Hey, so yeah I'm back. Um, first thing's first-FF wanted to be a little ass and bugged up so I couldn't use it for a while plus I was sick. But I am here now and to bring the new version of THE NEW GIRL. I hope to make this story awesome enough for people's likings but anyways I hope you guys like! Oh and R&R!


Summary: "Cut in half, I'm already there, in my head I know it. Five, no four more steps, take me to the door-Open up I'm falling! One...of those days...Where the lights go out, and yet I smile-!" Three years after having their memories wiped, and having the MBC shut down, the teens all end up attending the same Academy. What will become of our Heroes? Rated T for Language and Violence.


Break Away


Blue eyes stared at the ground as they were watched the things that passed by the shoe-covered feet that walked. A sad sigh escaped a pair of lips as the owner stopped walking. Their gaze lifted and stared at the sight before them; a garden filled with many various and exotic plants and in the center of it all was a small run down shack built of light colored wood and had a large satellite atop of it.

"Hey Chris…"

Blue eyes turned to face the owner of the voice that spoke their name. Green eyes stared right back at them as their gazes locked. Neither being spoke as they stood still, just watching each….waiting….


The one called Chris was a young dark skinned boy with blue eyes and indigo hair. His outfit consisted of various shades of blue, being a long sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve jacket, jeans and a pair of sneakers. While Danny on the other hand was also a young male, although light skinned, and he had spiked brown that jutted upwards and a pair of green eyes. He wore a dark and light purple hoodie with orange, flame-printed trousers and light and dark purple sneakers. Both of them looked no older than twelve although the blue haired one was older.


Chris didn't know what caused it, but he suddenly felt his knees hit the ground and held his hands out to brace himself. His body was trembling and his breathing was slightly ragged.

"Chris?" Danny spoke in a slightly panicked voice as he knelt down next to his comrade. He watched as the blunette kept his head bowed and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Chris? He spoke again, but this time softer.

"God this just isn't fair…"

"I know…"

Chris felt a burning sensation in his eyes and shut them tightly, "Damn it, it's just not fair!" He shouted, the anger and frustration clear in his voice. "How could he do this? HOW!?" Danny remained silent as he felt his own emotions cause terror for himself.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Came the weak response from the older boy. "You have nothing to be sorry about." He maneuvered himself so that he sat on the grassy ground with his hands in his lap. He let out a long frustrated sigh and he felt the tears run down his face. Chris suddenly felt a trembling hand grasp his own and turned to see the brunette next to him on his knees, slouched slightly, with his head bowed. "Danny?"

"I don't understand…"

Chris's eyes widened at his words; it wasn't usual that the skater boy spoke about how he felt or what was on his mind.

"I…I just don't understand…"

Chris gripped the hand holding his own, gently. "What don't you understand?"

A shaky breath, "I don't understand…why he's making us part…" Chris bit his inner cheek to keep from speaking. "I-I mean, I thought that it was supposed to be until we chose to retire—not until we're forced to stop. And as the price; we get our memories wiped. And…and I-…I just don't understand why…" A sniff, "...I honestly don't want to forget you Chris…or Sam…or Cathy…I don't want to forget anyof you guys…you're all my best friends…I don't want to…" The weak, trembling voice faded into a whisper, unable to finish the sentence.

"You don't want what, Danny?" Chris urged on, "What is it?"

It was then the young genius felt something wet splashed against his fist. He watched as it trailed down his knuckles and the skater boy whispered in a broken voice;

"…I…I don't want to lose you guys…"

Chris felt the tears fall down his face quicker as he moved himself a bit so he could wrap his arms around the distressed younger boy, pulling him into an embrace. He held him tightly and listened as the other boy tried to keep his quiet sobs in.

"Danny please…" He soothe gently, "…it's okay to cry…"

"No…" Came the whisper, "…no it's not…"


"Because it just tells me that all this is really happening…"

"Oh my god, Danny…." Chris murmured, but before he could speaker any further he heard quiet footsteps approach them from behind. "Yes?" He said a bit loudly, to show the person that he had acknowledged their presence.


"Sam?…" He craned his head to gaze over his shoulder, and there stood a young dark-skinned female with yellow long-sleeve dress and white leggings and white, yellow and orange sneakers. She had her dark brown hair pulled into to low buns, with strands of hair hanging from the side of her face on he each side, and golden hazel eyes that glittered with unshed tears. "Sam…" She walked over to them and sat down on the other side of the brunette so that she faced both of them. Almost a sort of mini-triangle. The tears finally began to fall as she took in the disgruntled appearance of her blue-eyed companion and the distressed state of her brown haired one, who seem to cling to Chris for dear life.

His bang hid his eyes but the tears were visible as they trailed freely form the boy. And she had honestly never seen him in so much pain.

She wrapped her arms around them both as she hugged them. "Chris why?" She asked, "Why did this have to happen?" He remained silent, because he honestly didn't have an answer to give. He hugged her back with his free arm.

"I don't know Sam…I don't know."

They all stayed like that for a while longer, crying quietly in each other's embrace. But this moment was cut short as the female slowly release her hold on them. She spoke in a quiet voice, "I came out here to tell you guys that…it's was time to go in." Chris stiffened and Danny let out a sharp intake of air. The latter of the two raised his head as he looked at the girl with sad, red-tinted eyes that the crystal liquid flowed form. He looked at Chris next as he slowly released his hand. The skater boy pushed himself back before he forced himself to stand up, soon followed by the other two. All three of them stood still as they stared at the clubhouse.

It wasn't the first time they had all broken down like that; doing so the day before. But with their alien friend back then. Now it was because the three of them had known each other longer that they finally realized this would be the last time they'd know each other. And that is what caused each of them to walk towards the clubhouse with heavy hearts filled with dread.

The golden hazel eyed girl watched as the automatic door slid open. The three humans entered as they were greeted of the sight of the Intergalactic Commander—in the flesh err, tentacles.

They each gave one another a glance as they step forward, giving one another a silent message;

I'm gonna miss you…goodbye…