Sometime early the next morning O'l Luke woke up slowly and painfully moaning and groaning as he made his way to his room

he slowly climbed into his bed and closed his eyes and prayed that when he woke up tomorrow he would be able to see again.

So around 8:00 am the rooster crowed and Bo heard it and Bo heard it so he slowly climbed outta bed and tried to wake Luke up

and he at first had a little trouble on account of Luke was tryin' to catch up on his zzz's from last night.

So Bo figured he would let Luke sleep some and he went out into the kitchen to get a nice fresh cup of Coffee and a bisquit.

15 minutes later he heard uncle Jesse get up and make his way into the kitchen and make himself a cup of Coffee

then he sat down at the table and joined Bo who was just about done with his cup of Coffee.

Meanwhile in the boy's room Luke was enjoying his slumber when the noise of cockle-doodle-doo woke up him.

" Oh.. golly what in the heck is going on can't a guy get some shut eye"? said Luke

" Luke slowly rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and he blinked his eyes some and he was so suprized when his vision cleared.

He hopped outta bed he couldn't wait to tell uncle Jesse and Bo the great news ".

" Uncle Jesse , Bo have I got some great news for you I can see can y'all believe it I can see ". said Luke

Jesse walked over and gave Luke a big hug and he couldn't help but have some tear's of joy".

" Oh Luke I'm so happy for you boy you can see again it's a Miracle !". said Jesse

" Hey Bo how's about we take the General out for a spin since I'm all better it will be fun". said Luke

" Sure Luke hey how about we stop by the Boar's Nest and get some cold beer ". said Bo

So The Boys hopped into the General and drove on over to the Boars Nest to celebrate Luke's good news".

15 minutes later Luke and Bo had arrived at the Boars Nest Luke was the first to walk into the Boars Nest and Bo followed him

and he figured he would share the good news with Daisy and so Bo walked over to her and he told her that Luke can see.

" Oh My Lord you ain't blind anymore oh honey that is wonderful ". said Daisy

" I"m so happy it's back again it ain't no fun being blind as bat ". said Luke

" I bet you is buddy that was a pretty scary accident you suffered I thought for sure you was dead". said Enos

Meanwhile Hughie Hogg was still on the run from Rosco and he wasn't about to give up the chase just yet.

" Alright Huey you pull it on over now ". said Rosco

" But Huey just kept driving he was so busy driving he didn't see the sign that said Bridge was out".

So Unfortunetly Huey ended up fallin' into a pile of dirt from the construction crew that was workin' on peach tree.

" I can't believe this of all the luck this sure ain't my day ". said Huey

" Well c'mon climb outta their you no good rotton Hogg". said Rosco

So Huey did what he was told and unfortunetly Rosco slapped the cuffs on him and he put him in the back of his patrol car.

headed on down to the County Jail and this time he wasn't gonna get out on account of flash was in charge of watching him.

Meanwhile back at the Boars Nest the boys had decided to leave and to do some Skinny Dipping at the Hazzard Pond.

" This water sure feel's good don't it Luke?". asked Bo

" Yep it sure does cousin this is the perfect end to a perfect day ". said Luke