Different As Night & Day

Chapter Fourteen

Mia walks into her office to find Lorelai and Rory still both in her office. She looks to see Rory trying to read book, while Lorelai stares at a pile of photographs.

Mia asks happily "Are those recent pictures of Rory?" as sees a bunch of photographs that she never seen before.

"They are not recent photos of Rory ," says Lorelai teary eye as she then explains to the woman that became like a second mother to her "But of her sister Ellie"

"I never knew that you had twins," states Mia as she clearly the day that Lorelai turn up at the Independence Inn looking for a job and a place to say with Rory in tow.

Lorelai responds sadly "Ellie was born minutes before Rory's," but then she goes on to examine "Ellie is being raised by Chris and his parents."

Mia is stun to learn that the young mother was separated from her daughter but more importantly twins were spilt apart as well. Thinking about the special bond that twins have especially after watching her twin cousins grow up.

After what seems to be a few minutes but actually is a few minutes, Mia asks quickly "Why is Chris raising Ellie and not you?"

"Before they were born, we signed a custody agreement for our girls' future," says Lorelai remembering the idiotic decision that she made while pregnant.

"Is there anyway to get out of it?" asks Mia knowing that in most situations anything can be done to change a custody agreement unless you go before a judge.

Lorelai says after a moment, 'No there's anything that I can do especially when she's with Chris and has been since the moment of her birth," as she never had custody of Ellie but also visitation.

Mia says kindly "Hopefully Chris will bring Ellie to see you since he knows where you are," as she looks at Lorelai putting away Rory's items in it's proper place.

"Maybe he will," says Lorelai sadly knowing that her daughter no longer lives nearby but in Princeton with Chris. However, she thinks to herself hopefully Chris does bring Ellie to visit during one of his mandatory visits home.

-Different As Night & Day-

Meanwhile, Chris is trying to work on one of assignments that is due in a couple weeks However, he could not concrete on what he's doing as his mind keeps drifting to Lorelai and Rory.

Chris puts his textbooks to the side for the time being and decides to sit on the floor with Ellie instead.

Chris looks at his daughter whose playing with her newest toy which happens to be a stuffed animal. He thinks to himself in that moment to make a detour to Stars Hollow tomorrow before heading back to school.

-Different As Night & Day-

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