Chapter Two: Welcome Home.

Naruto grinned with shark-like teeth as the gates opened, 'Wow, it hasn't changed much.' The sixteen year old thought as he took a step forward.


Naruto looked to his right and screamed before jumping back a step, letting the silver train pass within inches of his face.

The group stared as the train receded into the distance, their jaws dropped as it seemingly melted through a portion of the village's wall and out into the wild.

Jiraiya was the first to break the silence as he barked out a laugh, "HA! Well I guess they finished your design Naruto! HAHA!" he said before thumping Naruto on the back as he walked to the front of the group.

Jiraiya raised an arm, "Alright! Karin, Suigetsu and Fuu. You guys follow me to Tsu-chan's office. The rest of ya, go make up for lost time." Jiraiya ordered with a grin, "Welcome home everyone."

Fuu hugged Naruto, "See you later Naruto-kun." She said before leaping off to follow Jiraiya.

Suigetsu patted Naruto's shoulder, "You owe me another spar. And remember your promise! I wanna meet your swordsmen friends." He said before following after Fuu.

Karin moved from hugging Sasuke to hugging Sakura, she then smacked the back of Naruto's head as she ran passed, "Later Nii-baka!" she laughed.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck with a frown, "Ah man, how come she treats you two so nicely then hits me? I'm the one that's actually her cousin." Naruto grumbled.

The hooded Sasuke stepped forward and placed a firm hand on Naruto's shoulder, "Otouto, just be happy. You're lucky that I found her for you." Sasuke said before walking calmly ahead.

Naruto scowled as he floated after Sasuke, "Whatever I let your prey leave only a little destroyed cause you want the killing blow, you should consider yourself lucky." Naruto snapped back.

Sakura smiled as she walked behind the two, 'I haven't seen these two so relaxed like this since our second year of training. It's certainly good to be home.'


"How should we do this?" Naruto asked as he and Sasuke approached the door to their house.

Sasuke glanced at Naruto and used his highly tuned tactic developing mind to come up with a quick solution, "We drop off our things, say hello to everyone in this house. Then straight away head over to the girls' so that they have no reason to yell at us. That gives us approximately seventeen minutes until Sakura returns and blows our cover." Sasuke said.

Naruto nodded with a grin, showing off his new sharp teeth he got from Kisame, "Then that's what we'll do!" he cheered as he pushed the door open.

Naruto smiled as he saw Pikkon stepping out of the kitchen with a sandwich in hand, he swallowed his mouthful and grinned, "Hey! You're back!" Pikkon said as he waved them in.

Naruto thumped fists with Pikkon as did Sasuke, "How's the leaf been without us?" Naruto asked as the three walked into the kitchen.

Pikkon stepped up to the bench and began making more sandwiches, "Pretty sweet, you're looking at Tokubetsu Jonin Pikkon. The leader in sword work." He said with a loud thump to his chest before expertly cutting all the ingredients and letting them land in the right position before he cut the sandwiches, "And pretty much the house wife here." He said with a grin.

Sasuke chuckled, "Really, I didn't know you and Gaara were so…close." Sasuke said, implying the two were a couple.

Naruto openly laughed as Pikkon scowled, "Hey! I may be gay but no way for the red head!" Pikkon announced.

Sasuke and Naruto went quiet and blinked at Pikkon, "You're gay?" Naruto asked in shock.

Pikkon raised a brow before nodding, "Yeah, you got a problem with that?" he asked with a glare, the kitchen knife reflecting the light into Naruto's eye.

Sasuke shook his head, "Not at all, it's just…well I thought you were the last of your clan, don't you have to revive it once you move back to rock?"

Pikkon shrugged, "I already sent over sperm donations. There are three families I've chosen to revive it for me." He said as he sat at the table.

Naruto took a bite of the offered sandwich and hummed, trying not to think about the guy 'donating' into a cup in their house, "So, how'd that work exactly?" he asked around his full mouth.

Pikkon sighed and spoke in a way that seemed he has repeated the same thing a billion times before, "Since I applied for it, families where the male is unable to produce a child stepped up. I got to choose the families I thought would be best to raise an Elemental Swordsman and they were happy to have a child." He said with a shrug.

Sasuke nodded, "Truly a win-win situation." He said.

Pikkon grinned as he finished his food when Naruto asked his next question, "So, you got a gir- I mean, boyfriend?"

Pikkon smiled, in a way that reminded Naruto of how Sakura looks when she's thinking of Sasuke, "Yeah, he's four years older than me but I really feel a connection to him. I can't help it." he said before leaning back and laughing, "Actually, I'm pretty sure you guys know him."

Naruto raised a brow, "Really? Who is it?" he asked.

Pikkon grinned, "Let's see who's smarter, I'll give you clues." He said as he picked up the empty dishes. "I'm four yours older than you guys, so if he's four years older than me. He is twenty four. My main job as a Tokubetsu Jonin, is teaching sword skills. I met him through work. Finally, he's spent about forty times more money on ramen then what he's actually eaten." Pikkon said as he finished with the empty plates and turned to the two. "So, who do you think?" he asked with a smirk.

Naruto frowned in thought, "A full generation older than us…teaching… and Ramen…" Naruto muttered as he tried to piece it together.

Sasuke simply raised a brow, "I had no idea Iruka-sensei liked men."

Pikkon smiled happily as Naruto's jaw hit the table, "IRUKA-SENSEI?!" he yelled in shock.

Pikkon nodded, "Yeah, we met when I went for the course I teach Wednesday and Friday afternoons. I asked if he wanted to come by to discuss proper teaching times since one of my lessons clashed with his sealing lessons. It just escalated from there." Pikkon said with a happy smile.

Naruto was still processing that Iruka was gay, so he was near unresponsive. Sasuke just nodded as he stood, "Congratulations are in order then, we don't have long though. We should go see the girls." Sasuke explained as he patted Pikkon's shoulder.

Pikkon grinned, "Thanks Sasuke, and you should get going. You don't want them finding out you didn't go there first." He said.

Hearing that snapped Naruto out of his daze, "Ah! Your right Pikkon! They'll kill us!" he said before jumping to his feet and flying out, "Congrats Pikkon! Look after sensei or else!" Naruto yelled behind him.

Pikkon blinked in confusion before glancing at Sasuke, "Was he threatening me?" Pikkon asked.

Sasuke nodded, "Oh yeah, Otouto thinks very highly of Iruka-sensei. If you do hurt him Naruto may break your face." he said with a smirk, "Catch ya later." Sasuke said as he faded out of existence.

Pikkon took a deep breath and blew it out harshly as he left the room, "I better go see Iruka-kun, make sure I haven't screwed anything up." He muttered as he adjusted his three swords and headed out.


Naruto and Sasuke stood on the roof of the girls house, Naruto used Akamaru's abilities to determine the state of the house.

"I can smell Tayu-chan and Kin-chan and a lot of cleaning stuff. Hina-chan isn't here yet and Sakura-Nee-chan is on her way." Naruto reported.

Sasuke nodded, "Entrances?"

Naruto took a deep whiff, "You, go kitchen window. I'll take stairwell window." Naruto confirmed.

Sasuke smirked, "Catch you inside." He said before leaping down to the side of the house.

Naruto hovered to the back of the house and glanced in the window, seeing a glimpse of Tayuya yawning as she stretched her back, pausing as she walked down the stairs to do so.

Naruto smirked as he tossed a kunai behind her. Her Shinobi instincts kicked in and she turned towards the thud, only to raise a brow at the weird shape of the knife.


Tayuya covered her eyes from the bright light only to feel a pair of soft hands hold hers, "Tayu-chan, are you cleaning?"

Tayuya's eyes snapped open and she stared wide eyed at the smiling Naruto, "Naru-kun…?" she asked quietly as she blinked widely.

Naruto grinned, "I'm back!" he said with a chuckle.

Next thing he knew, Tayuya had tackled him to the stairs in a hug as she kissed him full on the lips. Unfortunately, the two couldn't enjoy their reunion as their legs tangled and they began falling down the stairs.

Naruto hit the ground on his back and Tayuya landed on his chest, they looked at each other before bursting into laughter as Naruto hugged her tightly.

"Get a room you two!"

Naruto and Tayuya looked up from their position to see Kin in the arms of Sasuke, sitting on the love seat facing the back balcony, "What about you two? You're already in his arms, why can't I be in my man's hmm?" Tayuya said with a chuckled before she squealed as Naruto flashed the two of them back up to the top of the stairs.

Tayuya blinked and glanced around as she found herself sitting in Naruto's lap on the top step, "How'd you do that?" she asked.

Naruto reached up and pulled his kunai from the hand rail before placing it against the seal on his pants, it easily morphed in as he began explaining, "Aniki finished remaking my father's seal. It was odd, I've never really understood seals that much but when he started explaining them to me, it just clicked in my head." He said with a shrug, "I'm no master, but just by looking at my dad's seals I can almost just… I dunno, feel it." he explained while grinning.

Tayuya nodded, "That's how I felt when I started looking through the Uzumaki seals." She said with a matching grin.

Naruto raised a brow, "Hey Tayu-chan, I can't help but notice you're not swearing like you used to." He said.

Tayuya nodded, "Yeah, Kin-chan kept flicking her dango sticks at me every time I swore. It pissed me off to cut down a lot, but I'm managing." She said as she hugged herself closer to him.

Naruto chuckled before picking her up bridal style, causing her to squeak as he laughed, "I kinda miss the potty mouthed red head I left behind, what's happened to change you so much? You're not even yelling at me." He said as he began walking around upstairs.

Tayuya smiled up at Naruto, "Left here." She ordered.

After he followed her order, she began talking, "I finished my probation for one. I'm lined up for the next Jonin exams once I'm put on a team." She said as she pointed to their left again.

Naruto moved to push open the glass door with his foot, they stepped onto the upstairs balcony as she continued talking, "I've been learning from Kurenai sensei about Genjutsu. Mixed with my new fighting style I've become as good as her in the field. I even broke her ultimate technique with a mirroring." She said.

Naruto raised a brow, "Mirroring?" he asked as he sat down on the seat, resting her on his lap in the process.

Tayuya nodded, "Hm, it's when a Genjutsu is taken over by the target and pushed back on the user." She explained.

Naruto nodded, "Wow, so you're the top Genjutsu user in Konoha?" he asked with wide eyes.

Tayuya grinned as she stood up, "Yep, you didn't even notice this one have you?" she asked with a cheeky grin.

Naruto raised a brow, "Huh?" he asked in confusion.

Tayuya snapped her fingers and the balcony and view of Konoha suddenly warped and became her bedroom, with Naruto sitting on the bed.

Naruto looked around in shock, "Woah!" he proclaimed.

Tayuya leaned forward and held his head in her hands, "Naru-kun, I want you." She whispered before kissing him deeply.

Naruto's eyes widened as he returned the kiss, as she slowly pulled away he began stuttering, "T-T-Tayu-ch-chan! W-we can't do th-that!" he proclaimed.

Tayuya sighed and sat on the bed next to him, "Yeah I know." She said with a cheeky smirk before bursting into laughter at Naruto's scared but excited face.

The blushing blonde frowned, "Oi! You tease!" he said before pouncing on her and tickling her.

The two laughed in happiness as they rolled around on the bed, ending up in a position of her pinned under his arms.

Tayuya looked up at Naruto with a smile and pulled him in for another kiss, as they pulled away the two grinned at each other, "Naru-kun, when are you gonna propose to the three of us?" she asked.

Naruto laughed uncomfortably, "Umm, I hadn't really thought about it." he confessed.

Tayuya pouted, "Well, start thinking about it." her eyes widened and she blinked owlishly, "Are you a clone?"

Naruto tilted his head in confusion before sitting back, "No, why would I be a clone?" he asked.

She sighed, "If you're here with me, have you even seen the other two yet?" she asked as she sat up next to him.

Naruto's eyes bugged out, "Oh shit! Your right!" he said as he stood. He was about to run out when he turned to Tayuya.

She smiled and waved him off, "Go get 'em Naru-kun, we still have the rest of our lives right?" she asked.

Naruto grinned widely, "Always and forever Tayu-chan!" he yelled before running out.

Tayuya grinned happily before hearing his footsteps return, she looked up to see him poking his head in the door.

He scratched his head sheepishly, "Umm…"

She sighed, "Hinata is training with her father and Tenten should be running her uncle's shop right now." She said before throwing her pillow at him, "Now go loser!" she teased.

Naruto ducked out of the way of the pillow and ran out again, "Thanks Tayu-chan! Love you!" he yelled as he ran to the real upstairs balcony and leapt into the air, flying off to see Tenten.



Tenten turned with a smile to the hooded customer, "Hello! Welcome to Higurashi's weapon store! Please have a look around and feel free to ask me any questions." She said with a smile before going back to cleaning a katana.

Naruto blinked in shock that Tenten didn't recognise him, so he decided to play a little game, "Actually I bought a sheath from here a long time ago, I would a second made similar to it." he said in a misleadingly deep voice.

Tenten looked up from the Katana and placed it aside as she stood, "Please, show me the sheath and I'll see what we can do.

Naruto reached down and unbuckled Kubikiri's sheath from his belt, he turned and placed it on the bench, making Tenten pause as she looked at it in recognition.

Naruto grinned as Tenten looked up at him, he flicked his hood off of his head, "Is something wrong Ten-chan?" he asked.

Tenten smiled widely and leapt over the counter to hug him, he caught her in mid air and spun her around before setting her down on her feet. He caught her off guard with a kiss.

She smiled into the kiss as he pulled away, "I've missed you Ten-chan, what's happened while I was gone?" he asked as he held her in a loose hug.

Tenten leaned forward against his chest, "Nothing too exciting, I've just been training and looking after the shop. Although…" she looked around the shop, ensuring no one was around before she stood on her toes to whisper in his ear, "In a few days I have my first mission as an ANBU agent." She informed him with a smile.

Naruto's eyes widened, "Seriously?! That's incredible!" he shouted.

Tenten silenced him with a kiss, "You can't tell anyone I'm entering ANBU, it has to be kept quiet." She whispered harshly.

Naruto nodded, "Alright, I just wish I could go with you. Like, I know your strong but…ANBU?" he asked, scared that she might get hurt.

Tenten smirked, "You don't even know how strong I am Naruto-kun." She said as she stepped away from him.

Naruto blinked owlishly, "How strong are you then?" he asked.

Tenten smirked and slapped him on the chest, "Well, I'd say I'm alright, y'know. Second of our age group to become fully fledged Jonin and all." She said, laughing as Naruto's jaw hit the floor.

"What?! You're a Jonin already? Why are you stuck running this store then?" he asked in a rush.

Tenten laughed as she stepped around the work bench and picked up his sheath, "Well, after six months in ANBU I can apply for a gennin team. This helps me save up money for the first few months of D-ranks I'll have to do with them." she explained.

Naruto nodded, trying to process it all when Tenten grasped Samehada's hilt, "So, you want the sheathe for this monster? OW!" she said before screaming in pain as Samehada's handle grew teeth and stabbed her.

Naruto grasped Samehada in one hand and held his other to Tenten, "Give me your hand." He ordered in the tone of a leader.

Tenten stared at Naruto in shock, 'His whole demeanour… it's completely changed.' She thought as she held her hand out to his.

His hand glowed green and in seconds, her hand was completely healed. As soon as that was done, Naruto took his hand away and held Samehada up in front of him as he slipped back into his laid back demeanor, "Bad Samehada, no attacking friends." He ordered as he flicked the bandages.

Tenten's eyes widened as the blade shook under its bandages, "Gigi, gi." It said.

Naruto sighed, "I know, sorry. I guess I'll have to worn everyone about that." Naruto said before resting the sword on his shoulder, "Sorry Ten-chan, Samehada doesn't let anyone touch her except for her wielder." He explained.

Tenten stared at the blade, "Is she a sentient sword?" she asked in awe.

Naruto nodded, "Hmm, she is." Naruto lifted Samehada and let the bandages fall onto the bench, "Say hello." Naruto said.

Samehada morphed from her greatsword form into its mobile form, it looked at Tenten before turning back to Naruto, "Gigi, gigigigi." It said before going back to its greatsword form.

Naruto raised an eye brow, "Apparently your chakra is 'tainted' with another sentient sword." Naruto explained before he rested Samehada on the bench and began re-wrapping her.

Tenten frowned, "You're back not even ten minutes and your sword is accusing me of cheating on it?" she said while folding her arms.

Naruto grinned and leant over the bench, "She's just a picky eater," Naruto said, talking about the sword while cupping Tenten's face with his hand, "I've missed you Ten-chan. A lot." He said softly.

Tenten smiled and leaned into his hand, "I've missed you too Naruto-kun. Thank you for coming back safely." She said before kissing his palm.

Naruto grinned before he noticed the time, "Ugh, sorry for leaving so early, but I think Hinata-chan's training is ending about now right? Her Dad'll kill me if he thinks she's not one of my priorities." He said with an apologetic smile.

Tenten nodded, "It's okay, I get it. Could you leave me a wood clone please? I want to hear about your training mission." She asked.

Naruto nodded and made a wood clone from his chakra, "I'll be off then, should I take these with me? Or do you want to look at them?" he asked with a gesture to his swords.

Tenten waved him off, "Go ahead and take them, I'll see you soon?" she asked.

Naruto and the clone nodded with a grin, "Yeah, he can lead you to dinner tonight. We'll be waiting for you if nothing interferes with our plans." Naruto said as he buckled Kubikiri Bocho's sheathe back into place and hefted Samehada onto his back.

Naruto leaned over one last time to kiss Tenten, but she leapt into the arms of the clone, "Nuh-uh, your times up big boy! I got this one for now." Tenten said before kissing the clone full on the lips.

The real Naruto frowned and was about to complain when the clone waved him off, "I've got it boss, bye bye!" it said before pushing him out the door with a small burst of wind.


Naruto landed in front of the Hyuuga clan gates with a grin, "Hello, I want to see Hinata please!" Naruto said.

"Get in line bub!"

Naruto glanced to his right to see a large line of guys with flowers chocolates and other such gifts. He raised an eye brow at the guards who were standing in the standard Hyuuga fashion, "Who are these guys?" Naruto asked.

The gate guards obviously didn't recognise him, so they did not respond. But one of the men near the front of the line did, "I'm Hinata's soul mate! And I have to tell her before that Naruto guy gets back and takes her away!"

Naruto turned and looked at the guy before looking at all the people waiting, 'Eighty three guys waiting for my Hinata-chan?' he thought before yelling out, "What makes you think you guys are good enough for her?!"

Most of the guys began yelling about 'soul mates' and the like until one obnoxiously loud guy jumped into the air and yelled, "Have you seen her lately?! She's HOT!"

Naruto frowned and swung his arm, using Juugo's ability to extend his arm and punch the guy in the face, making everyone's jaw drop at the ability.

Naruto frowned and walked over to the Hyuuga that was hidden behind a Genjutsu across the street that only the Byakugan could see through.

The Hyuuga scowled as Naruto squatted in front of him, he obviously couldn't see the guy, but his sense of smell had set him up so he was almost looking at him, "Oi, Hinata-chan said the Hyuuga that was given your job is a top notch sensor, so you can tell who I am right?" Naruto asked.

The Hyuuga made no move to respond, causing Naruto to sigh, "Okay, as a sensor, feel what I'm doing now yeah?" Naruto said as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath and his skin turned pale.

The Sensor Hyuuga finally reacted by whispering, "Uzumaki Naruto." He then nodded towards the gate guards.

Naruto turned and let his sage mode deactivate, he casually walked up to the gate and was let in to the outrage of the suitors.


Naruto began calmly walking through the compound looking for Hinata, he smiled as he stepped into the back gardens.

He stepped onto the bridge and leant against the rail, 'The last time I saw Hinata, was this exact spot…' he thought with a smile as he looked at his reflection in the water.

He felt a presence behind him before a set of arms wrapped around his waist, "Naruto-kun…" he heard her whisper.

Naruto smiled as he continued looking at the reflection, he could see only the top half of her face looking over his shoulder and the arms around his waist. But the two stared into each other's reflection eyes lovingly none the less.

Naruto stood and turned, letting him come face to face with Hinata…sort of.

It was at this point he truly realised how much taller he had grown, his chin was right in line with the top of her forehead so he had to look down to see her pale glowing eyes.

Naruto smiled as did Hinata, they held each other for a moment, not needing to say anything before they kissed softly.


Naruto and Hinata broke the kiss and they looked to his right to see Hiashi staring at them with a frown, "Hinata, you cannot just leave in the middle of training." He said.

Naruto grinned and held Hinata in a one-handed hug as she buried her face into his chest with a giggle, "Ne, Hiashi-sama. I just got back, can't we have a little alone time please?" Naruto asked while scratching the back of his head.

Hiashi's frown deepened, "…No." he said sternly.

Hinata pouted up at her father, "But Daaad, we both know I'd just win again." she said, without a stutter or any form of nervousness.

Naruto looked at Hinata's actions with wide eyes as Hiashi sighed, "Now Hinata, Neji has come close to beating you three times this last month. Today could have been his day."

Hinata pouted as her eyes took on the form of the 'Puppy eyes technique', "Pleeeease?" she asked.

Hiashi's face twitched, before he sighed in defeat, "Fine. Make sure you tell him about the occurrences of the clan though. He has a choice to make." Hiashi said before walking off to join his nephew and younger daughter in training.

Hinata smiled in victory before looking up at Naruto's stunned face, "What's wrong Naruto-kun?" she asked worriedly.

Naruto's face slowly turned into a smile, "What happened to my formal and shy little Hinata-chan?" he asked with a chuckle.

Hinata grinned, like really grinned, "Let's just say training can change a person…along with a few pushes from friends and three years practise." She said before frowning, "Well, that and Kin-chan eats a lot of dango now." She said, reaching up and cradling Naruto's face.

She stood on her toes as he bent his neck slightly and the two shared another kiss, eventually Hinata pulled away and went to step back. Only for her eyes to widen as she grasped onto Naruto's clothes.

Naruto chuckled at her expression as she looked back at the ground, they were floating about the height of the village walls above the Hyuuga compound, "Tell me everything Hina-chan, has Neji gotten too weak for you?" he asked with a smile.

Hinata smiled and wrapped her arms up and around his neck for support as they hovered around, "Neji-niisan is far from weak, he was the first of our age group to obtain Jonin status and he's on next year's list to be a Jonin sensei." She said, stunning Naruto.

"Woah! He's a Jonin?!" he asked before blinking as something else slipped into place, "And you can beat him?!"

Hinata laughed beautifully at Naruto's questions, "Yes he is and yes I can. I was ranked a Tokubetsu Jonin before father put in the official word of me being his successor, I've been training in the clan compound almost nonstop for about six months now." She said before resting her head on his shoulder and sighing, "Which has become a problem…"

Naruto raised a brow, sensing the seriousness of the situation bearing down, "Do I want to land to hear this?" he asked as he already began descending.

Hinata smiled, "It isn't that big of a deal, it's just that if you want to keep me we'll have to get married sooner than originally thought." She said with a nervous laugh.

Naruto blinked, "How soon is that?" he asked as his feet touched the wall of Konoha.

Hinata stepped off of his feet, "Well, if I become the Hyuuga head and you want to marry me. You'll have to become a Hyuuga. That means the CRA will be made void and you won't actually be allowed to see Tenten-chan or Tayuya-chan outside of clan business." She explained.

Naruto nodded, "But…I love them too." He said.

Hinata smiled, "I know, that's why I'm telling you this now." She said before taking a deep breath, "Five months from now I will officially be declared the clan head."

Naruto's eyes widened, "F-five months?!" he asked.

Hinata frowned, 'I knew he wouldn't be ready, I guess he'd rather be with the other two than me…' she thought sadly.

"Shit, we don't have much time to plan."

Hinata stared at Naruto in shock who was frowning and counting something on his fingers, "I should have more than enough money saved up. Especially since I got my father's royalties upon return to the village…damn this'll be hard." He muttered before feeling a small hand grasp his own.

He looked at Hinata with a raised brow, "What's wrong?" he asked when he noticed her wide teary eyes.

Hinata sniffed, "A-are you sure Naruto-kun? It's not too soon?" she asked, holding in tears of happiness.

Naruto sighed, "Well Tayu-chan was pushing for it too. And no way in hell I'm gonna lose you." he said before Hinata glomped him and kissed him heavily on the lips.

In this situation, Naruto would do nothing but smile and kiss her back usually. But this was the first time he really felt her body flushed against him.

Naruto blushed bright red as he felt Hinata's curves press into his torso, he froze, trying to control himself from getting…excited.

Hinata noticed his lack of action and sat up, still sitting on his thighs, "Naruto-kun?" she asked.

From Naruto's angle, he finally got a look at what Hinata was wearing and how much she had grown. She wore a long sleeve white skivvy that stopped just above her belly button and standard black ANBU pants going down her legs. Naruto wasn't sure if Hinata knew or not, but she was the epitome of beauty.

Which Naruto unthinkingly shared, "Holy Log, you're beautiful." He said as he sat up.

Hinata blushed at the compliment, "Th-thankyou Naruto-kun." She muttered, stuttering for the first time in over a year.

Naruto grinned and masterfully lifted her up bridal style to stop her from getting an opportunity to notice 'little Naruto' had come to life, "Do you want to come over tonight? Then we can talk about this with the five of us." Naruto said with a smile.

Hinata smiled with a nod as they rose into the air, she tilted her head in thought, "Wait…five?" she asked as she did the math, "Naruto-kun, Tenten-chan, Tayuya-chan, myself and…?"

Naruto gulped, "Let me introduce you to her tonight, she's someone very precious to me that I met during our last year of training. I know she loves me and I do her, but I told her about the promise I made to you. That you have to approve of her before anything can happen." He explained in a rush.

Hinata smiled, "You've found the final wife?" she asked happily.

Naruto faltered at her immediate acceptance, "Only if she passes your scrutiny." He said, trying to figure out how this was the one reaction he wasn't prepared for.

Hinata kissed him, taking his attention from their flight and making him come to a stop above the Hyuuga gardens. She pulled away and smiled, "Are you going to see her after this? Can I come?" she asked.

Naruto breathed in through his teeth, "I don't want Hiashi-sama to hate me…" Naruto said, torn between making her happy and pissing off her dad.

Hinata grinned, "Let's go then! I'll explain it to him later." She said as she pushed out of his grasp and landed on his shoulders before using him as a springboard and leaping off towards town.

Naruto flipped through the air before righting himself, he smirked as he turned to the direction Hinata was facing, 'Wrong way Hinata-chan.' He thought as he swiped one of his kunai and pitched it at full speed.

Hinata caught a glimpse of silver in the corner of her eye before a bright yellow flash disoriented her. She felt herself be caught and she cleared her vision to see Naruto holding her with one arm, "Naruto-"




"-kun?" she asked before glancing around in confusion.

"Naruto, Hinata, welcome." Tsunade said with a smile as she watched Naruto place Hinata on her feet inside the office.

Hinata blinked, "What happened?" she asked.

Naruto plucked his kunai from the wall behind them and smirked as it disappeared back into its seal, "Nothin." He said as he took her hand and walked forward to the group.

Tsunade smiled and was about to talk when Sasuke blurred into existence, "Sorry Tsunade-baa-sama." He said with a smirk as Kin stepped out from behind him.

She shook her head, "No problem, Naruto only just got here himself. You were both late." She said with a smile.

The two boys smirked at each other, "Now that you guys are here. I figured instead of asking for a report that I'd ask for a show." Tsunade said with a grin.

Sakura raised a brow, "What do you mean Baa-chan?" she asked.

"While Miss Uzumaki here," Tsunade began with a nod to Karin, "Is a medic ninja, I know the rest of you are combat ninjas. So I've prepared a little something." She said as she lifted the Hokage hat onto her desk.

Suigetsu raised a brow, "Wow…a hat." He said with an unimpressed frown.

Tsunade chuckled and shook the hat, showing everyone that there were folded pieces of paper in it, "Come on the five of you, pick a paper." She said.

Since Sakura was closest, she reached forward into the hat and grabbed a piece of paper, "Might Gai?" she asked.

Tsunade waved the hat at Suigetsu, so he took the necessary steps to reach into the hat, "Neji Hyuuga." He said with a frown.

Sasuke and Naruto walked forward and reached into the hat at the same time.

Sasuke smirked, "Kakashi Hatake."

Naruto raised a brow, "Hiruzen Sarutobi?" he asked in shock.

Naruto held the hat and held it to his side, which made Hinata finally notice the green haired girl in the corner. Naruto smiled, "Come on Fuu-chan." Naruto welcomed.

Fuu nodded nervously as she looked around the room, not liking being in such an enclosed space. She stepped forward and took the last paper, "Asuma Sarutobi." She said quietly before standing behind Naruto and holding his arm and smiling when Samehada vibrated happily being near her chakra.

Hinata smiled, 'So, her name is Fuu.' She thought with a smile.

Naruto waved his other arm, "So what is this about Baa-chan?" he asked.

Tsunade smirked as she folded her hands in front of her face, "Waiting at the battle arena are these people. You will be sparring one on one. Do not hold back, I'm serious. I will be there to heal you if anything goes wrong as will Karin. So, who wants to go first?" she asked as she stood to her feet.

The group stood in the middle of the room, "Only one way to decide." Naruto said seriously as his sight enhancement seal glowed and he pushed his fist forward.

Suigetsu smirked, "Heh, got that right." He said as water rippled around his hand that he held forward to meet Naruto's.

Fuu smiled, "Why do you guys always take this so seriously?" she asked with a giggle as she followed suit.

Sasuke smirked and placed his hand in, not even bothering to open his eyes.

Sakura sighed, "I won't be a part of this. I'm going third. No if's and' or but's." she demanded.

The four remaining people pulled their arms back, a focussed intent on their faces.


Sasuke opened his Sharingan eye for a brief moment before everyone released their choices.





Sasuke smirked, while the other two grumbled. Fuu and Sasuke stepped back as the boys started round two.



"Alright, first match is Suigetsu versus Neji." Shizune said.

Suigetsu stood with his arms folded as he watched Neji enter from the other side of the arena. The water ninja looked his opponent up and down while the Hyuuga took a battle stance.

Even though Suigetsu didn't look it, he had a pretty good analytical mind, 'Hyuuga, so he's a Taijutsu user that will shut down my chakra network…but there's something else.' Suigetsu thought when he noticed Neji's defending arm in a familiar position, 'He know swordsmanship…but where's the sword?' Suigetsu thought as he took his own Taijutsu stance.

Shizune threw her arm down, "Begin!" she said before leaping back.

Suigetsu ran at Neji and threw the pissiest, most obvious punch ever which Neji knew must've been a feint for his follow up strike.

Which is why his weak block didn't hold up.


A millisecond before impact, Suigetsu's average muscled arm grew extremely muscled and punched Neji's forearm with enough force to follow through and knock Neji off of his feet.

Neji flipped back onto his feet and wiped the blood from his broken nose, "Very deceptive." Neji said with a nod of respect before blinking.


With his white eyes activated, he could see when Suigetsu would channel the chakra for such a technique. Knowing he wouldn't try the simple manoeuvre again.


Neji was launched back once again from Suigetsu's blow, 'What?! He didn't use any chakra at all!' Neji thought in shock.

Suigetsu smirked and brought his water bottle to his lips, "Nice try Hyuuga, but I use water." He said before his cheeks bulged and he shot a stream from his lips at Neji.

The Hyuuga ducked under the stream with a smirk, 'Water aye? Guess I'll win regardless.' He thought before pulling out a kunai and attacking.

Suigetsu drew Nuibari and began to fight Neji close up, the Hyuuga was very good, able to read most normal sword strikes and act accordingly.

Suigetsu and Neji moved around the arena in blurs, setting sparks when they'd clash in the air. Some of the people watching had trouble just following their movements, until the two stopped in a clash of power.

Neji was testing suigetsu's strength now in comparison to his power-arm transformation, 'He's quite weak…well, time to finish this. Even if his attacks use water he still has a chakra network.' Neji thought before channelling chakra throughout his body.

Suigetsu gasped as his sword was ripped from his grasp and a chakra shell hit him, "GREAT KAITEN!" Neji yelled as the chakra was unleashed.

Neji came to a stop as Suigetsu was launched back, luckily with his Byakugan activated, he saw Nuibari approaching him from behind.

Neji fell into a split and watched as the sword sailed over his head, 'Ninja wire..' Neji observed as Suigetsu caught the blade and stood tall.

Neji saw Suigetsu's chakra flare and got ready to dodge the next attack.


Using the ninja wire, Suigetsu span Nuibari around above his head. Water spewed from the end in thin sharp blade that headed towards Neji.

The Hyuuga span and ducked left and right, showing off as without chakra he managed to dodge all of the water blades. As the attacks stopped and Suigetsu caught his sword, Neji smirked, "I must say I thought a wielder of the seven swords would be more challenging than this." Neji taunted as he reached behind him and considered pulling a black handle from his ninja pouch.

Suigetsu frowned and lifted his sword into the air, letting Neji see the shine from the sunlight bouncing off the wire…which reached behind him in multiple directions.

With his Byakugan, Neji quickly realised that each of the 'streaming blades' held a piece of wire that had stabbed into the ground surrounding him. Neji scowled in worry as he looked back at Suigetsu, who had just let out another burst of chakra.

Suigetsu smirked, "My final move! NUIBARI WATER ART: SLICING WATER PRISON!"

Neji's eyes widened in shock as the ninja wires began to swirl around him and create a sharp whirlpool of water. Neji analysed the whirlpool, 'Only two options, and I've already shown off my new Kaiten for Tsunade-sama…time to show the result of hard work.' He thought with a smirk as he channelled chakra through his palms.

Suigetsu smirked, 'Even if he does that spinning defence again, the wires will be stopped but the water won't as long as I hold my concentration.' Suigetsu thought with a burst of chakra.


Suigetsu's eyes widened as a small hole was punctured in the prison, while this would usually mean nothing, he caught a glimpse of Neji's smirking face before he felt a huge force slam into his chest.

Neji dropped to the ground as the attack was dissipated and the ninja wires tore up the earth around him, cutting his back twice in the process.

Suigetsu was pushed off his feet and knocked back ten or so meters before he fell onto his back with a gasp, 'What the hell?!' he thought as he pushed himself to his feet to see Neji falling through the air at him.

Suigetsu swung Nuibari in a cross slash, only for his eyes to widen when Neji lifted his own blade.

"LIGHTNING SURGE!" Neji yelled as the two blades clashed.

The lightning from the Sword of the Thunder God flowed through Nuibari into Suigetsu, causing the water ninja to scream before he passed out.

Neji smirked as he climbed to his feet, shaking off the little shock he got from having water on him while activating the sword.

Shizune ran over to the two, "Good work Neji, I think you'll be getting that team you wanted next year." She said with a smile before picking up Suigetsu and leaping into the stands, Neji following with Nuibari in hand.

Tsunade nodded as she stood, "Very good show Neji." she said before turning to the spectators, "Next two, hmm Fuu." She said before sitting back down.

Fuu tensed nervously and bit her lip, she looked to her left as she asked, "Naruto-kun…what do I show them?" she asked.

Naruto smiled down at her, "Whatever you want Fuu-chan. Here in the leaf they'll accept you no matter what you carry." He said comfortingly.

Fuu nodded and stood, tightening the straps on her carry pack before she leapt down to the arena and landed opposite her goateed opponent, "Hello Asuma-san." she said with a bow.

Asuma smiled and nodded, "Hello to you Fuu. Let's have a good match okay? I hear this will decide whether you become a Jonin or Chunnin here in the leaf." He said.

Fuu's eyes widened before she nodded, "Well, alright then. I'll go all out!" she declared before taking her red carry pack off and placing it on the ground next to her.

Asuma smiled, 'Other then the fact she is the Jinchuuriki of the Seven Tails, I don't know what her powers are…this'll be fun.' He thought as he pulled out his signature weapons; chakra trench knives.

Once again, Shizune waved her arm, "Begin!" she declared.

To everyone's surprise, two insect wings grew from Fuu's lower back and she took to the air as she took a deep breath.

"BUG STYLE: HONEY GLOB!" she announced before shooting a large ball of honey at Asuma.

Asuma was unsure of the honey's capabilities, so he decided to play it safe as he leapt from the impact zone.

He landed and saw Fuu mid spin, "WING SLASH!" she yelled as he wings flicked around, shooting two energy waves towards Asuma.

Asuma smirked, if there was one thing he knew, it was blades of chakra. In a seemingly simple display, Asuma cut through the blades with wind chakra blades of his own.

Fuu's eyes widened in shock while Asuma smiled, "How's your Taijutsu?" Asuma yelled out before charging at Fuu.

Fuu scowled, 'Well, I was hoping no one would see this just yet. Oh well.' She thought before deactivating her wings and dropping down next to her carry bag.

She lifted the pack and swung it, using it like a bat to hit Asuma, who raised an arm to block.


Asuma was launched across the arena from the impact, only coming to a stop as he stabbed a blade into the ground as an anchor. He rubbed his sore arm before looking up at Fuu.

Fuu unzipped her pack and pulled out a small barrel, she dropped the barrel and took a Taijutsu stance as it opened.

Not wanting her to power up too much, Asuma charged forward again. His brow furrowed as he saw the large amount of flying beetles fly onto Fuu's body.

As Asuma threw his punch, Fuu swiped as if she had claws.


Asuma's arm was flung out as his weapon bounced off of a line of beetles Fuu had released with her swipe. The two clashed with armoured Taijutsu, Asuma attacking with his chakra blades and Fuu's beetles forming armour and weapons as per her gestures.

Suddenly, Fuu threw forward a punch which Asuma ducked to the left of, only for a cluster of her beetles to follow after the punch and collect his chest in a solid strike.

Asuma was pushed back with a scowl as he used the time to form hand seals, "FIRE STYLE: BURNING ASH!"

Fuu looked up in panic at the large black cloud descending upon her, 'F-F-Fire?' she thought in fear as she fell to her knees in terror.

Everyone's eyes widened as Fuu fell to her knees, except for Asuma who couldn't see her do so from behind his cloud.

Thinking she was Jonin material as well as a Jinuchuuriki, Asuma was quite confident that Fuu would've been able to defend herself in some way. So he ignited the cloud.


The flames of the explosion covered the arena floor, causing many to look down in fear, but some of the audience sat in worry as they noticed Squad Seven not having any obvious reactions other than Naruto's frown.

As the smoke cleared, everyone gasped at the metallic ball that surrounded Fuu. It collapsed into hundreds of the beetles from before, showing that the insects had a hard metallic outer coat.

Asuma looked on in shock and confusion as Fuu sat shaking in fear, 'Huh? If she's so shaken up about some fire then how did she defend herself?...wait a sec, I thought she fought Itachi earlier, I wonder if she reacted the same to his flames…' Asuma thought with a worried frown.

Asuma approached Fuu, "Fuu? Are you ok?" he asked.

Hearing someone say her name, Fuu snapped out of her daze, "Y-yes!" she said before jumping onto her shaky legs.

Asuma watched with a frown, 'I'm nowhere near as strong as Itachi…he mustn't have used any fire jutsu near her, if he did then he would've exploited this weakness of hers severely.' Asuma thought as he took a defensive position.

Fuu took a deep breath and steeled herself, 'I have to go all out, I have to show them that I won't be affected by a little fire!' she thought before flying into the air and her beetles surrounding her.

Asuma took in what he was seeing, 'I have a bad feeling about this.' He thought before whipping around his chakra knives and channelling his wind chakra.


Everyone watched as Asuma and Fuu unleashed some of their power, Asuma fully activating his knives and Fuu's shell of beetles disappearing into her chakra cloak.

Fuu was revealed to be covered in a red shroud of chakra with six wings that were many sizes too large for her body. She dove at Asuma who leapt up at her, ready to slash.

"BUG STYLE: INSECT STINGER!" Fuu yelled as her chakra formed a curved drill around her left arm.

Assume held his two blades to his left before slashing horizontally, "WIND STYLE: ABSOLUTE SLASH!" he yelled.

The two sharp chakra attacks clashed causing a massive display of sparks and chakra waves to be released from the collision. After a few seconds, Fuu's wings beat once.

The single wing beat pushed her so much harder at Asuma that suddenly he was sliding backwards across the ground trying to hold his chakra steady.

A second beat slammed Asuma into the wall painfully and knocked his arms aside. He looked up in fear as Fuu's stinger began heading towards his stomach.

At the last instant, Fuu's stinger disappeared, but she was going too fast to pull her punch.

It was at that moment Asuma felt himself be pulled with chakra, he found himself sitting in the stands a moment later.


He looked down into the arena to see Naruto in his place, slammed into the arena wall with enough pressure to crack the whole side of the stadium.

Fuu started crying as Naruto caught her exhausted form, "I-I'm sorry Naruto-kun, I lost control again." Fuu said looking down sadly.

Naruto breathed heavily as he brought a green hand up to his chest and began healing the cracked bone armour underneath, "It's okay Fuu-chan. I said I'd stop you if you lose control and I did. You're okay, and so is Asuma-sensei." Naruto said as he flew up to the stands.

He landed next to Asuma who starred in shock, "Naruto, did you just use the substitution on me?" he asked, unsure of what else to say.

Naruto nodded and winced at the last bone literally snapped back into place, "Yes I did. You see Fuu has the abilities of the ultimate insect infused into her, and as you know, an ant's strength is unparalleled in direct comparison to most other animals on this planet. So even though she doesn't have an exact fighting style, her strength is somewhat like baa-chan's is." Naruto explained as he placed Fuu down in her seat.

Asuma stood, "Naruto…you saved my life." Asuma realised in shock.

Naruto grinned at him, "Isn't that what friends are for?" he asked rhetorically with a smile.

Asuma was about to say more when Tsunade spoke, "We'll say that fight was Fuu's. Although if Asuma took his chance to strike, he probably could've won." She said.

Naruto interrupted, "Actually since Fuu's insects were free they would've defended her from anything with their lives on the line. That's the reason why…a certain man didn't get the chance to attack her while she was vulnerable a while ago." Naruto explained, accidently answering some of Asuma's earlier questions.

Tsunade hummed with a nod, "Interesting to know, once her bugs are released she has a natural defence like Gaara does." Tsunade said to herself before beginning again.

"Now Chunnin Squad Seven, it's your turn. This'll decide if you are to be given permission to enter the Jonin exams this year. So, who's up first?"


Chapter End.

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