Superman, one of Earth's mightiest heroes, was furious after all he had dedicated untold number of resources and man power in the hunt for Batman and his rebels and his men had still turned up nothing, not even a guess. Growling to himself as he sat in his study, the walls lined with books on every subject known to man and a few that weren't, and numerous pedastels holding trophies of some of his defeated enemies, his favorite being the Helmet of Nabu. Hearing the foot steps of two individuals Clark turned around just as the door wooshed open, admitting entrance to Power Girl and the Martian Manhunter. Power Girl sighed as she stared at her cousin, long ago he traded his blue suit for a black one with dark red boots and emblem and most days he looked like it had been years since he last slept.

"Statues report," Superman ordered, his voice sounding strained as if he was one wrong answer away from making them beg for death.

"Still nothing," J'onn answered, his voice its usual emotionless tone. Growling in frustration Superman took a few deep breaths to calm down he then looked at them.

"Expand the search area," Superman ordered, "he can't have gone too far."

Nodding, Power Girl and J'onn left the room, with Power Girl wondering why she had stuck it out this far, she knew he was her cousin and he and Lois did kind of raise her, but that didn't mean she had to turn a blind eye to some of the things he did. Sighing she shook her head, no need to think these thoughts with a telepath nearby.

"Having doubts," J'onn asked, of course he already knew after all it still didn't take much to over power her mental defenses.

"Only every other day," Power Girl said with a sigh. Nodding J'onn knew nothing else needed to be said, after all he sometimes he had the same doubts she was experincing. But for now they decided to focus on the objective at hand, finding Batman and his compatriots.

With Naruto...

Naruto was currently sitting in the cafeteria, eating some kind of grey paste, hearing a chuckle he turned and saw Nightwing with a knowing smirk on his face.

"You think the guy would have actual food," Naruto said, picking up the paste with a spoon, the goop trailing down from the spoon and back down to the tray.

"That's Batman," Nightwing commented, chuckling, "function over form."

"Well condsidering he has a gadget for every situation you'd think he'd have one that can make actual food," Naruto shot back, poking the paste a few more times. That earned a snort from Nightwing as he sat down.

"So what's Batman and Ra's got you working on," Nightwing asked.

"Lets see," Naruto replied, "before breakfast it was learning how to do some weird attack at every angle slash thing."

"He's got you trying to learn how to do a Omnislash," Nightwing asked, impressed after all the people who could pull that off didn't really use a sword.

"Oh I learned it already," Naruto stated off handedly, "to a point."

"How do you learn it to a point," Nightwing asked, stunned.

"Liberal use of shadow clones," Naruto responded nonchalantly.

Before Nightwing could say anything else Poison Ivy sat down next to Naruto and Harley sat next Nightwing, immediately making Naruto uneasy. He knew that Ivy and Harley were close, real close, he also thought that they had some kind of previous "less than professional" relationship. He currently had to admit Harley was less creepy when the Joker wasn't nearby, which made her tolerable right now, as they talked about random things, mostly lewd, crude, or sociopathic things in Harley's case.

With Arbiter and Constantine...

Arbiter and John were sitting in the library at the base of the Citadel, pouring over every tome, book, or demonolgy study from the past six centuries, trying to figure out what kind of demon it was that appeared in the pub, where John had rescued the girl, the fruits of their labor was essentially nothing, zip, zero, zilch, nada. Growling to himself, Arbiter shoved another manuscript off to the side and grabbed a bunch of papers, still searching for anything that matched the description of the demon Constantine described.

"Should have just killed you," Arbiter muttered, feeling a headache starting at the back of his skull and working its way forward. All John did was snort as he flipped through another page of a ancient tome written by some nameless necromancer from five centuries ago.

'Not much longer,' whispered a voice in Arbiter's head. Looking around the room he saw a woman standing in front of a book shelf closest to him. The woman couldn't have been older than 25 with hair the color of raven's feathers, oval eyes as black as night, a cloak of crow's feathers hanging from her slim shoulders, a black dress that was cut just a little low in the front and seemed to drag along the floor, a sword hanging from her hip on her left side that seemed out of place with her ensemble, and long nails that were painted black and filed to points.

With Naruto...

Naruto was glad that he was finally getting to stretch his legs, it's not that he didn't like the Citadael it's just that he hated being locked down to one place for too long. It took some convincing, and having to learn Batman's different tells from Nightwing and Catwoman, who had apparently had a very intimate relationship with him, but eventually he was able to convince him that since none of Superman's regime had ever seen or heard of him before then, combined with his henge jutsu for some added assurance, he could travel around any city incognito. Currently he was walking around Central City enjoying the sights and sounds. However this was stopped as he heard a woman scream, loud, attention getting the works. Batman had warned him before he left to keep a low profile, basically let the cops handle things if there was a crime, but his conscience would not allow it. Sighing Naruto jumped to the top of the nearest building, after checking to make sure no one was looking, and changed out of his civilian attire, black shirt, jeans, and running shoes, into his ninja gear.

After he spent thirty seconds free running across the roof tops Naruto got to the source of the scream, a woman in a brown coat, white blouse, and purple knee-length skirt, with brown hair was backed against a wall fearfully, as three guys stepped closer with malicious grins.

"Give us the purse," the biggest guy of the group demanded, waving around a switchblade knife threateningly. Just as the lady was about to toss her purse to her attackers they all heard something like the rustling of a cape. Curiously they all looked up and saw a silhouette descending on them. The silhouette dropped behind the guy in the center of the group and punched him at the base of the skull, just hard enough to knock him out. The guy to the right looked surprised just as Naruto's fist slammed into his face, sending him to dreamland. Turning around he saw the last guy holding the woman around the neck with knife pressed to her throat.

"Either you let me go or I'll kill this bitch. I swear to god," the last mugger shouted fearfully. Only to get ripped away from the woman and to see two blood red eyes with slits for pupils.

"Swear to me," the voice said in a deep, scratchy baritone, just before the owner of the voice headbutted him. After that the both of them disappeared in plumes of smoke. Back on the rooftop Naruto smirked behind his new black half-face mask.

"Not bad if I do say so myself," Naruto said with a smirk on his face. It was then he felt something akin to a brick wall slam into him. Doing a mid-air recovery, Naruto was able to land on the roof across from the one he had been on and he turned around and saw something odd even by his standards. There was a man on the roof he had just been knocked from standing 9'7" with a hangman's noose around his neck that was severed about three feet from the knot, deathly pale skin and hair, wearing a tuxedo jacket that had been ripped and shredded to hell, a pair of frayed and torn tuxedo pants, and shoes that looked like they had been expensive at one point but now looked like they were about to fall apart.

"Grundy crush," the thing that identified itself as Grundy declared, shaking one of its huge fists at Naruto.

"Bring it tough guy," Naruto shouted, readying a Rasengan. With a shout Naruto jumped at Grundy, ready to deliever a Rasengan to the creatures stomach, only to be beaten to the punch as a green skinned man with red eyes wearing a blue cape with a collar that went up to the base of his skull, two red straps that formed a X across the center of his chest, blue knee high boots, and what looked like blue underwear and a blonde haired woman wearing a white unitard with a hole cut out, which revealed a rather fair amount of her rather large assets, a red cap held firmly to her shoulders by a gold clasp and chain, and blue boots that went halfway up her shins slammed down onto Grundy with all the force of falling boulder. Naruto immediately cut the chakra flow to his Rasengan and looked at the two newcomers.

"I could have taken him," Naruto said, crossing his arms over his chest. It was then that the two heroes looked at Naruto stoiclly.

'You ever see this guy before,' Powergirl thought, using her X-ray vision to try and get a look at the rest of the guys face.

'No,' J'onn replied mentally.

'Good enough for me,' Kara thought as she flew at Naruto. Seeing the girl flying at him, and witnessing what had happened to Grundy, Naruto did the sensible thing and jumped down the alley, narrowly avoiding getting a flying haymaker to the chest that could shatter the faces on the Hokage Monument back home.

"Well this just go interesting," Naruto said outloud, seemingly not noticing the green skinned man rising out of the ground behind him until he had his hands wrapped around Naruto's skull and entered his mind.

Arbiter and John were in the pub where John had encountered a demon, and the scenery showed signs of demon activity, if the blood splattered walls were anything to go by, and all they had come up with as far as the demon was concerned was that it must take someone exceptionally powerful to drag that thing out of Hell and keep it under control. But what caught the attention of both men as soon as they entered the bar was the woman in the dark red bikers jacket sitting at the bar, downing a glass of whiskey.

"Hello brother," the woman greeted, he voice sounding scratchey as she put her glass back on the bar.

"Justicar," Arbiter said curtly, his hand reaching for his Peacemaker pistol, " I should have known, though I thought demons were Sovereign's thing."

"You know that gun doesn't do anything to me," Justicar said, pulling two more glasses from behind the bar and placing them on the bar, "I hear it's customary to offer a dead man a last drink."

"Who said I was dead man," Arbiter fired back, feeling a warm breath on the back of his neck.

"My pet does," Justicar answered, pouring whiskey into all the glasses. John just seemed to take the whole situation nonchalantly as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and put one into his mouth.

"Don't suppose you got light," John asked, making like he was searching his pockets for a lighter.

"You're charms won't work on my pet Mr. Constantine," Justicar said, sitting a zippo on the bar.

"Thanks love," John thanked Justicar, cursing inwardly, but taking the lighter and lighting his cigarette.

"Interesting pet," Arbiter stated, sitting next to his sister and downing the glass of whiskey.

"Didn't come cheap,"Justicar replied bitterly.

"One thing about your pet's rampage has me puzzled," Arbiter said, pouring himself another glass.

"What's that," Justicar asked, feeling a kind of deja vu.

"Why spare the girl," John answered for the both of them, downing his glass and then taking a drag on his cigarette. Justicar just turned and looked at Arbiter before she levitated another bottle of whiskey, this one with a black label and the brand name a old american friend Jack Daniels. All Arbiter could do was scoff in disbelief.

"So that's what this is about," Arbiter stated, "it's about our father."

"Right bastard I guess," John asked, having more than his fair share of abusive parents.

"Our idea of a good day was him coming home sober enough to at least pretend he could walk straight," Justicar answered.

"Still doesn't explain the girl," John stated, taking another drag on his cigarette and eyeing the demon at the door.

"Not to you it doesn't," Arbiter said, flipping his glass over, "though I am curious Constantine, how have you evaded Superman's regime so far."

"I'm a conman squire," John stated, taking one last drag on his cigarette.

"And a lot of infernal beings will owe me a lot of favors when you die," Justicar stated, flipping glass over. As if a signal had gone off Arbiter turned around and fired a shot at Justicar's pet, Justicar kicked herself away from the bar, and John Constantine jumped behind the bar. Her pet roared a challenge and charged at the obvious threat, Arbiter.

"Damn," Arbiter shouted, just barely dodging a dark blue blast of magic however this caused demon to grab him and bring him close to it's face.

"Damn dude," Arbiter said, deciding a little snark was necessary, "you're fugly."

The demon roared in anger and raised Arbiter above its head, as it reared its free hand and extended its hook like claws, ready to spill his guts all over the hardwood floor.

With J'onn in Naruto's Mindscape...

Now J'onn had done his fair share of mindwalking in his time as a member of the incarnations of the Justice League, and normally even the most well defended mind only had a mindscape the size of a modest house, however this person's mindscape was roughly the size of a city, at least that was the view he was getting from atop this mountain. Sensing a presence nearby he turned and saw the man he and Kara had been fitting, though his face mask was missing.

"I'd get out of here if I were you," the man stated, seemingly to not be interested by the fact someone had invaded his mind.

"And if I won't," J'onn asked, glaring at the man.

"Then I'm not responsible for what happens next," the man stated, just before a pair of giant paws slammed down either side of him, the paws seemed to have opposable thumbs, which J'onn found only slightly weird, and were covered in red-orange fur, following the legs the paws came attached to straight up he saw that they connected to a massive vulpine body with nine tails that seemed to sway in a nonexistant breeze. It was then J'onn saw the face of the creature it had black markings around it's blood red eyes, long ears that seemed to be a mixture of a fox and a rabbit, and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

"Get out," demanded a deep, booming baritone voice that came from the creature, just before it let out a roar that shook the ground beneath J'onn's feet.

Back in the real world...

Kara's superhuman hearing picked up a sound she never thought she'd hear, J'onn J'onzz aka the Martian Manhunter screaming in pain. Quickly flying down into the alley she saw J'onn clutching his head in pain and the man that should have been there nowhere to be seen.

"J'onn," Kara called out, using her superspeed to rush over to her comrade and grabbed his hands, "What happened?"

"Monster," was J'onn's only answer.

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