Chapter Thirty-Nine: Questions and answers, a Show of Power

Nearly a week had passed since the final battle. Giving every able-bodied ninja the chance to get home and begin to recover and help their village get back into the sway of things.

All except one village.


Homura sighed sadly, "I mean exactly what I said Tsunade, the forbidden scroll, the Kage scrolls and even some of the unusable scrolls from foreign lands are gone from the vaults of the village." Homura reported.

Tsunade groaned as she rested her head on her folded arms, "That's just great, we finally recover the entrance to the underground vault to find it all gone? What the hell do we do in this situation?" Tsunade rhetorically asked.

"Well I think it's rather obvious."

The two people in the room looked over Tsunade's shoulder as Hani stuck her bandaged eyes into view from behind the Genjutsu, "Have that council meeting now. You've already put it off for a week and that was a terrible idea. The clan heads have individual news as well as wanting to know what actually happened with the final battle against Madara, many still don't know that it was Naruto, let alone where he is right now." Hani said.

Tsunade looked down sadly, "I...I'll go talk to the four of them." Tsunade said softly as she stood, turning to Homura with an apologetic smile, "Can you call the council meeting? Let's say..." she began, glancing at the clock on the wall, "Forty minutes, at eleven." Tsunade said.

Homura nodded before turning to leave and give the news to a messenger ANBU.

Tsunade turned to look out over the village as Hani disappeared again, watching the leaves fall through the air below her position from her place in the Hokage office. Though it was assumed that the snow would stay around, they had clearly been wrong for them to think that the same tests applied to the land of snow would apply in the land of fire. The weather just needed time to re-write itself around the now truly hidden village, and apparently the battles of war was exactly how long it needed.

Tsunade stood from her chair, sighing as she channelled her chakra.


"Thanks again girls. You really have saved me." His voice said in the darkness of their bedroom.

Three giggles sounded before a slightly rough sounding female voice spoke, "Yeah well, these curtain saved me. Who knew the darkness is all it took for her to sleep. Five minutes in the dark and she's out."

Another female voice sounded, "Yeah I wish we knew that two days ago. But really," the voice said before a ruffling was heard, "Do you know who did it all? Y'know, the other thing..." she asked.

The male voice chuckled, "Yes, it was all Danzo. I just followed his orders, half of which I thought was Tsunade's orders." the male voice said.

A third female voice sounded with an obvious yawn, "Maybe we should get up now? I kinda miss player with her already and I'm hungry." the voice said before they all heard her stomach grumbling.

The male voice spoke up, "A pregnant woman shouldn't be doing so much work, all three of you need to rest, please?" he asked.

The three female voices giggled in unison before the first voice spoke again, "Yeah well, you shouldn't have gotten us pregnant on our honeymoon."

The group chuckled before the male's voice spoke, "Yeah yeah I know it's my fault," the male voice said with a chuckle, "I'll go get that Sushi you guys wanted again yeah?" it asked.

Ruffling was heard, the three females nodding in the darkness, "Sounds good, but can you see in this light? Are you even dressed?" the second, softest voice asked.

The man chuckled, "Yep."


The bright flash of light lit up the room for but a brief moment, and in that moment the flash had woken up the little girl in the corner that cried out in shock at the bright flash, never having been woken up that way before.

The girls sighed before the first voice spoke again, "Well shit, have to get up now."


Tsunade appeared at the foot of the tree that made up the new Uzumaki Compound in a shunshin. The leaves falling to the ground calmly as she shivered, it was still surprisingly cold.

Tsunade took a deep breath of nervousness as she raised her hand to the door.

It had been five days since they were back in the village. And after seeing the Gedo Statue use The Seven Tails Chakra so completely, it was rather obvious to them all that Fuu had been successfully captured and sealed. So many people in the village gave the tree a wide berth. Letting the family that had locked themselves away mourn in private. Giving them time to mourn and work through this pain together.

But that time was over, so Tsunade knocked softly.


Naruto grinned as he slammed the door open, "Hey Baa-chan! How's it goin?" Naruto asked happily as he stepped aside to allow her entry.

Tsunade blinked at the still recent red-head as his happiness basically poured from him and the household itself, causing her to speak in confusion as she walked in, "Umm, hey Naruto, I'm good..." she said hesitantly before turning to him as he closed the door behind her, "So how are you guys handling everything...?" Tsunade said, trying not to upset Naruto by reminding him about Fuu.

But he just kept grinning as he placed a hand on her shoulder.


Tsunade blinked in shock as they appeared at the entryway to the largest housing portion of the tree, the Head Family's house, Naruto shrugging as he let go of her, "Umm, yeah I guess we're good. We were all torn up a bit about Fuu-chan but it's okay now." Naruto said as he led Tsunade into the lounge room.

Tsunade was almost angry as Naruto seemed to be able to push Fuu away as if she wasn't important, but as she turned into the lounge room, her anger stopped completely.

Tenten lay on her back holding their four armed baby Taifuu up above her in the air while Hinata was tickling the laughing baby's feet, causing both adults to squeal in delight at Taifuu's cuteness. Naruto had begun to walk over to the trio only to notice Tayuya stepped out from what Tsunade remembered to be the kitchen with a platter of sushi, moving to help her with it as Tsunade finally found her voice.

It took a few moments to process, but eventually Tsunade's jaw dropped, "WHO'S THAT?!" she exclaimed in shock at what appeared to be a three year old child.

Tsunade loud yell caused the toddler-baby to start crying, so Naruto placed down the Sushi platter that he had grabbed for Tayuya down on the table next to the playing women as he lifted Taifuu into his arms and began shushing her.

Tayuya seemed to be frowning at Tsunade as she sat down and waved for the Hokage to join her, "Who's who?" She asked.

Tsunade pointed a shaking finger at the baby that Naruto was dancing around the room with, making the little four armed girl laugh in delight at the action.

Tenten sat on Tayuya's lap as she grabbed her own piece of food, "What, Taifuu? It's Naruto-kun and Fuu-chan's kid... sort of." Tenten said cheerily before eating.

Tsunade raised a brow at the explanation and the interaction between the two girls, "Um... how?" Tsunade asked in shock.

Hinata sat up with a sigh, her singlet not covering her as much as Tsunade was used to seeing and making the woman raise a brow in interest, "You mean no one knows about Taifuu-chan yet?" Hinata asked before turning to the still distracted Naruto.

Tsunade nodded as Naruto felt Hinata's gaze on his back. He glanced over his shoulder as all four women were glaring at him as Taifuu giggled in his arms, "Umm, what?" Naruto asked.

Instantly the mood in the room changed from happy and careless to annoyed and frustrated as Tayuya spoke up, "BAKA! I thought you said you went and explained when you went out for diapers and food!" Tayuya said to Naruto.

The red-headed man pouted, "But I did. I went to the Sand Village for the softest diapers and the Cloud Village for the best sushi just like you guys asked." Naruto said simply.

Hinata couldn't help but face-palm, "SO you told the people that asked about her over there, did you tell anyone in THIS village?" Hinata asked, seeing the simple flaw.

Naruto blinked as he realised his mistake, looking up at his daughter before blowing a raspberry on her exposed stomach, making her laugh again before he turned to the group that were smiling at Taifuu's laughter, "Well, I guess not... but that's because the other villages dragged me into their council meetings to share the news..." Naruto said, trying to make a viable excuse.

Which luckily, he actually did as his three wives' gazes snapped to Tsunade accusingly, "SO!" this time it was Tenten that started, "You stuffed up at organising council meetings and now you're trying to blame it on our man?" Tenten asked accusingly.

Tsunade blinked in shock at the sudden turn of emotions directed at her, 'I wouldn't be surprised if their pregnant or something with these mood swings...' she thought, suddenly feeling defensive as she waved her hands in front of her, "H-Hey that's what I'm here for now, I thought I'd come ask personally since you guys just lost Fuu." Tsunade said, suddenly realising she mightn't have used the best choice of words as the room went quiet for a moment.

But she had no need to worry as Tayuya smiled softly, surprising Tsunade as she had never seen the look present of the Uzumaki's face, "We all miss Fuu-chan, but at least with Taifuu here, we have a distraction that carries a piece of her onwards," Tayuya began before scowling at the Hokage, "And you or that demon-hating-council won't fucking take her." she said protectively.


Tayuya whined at Tenten smacking her upside the head, "Don't swear around the kids." Tenten chastised.

Tsunade couldn't help but smile at the happy family, 'They're still managing to be happy after losing someone so close... thank the Log for it.' she thought with a hidden sigh of relief before looking over to Naruto, "So... Naruto, we have a council meeting in half an hour and well, why did you dye your hair red?" She asked.

Naruto blinked and looked down at his feet as he held Taifuu to his hip for support as he ran his now free hand through his hair, "Umm... that's kinda a long explanation, but all I can say is that it ain't hair dye." Naruto said with an insider joke chuckle that his wives joined him in.


The room went silent as everyone stared at little Taifuu. They probably would've celebrated her first words if it hadn't followed with her first full sentence, "Who's Baa-chan Dada?" Taifuu asked softly in a high pitch voice, her big black eyes staring up at him curiously.

The girls smiled nervously as Naruto hid his slight fear completely, "This is Tsunade-Baa-chan Taifuu-chan. She's the one in charge of the village." Naruto said, wondering just how much she had understood up until now.

Taifuu just nodded at his words before resting against his side, her eyes on Tsunade as she sucked the thumb of her upper left hand.

Naruto looked up at Tsunade, tears hidden in his eyes as he smiled to her, "Okay, wanna come with me so I can get ready?" Naruto asked the Hokage as his lip quivered.

Tsunade's eyes stayed wide as she stood alongside him. At the same time Hinata had moved over and picked up Taifuu from Naruto's arms, hugging her softly as she asked her if she wanted some food.

Tsunade followed Naruto in confusion as he led her to his bedroom, closing the door gently behind her as he offered her a seat on the bed as she spoke, "So how did this happen? That little girl has six limbs and bug eyes. I know Fuu had the seven tails in her but she wasn't the beetle itself." Tsunade said.

Naruto sat next to Tsunade and looked up with fear and sadness in his cerulean eyes, "She's only been alive for a week Tsunade. Taifuu-chan is my daughter made from Choumei's chakra and a body made by me that is Fuu's, but the consciousness isn't that of Choumei, closer to what Fuu acted like as a child according to what she had told me before she passed." Naruto said as tears formed in his eyes.

Tsunade nodded slowly as she slowly pieced together that small chunk of impossible information, "Okay... so she'd the Seven Tailed demon as well as your child?" she asked, earning a depressed nod, "And why are you crying?" she asked, though she said the first part sarcastically, it didn't seem to get through to Naruto that way.

Naruto's head fell into his hands, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees, "Less then a week ago she looked at most one year old. Now she's talking, her hair grows so quick we've cut it every day. She's aging quickly Tsunade, I don't know how to stop it. What if she like, ages to death? That could happen in like two months at this rate." Naruto said.

Tsunade blinked in shock, "Naruto... you know all of that is impossible right? Only the Sage of Six Paths could ever bind chakras like that to emulate life." She said, knowing from her own personal research on reincarnation.

Naruto's tears stopped for a moment before looking up at Tsunade, "That's it... the Sage of Six Paths could make it..." Naruto thought as he stood with determination and wiped the tears from his eyes, "Then it can be made again, fixed even. I can save her before she ages to death." Naruto said, looking towards his bedroom door.

Tsunade frowned, "And how do you expect to accomplish something like that?" she asked.

Naruto's shoulders shook as he chuckled, turning back to the Hokage with his Rinnegan activated, "Well, once I learn to focus on Paths other then Deva and Preta and control them, then I can fix it. But I don't have long." Naruto said before turning ahead again.

Tsunade stood in shock, "N-Naruto?!" she shouted.

Naruto turned back to her sighing as his Rinnegan intimidating her with it's pure power with just the simple glance, "Yeah, I know. Rinnegan. Still not sure how I feel about it," he said with a shrug, "At least I have a way to help Taifuu-chan now." he said before smiling.

Tsunade couldn't help it, her medical curiosity got the better of her as she stepped up to Naruto, staring closely into his eyes as she pulled his face down to her's, "How did you get the Rinnegan? When did you get the Rinnegan? Do things look different through those eyes?" she asked in a rush before gasping, "Can you share sight with your Wood Clones?" she asked in a rush.

Naruto reeled back as he was close enough to smell her breath, "What the hell Tsunade?" Naruto asked as he closed his eyes and deactivated his dojutsu.

Tsunade frowned as he looked at her with normal eyes again, "C'mon! How Naruto? You didn't absorb Madara?!" she asked/ yelled, still in obvious shock.

Naruto sighed heavily and waved her off, subtly getting rid of his tears as Tsunade's actions made him laugh again, "No I didn't, but it turns out the Rinnegan is not quite what we thought here in the Leaf. But won't I already have to explain to the council?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade frowned, knowing that he was right and that he didn't look too inspired to explaining it twice, "Well...yeah..." Tsunade said with a slight pout.

Naruto chuckled at what he saw as childish behaviour, "Then I'll explain it too you all then Tsunade, dear log I feel like I'm lecturing a child to be patient." Naruto said with a heavy sigh.

Tsunade blinked as a memory of her Sensei saying the same thing to her when she was younger ran through her mind, "Yeah well... shut up." Tsunade said, twitching as she remembered using the same response earlier in her life.

Naruto raised a brow at the odd expression on Tsunade's face before sighing again and opening the door for her, "Then let's go do this Tsunade. I don't really like to be kept waiting." Naruto said in a bored tone.

Tsunade chuckled at Naruto as she walked out, only now realising that his new height made him stand nearly a full head above hers. She smiled at the women of the house as she saw the girls laughing as Taifuu ate the baby sushi piece whole from Tayuya's hand, 'Well, other then the eyes and arms she seems like a normal kid...' she thought as her eyes glanced at Naruto while he was busy closing the door behind them, 'If he actually managed the impossible maybe I can analyse how it works with my medical chakra to help others...' she thought curiously before approaching the girls.

Naruto closed the door with a sigh as he turned, raising a brow as he noticed Tsunade crouching between Tenten and the couch, picking up a small piece of tuna baby sushi and holding it up for Taifuu, "Taifuu-chan? Hi..." Tsunade said with a smile as the little girl looked at her.

Taifuu looked at the sushi and her nose scrunched up like she had smelt something bad, causing Tenten to speak up from her place sitting on the floor next to Tsunade, "She doesn't eat any meat as far as we can tell. She's just a natural vegetarian." Tenten explained with a chuckle as she picked up an avocado piece and offered it to Tsunade.

The Hokage smiled and ate the tuna one herself as she offered the avocado piece to the small child. Taifuu smiled up at Tsunade, showing her tiny baby teeth before reaching up to her and the food.

Tayuya smiled at Tsunade and held up Taifuu for her, "Here, hold her for a sec." Tayuya said.

Tsunade looked up as Taifuu began to chew softly on the sushi piece, opening her arms to hold the girl as Tayuya set her down in Tsunade's arms, "Oh she's a heavy girl." Tsunade said with a smile as she stood and held Taifuu to the side of her massive chest, supporting her with one arm while her other came up to touch her second set of arms, receiving normal reactions of muscle tension and release as she rubbed them softly, "And very healthy, aren't you Taifuu-chan?" Tsunade asked with a big smile, causing Taifuu to smile around her sushi too, making the other girls laugh.

Naruto smiled softly at the sight before making his way around the wide room, but Hinata spotted him quickly and smiled at him, waving him over silently. Naruto sat on the edge of the couch next to Hinata, who held up a small lunch box for him, "Just a little bit to get you through the meeting. The rest will be here when you get back." Hinata said with a smile.

Naruto smiled and took the offered food, opening the box to find some sushi and a small fruit box that made him chuckle, knowing that Hinata was practising making lunch for their future kids and Taifuu, "It's perfect Hinata-chan, thanks." Naruto said as he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

As he pulled away Hinata raised her hand, guiding Naruto down to kiss her on the lips softly for a moment before he smiled into it. She pulled back with a soft smile to the Uzumaki clan head, "Good luck at the meeting Naruto-kun, and I think that you may want to share Danzo's old plans with everyone." Hinata said with a secretive wink.

The words got Tsunade's attention and she stopped admiring and analysing Taifuu as she moved back next to Tayuya, "What was that about Danzo?" she asked.

Tenten and Tayuya shared a knowing glance behind Tsunade's back before Tayuya leaned forward to take back Taifuu. Causing Hinata to sigh as the two were really bad at hiding secrets, though luckily Tsunade didn't know that Naruto was pinning his noticeable past misdeeds on the now Missing Ninja and assumed that it was because he had told them all already just what 'Danzo' had done.

Naruto shook his head to Tsunade, closing the lunch box as he stood from the couch arm, "At the meeting, there's a lot to go over isn't there?" Naruto asked rhetorically as he offered his hand to Tsunade.

The Hokage nodded even though she frowned once she took his hand, "Hold on, you couldn't have placed a seal in the Council Chambers already." Tsunade realised.

Naruto chuckled as he looked up at the ceiling, not letting Tsunade see his Sharingan eyes as his chakra began to form a swirl around the two of them, "You're right, I haven't." Naruto said with a smirk.


Tsunade gasped as they swirled into existence in front of the two ANBU that stood in front of the new council chambers. The Shinobi were startled, instantly pulling out their weapons as they took a defensive stance.

Naruto raised a brow as he blinked off his Sharingan, making the two ANBU recognise him with his whisker marks and blue eyes, though his red hair was a bit of a shock, "Naruto?" the Falcon masked ANBU asked in a familiar voice.

Naruto smiled, smelling and recognising his friend, "Hey Neji." Naruto said casually.

The Dog masked ANBU stepped up to Tsunade as the Hokage stood up straight, "Tsunade-sama, I couldn't help but notice that's Kakashi-san's technique. Yet Naruto just used it." the large man asked.

Tsunade nodded, "Yeah, crazy right?" she said with a nervous laugh before marching into the council hall.

The two ANBU stared in shock as the two of them walked into the hall, the door closing behind them and leaving the two ANBU to look at each other in confusion.


Naruto looked around the hollowed out tree. He remembered making this one. He meant it to be the largest lecture hall above the Academy Tree. But apparently it was big enough that they thought it better to use it as the council meeting hall. This thought made Naruto pout curiously as he turned to Tsunade, "Hey Tsunade, if this is the meeting hall now then what happened to the one I made?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade looked over at Naruto and blinked, "Oh, yeah I made that whole tree the Hokage compound. It was the roomiest of the lot." she said with a grin to Naruto.

The red-head sighed as he glanced around the room, seeing that the Ninja Council side now had name tags, two of which were new additions upon his own and Sasuke's.

Naruto calmly flew up to the top row, sitting fifth in line between the Inuzuka and Hyuuga seats, noticing that the eighth and last seat was the Uchiha seat right next to the Hyuugas. Naruto landed in his seat and looked around, seeing his vantage point was slightly higher then the Hokage's and more so facing the room from side on, looking down to see the exact center of the room right in front of him.

Hearing a knock, Naruto glanced over at Tsunade as she placed her gavel on the desk in front of her. She glanced up at Naruto, who was about fifteen meters away from her diagonally, "What's it like up there Naruto?" she asked.

Naruto smiled at her as he stretched into the position he saw her usually take at the Hokage's office, "Pretty sweet Tsunade. Kinda righteous too." Naruto said with a slight chuckle.

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, 'He's only called me Baa-chan once other then when he was explaining me to Taifuu... I wonder if he noticed that...' she thought before shrugging to herself, 'Oh well, all the more better for me.' she thought with a smirk as she closed her eyes in thought.

Her eyes opened as she and Naruto both looked towards the door of the meeting hall, seeing it open before Shibi Aburame stepped in calmly. Pausing for a moment before bowing towards each of the two and walking up to his seat, sitting just next to where the Inuzukas were to sit, "Uzumaki-san." he said in a calm polite greeting to Naruto as he walked past.

Naruto smiled up at Shibi, "Hi Aburame-san." Naruto said, acting politically polite as had been trained into him.

Naruto blinked and shook his head, 'Hold on, not me. Jiji, Shodaime and Dad are the ones with the political training.' Naruto thought before smirking as he realised that meant he did know it all. Heck he even knew facts that were supposed to be village secrets.

As if Shibi was the trigger, immediately one after another the clan heads filtered into the council room along with specific Shinobi individuals that Naruto wasn't certain he knew each one of. The one major thing he realised though, was that there was no civilian council.

Naruto looked up and smiled as Chouza Akimichi patted him on the shoulder before walking past, "Welcome for real Naruto. We haven't heard from you since the battalions split up..." he said with a blink as he hesitated and then turned back to face Naruto, "Say, didn't you have blonde hair?" he asked, feeling that for some reason his observation was important.

Naruto laughed as he scratched the back of his head nervously, "Hehe, yeah I did..." Naruto said, trailing off awkwardly as most of the room had taken a seat by this time, making Naruto blink as he noticed the person who blocked his view of Chouza.

Tsume Inuzuka raised a brow to Naruto as she sat down, her wolf-like dog sitting between them and resting it's head on her foot, "Hey kid, lookin good." she said with an animalistic wink.

Naruto blushed as he heard a heavy sigh behind him, causing to turn to Hiashi as the usually stoic man seemed somewhat relaxed, "Oh come now Tsume, must you really do this to every new man in here?" Hiashi Hyuuga said before turning to Naruto and smirking light heartedly, "I plan to be visiting you and my daughter in the near future. You should be ready." Hiashi said as if it was a normal thing to invite yourself to someone else's house.

Naruto couldn't help but laugh at their interaction and then Hiashi's 'request' to him, "Yeah sure, how's Thursday?" Naruto asked.

"Umm, hey Naruto?"

Naruto, Tsume and Hiashi glanced over to the Uchiha desk, all three of them raising a brow at Kin as she sat nervously in the desk, "Kin? Hey what are you doing here?" Naruto asked curiously.

Kin pointed to the hair band, showing it had the design of the Uchiha clan's fan symbol, her Leaf village headband on her forehead, "I'm Sasuke-kun's representative in the Council." she said with a smile.

Naruto blinked in slight shock, "Really? Umm, no offence, but why?" he asked.

Kin's smile faltered, causing Hiashi's brow to furrow as he understood the look, it was the same one he had seen on his wife's face when she gave him the news. He activated his Byakugan for a moment and saw the damage as Kin spoke.

"I got hit bad with a kunai in the war. I'm actually fine but umm..." she said as she gestured to her back, "Can't really use chakra safely near my spine, which since my chakra pool is in my stomach it's basically everything I could've done as a ninja..." she said, trailing off with a forced laugh, "It's not so bad, early retirement and all." Kin said with a big fat fake smile.

No one bought it, but no one spoke against it.

"Attention everyone!" Tsunade said as she knocked her gavel, drawing everyone's attention as the ANBU closed the doors, "Let's start this meeting now, we all have a lot to go through. But first, we have to go through the loss/gain margins." Tsunade said, lifting out a folder and putting it down on a seal that Sasuke had made.

In a small pop of smoke, a clone of the book appeared on each desk in the Council room, making everyone settle in as it got serious.

The book was statistics. A graph showing how many was lost in each battalion throughout the war and then lists of who each person was. For those that were available, there was a short note of how, such as burned alive, eviscerated, decapitation, crushed.

It was not a fun time.

Next in the book was what was gained. A small list of techniques and items recovered from the dead was that were brought back. The most valuable of which was Dan Namikaze's Medical and Secret Art Scrolls. There was at least some good news throughout this portion of the meeting.

There was a break allowed for questions where Kakashi from over on the other side of the council room spoke first, "Tsunade-sama, may I ask about the rumours of things we have lost here in the village and the Fire Temple?"

This brought everyone's attention back in.

Tsunade's jaw tightened as Shikaku sat forward, "What do you mean? What rumours?" He asked.

The room was silent for a moment before Tsume spoke up as she stood, "Rumours that scrolls from inside the village was stolen while we were out fighting the war, meaning that someone must've done it. And the only people left are the people from our supposed alliance." Tsume said angrily.

Tsunade spoke over Tsume, "Settle down! Down make wild accusations!" Tsunade said.

Tsume frowned but stood her ground, "Yeah well our Inuzuka scrolls WERE stolen! Just thankfully they didn't take anything on our Kekkei Genkai." Tsume said.

Everyone was silent for a moment as Inoichi stood up, "Regrettably, Tsume is right. Our first vault was cracked and emptied but they didn't even locate our secret safe." Inoichi reported.

The room was quiet for another moment before Tsunade stood up and looked around the room, making everyone quiet down for a moment. Then they noticed where she was looking and followed her gaze.

Naruto was looking back at Tsunade with a smirk before sighing as everyone looked at him, "Alright, I know where they all are." Naruto said as he stood.

The room knew it was faster to get an answer if they were quiet, so they didn't make a sound as Tsunade asked, "Where are they Naruto?" she asked with a frown.

"I'm like, ninety percent sure that Danzo took them." Naruto said blankly.

Tsunade sighed as Tsume couldn't help the growl that came out of her throat, though she stared at the table. So Tsunade looked to Shikaku, making her smartest man ask the questions. Shikaku sighed before taking over, "Alright, how did you come across this information?" he asked.

Naruto frowned as he began to repeat what he had come up with a few days earlier, "Danzo was the substitute for me as clan head, he taught me a lot and I followed his lead. But he said if I really wanted the Leaf to grow I had to become the darkness that fights it. I think that's what he's doing. Part of his plan when leaving the village was to steal as many village and clan secrets as possible through what's left of ROOT." Naruto explained before looking down at the desk in front of him, his fist pressing lightly against his table, "If I had just been smarter and worked it out before the war I could've stopped the bastard..." he mumbled.

Tsume calmed down at hearing his answer, and since she was so close, she heard his defeated murmurs, "So... any idea where exactly he has taken them?" she asked hopefully.

Naruto sighed and looked to Tsunade, "You should send a squad of ANBU to the location of the Lost Ninja Market, sanctuary for missing ninjas. You see, since the war that place was emptied of people, leaving some valuable stuff there. If he's made a stop there, then we know for certain where he plans to go or already is." Naruto said with a frown, "The Hidden Mist Village."

Tsunade sat back at his words, "And since there is no reigning power there he can make his own bid for Kage... this isn't good." she said.

Tsume Inuzuka stood, "Well we gotta make that mission happen right? I'll help fund it if I need to." she said seriously.

Shikaku spoke up, "Hold on," he said with a sigh, "What can we expect there? If that is the plan then Danzo probably knows that Naruto would've shared this information with us by now. He may have traps and ambushes set up." Shikaku said.

The room was quiet for all but a second before Tsunade stood, "Okay, after this meeting I will organise an S-rank scouting mission to the Lost Ninja Market."

"I suggest we use someone who has been there before and someone who can evacuate the are quickly in case of emergency." Shibi added.

Naruto nodded, "And a sensor-nin, maybe there'll still be some things or people in the area that they can locate or avoid." he said.

The group of people nodded in agreement with Naruto's suggestion as Tsunade slammed her gavel, "Then I will make it a three man squad mission, now, onto the next matter. The green pages." Tsunade said before flicking through her own pages, making the matter closed.

Everyone did as she asked, excited as she read the title out loud, "International Lethal Force Agreement."

The Shinobi council went through the list together, discovering that the four Kage had made an agreement that while on missions, lethal force won't be used on anything below an A-rank mission. And that medical aid will be given to the losing side if they forfeit their own mission. Basically reducing a large chunk of the whole KIA statistics for this moment of lasting peace.

There was also going to be another Five – now four – Kage meeting, where the terms of information trade were to be discussed as well as the first discussion about what to do about the Bijuu that now wandered the Elemental Nations once more.

This was necessary, but boring.

Naruto frowned as Tsunade showed them the last topic of this part of the meeting, 'What does she mean by 'What to do about the Bijuu'? They're free now, there's nothing to be done.' Naruto though in confusion.

Tsunade's gavel let out a sound that brought Naruto's attention back to the circle as she stood and looked to Naruto, "And the final matter. What happened to Madara and that Statue of his." Tsunade said pointedly.

Naruto blinked as every single person in the room suddenly stared at him, "So... I guess you want me to do something...?" Naruto said, not quite sure what they wanted.

Inoichi spoke up, "The last information about both Tobi and Madara that we have is that you were fighting them last and we have high reason to believe your the one that stopped the Statue's last attack." he said, having personally viewed Naruto through Ino's mind at the war.

Naruto nodded and sighed, looking around the room once more before standing, "Fine, I was-"

"It's an official statement Naruto," Tsunade interrupted, "You have to present it to the council as a Shinobi." she said.

Naruto nodded quickly and leapt to the center of the room in a single bound, landing with a spin to face Tsunade, "Okay, well I absorbed Obito Uchiha who disrupted my seal and forced me to absorb the Nine Tailed Fox or let it rampage and break free to attack under Madara's control," he said, making everyone's jaw drop the floor, "Got red hair now like Kurama's furr too... yeah, and then I defeated Madara Uchiha and then sent the statue's body into an alternate dimension, leaving only the complete chakra of Choumei and remnants of other chakra signatures from both Beast and Jinchuuriki." Naruto said.

The room was quiet for many reasons, most of them in shock of something Naruto had said. It was Hiashi that managed to speak first from right next to him, "I'm sorry, you beat Madara?" he asked.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah after I absorbed Obito, the guy we were always calling Tobi-"

"Obito Uchiha?!" Tsunade and Kakashi exclaimed.

Naruto casually nodded, "Yeah him, anyways, it gave me my second Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan eye, and with the knowledge that Obito had I came to have the Rinnegan thanks to some other chakra-related stuff," he said, calmly blinking on his Rinnegan and causing most of the council to gasp in shock, "Yeah, so after that Madara and I fought and since I have control of Kurama's chakra now I managed to trap him with one of my Clone Prison techniques and then hit him with a Rasengan and a Tailed Beast Ball." Naruto said said before clicking his fingers, "Then flashing away like that."

Everyone looked between Naruto and Tsunade bug-eyed, "Y-you mean you actually managed to beat Madara Uchiha in battle and obtain the Rinnegan?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto deactivated the dojutsu, but let the Sharingan sit in his eyes to show everyone, "Yeah, and the Sharingan. Turns out that they're connected." Naruto said with a grin, trying to diffuse the tension in the air.

Tsunade cleared her throat and nodded, "Okay... so umm the statue? And your daughter?" Tsunade said, sounding like she had a dry mouth.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, created from remnants of Fuu-chan and Choumei's chakra which I bonded together using the remnants of Kurama's chakra with some of my own life force and made it so a part of all of them lived on... in her." Naruto said with a smile.

Shizune stood as the new head medic, "I'm sorry, did you basically say you and Fuu made like a chakra baby and the statue kinda acted like a womb to contain the energy before you did what with the rest of the statue?" she asked.

Naruto shrugged and nodded, "Umm...sent it to a different dimension?" he muttered, honestly not sure about her assessment of his daughter and accidentally making it sound like a question.

This seemed to be the final straw, the room erupted into questions about the Rinnegan, Sharingan, this supposed chakra baby and even more about the Gedo Statue, causing Naruto to sigh a she watched the few calm people, deciding that he would answer their questions. But he was saved from answering any as Tsunade spoke up, "How about this. Naruto, you are to give me a fully detailed report from the moment you guys were attacked and then I'll give copies to the important figures in this room. Cause the last we heard was from Hana Inuzuka about when Fuu was first taken." Tsunade said.

Naruto nodded, "I'll have it done by the end of the day Tsunade-sama." Naruto said formally before flying back up to his table.

The room was quiet for a short time before Tsunade sighed heavily, "Okay. Onto my biggest problem, the Zetsu hordes. The teams have been decided and unfortunately this is one mission where to take it is not a choice," Tsunade said before taking a deep breath and moving the book from the seal.

Everyone's clone book disappeared as it was replaced with a simple list that caused Naruto's eyes to widen, "You mean... I have to leave again?" Naruto whispered as if the idea caused him pain.

Hiashi glanced at Naruto with a frown from his place next to the boy's side, thinking about how not only his daughter, but two other women would be left behind. But he was more surprised when Naruto turned to him with a serious look on his face, "Look after her Hiashi-sama, please." Naruto said softly, not giving the stunned Hiashi time to respond as Tsunade began talking almost immediately.

"After we immediately assigned our ninja Yamato to the task, he was able to locate the general direction of the Zetsu Spawn points," Tsunade said, turning over her sheet to she the group a map of the elemental nations, different parts of it coloured around the village of Konoha, reaching out into the other nations, "And as you can see, the majority of them is out in Water Country and the southern half of Lightning Country, while the rest of them appear to be spread evenly in every direction but that of Wind Country in the desert regions. Any questions?" Tsunade asked, opening the floor to all of those in the room.

Naruto stared at the sheet in front of him blankly, completely uncomprehending as he tried to wrap his mind around the information presented to him as he zoned out, missing a lot of information that just sailed in one ear and out the other for a while, 'The girls aren't going to be happy.' Naruto thought as he read over the classified information in front of him for the thousandth time.

Naruto would've dwelled on the thought, but Tsunade's next words kinda forced him out of it, "Well Naruto, since you are obviously a different ninja from before, I think everyone agrees with me when I ask for another exhibition match." she said.

Naruto blinked at Tsunade, "Like the one that happened when we got back last time?" Naruto asked in shock.

Tsunade nodded as literally everyone else raised an arm in unison, "Seconded." the whole council rounded in unison.

Naruto blinked as he stood, "Wait, I gotta fight someone? But I don't have my equipment and stuff." Naruto said.

Shikaku spoke up at this point, "If what we've heard about the Rinnegan is true, then you won't need them." he said confidently.

Naruto frowned as he looked around the room, seeing odd looks on everyone's faces as they stared at him, though as his gaze hit Tsume, it suddenly clicked in his mind that the looks were all that of a reignited passion to fight and the want to be the one to fight Naruto.

Naruto sighed as he realised he wouldn't be able to get out of this one, he just sighed as he gave in, "Fine, it doesn't look like I have much choice," he said with an obviously annoyed expression as once again he floated down to the center of the room, "So, who's my opponent for this fight?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade smirked, "Actually, this fight you'll have two opponents," she said with a smile directed at the door.

Naruto turned along with the rest of the council as the doors swung open, causing the rehead to raise a brow in interest, "Now this is interesting." Naruto said with a slight smile as his two opponents stopped to his left.

"Ready to remind you just who is the leader of this team Naruto." Sasuke said with a confident smirk back in his Reaper outfit.

"Yeah, and I'm still the fastest." Sakura bragged.

Naruto's lip just quivered as he hid the smirk that was about to form on his face.

"May I have your attention!" Tsunade began loudly, making the room quiet once more, "This will be the first battle held in the new Lookout Arena, so this will also be the first time we test out the new Area Viewing Genjutsu." she said as she clicked her fingers.

A team of ANBU appeared in a blur as they put their scrolls on the ground around the three Jonin in the center of the formation.

"SEAL RELEASE!" they shouted in unison.



Naruto opened his eyes to find himself standing atop a massive bowl that had been cut out of one of the tallest trees, the view from the arena stretching to all four horizons. Naruto looked down and raised a brow at the thing that would've made this battle too easy, 'Huh, guess they did realise I could use the battlefield.' Naruto thought as he noticed that concrete had been poured into the 'bowl' to make it flat as well as disconnect Naruto from the wood at this angle.

He looked up, noticing his team-mates and adopted siblings standing up on the lip of the arena facing him, Naruto smiled slightly, "Hey, when was the last time we actually all sparred?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke took a step forward, his board fading into existence beneath his feet as he stepped onto it and began to glide slowly around the arena, "Not since our training trip with Ero-sensei." Sasuke answered with a smirk.

Sakura nodded as her whole body was covered in the rainbow glow of RGS, "But it wasn't two against one back then, it was a free for all." she said with a grin as her gauntlets, boots, glasses and back armour came into existence.

Naruto chuckled as he walked to the middle, seeing Sakura and Sasuke were starting from either side of him, "Good point, so... who's like, the official or something?" Naruto asked.

"I will be," Tsunade's voice said, ringing around the arena, "Those of us still in the council chambers are under a Genjutsu that gives us a visual of the area Naruto's chakra signature is since he was the focus of the technique." She explained, "Now we don't have too much free time, so let it begin in three..."

Instantly, Sasuke's Sharingan appeared as Sakura's glasses shined in the direct sunlight, causing Naruto to smirk as he noticed them analysing all that they could about him, "Two..."

Naruto blinked on his Sharingan at this point, sliding into a taijutsu stance like that of the Sarutobi Clan's Monkey Fist as Naruto's red chakra made an aura around him.

"One! Begin!"

Sasuke blurred forward with Sakura, swinging their arms at Naruto as the redhead just stood calmly in his taijutsu stance, only modifying it the slightest bit before they attacked.

Both fists fazed through him, causing the two to falter as Naruto turned, solidifying right between their backs as his two arms aimed at their backs. Without a warning, a single solid blast of Wind Chakra shot from one hand, slamming into Sasuke as Naruto's other arm stretched after Sakura as his skin turned grey slightly.

Sasuke's cloak billowed as the attack hit him, showing that he was actually a high level Genjutsu as Sakura used her superior speed to limbo under the attack and turn as he claw reached out.


Sakura disappeared in a burst of pure speed that Naruto straight up blocked, throwing her momentum off and letting him put a hand on her chest, placing a seal there in a flash before he spun, dragging her by the arm he had blocked an eighth of a second earlier. He threw her up as Sasuke was forced to stop his aerial dive and catch Sakura or else run into her and hurt them both.

Sasuke flipped around on his board and spun out of the way of Sakura, though his arm reached out as did hers, the two of them interlocking grips before Sakura was righted in the air from the move while throwing Sasuke at Naruto even faster.

Naruto leaned back as Sasuke's seal-armed hand reached for Naruto's chest, waiting until the last moment before he sparked his chakra.


Appearing inside Sakura's guard, Naruto dodged Sasuke's attack while momentarily blinding Sakura, quickly grabbing her outstretched arm and swinging around to grab her in a lock from behind, "LIGER BOMB!" Naruto shouted as his lightning chakra began to spark and he rushed down to slam Sakura into Sasuke's back.

Sasuke looked up as his Sharingan looked into Sakura's eyes, telling her to activate her armour to it's complete form as he barely managed to move the seal he was holding in the way.

Naruto's lightning armour was sucked into the seal, causing him to lose a massive amount of speed and power as he slammed Sakura down at the Uchiha, who barely managed to dodge in time for the pinkette's just appeared helmet to hit the ground.


Naruto leapt back in a seamless flip, aiming to land on the lip of the arena again, but he quickly kicked up his leg in mid-air, barely blocking Sakura's speedy strike.

Sakura smirked at Naruto from under her helmet, having taken no physical damage from his attack, she spun in the air, her leg kicking out at Naruto as her chakra ran through it, "SHOCKING BURST BULLET!" she shouted.

Naruto's Sharingan span quicker to try and keep up with the blur that was Sakura, but her kick hit him anyway, only to faze through Naruto as the red head clapped his hands, the movement being useful the moment he solidified after passing Sakura, "EXPLOSIVE WAVE!" Naruto shouted with a smirk.

Hearing his shout, Sakura's eyes widened before she was blown away from Naruto, into Sasuke's arms before the two of them disappeared in Sasuke's mirage shunshin.

Naruto landed and smirked as the two appeared in front of him again, though this time Sasuke led as he formed three hand seals, "CHIDORI!" Sasuke shouted as he sprinted at full speed.

Sakura crouched as red hot fire began to gather around her feet, making Naruto realise that it was a two fold attack, so he ran forward to meet their charge.

Sasuke threw his attack forward at Naruto as his raging red chakra swirled instantly into a Rasengan that floated above his open palm. The two attacks screeched as they grinded against eachother for a moment before Sakura appeared in a flash of fiery speed above Sasuke, "ANNIHILATING BLAZE BULLET!" she shouted as she kicked down at Naruto's head.

Naruto smirked as he emulated his mother's chakra and sent it out his back, "SEAL!" he shouted as a chakra chain shot free from his back, reaching up to spear Sakura's attack dead on, the chakra draining from Sakura's attack and thus taking the power behind it.

There was a moment where Sakura was suspended in the air and helpless as her chakra was forming for something, but Naruto had already punched her helmet square in the face.

As Sakura was flung away, Sasuke moved his attack from clashing with Naruto's hoping to drive it at his chest, but he suddenly froze in his movement as the wind itself seemed to stop.

Sasuke's eyes widened as he looked up at Naruto, the redhead's now Rinnegan eyes glowing with chakra, "SHINRA TENSEI!"


The purposefully weaker attack still flung Sasuke away along with his attack, leaving Naruto once more standing between his two teammates, though now they were breathing slightly heavier and Sakura's helmet visor had a crack running across it. Naruto just yawned with a casual stretch as if he was still warming up, "Alright, come on then. When are you guys gonna attack for real?" Naruto asked with a taunting grin.

Sakura smirked before dropping her stance, "Hey Sasuke-kun! Let's show him our Sage combination!" She shouted to Sasuke, ignoring Naruto's taunt.

Sasuke's scowl from the taunt disappeared as a matching smirk covered his face, "Sounds good." he said as he began knelt, placing his palm on the ground in front of him.

Naruto's smirk fell as Sakura's helmet disappeared and she formed the Bird Hand seal before copying Sasuke's movement.


Naruto took a deep breath, 'Guess they really are getting serious...' he thought as he glanced between the two of them.

Sasuke stood on top of Gamatoki as his curse mark began to spread over his skin, "Ready Toki?" Sasuke asked as he pulled out a scroll from under his cloak.

The large toad nodded as Sasuke opened the scroll.

Sakura let the majority of Radical Good Speed fade into it's rings as her glasses, gauntlets and boots stayed in place, though the markings of feathers began to crawl across her skin as she looked up at the small phoenix that landed on her head, "Ready Akahiro-chan?" Sakura asked.

The bird nodded and opened it's wings before it seemingly turned to solid stone in it's spread out position.

Naruto sighed as Sasuke used the Nature Chakra from his Curse Mark to reach Sage mode, his grey tinged skin only changing at his now yellow bar-pupilled Sharingan eyes and red eyelids, the contents from his scroll appearing and making Naruto's eyes widen as suddenly Toki has sandles on his large feet, 'What's that supposed to achieve?' Naruto thought before turning his gaze to Sakura again.

Naruto's eyes widened before he leaned back in a matrix dodge, barely avoiding Sakura's claws as she shot at him with supersonic flight, 'What the hell!? Her armour has lessened and her helper turned to stone! Hows it she moving so fast?' Naruto thought as he dodged her next thirty eight 'simple' punches that finished in less then fifteen seconds before she finally kicked out with her foot.

The attack hit Naruto's guard, the redhead being pushed back by the force as he felt a prescence behind him, ""COMBINATION: TOAD FLAME BOMB!"" Sasuke and his toad shouted as they launched their attack at Naruto's unprotected back.

Naruto smirked as he decided to go back to basics, forming a single handed seal as he flipped to kick the ground, "EARTH STYLE: EARTH WALL!" he shouted as his foot impacted.

Naruto's simple wall was destroyed by Sasuke's attack, but it had done it's purpose in throwing Naruto up and into the air. But Sasuke wasn't done as he leapt up after Naruto while Toki leapt forward into the flaming oil.

The seals on Toki's shoes began to glow as the seal on Sasuke's outstretched hand did the same, "SEALING ART: COMBINATION: TRANSPORT SEALING METHOD!" Sasuke shouted as the out suddenly began to flow towards Naruto from the close quarters.

Naruto simply let himself fall down as the attack began to follow him, seeing Sakura appear in a blur as her flaming fist drew back to hit him from below, 'Too easy.' Naruto thought with a smirk as the flaming oil was just about to hit his out stretched palm, "WIND STYLE: RASENGAN!" Naruto announced simply, his jutsu throwing the oil and fire away upon impact as it began to rain down on the battlefield.

Sakura stepped forward underneath Naruto to shield her from the fire while she readied her attack, "PHOENIX STYLE: FLAME TORNADO!" she shouted, the fire around her hand suddenly reaching towards the unprepared Naruto.

Naruto raised a brow at the move as it was about to hit him.


He appeared underneath Sakura's guard as he went to take her off guard, but her glasses had protected her from the bright flash with a chakra shield, making it far easier for her to block his roudhouse punch, "Really Naruto?" she asked with a smirk as the two of them were in a deadlock.


Sakura looked up as she realised that Sasuke had to shield himself from Sakura's flaming attack that Naruto had dodged, giving Naruto the second he needed to open his blocked fist, the mouth opening to show his one air funnel, "WIND PLUME!" Naruto shouted.

Sakura was thrown away by the funnel of non-slicing wind, shouting in pain for a moment as one of the few still falling drops of flaming oil hit her bare stomach. But she brushed it off painfully as she rolled onto her feet.

Naruto's eyes narrowed at Sakura's smirk, but he raised a brow in interest as the statue on Sakura's head began to cry healing Phoenix tears, that got to work quickly. But before Naruto could stop it, he felt the ground rumble from something heavily landing behind him. Naruto turned and barely managed to raise an arm in a block as Toki's shield hit him.

Naruto was flung for the first time in the fight, making him frown as his broken arm healed in seconds before he landed with a roll, leaping away from the area the moment his feet hit the ground due to Sasuke nearly crushing Naruto with the Susano'o.

Naruto flipped calmly and landed on the edge of the arena as he noticed the fully healed Sakura forming hand seals alongside Toki as Sasuke's Susano'o aimed an arrow at Naruto.

The redhead smirked, 'Let's see what my limit is now.' Naruto thought as his Lightning armour sparked into existence.

The human body has a limit, and the electricity surging through his system was pushing that limit further away. But what if one was to overcharge it and break that limit?

As Naruto's excess electricity hit his nerves and ripped apart his body, Naruto's healing abilities and medical chakra flowed through his system, forcing his body to heal at the same rate it was being damaged, effectively ending the Double Edged Sword part of a forceful overload.

Naruto's Rinnegan pulsed as it combined with his new Unlimited Lightning Armour seemed to make time slow down slightly, just as Toki spat oil and Sakura ignited it.

Naruto walked calmly forward as he squatted, watching the jutsu move in slow motion over his head as he began to hear Sasuke yelling in slow motion, "FIRE!"

Naruto looked away from the flaming oil as the arrow came at him quite quickly. So Naruto jogged out of the way before he continued jogging calmly, watching the three 'enemies' turned their heads to follow him, only Sasuke's Sharingan being able to successfully.

But Naruto's eyes widened as he looked at Sakura, seeing that there was actually two of her made from pure speed, the first one slowly fading as an after image as the real one blurred towards where he was just a few steps beforehand.

Naruto convulsed as his lightning armour that was overcharged lost slight control, making the time-slowing aspect stop and Sakura to suddenly speed up as she changed direction towards him.

Naruto gritted his teeth slightly as he raised his still electrically encased arm, blocking her strike as her armour absorbed the element to stop her from being shocked. Though at least they were able to keep up with eachother at this stage, though Naruto was the one on the defensive for a moment until he seemed to leap at her in a hug.

Sakura threw a punch forward as Naruto fazed through her, causing the woman shout as Naruto's electricity followed him through her armour to shock her anyway.

Naruto stepped away from Sakura as he turned, ready to knock her out when he suddenly jumped up through the air.

Toki's shield flew through the air like a frisbee, barely missing the bottom of Naruto's feet as he pointed at Toki, "EXPLOSIVE BONE BULLET!" Naruto shouted.

Toki backpedalled as he had nothing to block the attack with, but Sasuke's Susano'o stepped in the way as the Uchiha inside it formed a hand seal, "INFERNO STYLE: YASAKA MAGATAMA!"

Naruto's bones exploded on the Susano'o as it formed it's attack above it's head and threw three spiralling shapes of black fire at Naruto.

Naruto frowned slightly at the attack as it came towards him, he smirked as he calmly formed a single handed seal, sinking underground with the headhunter jutsu and dodging the explosive attack that obliterated the area.

Popping up underneath Toki, Naruto lifted his left arm, "TURBULENT SHADOW SNAKES!" Naruto shouted as a single large python appeared form his sleeve, it's head expanding as it opened it's mouth to summon thirty more snakes from inside.

Sasuke turned to his toad as it was thrown up into the air, "Dispel Toki!" Sasuke shouted as he slashed around with Susano'o.


Toki left the area as Naruto's snakes bit into thin air before they began to retract, though Naruto turned as he spotted Sasuke flying at him through the cloud of leftover smoke, his Scythe-form Kusarigama flashing through the air as he swung it at Naruto, "SAGE ART: DEATHSTROKE!" He shouted.

Naruto's snakes continued to retract into his sleeve as he raised his other hand, his Rinnegan flashing as his skin turned a darker grey then Juugo's usual abilities gave him.

Sasuke's momentum was halted immediately as his blade hit Naruto's hand, the chakra being sucked free from the technique thanks to his Six Paths and his hand blocking the attack with demonic Yin Chakra enhancing Juugo's Nature chakra enhancements.

Naruto quickly grabbed the blade and twisted into Sasuke's guard, dodging Sakura as she blurred past and aiming to punch Sasuke in the face. Though Sasuke leaned back as Naruto's fist just managed to touch his nose, just as the seal on Sasuke's chest sparked, "SEALING ART: FIRE STYLE: FLAME BURST!"

Naruto's eyes widened as the seal on Sasuke's chest blew him away, though Naruto flipped and used the momentum to land a kick to Sakura's stone bird as the girl came by to slash at him.

The bird instantly disappeared in a cloud of smoke as Sakura's claws scratched down Naruto's chest, destroying his shirt but causing her to stumble as her source of nature chakra was cut off so suddenly.

Naruto smirked as he slid to a stop in a crouch, his suddenly claw-like nails holding sharp to get a better grip in the ground before throwing himself back at the off-balance Sakura, "TSUUGA!" Naruto shouted as he drilled through the air.

Other Sasuke had Susano'o drop it's arm in the way of the attack, causing Naruto to drill against it for a second before his attack stopped and he slammed his hands on the ground below him, flipping him into a hand stand as a single pulse of air from his wind funnel in his hand to flip him up and nearly over the shield/crossbow, his eyes widening as the real Sasuke once more appeared, though this time with a naginata.

Susano'o on one side, Sakura beneath him and Sasuke in front of him. Naruto smirked as he used his position to face Sasuke head on, "SHINRA TENSEI!"

The two Sasukes and Sakura were thrown away by the attack, though Naruto's eyes narrowed as the two Sasukes ripped the seals off their chests, reducing to nothing more then chakra as flew flew off to the side.

Naruto turned to see the actual real Sasuke, mid-swing with a katana that was sparkling with electrical energy. So Naruto flipped away from the first strike while clapping his hands to try a technique he was pretty sure he could manage, "C'mon!" Naruto said to himself through gritted teeth as he slowly pulled his hands apart.

Sasuke charged Naruto again, swinging his katana through the air at Naruto, "SAGE STYLE: CHIDORI BLADE!" he shouted, his nature chakra empowering the technique to be even more powerful then usual, swinging it down towards Naruto's head.


A black chakra receiver appeared between Naruto's hands made directly from his chakra, blocking the attack and allowing the two to stand in a stalemate for a moment, Sharingan to Rinnegan, frown to smirk.

Sasuke quickly span as he stepped back, surprising Naruto by throwing his sword and forcing the redhead to dodge in a spin of his own, coming back to face Sasuke again as he charged forward once more, hough this time with his Kusarigama at the ready.

Naruto's cheeks bulged as fire chakra ignited in his lungs, "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!" Naruto shouted.

Sasuke's attack changed into a sweeping strike as he activated a seal on his weapon, "WEAPON STYLE: CUTTING EDGE!" he said, cutting the fireball in half.

The fireball split around Sasuke as he went to pull his weapon back to him, only for his eyes to widen as he noticed it was far heavier then normal.

Naruto planted his feet as he caught the airborne chain, yanking it towards him as Sasuke fell forward in shock, barely looking up to see Naruto as the redhead ran forward with a fist held back.


Sakura's attack made Naruto's whole body be thrown slightly to the side, missing Sasuke as the Uchiha's eyes span, locking with the Rinnegan, "TSUKUYOMI!" Sasuke shouted.

Sasuke blinked as his technique didn't work, only to realise just why when the clone splashed into water.

"ICE STYLE: ICE PRISON!" Naruto said, popping up from underground and grabbing the half-wet Sasuke with his one hand as his free hand brought around his chakra receiver to stab into Sasuke.

Sakura appeared and punched at Naruto, forcing him to stop freezing Sasuke's arms and chest as he parried her blow before they engaged in high speed taijutsu, thought Sakura was faster since Naruto hadn't activated his lightning armour.

Sakura finally got in close as she raised her leg inside Naruto's guard, "EXTERMINATING BLAST BULLET!" she shouted.

Naruto moved his chakra receiver to block the attack, surprising everyone as he channelled Preta's ability to absorb the technique through the pole and reducing it to a fairly strong kick that pushed Naruto back away from Sasuke.

Naruto stood tall as Sasuke and Sakura did the same after he broke free from the ice, stopping side by side as they both panted heavily, a few small cuts and bruises on their person as they stared down Naruto.

Naruto took one slow deep breath and smiled as he tossed the Chakra Rod behind him, the black shattering into microscopic chakra jewels once it hit the ground.

Sasuke and Sakura shot forward one more time, ready for one final confrontation as she shot ahead, aiming a sweep kick at Naruto.

Naruto leapt forward in a dive, dodging Sakura as she flashed past and punching the ground behind her to throw the approaching Sasuke off balance, but that proved a waster effort as Sasuke saw the move coming and dove forward too, stabbing at Naruto with his scythe-form weapon.

Naruto's punch drilled into the ground, so he used the grip to pull himself just under Sasuke's attack as his other hand gently pressed to Sasuke's back as they passed one another, "DIMENSIONAL SHUNT!" Naruto shouted.

Sakura turned from her speedy strike to see Sasuke disappear into a swirl of chakra, revealing Naruto's Sharingan eye in his place as Naruto took one more taijutsu stance, "One down." Naruto said with a smirk of confidence.

Sakura hesitated as she circled Naruto for a moment, deciding that the only way she could beat him was to start going full speed and all out.

Naruto's smirk fell slightly when Radical Good Speed Wheel Unlimited came free from it's rainbow glow, but to Naruto's confusion, it was more red then pink, 'That's something new.' Naruto thought as he blinked.

Naruto barely managed to lean to the side to make her first punch a glancing blow to his shoulder, using the momentum to throw a back fist at her shoulder which she dodged, throwing a flaming kick at Naruto's chest.

Naruto barely leaned back for the attack, making a split second decision as he dropped to his knees to pivot around behind her with a mischievously evil grin.

Sakura managed to turn as Naruto's eye gleamed, fire chakra making his fingers searing hot as he held a Tiger Seal and drove his hands forward at her unprotected butt.



Chapter End.

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