Break Away

Chapter 15

Footsteps echoed throughout the quiet hallway. It had been a while since they left the room and were now headed to the cafeteria. But a certain brunette wasn't really in the mood for food at the moment. Sam sighed as continued her slow walk. She had been having strange dream for the past two nights, often waking up in distress. She yawned.

The dreams were always about the same thing too; they were never too clear but she could make out the silhouettes of humans or whatever, fighting but not with each other. They were fighting some type of creatures. It was strange. "Whatever." Sam thought, and tried to erase the thoughts from her mind. As she walked through the double doors though, she spotted two familiar teens and felt her jealousy and curiosity flare up. She watched as the two of them emerged from the room, with their hands entwined. It was moments after they exited that they separated. Sam felt annoyance creep into her slowly,

What the hell?

Why were they in Maria's room and why was Chris holding her hand?! Sam's heart sped up; Oh no don't tell me they're…dating!? She felt her fear rise as she gaze at them, who were standing and talking at the door. Before she knew what was happening, she found herself walking towards the duo. "Chris!" she called and the dark skinned male looked past Maria and at her. "Oh uh, Sam?" He spoke, causing the other female to turn around, and once she spotted the hazel eyed girl her own eyes narrowed by just the slightest but she said nothing.

"Hey guys!" Sam spoke in a chipper voice with a smile. "How are you guys doing this morning?" Chris returned the smile, "We're fine, in fact we were just on our way to the cafeteria." "So was I. Perhaps we can all walk together?" "Sure." The quiet brown haired girl remained silent, giving a small nod in response.

"Great!" Chris spoke, "Come on Sam."


The three teens entered the cafeteria and were greeted by the sounds of chattering students, though once inside, Maria took a turn left and headed to the other side of the cafeteria. Neither teen noticed her disappearance as they were too engrossed in their conversation with each other. As she passed by the various students, she sat in the back tables as she done ever since she first came to that school. What was the point of sitting with them? She wouldn't belong there anyway. She'd just be a parasite that wouldn't leave you alone. Maria sighed as she laid her head in her arms, feeling depression tug at her heart.

She saw the way Sam looked at Chris. She could see the joy in her eyes that she felt from spending time with the blunette, it was practically radiating off of her. She watched as the two got on the line and received their food and sat down with the blonde haired bubbly girl, who waved them over to a table. Maria looked away, directing her eyes to the table; she wouldn't watch this. She couldn't. It hurt too much. After spending a little time with the boy genius, Maria felt herself growing to like him and his company. She didn't think it was possible considering all the problems they had and all. Not to mention, the only people that she was able to tolerate were Danny and—


Said girl blinked and looked at the owner of the voice and felt her eyebrows rise a bit in surprise.


The albino girl stood before her staring at her with wide light blue eyes. Once again wearing eyeliner. Maria thought as she scanned over the other girl with her eyes. She wearing a white long-sleeve turtleneck sweater white that hugged her slim torso and a light blue jeans that hugged her hips, nicely shaping her legs tucked into light brown UGG boots. She also had a sliver chained heart locket hanging around her neck.

"Maria…" Nyia gasped again, "…w…what happened to your eyes?" Said girl went rigid, and her jaw tightened but otherwise, remained impassive. She cleared her throat, "I uh had um, brown contacts in before." She spoke. She had forgotten what had happen yesterday.


A sigh escaped her lips as she closed the door shut after the older boy. She didn't know whether she was happy or upset that Chris had finally left. They boy had been coming in to check on her since Friday but was also helping tracking down Danny. She sighed again and turned to lean on the door. She stared at the bed beside her on her right and watched as the small dog slept peacefully. A small smile reached her lips at the memory of Chris finding the dog but soon faded into a frown once more as she was reminded of the dog's owner. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge and began gently scratching the mutt behind the ears. She gave it a soft pet before standing up and walking to the mirror, only jump back in surprise.

"O-oh crap…" She whispered hoarsely, for now both of her eyes were a shining navy blue. "Crap…"


She thought long and hard about what to tell people if they asked her and finally settled on brown contacts. She thought for a moment, she was kind of surprised that Chris hadn't questioned her about her eyes. She couldn't help the small bitter smile that formed on her lips; most likely he doesn't care. Simple. She was broken from her thoughts as she heard a squeal and focused on the albino once more, who slid herself into the seat across from her smiling brightly. "Oh wow!" She chimed, "This is so cool! So, this is your real eye color? I didn't even know you wore contacts! I mean they're so blue and dark! They're so pretty! Goodness Maria I-"

Maria watched as the girl happily rambled on and smiled faintly. Three years. Three years she had known Nyia Moore. They had some weird type of relationship, not really friends but…not enemies. She hadn't run away or ignore Maria back in middle school like the other kids did; instead Nyia had reached out to her and later seemed to be infatuated with mer. She's been flirting with her ever since yeah, but Maria's grown used to it. Nyia after all means well, and has been there for her when she hadn't really expected it. Like now. "Nyia…" She murmured again quietly.

"Hey Maria?" She blinked in surprise, "Yes?" "How come you're sitting here all alone? I thought you were hanging out with…you know um, Chris and Danny." Maria exhaled softly. "No." She spoke quietly, "No…I wasn't. Not anymore." Nyia titled her head to the side in confusion, making Maria get a bit irritated,

"Hey don't you have breakfast to eat? Or are you worried about damaging your precious figure?" She hissed, she hadn't meant for it to come out so bitter but she also didn't want Nyia to question her anymore. But the pale skinned girl smiled slightly, "I actually just came to the cafeteria a few minutes ago. Just before I saw you. I wanted to see how you were doing and I kind of forgot about breakfast." Mari sighed for seemed like the tenth time that day. "Right." She muttered and stood up. "Alright then let's go." She looked at her watch,

7:10 AM

"We've still got time ya know." Nyia smiled and stood. "That black eyeliner really makes your eyes stand out, ya know." Nyia spoke as they walked the line, "You should wear it more often." "I'll think about it." Nyia gasped, "Hey, when did you get your ears pierced?" Maria gave her a look, "A long time ago." She spoke dryly; on her ears were small black horseshoe earrings, spiked and doubled-pierced. Her left ear had two more hoops near the top of her ear. She usually had her hair cover her ears but today she let them show. At least she one ear show. Now she kind of regretted it. Maria stood behind Nyia who grabbed her tray. "Aren't you going to eat?" Maria shook her head, "I'm not really hungry right now, Nyia." She spoke quietly. Nyia frowned, "Are you feeling alright?"

"I'm fine, just feeling a bit tired."

"Now that I think about it, you do look like you could use some sleep."

"I know."

"Maybe you shouldn't go to class?"

"I'm fine."

Nyia wanted to continue but knew better than to argue with the brunette and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Alright then." She spoke softly. She took a bite of her Croissant. She had three of them on her tray along with an apple and a juice box. She saw from the corner of her eye, a group of people waving at her. She stopped, "Um Maria?" The girl stopped and looked back, "Yes?" "I um…have to go. They want me to go over there…" She spoke and looked at the table filled with the group of boys and girls. Maria looked away, feeling

"It's fine. They're your friends aren't they? Just go." Came the emotionless reply.

Nyia noticed the change in her voice and looked back at her, "Maria I-"

"I said, it's fine."

Nyia reached out and laid a hand on her shoulder, only to have it shaken off. "Maria…"

"I've got to go Nyia. I'll see you later."

And with that, Maria walked away from the albino female and into the see of students. Nyia watched her leave before turning away and walking over to the table she was called over to.


Maria walked back over to her table in the back and grabbed her bag. She couldn't stay here. She hated it. This pain in her chest…she hated it…to feel so empty inside and not knowing why made her feel so hopeless and angry. She wasn't used to this feeling and she hated it. She pushed the doors to the exit open and was greeted with the chilly morning autumn air. She stalked over to a bench and put her bag down. She quickly slipped on her hoodie which was Navy blue. The sweater was a bit baggy and the sleeves reached down to her second row of knuckles. She slipped on her bag and sat down on the bench.

She was frustrated. She was honestly frustrated. She was angry at Chris and Nyia but she knew that they were innocent and that she should be at fault here and as a result, she was also angry with herself. "Argh! Why do I have to feel this way? Things were so much better when I hadn't spoken to anyone!" She hissed to herself and rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on. "Great." She muttered sarcastically and sighed, "God Danny…where are you?"

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