Into the Hands of Miss Mary Jane: A "Guys and Dolls" fan fiction:

****DISCLAIMER**** I do not own "Guys and Dolls" or Christianity.

Chapter 1: Confession of a Mission Doll

She was modest and conserved, more or less. Being brought up in a strict Christian family didn't do much good to Miss Mary Jane St. Margret's self-esteem. Lent and Passover were strictly observed in the St. Margaret household. Bible lessons were given to her, her two sisters, and two brothers twice a day; three times on Sundays. Derogatory language, even at the mildest degree, would result in cleaning the mouth out with soap.

And yet, here she was on a rainy street corner just off of Broadway, trying to get people to repent. Why was she standing on street corners, singing the most depressing song in the world, constantly being mocked by gamblers and prostitutes alike? Her parents knew a certain Arvide Abernathy, whose granddaughter had taken over as the head Sergeant of the New York Save-a-Soul missionary.

"I curse the day my parents met Brother Abernathy," she grumbled under her breath.

It wasn't long before the band began to trudge back to the dilapidated building they called a missionary. Mary Jane wasn't the least bit surprised. At least ninety percent of the time, they were unsuccessful. And with a depressing song such as "Follow the Fold," could she blame them?

"I know that you are all quite disheartened due to our lack of success recently," Sarah Brown, Arvide's granddaughter spoke up when they had returned to the mission.

"Recently? That's the understatement of the decade," Mary Jane thought.

"But we'll just have to try again tomorrow. Keep your chin up, brothers and sisters. Remember that you are a member of the Save-a-Soul mission. The choices that you have made will serve you well at the gates of heaven! For now our Bible studies will serve us well. Isaiah shall lead today. Come along, everyone."

The rest of the band rose from the benches and headed into the back room. Only Mary Jane stayed behind; her eyes began to water. When she thought that they all had gone, she buried her head in her hands and cried. But she was not alone.

"What's the matter, Mary Jane?"

Mary Jane looked up to find Sarah standing beside her bench. She could see the sympathy in Sarah's eyes and thought that it may be a good time to tell her.

"It's the mission," she sniffled.

"I know how you feel," Sarah said as she sat down beside her,

"I understand that we haven't been doing well as of late, but I'm sure that the sinners will come around."

Mary Jane shook her head.

"It's not that," she said.

"Then what is it?"

She sighed softly.

"Sarah, can you please keep a secret?"

"Of course, dear sister," Sarah smiled,

"You can tell me anything."

"Well okay, but I'm not sure that you'll understand."

"I've been through a lot. I'm sure that I'll understand."

Mary Jane gulped and breathed a heavy sigh.

"I never wanted to be in the mission band in the first place."