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Summary: It has been seven months since Skye shot Lucas, found and cared for him, let her relationship with him grow and eventually parted ways. Now with Lucas gone and Skye with child their story has to come out to the one man that it will hurt the most. The man that they both think of as Father.

Days and Days

Chapter 7


Skye barely noticed Josh as he ran towards her. Her mind was thinking about Lucas who was being held down in the brig. She had never thought that she would see Lucas again and now that he was hear, and inside the gate, Skye found that she was not paying much attention to anything else that was going on around her.

"Skye did I just hear correctly? Did Lucas just give him self up?" Josh asked almost out of breath. From the distilled smell coming off of him Skye could tell that he had just come from Boylands.

"Yes, Mark just took him down to the brig." Skye however didn't stop to talk as she started up the stairs to the command center. When the guard on staff saw that it was her he didn't even try to stop her as she walked into the Commanders office.

"That still doesn't change anything." Taylor said mid conversation not noticing that Skye had come in. "You and I both know that I can't just let him walk around Terra Nova, not with everything that he has already done to this place." Taylor said to Jim Shannon and Mark Reynolds. When Taylor saw that she had joined them he waived her over to the couch. "I want more then anything to believe that Lucas has changed. The fact that he gave his self up so easily leads me to think that he really does just want to be hear for Skye and the child."

"About that, why is it that we are just finding out about Lucas being the father of your baby now? I mean, it is obvious that you told Taylor but I thought that you trusted the rest of us by now to know that you could have told us the truth." Jim turned his attention to Skye. Skye could tell that Mark was also thinking the same thing but hadn't said anything because she was his friend. Beside her however Josh was starting to freak out about what his father had just said.

"What do you mean Lucas is the father? I thought you said that it was just some Sixer. I mean how did that even happen. I thought you hatted him. You shot him after all." Josh stood up from where he had been sitting next to Skye on the couch and started to pace in fount of her. Skye just sighed in frustration and shook her head. Josh's reaction was part of why it was that she had only told a select few.

"I only told those that really needed to know. I never thought that I would see Lucas again. When he left for the badlands I thought that he was never coming back. That is what he told me in his letter when he left. Besides I didn't tell you because I knew that you would just react the way that you are know. It was easier for you if the father was just some faceless Sixer, that may or may not have had his way with me. Knowing that it was Lucas, after everything that he had done to all of us, would have just hurt you more." Skye was happy to see that Jim, Mark and Commander Taylor excepted her reasoning for not telling everyone the truth. Josh however was going to be a harder win and Skye feared that the truth about Lucas being the father would ultimately end up being the final driving wedge between them.

"I told your mother because she is my doctor but she had to keep it a secret because I told her to, I told my mother because she wanted the father to do right by me and was threatening to take you Josh, in front of Commander Taylor when she noticed how much time you and I spend together, and I told the Commander because this is going to be his first grandchild after all." Skye had gone to stand next to the Commander who put his arm around her shoulder to show his support of what she was going threw.

"Why do you think Lucas came back? If what you say is true then he was in the badlands and so would have started his trip back hear a while ago." Taylor questioned Skye. She could tell that he wanted to believe the best about his son but was still wary about Lucas motives.

"Let me talk to him. I'm more likely to get the truth out of him then either of you. No offense." Even Jim had to agree with this statement but even he was concerned for Skye's well being and so in the end it was decided that Mark would go with her when she visited Lucas.


Lucas was not surprised when his fathers men put him in the brig the moment that he gave himself up. Now, sitting in the solitary confinement cell below the command centre, he began to question his own sanity as to why he didn't put up more of a fight when his father had said that the only way that he was getting into Terra Nova was in hand cuffs. With everything that he had done to this colony the last time that he was there, it would take a miracle for them to ever agree to let him out of this cell ever again. As it was his only reason for being hear was Skye, and other then the few words that they had exchange outside the gate he had yet to actually talk with her. As far as he could see, the chances of him talking with her any time soon were slim. Looking around the cell that he could almost guaranty would be his home now for the unforeseeable future, he took stock of what his surroundings had to offer him. At present he was sitting on the only surface in the room which with its length and width he had to assume was the sleeping surface. Of course with no actual matrices on it he was rimes to classify it as a bed. In the parallel corner to the door was the toilet and sink for him to use. The only remaining feature in the room was the 12 x 12 inch window close to the celling on the right side wall. Lucas looked to the door when he herd someone coming down the hall towards his cell. When the door to his cell opened and Skye slid into the room Lucas had to pinch himself so that he would know that he was still awake. Jumping off the bed Lucas took a step towards Skye but stopped when he noticed that lieutenant Reynolds had fallowed her into the room.

Skye looked back at the lieutenant and smiled at him. "It's alright Mark. I'll be fine."

"I'll be right out side if you need me." Mark gripped her shoulder in comfort and then left the two alone.

Nether one said anything as they took in the appearance of the other. Lucas could not stop looking at Skye's enlarging stomach. The proof that she was indeed pregnant. Slowly Skye stepped towards Lucas but before she could even meet him half way Lucas rushed forward and gathered her into his arms. Heated kisses and roaming hands were the order of business for the next few moments. When Lucas finally pulled way Skye was flushed and clutching to his shirt. "I love you." Lucas whispered into her ear.

"I missed you so much." Skye responded then stepped back from Lucas and with out warning slapped him across the face.

"What was that for?" Lucas rubbed his check and was stunned that she had struck him.

"That was for leaving me." Then she grabbed his face with both of her hands and kissed him passionately again. "And that is for coming back."

"Mmm, well I like that one better." Lucas told her resting his for head on hers as his arms rapped around her waist. "You know soon enough I wont be able to do this." Lucas whispered to her as he tightened his arms. "I wish I had known sooner. You know I never would have left you alone."

"Lucas truthfully would you really have been ready five months ago to give your self up like you did today or did you need the time alone in the bad lands to decide what was really more important to you?" Skye questioned him. Lucas stepped away from her and leaned against the wall. "I know that you think that I want to hear that you would have been then, had I asked you to join me, but I know that you were not ready." Skye came to stand before him and softly she stroked his cheek. "You know what, I forgive you. I did a long time ago. Now what I need know is your reason for coming back to me so that I can convince Taylor that your being hear has nothing to do with revenge or hurting the rest of the colony."

"You really think that my father is just going to let me out of hear cause you tell him to." Lucas was no fool into thinking that he would just get a free pass in Terra Nova because Skye had vouch for him.

"Perhaps not right away be with some work and good behavior on your part I think that in time I can at least get you of the brig." Lucas was not sure if she was saying this to him because Skye honestly believed it, or if she was trying to convince herself that she could do what she was telling him. Ether way Lucas had to give Skye credit for trying. He knew full well that she was going to be one of the most vocal advocates for his cause in the coming months.

"Well Bucket I hope that your right because I don't see how I am going to be of much help raising our child from the inside of a brig cell."


Commander Nathaniel Taylor sat at this desk and watched from his computer screen the events that were taking place with in the solitary confinement cell. It was no surprise that Lucas had not found the cameras yet. When they had built the Sol Con room they had put in state of the art surveillance equipment so that they could keep an eye on whom ever got put into that room. It saved Taylor the walk down into the brig to check if his detainees were ready for questioning. Having the equipment in place was part of the reason that he had agreed to let Skye see his son. The last thing that Taylor wanted was for her to get hurt, but he also wanted to gauge what his sons reaction would be towards Skye.

Taylor had felt hope start to return to his sole as he watched the reunion between Skye and Lucas. What had cemented his opinion of their relationship had been when Skye had struck him and Lucas had not retaliated at all. Taylor continued to watch as the two on the monitor settled themselves on the shelf that would be Lucas's bed. He listened in as Skye told Lucas about what she had been doing over the last five months and was happy to hear as Lucas gave her some suggestions towards some of the plants that he had found worked to do various things while he had lived out in the jungle.

Perhaps if Skye could convince Lucas to join her in doing biology work instead of astrophysics that may convince his son to stay away from the work that had nearly brought about the ruin of Terra Nova. In the mean time he would see what supplies that they had in storage that they could move into then Sol Con room for Lucas so that he may be more comfortable in what would undoubtedly be a long stay for him.

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