"Tell me one last thing," said Harry. "Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?"

Dumbledore beamed. [] "Of course it has been happening inside your head, Harry, but why on Earth should that mean it's not real?"

"Right. Okay," Harry nodded, looking around for a door, a passage, some sort of way back. As soon as he thought this, a normal sized, perfectly ordinary-seeming, wooden door appeared, complete with frame. Harry could not see around it, and instinctively knew that it would be pointless to try – the door was clearly magical, since he had created it with a thought. "So that's the way back?"

"I would presume so, Harry."

Harry walked to the door, and grabbed the handle. "Professor… the door is… well, there's some sort of… strange oil on the door handle, it's like… engine oil or something, but… I think it feels magical."

"I do not know," Albus was forced to admit. "As I said, this is your head, not mine."

"Yeah, there's just a drop or two here… It's probably nothing. Well, best get on with it. See you… in a long time, hopefully, Professor." Harry pulled the door open, and it slid open easily to his touch. He went through… and returned to the world of the living, oil and all.

"Is Draco alive? Is he in the castle?" Narcissa whispered softly, making sure the watchers couldn't hear her, or notice her lips moving. In doing so her hand picked up a small drop of oil from Harry's hand.

"Yes," Harry breathed at her.

Narcissa contemplated, then decided the oil didn't really matter, as she simply confirmed his death to the rest of the Death Eaters. She did have to deal with a quite oily pair of fingers, but it didn't seem difficult. She absentmindedly rubbed the fingers against her other hand, absorbing the oil. She frowned… a loose end. Narcissa hated loose ends, but, well… it was, after all, just oil. Probably nothing, right?

A/N: So who figured out what just happened here? It's crossover for a reason... and before anyone asks me to, no, I'm not going to turn this fic into a long chapter epic. My writing skills and experience with MTG as a storyline aren't there yet. If someone wants to do so they can PM me for collaboration. Italics above the note are copied from HP+DH. I don't own HP or MTG, if I did I wouldn't be *here*.