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Chapter Two- Pursuit

Trying immensely hard to ignore the incessant banging on my front door, I jammed my headphones on, cranked up the music to full volume and defiantly concentrated on my book.

Over the loud beats and the voice of the singer, I could still make out a faint; "Lucy! Come on, don't be such a—"

Natsu did NOT just call me that. And he expects me to let him in my house again? It was like flashing a sign saying; "I want to get mistreated and yelled at again, please!"

After ten minutes of too-loud-music, and my eyes slipping off the words on the pages every second, I sighed and I crawled out from my warm bedcovers, shivering slightly in the cold air despite the heater.

I was going to go for the cliché punching him in the face and slamming the door shut again on him. Oh yes I was.

Crossing my arms and throwing the headphones on the bed, I wrenched my door open, already glaring. The boy outside had an insanely hungry expression on his face, and his onyx eyes were practically dancing in flames of anger.

"What," I put hateful emphasis on the word and continued. "Do you want?"

It took him about two seconds to calm himself again, before he declared, "You."

I shrugged, making my best mock-apologetic face. "Oh I'm so sorry! I'm all sold out."

"Lucy, you didn't even explain your behaviour!" Natsu came back at me furiously.

Oh he was so asking for that punch. I put a wondering finger on my chin—still blocking the doorway with my free hand, and then said, "Hmm, why don't you look in the mirror? There's a big, fat reason right there!"

He growled and unexpectedly grabbed me by the shoulders. I was caught off-guard; I had not been expecting this. He wasn't rough, but nevertheless he pushed me back into the house, and I saw the door closing when he pushed it with his foot.

"You said you were never leaving me. You said you loved me. You promised Lucy! Remember?" Natsu snatched his right hand away for a split-second to dig in his pocket, before he brought out two tiny objects.

Curiously, I peered down at his outstretched palm; there were two crystal lockets attached to silver strings. Ouch. That hurt, no matter how I much I hated Natsu now. It reminded of that kiss in the sunset and that promise made in the darkness. It was the locket I threw away yesterday.

"You promised too…can't see you doing a good job though." I muttered blackly.

Natsu's eyes narrowed again, but in the process I felt his grip loosen unconsciously; I quickly tore myself away from him, and went past him to open the door again.

"Out." I motioned towards the pale sunlit porch. He frowned, and then shook his head firmly. "Nope."

I rolled my eyes, and then smiled sweetly. He would have to leave at some time! So I plopped back on my bed, and picked my book up. "Fine, it's your wish. Bathroom, kitchen, bed and pretty much anything that involves you being comfortable is banned. Enjoy yourself."

I thought he was going to start abusing me again, but he proposed a question this time; "That doesn't look like yours…"

Following his eyes, I looked to my right to see a coat draped carefully over the sofa right beside my bed, and I blushed slightly. I had spent the entire night with that one coat for some reason, and in embarrassment I kept it far from me in the morning.

"A friend's." I answered simply. Natsu raised an eyebrow. "It's a guy's coat Lucy. I had the same thing before I threw it away."

"Does it matter to you?" I snapped. I averted his eyes but I saw him glare at me once before I lowered my head.

"Well yeah, since you're my girlfriend."

Now I was really beginning to lose patience. That beautiful evening I spent yesterday now seemed like a million years away with Natsu after me again.

"I made it perfectly clear that we're done, Natsu, and I would appreciate it if you got your ass out of my house." I was never this rude, but I couldn't help it with this guy.

He threw himself down beside me abruptly and burst out in a whiny but exasperated tone—really should've been my tone, but oh well; "So what? So what I was sweet to another girl, can't I hang around females or what? You didn't have to get that angry at me yesterday!"

I pursed my lips. "You were flirting, not being sweet. Plus for the record, it's not the first time. And you were the one who started shouting again, not me. Now please leave me alone."

Finally, I had succeeded in making him buckle. He was evidently tired, and he gave me his dirtiest look as he made his way to the door again.

He was halfway out and I was halfway through starting my music up again, when he glanced towards me once.

"I'll come back for you." He promised. Staring straight into his eyes, I shrugged indifferently.

Like he'd win.

The snowfall had stopped now and the streets and trees were coated in it like vanilla icing. I ran a hand through my open hair nervously, trying to do it without getting the huge coat-sleeves covering my entire fist again. It was slightly warmer than before; the sun had not yet set, and I could already hear the music wafting its way from the Square.

His coat was so warm, and it smelt like coffee for some odd reason. And it practically drowned because it was so big, and it flowed to my knees.

I didn't exactly want to give it back, but it was an excuse to meet him again! But it was purely the fact that he was fun to hang around with…nothing else. Though he was different; he had a whole other sense of thinking and didn't need to use that many words for me to understand what he was meaning to tell me.

Wow, I must teach a class; I observed a lot, didn't I?

All of a sudden, there was a sharp bright light in the corner of my eye, and I stupidly squeezed it shut as an involuntary reaction without assessing what had happened. I heard the whizz of something flying past, screams and shrieks, music cutting off, and then the sound of tires skidding...

I let out a squeak of pain as I felt my hip come in contact with the hard pavement side, and then felt a hand gripping my wrist.

"Gosh, you want to suicide girl?"

My eyes widened as I realized I had walked onto the main street to go the Square, but I had been so engrossed in my thoughts I didn't even notice I was dawdling in the middle of the street when cars were still moving.

I looked up to thank whoever pulled me away from Lucy-about-to-play-the-harp to Lucy-still-alive-and-kicking, and felt the grip loosen by a tall, raven-haired boy.

"T-thanks." I got out shakily, standing up and brushing myself off. A few people stared at me, and the car which had been standing for some time now took off again. The band near the fountain continued playing as if nothing happened.

"You're alright, yeah?" I saw a pretty, blue-haired girl next to me, and assured I was. She smiled, and then walked over to the guy who saved me. He squeezed her hand and then they walked away in the opposite direction after waving at me.

I felt jealous of them as I saw the boy absentmindedly stroke her hair as they walked, and the girl laughed out at something which I could hear from here.

Natsu was never like that me…was he? I don't think so. He would always say he loved me, and he would kiss me, but he never made me feel completely comfortable. He never really spent that much time with me after a few days anyway; and he truly smiled at me, only smirked to show how cool he was. Boy, was I naïve.

Shrugging it off, I crossed carefully this time and then made a beeline for my favorite book-shop again. After all, I did need to give the coat back.

The bell tinkled as usual when I pushed the door open, and I immediately felt welcome.

I wandered aimlessly for a while, going into one section and then to another, before stopping tentatively in front of the one I met him yesterday.

I stepped in among the aisles, and looked around. Old man, little girl and dusty novels. And me; that's all that was there.

Like an idiot—and half-laughing myself—I whispered; "Rogue?" Of course no black-haired boy with twinkling crimson-raven eyes materialized in front of me; what was I thinking this was, some wishing well?

Most of my night had been spent brooding over the beautiful Fire Lilies, and I had been wondering how Rogue thought my eyes were pretty. They were dull and brown, but his were lively and warm with an unusual mixture of colors; again, it should've been my line. What was with people stealing my dialogues?!

"That's fast."

I jumped a foot in the air and the 'Complete Works of Dickens' fell over at my acrobatics. The little girl near me gaped at me and the old guy was probably deaf because he didn't move a muscle.

I grinned slightly, still turned around and not facing anyone; the same words I said when Rogue finished the book yesterday were just repeated to me, just in the form of his usual monotonic statement and not a question.

Turning on my heel, I put on a mask of exasperation. "What did I tell you about not scaring me?"

Rogue looked apologetic, and then he raised an eyebrow. "Well, you're returning my coat early…"

"I was getting bored at home." I barreled, realizing the double meaning of his words and trying to formulate another reason for me to come all the way here the very next day.

A cold gush of wind came in when the door of the shop opened again, and it became cozier again when it was swung shut. I was mildly surprised it reached here at any rate.

I was about to speak again, when I heard a familiar voice, and suddenly excited, I temporarily forgot about Rogue and edged closer out the aisle.

A girl with flaming red hair and those piercing chocolate-brown eyes was leaning over the counter, talking—or rather yelling—animatedly to the poor guy behind it.

Ignoring the people watching her with amazement, I rushed up to her without tripping over the coat successfully and squealed; "Erza!"

Erza Scarlet turned around and immediately morphed into 'calm and sweet' self at once. "Luce!"

We spent the next five minutes hugging and trying to talk about everything on the planet in hushed whispers—people were reading after all—and all the gossip seemed never-ending.

"But when did you come to Magnolia? Weren't you staying at Clover for another week or something?" I asked at last, once we were done discussing how our friends Mira and Freed were finally together.

Erza shook her head, lightly fingering a book as she sat on one of the little pouffes placed at the back of the shop with me.

"It got over early; the company gave me a break for winter!" she paused for a moment, and then remembered something; "Hey, Lucy! What about that book? Or are you still working at the café?"

I blushed, feeling embarrassed. Erza, Levy, Mirajane and I had been the best of friends since high school; now Levy was an editor and we were the only two still in Magnolia. Mirajane…well I had no idea what she was doing, but she was happy going around, and she was talking of having a pet-shop or something like that.

Erza was a fashion designer, and a brilliant one at that; she was the only one who hardly ever visited Magnolia, because Mira and I occasionally worked together, so naturally I missed her.

And I…I was writing a book, but I didn't have any big plans to publish it or anything. "Nah…well yeah actually…I keep varying; the café or the flower-shop…I've not done a bad job with Levy and the books either."

I smiled a little forcefully, but I didn't miss the concern in Erza's eyes. "Lucy…"

Surprising my friend completely, I beamed almost at once as she put a hand on my shoulder, and exclaimed as an afterthought; "But! The book's almost done! I'll talk to Levy, and she can arrange for—"

I was cut off when Erza tackled me into a bear hug—that girl was NOT the lightest I knew despite her slimness—and we broke off laughing.

She looked over my shoulder once, and her eyes darkened a bit. "Lucy, do you know that boy?" she asked. My intuition told me I knew who it was, so I countered with another question; "Dark hair, tan figure, crimson eyes?"

Erza nodded, looking back at me. "He's looking this way," I blushed lightly again—idiot Lucy, what was the need for that—but then I sobered up, because Erza wouldn't be just commenting on a boy looking at us in that serious voice.

"What's wrong?" I demanded, lowering my voice when some people glared at me to keep quiet.

Erza moistened her lips and said, "That's one of the Cheney guys I think…I've seen him around before, and I can't really recall what it was, but you remember Laxus don't you Luce?" she added. I nodded, waiting for her to go on which she did.

"He told me about the Cheneys, they're not very good people…something had happened I guess, and Laxus particularly hated him; picked a fight him a lot of times before he left Clover."

Erza never lied, but I found all that she said hard to believe anyway. Rogue was not a bad person! But then, how much did I know him? It was just that that warm smile and comforting face, it didn't strike me as someone to be scared of, but someone to be trusted. Though he had a very good poker face I must say…

"But you don't know him, do you? I was just saying, forget about it." Erza joked. She must've been thinking he was some kind of stalker or something.

"Uh…I've talked to him before actually," I confessed. Erza made a confused face, but then said, "Just be careful, yeah?"

"Sure," I agreed. My friend gingerly touched the coat I was still wearing—I was starting to feel profusely hot with it still on, but the coffee smell had increased—and clicked, laughing.

"Please, do some winter shopping! I thought your fashion sense improved over the months, but well…" Erza trailed off and I punched her playfully.

Then she had to go somewhere after a while, so we promised to meet up with Levy at her house next day, and she went back to scolding the counter person before taking off while I shook my head at her usual demonic manners.

"Girl talk." Someone muttered behind me. I had forgotten completely about Rogue still there, and when I heard him behind me I quickly turned to apologize.

"Sorry! And what's with the bitter tone?" I added. His dark hair fell over his eyes again as he replied. "Well…most of what girls do is scream and gush when they 'talk'…"

Huffing, I stalked back among the aisles into a more quiet area and stuck my nose in the air, offended. "We do not!"

Okay, I had expected Rogue to follow me or something, but again things did not go like they should at all. I waited for a couple of seconds before chancing a glance to see him—nowhere.

"Hey!" I protested, walking around to see him and finally finding him leaning against a rack, reading. Really, how un-dramatic and boring could this guy get? And yet I'm still going around trying to find him anyway.

"I said we do not!" I repeated, going closer. Rogue looked as if he was being pulled from another world as he looked up, and then nodded. "Sure. I thought you were angry with me?"

Could I ever be? Wait, erase that thought Lucy! Right now! At least make an effort to listen to Erza!

"Yeah," I said slowly. "But you're supposed to…to do something so that I won't stay angry! You can't just walk off, we didn't even argue about the way in which girls talk!" I realized I was ranting, and with a huge effort I stopped myself.

Rogue coughed lightly. "So, you want me to come after you, or do you want me to argue with you?"

Aaargh, why was he so irritating?! "You're supposed to decide that, idiot!" I spluttered.

He should've looked angry, but instead I saw that same soft glint of amusement in his eyes again. He kept the book back and then said, "So, I guess you're keeping the coat?"

Major blush of embarrassment. I hastily tried to take it off, but in my hurry one of the buttons got tangled in a loose thread in the corner of my top underneath the coat.

Rogue sighed, and reached forward to help me out; he swiftly untangled it from me while I studiously ignored him.

After that I didn't want to hang around anymore, and I was tired anyway so I made my way to the glass door of shop. I could see the car lights and fountain outside from the counter when I reached it.

I was about to step out, when Rogue came up silently behind me. "Lucy," he started, and I recalled her never really called me by my name more than once.

Raising my eyebrows, I faced him expectantly. "Yeah?"

Rogue shifted slightly, and I saw his face looked pretty reminiscent as he asked me, "Who was that friend of yours?"

I opened my mouth, and then shut it again. Erza had really got me all doubtful now, and all the trust I felt had poison seeping through it now, so I didn't know what to say.

Very smoothly, I answered; "I should go," and then I hurried out into the cold air, already missing the warmth of the coat.

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