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Doesn't Take Much for a Smile

I stared at Natsu in disbelief as he glowered with anger. He was definitely not the boy I had once fallen in love with. He was selfish and mean. I should've realized it anyway; no one had been particularly happy when I told them about Natsu and me.

Unfazed by his accusations and shouting, I stood up from the chair, my eyes narrowing. Some people at the small café were beginning to stare at us. Natsu cocked an eyebrow at me, thinking I would forgive him again.

"Natsu, we're done." I said the dreaded words slowly and distinctly, enjoying the look of utter amazement on Dragneel's face.

"You're not serious, Lucy." He whispered, the anger fading from his face and transforming into shock.

"Oh it's real." I said. I smiled, threw the locket he had given me a long time ago onto the ground, and walked out into the cold air. It was nearly twilight, and the barren trees had soft coatings of snow on them. The sky was not yet dark, just a tinge of orange.

I walked along the streets, watching the light snow starting to fall, as I hugged myself. In my anger, I had forgotten my coat at the café, and I was not going back since Natsu may still be there. I didn't want to go back to home either, I just wanted some distraction from Natsu. So my stupid pride kept me walking until I reached the centre of the town which was brightly lit.

Cold or not, it was bustling with people. There were shops, on either side of the long pavements, which were filled too. As I trotted, I noticed a book shop at the far end of the various shops, and decided I could spend some time there. At least I could escape from the cold, and read a few books.

The door swung open as I made my way inside. It was mostly empty, which wasn't a big surprise. A new book store had opened here, and everyone was currently going there. But this had better books, and the old novels that I loved to read. It even had that musty book smell, which you could inhale the moment you came in. This place looked more or less like a library too, with its dim light and massive wooden shelves.

I ran my fingers across the leather spines of the books in the last shelf, stopping at a particular one. My eyes shone with excitement as I remembered this was the book I never got to finish a few weeks back.

Hastily, I took it out and opened it to the chapter I had stopped at. As I was about to read the first line printed in the old style, I felt someone breathing down my neck.

I slowly closed the book, and then whirled around, shivering. A handsome boy, who looked about a year or two older than me, with black hair that fell down his face stylishly was standing behind me, his eyebrows raised; which should've been my reaction. Apparently, he hadn't wanted me to close the book so abruptly.

"What did you think you were doing, huh?" I demanded.

"Nothing." Whatever I had been expecting, it was certainly not what he said. His expression did not change as I scowled at him.

"Oh really? Why were you breathing down my back?"

The boy brushed some of his hair back which abruptly fell back again, and said; "I was trying to read that part. My friend was impatient, so he didn't let me read properly the first time I took that book."

I sighed and said, "You could have just asked me. Here take it. I'm Lucy by the way."

He took the book from me wordlessly and flipped through it. Normally, a person would've thanked me, and introduced himself too, but this boy didn't seem ruffled in the slightest.

I frowned and tapped my feet, but he kept his eyes trained on the book. Finally, I pushed the top of the book down a bit and said; "It's common manners to say your name too, you know."

"You mean you want to know my name." I was taken aback at his answer; it made me sound like some flirting girl. Why in the world would I WANT to know his name?

"No, I did not! I was just saying—"

"I'm Rogue Cheney." As I was hunting around for some suitable explanation, he told me his name anyway. I nodded in satisfaction at his answer.


"Thanks for what?" Rogue beat me to the punch.

I bit my lip as I began to think of how to elaborate again, when Rogue said softly; "You have beautiful eyes, Lucy."

I felt incredibly stupid, just standing there and gaping at him as he went back to his book again. For the entire conversation, his face had worn the same calm and composed mask. Suddenly, I felt that he was probably not like this all the time. Maybe he was actually different, and only this quiet, mysterious self when with others.

I was searching for something interesting on the shelves, muttering the names to myself, when Rogue handed the book back to me by tapping my shoulder.

"That fast?" I asked in surprise.

"Like I said, I just couldn't read that part." The logic sounded weird. If he didn't read that part, how could he read the entire book the first time? I shrugged it off and then went along with my small bit of fun. Rogue was so emotionless; I couldn't help teasing a bit.

"Do you always look this gloomy?" I started conversationally.

"Probably." Rogue said, his eyes roaming over the novels.

I sighed and said; "What if I succeed in making you laugh?"

"I didn't say I don't laugh." Rogue's face took on a misty look as he replied with one of his deadpans again. Everything that came out of his mouth was twisted in such a way, that I didn't have a proper answer, which very rarely happened for Lucy Heartfilia.

"I can try then!" I chirped enthusiastically.

Even if he was a completely unknown boy, I jumped forward and started to tickle him in the sides. After five awkward seconds, it was clear that he was not ticklish.

I stepped back in embarrassment and smiled sheepishly; "Sorry! You just look so glum; I'm trying to get you to smile."

"Why?" Rogue asked, his eyes twinkling a bit. I was temporarily at a loss for words. Why indeed? I didn't know him, so why was I trying to make him smile?

I shrugged and said; "Because you're weird!" Rogue turned to me and crossed his arms, his face slightly expectant.

I tried a different tactic; "I'm a vampire!" His expression didn't change. "My head is on fire?" That didn't work either.

Finally, I lost my patience and cried out exasperatedly; "Oh come on! Don't you have any other expression, or what?"

"Huh? Why are you getting so frustrated? I do, don't worry." Rogue said, a hint of offense in his voice.

"Then show some!" I had no idea why I was this desperate, but it felt like this was some mission I had to complete. Rogue shook his head in mild amusement and patted my head as if I was a kitten.

"Alright, I will sometime."

I huffed and stalked off to the other sections, going through random books roughly. The words about beautiful eyes came back and I grinned a bit to myself.

"You meant I should start smiling to myself like an idiot?" A silky smooth voice asked innocently.

I jumped back in surprise, and bumped into an old lady who shook her fist at me and limped away, complaining about how youth these days had no manners.

"Would you stop scaring me please? And who says I'm an idiot?" I scolded Rogue, who was now bending down to my height.

"No one does. I'm starting to find you interesting, so I came here."

I pouted and turned back to the world of fiction. But Rouge suddenly asked me; "Have you seen the Fire Lilies that the children float in the lake every night?"

My eyes widened as I shook my head. "No, what's that?"

Rogue straightened up a bit and explained; "These little children float Fire Lilies on the Emerald Lake every night, and it's pretty to watch. Do you want to see them?"

I didn't know what Fire Lilies were, but I knew there was an Emerald Lake in Magnolia. I nodded eagerly, but I was slightly suspicious as Rogue and I came out of the book store into the wintry weather, and made our way out of the town centre. Here I was, going to see whatnot with a boy I had met ten minutes ago. But something about Rogues' presence made me trust him.

I was feeling really cold by the time we reached the lake. It was behind a lot of creepers, and was true to its name even in the dark. Only the surroundings of the lake was covered in snow, and chunks were also present in the water, but the water remained unfrozen otherwise, which made me surprised.

"How come it's not frozen?" I asked Rogue. The snow had stopped falling now, but the cold air was still there, biting at me.

"It never is. The other lakes are, but not this one."

I stared back at the silent water, noticing a few other people coming and sitting on the edge of the lake like us. As I watched, slowly, a small light appeared at the right side of the water. There was some sort of pink haze, and the golden light flickered within it. Then one more appeared, and then another. At last, there were hundreds of luminous pink and golden things floating dreamily on the water. I peered at where the first one had emerged from, and saw about ten to twelve little children, almost drowning in coats, crouching down on the ground.

"What are those?" I whispered in fascination to my new friend. "They can't be real lilies!"

"They're not. Look closer." Rogue whispered back.

As another 'Fire Lily' floated closer, I bent down to look at it properly. It was not a real lily, but pink crepe paper cut magnificently into the shape of the flower. Flickering and bobbing up and down inside it was a tiny firefly. Its light ebbed out when I came closer.

"This is beautiful. And so imaginative!" I said, staring at Rogue.

Then he surprised me completely by suddenly breaking into one of the most brilliant smiles I had ever seen. His face looked warmer than before, and his eyes shone.

"What made you smile suddenly?" I asked, laughing.

"The awed look on your face as if you just discovered something that will change the world."

I rolled my eyes, and turned back to the lake, where the lights were slowly dimming, feeling sort of triumphant. As some fireflies' lights went out, and they fluttered away, more 'lilies' came onto the water, before the children got up and disappeared in the shadows.

After a while, we were both walking back. Already, everything with Natsu was discarded to a file in my head, one which I would never open. Without even knowing that I needed it, Rogue had succeeded in distracting me, and I had accomplished in making him smile by doing nothing. Something told me, it was a promising smile, that today wasn't the last time I would see him.

Rogue wanted to go back to the bookstore, so I agreed. For some reason, while I was watching the Fire Lilies, I had been feeling warm, but now I was back to shivering. Rogue acted quite the gentleman by shrugging out of his coat and handing it to me fiercely.

"You can give it back later. I'm usually at the bookstore." He said, before swiftly disappearing inside it, his face back to normal again.

I pulled his coat on, and walked back to my house, feeling positively elated.

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