she was really sick, she was normally so independent and hated anyone helping her to get dressed.

"Ok, arms up" he smiled picking up the t-shirt, he slipped it over her arms and head. "Right now hold Daddy's shoulders and step into the shorts" he held the shorts down low for her to step into and then pulled them up. "Right, into bed, I'm going to grab us a book to read"

Lucy picked her rabbit up off the floor where she had dropped him when getting changed and went and climbed into bed and under her Minnie Mouse duvet cover. Danny came back with 'The Gruffalo' and sat on top of the duvet next to her.

"I like this book Daddy" she said as he opened it. She started coughing again; Danny wrapped his arm around her and cuddled her closely.

"I know you do, that's why I choose it" he smiled and began reading "a mouse took a stroll through the deep dark woods…" Lucy rested her head on Danny's chest and listened to the story she had heard a hundred times before. After he finished the story Danny looked down and noticed Lucy had her eyes shut, he kissed her head "Night baby" he whispered "I love you" he carefully moved her head onto her pillow, he went to walk out the room.

"Love you too Daddy" Lucy replied sleepily. Danny stopped and turned around "where you going Daddy? Stay with me?"

Danny scrubbed his hands over his face, he was tired and really wanted his own bed, but he knew Lucy was sick and if she wanted her Daddy to stay with her then that's what she would get. "Okay Luce, let me just go and get changed okay?"

Lucy nodded and Danny made his way to his and Lindsay's room, he noticed his wife sleeping peacefully, on her side with one hand resting on her stomach. She had just reached the four month mark; they were planning to tell Lucy soon. He stripped off his jeans and t-shirt he dumped them in the laundry bin in the corner; he left his wife beater on. He grabbed some sweats from his drawer and put them on, then made his way back to Lucy's room.

Lucy was sat up in bed waiting for him "Come on then, let's get some sleep" he told her lifting the duvet and climbing in next to her.

Lindsay woke up at 8pm the next morning, she looked around confused, Danny's side of the bed was empty and hadn't been slept in. there was also no sign of Lucy, she was normally up at 7am at the latest. Maybe Danny had to pull a double she thought, she checked her phone, there was no message from him letting her know that he was. She put her dressing gown on, she would phone him in a minute, she just needed to check on Lucy, make sure that she was still in the house.

She padded down to Lucy's room and pushed the door open gently and that's when she saw them both, Danny laid out on his back with one arm wrapped around Lucy who had her head on Danny's chest and one of her hands was resting on his dog tags that were around his neck while the other arm held her rabbit. Lindsay didn't know why they were both still sound asleep but she wasn't going to wake them as they both must be needing there sleep and also just because they looked so cute.

She walked back to her bedroom and grabbed her phone and snuck back to Lucy's room and took a photo of the sleeping pair, which she quickly forwarded on to Stella with the message 'My two sleeping beauties' she snuck back out the room closing the door gently and padded downstairs to make herself a cup of coffee.