This is my first piece of writing with multiple chapters that I ever finished. I am so proud of myself. I apologize for the shortness, but it is the epilogue. Now that this is done, I will now write I Can Be Your Angel. Although because I will be away, it might take me a week or so to post up the first chapter. I am very thankful for you reading this. I plan to edit this eventually, and if anyone is willing to help me, I will appreciate it greatly. ~Angie


It was a couple weeks later. The middle of June. Seniors graduation. Sollux beamed at his reflection in the mirror, adjusting his graduation robe and hat. Placing the school colored hassle on the correct side before leaving his room to check on his boyfriend, who naturally, was applying make up. With a small smirk the raven head wraps his arms around the blonde's waist. Lightly kissing a tiny bit of the others exposed neck.

"Are you nervouth?" He receives a nod which makes him chuckle. Pulling the blondes attention away from the mirror and towards him as he turns him around, capturing his lips.

"We are leaving in ten minuteth, finish up your make up and meet me downthtairth." With that, Sollux pulls away and sneaks out the door. Several minutes later, walking out the mansion and driving off to a fancy resort of some sort where the graduation was being held.

They are met up with Nepeta, Feferi, Latula, Terezi and Mituna. All but Nepeta, who was graduating the following year, wearing similar robes and graduation hats. After short greetings and some small talk, they all detach from their group and take their assigned seats. Sollux sitting next to a grinning Mituna. The said teen fidgeting in his seat as if he had ants crawling in his pants and multiple times, Sollux had to remind him to calm down.

After the long introductory speech, names are called. With pride he watches Eridan receive his diploma. Grinning as Mituna enthusiastically claps screaming his name.

Soon the C's are called. Getting up, he stands in a row at the foot of one end of the stage. Right behind his twin who alphabetically came before him. He yells and applauds as his name is called. Silently praying that everything goes ok. Sighing with relief as he watches him receive his diploma and walk back to his seat.

His name is called and he climbs up onto the stage. His shoes clicking on the polished wood as applause erupts from the audience. Smiling, he shakes his deans hand, with a curt nod accepting the rolled up paper. Glancing at the audience he sees Eridan in the front row. His twin two rows behind him. Several rows down he finds the rest of his new friends and step sister. In the family audience he notices his father and his wife. Next to them Cronos, Meenah and her girlfriend. The smile still on his face he steps down from the stage and makes it to his seat. The rest of the graduation a blur in his memory.

The tossing of the hat, the rushed goodbyes. Changing in a bathroom. Climbing into a car. Heading straight to the airport. Flying to New York on a private plane. Arriving and heading straight to a hotel. Sleeping wrapped in his boyfriends arms. Waking up. Visiting his friends. A week later attending their graduation. Screaming out his lungs when their names are called. Visiting the graveyard afterwards to talk with Aradia and his mom.

Finding an Apartment. Moving in. Starting college in the fall. Sollux studying computer science, Eridan going for an Art degree. Occasionally flying back to San Diego to visit family.

Two years pass. Three. An envelope comes to their apartment announcing Mituna's and Latula's wedding. The two lovers flying back to attend it.

The wedding goes beautifully. Vows spoken. Cheers echoing around the room. The guests entering the reception hall for refreshments. Sollux reaching for his boyfriends hand before tugging him out the building. Walking side by side, hand in hand to the beach. Taking off their shoes to sink their toes into the soft sand. Feeling the salty water tickle their skin.

Sollux sits down, pulling Eridan down to the ground with him. While the blonde looks away, he wrote out a quick message on the sand. Quickly getting on one knee, pulling out a small box out of his pocket. The words 'Will you marry me?' in the wet sand proclaiming everything he is afraid to say. Eridan laughs, throwing his arms around the Gemini's neck. An excited 'Yes' escaping his lips.