Wherever I Go

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Chapter 1

Miley stared at the postcard in her hand.

"You are invited to Seaview High's Class of 2010 five year reunion. May 23, 2015 at The Pier in Malibu. RSVP with a head count."

Had it really been five years already? She couldn't believe it. It seemed like just yesterday she and Lily had walked into Seaview's halls as seniors.

Miley had left for Paris the fall after high school to do the Spielberg movie with Tom Cruise. She had decided she was not ready for college. Not like Lily, Lily was ready for college so Miley did not push her to go to Paris with her. Oliver was still doing his music and traveling the world on his third world tour. Lily had graduated Stanford a year early. She was always smart. Miley and Lily had stayed close for the first two years, especially after Lily and Oliver had broken up and Jesse and Miley had broken up as well around the same time. But after what happened at Thanksgiving three years ago they had not spoken. Miley only knew she had graduated early because her dad had been invited to the ceremony. That was the only way she could keep up with Lily. Lily refused to answer any phone calls, emails, or text messages.

*Thanksgiving Three Years Earlier*

Everyone was sitting around Robbie's dining room table. Miley, Lily, Jackson, and Sienna sat on one side of the table while across from them were Mamaw, Heather, Aunt Dolly, and Rico. Robbie Ray sat at the head of the table. They all talked over each other with stuffed faces. They talked about Jackson's gaming career, Sienna's new cover, Aunt Dolly's show…everything. All was going great, and then Jackson said something about Miley's new movie. Miley glared at him trying to get him to shut up before he said too much…but it was too late.

Lily whipped her head around, "What is he talking about?"

Miley and Lily had planned on touring Europe the following summer. Spend some much needed best friend time together. They had not had much time between Miley's movies and Lily's studies so they decided this would be a great time to catch up, have some fun, and see the world together.

Miley looked at Lily the same way she looked at her the day she told her she was going to Paris. "I'm going to shoot a movie with Bradley Cooper in Toronto over the summer."

"What?!" Lily spat back.

"I said…"

"I heard what you said. I just can't believe you are doing this to me….again." Lily stood up and stomped out of the house to her and Miley's old bedroom that Robbie had turned into a private music studio now.

Miley looked around the table then got up to follow Lily.

"Lily, look I'm sorry." Miley said finally catching up with her.

"How the hell could you do this to me again?! First it was you choose Paris over me and now you're choosing Bradley Cooper?"

That hit Miley hard. Is that how Lily saw her? Did she really feel that way? "Lily. You know I would never…"

"Yes you would! You have plenty of times before!"

"Why do you even care?"

"Because I love you!" She yelled.

"What does that have to do with this?" Miley asked.

Lily's frustration grew with every passing moment. "You know, for such a smart girl you really are clueless. I am IN love with you. How could you not see it? I have been dropping not-so-subtle hints to you for the past 8 years. Why do you think Oliver and I broke up right after you and Jesse?" Her eyes were now filling with tears.

Miley stood shocked at her best friend's confession. "Lily…I…I didn't know…" her words trailed off as she started staring at the floor.

"Of course you didn't!" Lily was still screaming. "You were too busy making movies and records and keeping Hannah's secret and then making Miley known to see! Why do you think I BEGGED you to go to Stanford with me?"

Miley just stood there. She couldn't move. She couldn't speak. She couldn't do anything but stand there and look at the ground.

They both stood there in silence. You could cut the tension with a knife. Lily was looking at the ground now, but Miley's eyes were fixed on her best friend of 8 years. Next thing she knew she was across the room holding her best friend in her arms. Little did she know it would be the last time. "I'm sorry Lily. I just can't." She said tears falling down her face. That's when Lily ran. She ran fast and far. Before Miley could catch her Lily was already in her car speeding away.


That was the last time the two had spoken. Now it was their five year high school reunion and she didn't know how to go about all of this. The one thing she did know was that she missed Lily more than life itself. Every day that day replayed in her head. How she could have told Lily why before she said she couldn't. How she could have told Lily that she loved her the same way. She kept thinking of what could have been. She wished she had told Lily that she accepted all those movie roles because she knew if she spent any more time with her that she would not be able to control herself. She didn't know why she told Lily she couldn't that night. She knew Lily was telling her everything she ever wanted to hear from those beautiful, perfect, sweet, unimaginably soft lips of hers. But she said no. She beat herself up every day for three years. Now she would have to face Lily. Face to face. She was scared, but also excited. Maybe now she would get to explain everything to Lily and tell her why she reacted the way she did. She wanted to tell her how much she really did love her, but she also was going to be cautious because it had been three years. But she still loved Lily very much. She never moved on. All she knew was that once again she was going to be able to see her, be near her, and talk to her- even if she didn't talk back. That's all she wanted.