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Summary: It has been seven months since Skye shot Lucas, found and cared for him, let her relationship with him grow and eventually parted ways. Now with Lucas gone and Skye with child their story has to come out to the one man that it will hurt the most. The man that they both think of as Father.

Days and days


98 days 14 hours and some odd minutes. That was how long he had now been without seeing Skye, his Bucket. Beautiful Bucket. It was getting harder and harder to remind himself that he had done the right thing in leaving her. His chest had been feeling hallow and empty since he had gone and he knew now beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was head over heels in love with his Bucket. If anyone had even tried to tell the grate Lucas Taylor that he would end up falling in love with the Sixer spy he would have laughed and told them they had lost their mind. Love was a weakness and there was no way that he would have ever willingly allowed himself to fall into that kind of trap. After all, the only other person that he ever loved had been his mother. He may have felt something for his father once but now the hate he felt for his father could have to be measured on an epic scale.

Lucas looked around the tree house that he had built himself some years back. It was quite far from Terra Nova and the old Sixer camp, just the way he liked it. Being on his own like this, away from everyone and everything, was something that most would have hated. Lucas however found that it was more conducive to helping him think. With nothing around to distract him, that was how he had gotten so much of his calculations done for the portal. Now however he found that it gave him far too much time to think and none of his thoughts had anything to do with mathematical equations. He had to do something to keep him occupied. Grabbing his gun and knife he lowered himself out of his tree house and started the long and sometimes fruitless task of finding dinner.

After an hour of gathering he had himself the makings of a nice prehistoric salad and caught a larger ancestor to the modern day salmon. This was one of the reasons that he had chosen this area to settle in. with all of the natural food supplies that he could find and the fresh water from the waterfall that was a ten minute walk from his house, Lucas felt that he could not have done better in finding a place if he had looked for another ten years.

The scream of a pair of Carno's brought Lucas mind out of his thoughts and into his surroundings. This was not an uncommon occurrence this far into the Badlands, hence its name, but with his arms laden with lunch he would be unable to reach for his gun should they have spotted him. After un ceremoniously dumping everything into the hoist basket and getting it up into the tree house he wiped around just in time to hear the Carno's scream again as they spotted him. Without a second thought he wiped out his gun and effortlessly squeezed off two rounds at the highest setting for the sonic rifle that he has slung over his shoulder. Both dino's took the shots to the head and went down. Two shots and we have dinner. Lucas thought to himself. Two shots and I would have been dinner once upon a time. Just like that he could not help but let his mind wander to a time not long ago when he had taken those two shots.

The pain was unbelievable. It was almost as bad as when the slasher had gotten his neck. The wonder however as he pulled himself threw the brush and way from his father was, was it the pain of the shots that hurt the most or the fact that he had lost to his father, more than likely permanently, or that she had betrayed him again. Bucket, his Bucket. This would now be the third time in less than two weeks that she had betrayed him for his father. So much for his life's work, so much for his revenge against the once grate Commander Taylor. Two shots and it was over just like that. Two shots and everything he had worked so hard for was taken from him, just like everything else in his life that had ever mattered to him. Lucas had to stop for a moment to rest. His mind was running in circles without him and that was never a good thing while out in this jungle. That was a sure fire way of ending up some dino's dinner. Slowly he tried breathing around the pain in his chest and growled deep in his throat as he was reminded yet again that his Bucket had shot him.

I never should have let her get that close to me, I never should have cared, he thought. But Skye Alexandria Tate was by far one of the most beautiful women that he had ever met. Mira warned me about her. Lucas had known about the spy for a long time before he had ever spoken to her. He had seen her coming and going from the Sixer camp over the years and had at first been intrigued about how a 14 year old girl could be so sly and cunning, as well as fearless enough to spy for them. When he had found out her reasons for spying for them, Lucas had been even more impressed. After all he would have done the same had it been his mother's life one the line. The fact that she was betraying his father and his precious Terra Nova made the whole thing even sweeter once he found out that the old man had taken the young girl in after her parents had "both died". He would have loved to be a fly on the Commanders wall on the day that he had found out that the spy was her. After all it would have been his second child now to have betrayed him.

But she hadn't betrayed Taylor, she had betrayed him.

"She shot me." But he still wanted her.

"SHE shot ME!" but he still desired her.

"SHE SHOT ME!" and this time some of the birds in the trees around him took flight. How could she do that to him? Didn't she realize how much he cared for her, how lenient he had been with her, how he had protected her? Had their night together after that young Shannon had tried to take his head off at Boylens' bar meant NOTHING to her? He had thought it had, and when she had come to him today to say that she was going to choose his side over Taylors, since the old man would never forgive her for betraying him anyway, Lucas had thought he had won. Skye was now his, HIS Bucket. How short lived that had been.

After giving himself a few more moments to rest and re center himself he pushed off of the fallen tree he had been sitting on and started out again towards Snakehead falls. His father may think to look for him there but it was one of the closer and better stocked safe houses that he had in the area.

Lucas however did not make it that far when he lost his footing about a half hour to his destination and slid down an embankment, cracking his head on a rock when he reached the bottom. The tried to sit up but could not and let the blackness claim him a few moments later as the pain in his body over whelmed him.

When Lucas next opened his eyes, he knew for sure that he had to be dreaming. Bucket, his beautiful Bucket was leaning over him and mumbling words of comfort. But again his eyes closed as his head swam and blackness took him. When the darkness finally released him he could not say how much time had passed or what all had happened but he knew for sure that someone was taking care of him. He was in a well make lean-to and had a well-stocked fire close enough to provide him with the warmth that his body needed but far enough away not to set the roof of the lean-to on fire. He could feel that someone had even gone threw the effort of cleaning and bandaging his wounds. Slowly he shifted his head, not wanting to take the chance that if he sat up he would not pass out again. And there she was, sitting on the opposite side of the fire from him. Her sapphire eyes watching him threw the flames.

"Why?" was all he could say.

"Because, no one, no matter how much they may deserve it, should be left to die out hear."

Lucas had found out later that two days had passed between when she had shot him and when she had found him at the bottom of the embankment. That no one had even tried to find him until she had, and that even then it had taken two more days of her watching over him and making sure that he would not get eaten by the wild life before he had woken for more than a few ramblings filled moments.

Thinking back on it now, Lucas knew that had she not gone looking for him when she had and taken care of him as she had then he would have died out in this jungle and no one would have been the wiser. He had hated her then for it, but loved her now more than ever because of it. He never would have willingly excepted her help at the time but was grateful that she had forced her care upon him for he never would have had the opportunity to find out what it was like to love again otherwise.

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